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Red Light District

Top 10 Amsterdam Sex Show in 2024

Posted on: June 13, 2024

sex shows

Top 10 Amsterdam Sex Shows 2024


Unveiling the alluring veil of Holland’s nightlife, our spotlight turns to the vibrant realm of entertainment – the famed sex shows in Amsterdam. Don’t miss out on must-know information on The Moulin Rouge, The Peep Show, Casa Rosso and even world’s first 5D Porn Cinema. Discover it now!

10 Best Sex Shows in Amsterdam

People walking in front of Amsterdam's Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal at night
The best sex show in Amsterdam: Moulin Rouge

Looking for an unforgettable experience in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? We’ve got you covered! After thorough exploration and firsthand experiences, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 must-see sex shows in Amsterdam for 2024. During our visit, we delved into the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife scene to uncover the most exhilarating and captivating performances. Discover this free, updated list with the 10 best sex shows in Amsterdam. Here’s what we found:

1 | Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam ticket
Moulin Rouge is surrounded by red light windows.

During our visit to Moulin Rouge, we were blown away by the sheer excitement and variety of entertainment offered. In just one hour, we experienced an incredible four sex shows, each more captivating than the last. When we tested this place, we indulged in the local culture by ordering four Dutch beers at the bar, which we savored as we immersed ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere. From sultry stripteases to electrifying live sex performances, Moulin Rouge delivers an unapologetically bold and titillating evening of adult entertainment that is a must-see for any adventurous visitor to Amsterdam.

front view of Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam Red Light District with some people on the street

Buy Moulin Rouge tickets online here. And make sure you have an entrance. The tickets sell out quickly. Are you looking for an original gift in Amsterdam? Then give someone a ticket for Moulin Rouge as a gift.

Sex shows in Moulin Rouge are amazing! Buy a ticket and enjoy 4 different performances in 60 minutes. Sex show at Moulin Rouge Amsterdam include: female stripteases, live couple sex, writing shows, banana shows and ribbon shows.

The trendy bar inside Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam and chairs around it

Order a drink inside at the trendy bar. Or, just enjoy the sex shows on one of the comfortable chairs inside.

Expect a roster of seductive artists performing unforgettable shows. All the theatre seats are positioned close to the stage so prepare for an immersive experience.

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

Do you need to book in advance to visit Moulin Rouge?

Yes, it is recommended that you book in advance to visit Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam. This amazing venue has a lot to offer and can make the perfect gift or fun experience. It offers saucy sex shows that you can’t see elsewhere. By booking ahead of time, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on your desired performance and are able to purchase tickets at the best price.

Book the Moulin Rouge tickets in advance via our website.


a woman pointing to the belly of a man without t-shirt and the text Moulin Rouge written on his body in Amsterdam Red Light District


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | I will give 5 stars for the young couple, the handsome blond and tall man and his charming partner with a fit body. Very passionate congratulations! Reviewed by Aishwarya G.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Me and 3 buddies went to this place curious to what it is. As soon as we went in it was a crazy experience and all had us laughing and shocked. The staff were friendly and the actresses very eager to get me up on stage which made the show even more enjoyable. 100% recommend was a great laugh and experience. Reviewed by L. McKinney

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | If you’re curious about a sex show in Amsterdam check out this place. At first it was a little uncomfortable but then once we settled in it was really fun! Super interesting to just see people so free with their bodies. I loved that they had a bunch of different performers— some of them looked like they weren’t having fun, but others were really good. Especially when they were a couple. My fave tho were the two girls who did solo acts!! They were powerful and badass and you could tell they were having fun bc they were smiling! They also were amazing dancers takes so much core strength to dance on the pole !! I highly recommend just to have the experience. Reviewed by B. Fleck

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Overall a five stars for the performance and shows. The performer all have skills like some have indicated and it is very entertaining and fun which was totally unexpected but surprisingly good. I would recommend this place for anyone to enjoy a good shows. As for the small spaces, let’s be reasonable we are in Europe so small spaces are expected and they made the best of what they have so we can appreciate that. Reviewed by V. Luu

Me and 6 friends visited Amsterdam at the start of January and decided that a sex show in Amsterdam was one of our “musts”. We picked Moulin Rogue partly for the name and also the price wasn’t too bad at 40€. Overall an interesting and funny experience with two strip-acts and two full blown sex acts. Overall a must to-do in Amsterdam but couldn’t see myself doing it again now I have done it once.


✦ TripAdvisor: 358 reviews – 3 out 5 stars.
Yelp: 10 reviews – 2,5 out 5 stars.


✦ Entrance ticket = 40,-

One of our tour guides visited Moulin Rouge together with two female customers after a Red Light District tour. We had a great time and to us it’s the best sex show in Amsterdam. Discover how it went down in our review:


2 | Male Strip Show in Amsterdam For Women

Best male strip show Amsterdam
Women are getting ready for male strippers in Amsterdam

NOW, something just for the ladies! Amsterdam’s newest erotic venue is this place that offers the perfect girls night out. It’s of one the first sex shows in Amsterdam specifically for women!

Amsterdam is a city famed for its raucous nightlife, and a male strip show is the perfect way to add a bit of spice to a girls night out. The shows are professionally choreographed and the performers are always in top physical shape, making for an incredibly visually pleasing experience.



And while the performers may be scantily clad, they are never lewd or vulgar, so you can enjoy the show without feeling uncomfortable. Amsterdam’s male strip shows are also unique in that they often incorporate comedy and audience participation into the act, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to add some excitement to your next girls night out, Amsterdam’s male strip shows are a must-do.

male stripper


It offers muscular, handsome male strippers who give the best erotic shows in town – just for female customers. This place looks really cool from the inside and the atmosphere inside is amazing! Women go crazy during the men’s performances.

Male sex show amsterdam
“Freak me, baby! Oooh yeah…”

The visitors can also get a personal striptease on stage or at their seat among the other guests which can be great for a bachelorette. The waiters here serve delicious drinks in a stylish and sizzling setting.

hen party amsterdam
The crowd is having a blast!

Opening Hours

This male strip show in Amsterdam is hosted on Saturday’s. From 10:30 pm till 00:30 am.

Afterwards the party continues in trendy club Jimmy Woo in the city centre. For those who are looking for a complete night out experience, this organisation also offer a dinner option beforehand and a free afterparty entrance to one of Amsterdam’s most coolest club afterwards.

amsterdam nightlife
A bachelorette is getting a private lapdance.


Google: 241 reviews | 4,9 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 74 reviews | 5 out of 5 stars.

I was skeptical when I booked this as part of my friends bachelorette weekend, but thought it would be funny at least.

We were 8 girls and we’re all awed and wooed by the performances! Highly entertaining, surprising, engaging and funny. Definitely the highlight of our weekend and I can’t wait to bring more girlfriends for a fun night out.

We followed to the Jimmy Woo for the after party but it wasn’t my vibe/crowd, I’d probably pick a different plan for the after.

Overall, highly recommend this show for a fun girls night out! Source: https://g.co/kgs/Zw24m9


Regular ticket = 35,-



3 | 5D Porn Cinema

Best sex shows to see in Amsterdam
Inside Amsterdam 5D Cinema.

This isn’t really one of those typical sex shows in Amsterdam. This is the first 5D sex show in the world! Strap yourself in and prepare for a bumpy and sexy ride.



In world’s first 5D Porn Cinema all your senses will be triggered. Inside the cozy theatre a X-rated 3D film is displayed. To make the experience 5D, other effects are added like moving seats, water, wind, lights and bubbles. All the effects sync to what’s happening on screen.

Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema Inside Red Light District

The short 3D film takes place in and around the Red Light District area and lasts around 10 minutes. This is a funny experience, especially together with a group of friends.


Google: 55 reviews | 3,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Entrance = 12,50



4 | Stripclub BonTon

sex show in amsterdam tickets
A party inside Club BonTon.

Club BonTon is without a doubt the best strip club in Amsterdam! Here everyone can have a great night.


It was opened in april 2019 – just next to the Heineken Experience. It has a super sexy, luxurious design which was made by Casper Reinders – one of the most succesful hospitality entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

sex show

BonTon is a chique club with beautiful ladies inside who give the best sex shows in Amsterdam. Here, both men as women can have an unforgettable, exciting night out. This place has a great variety of delicious cocktails and the best champagnes at the bar, including Dom Pérignon and other Moët & Chandon’s.

One of the strippers with luminous heels.

Sex Rooms

Club BonTon also offers bedrooms on the top floors. Here you can have sex in one (or several) of the strippers. Not all strippers provide these erotic services though. But some do! They are offered by sex workers inside (who sometime also work as escorts). Ask the ladies themselves, if you’re interested.

Best Sex Shows in Amsterdam

TIP: Before or after your visit to Club BonTon, go to one of the bars or restaurants around the corner – on the Marie Heinekenplein. This square has a lively atmosphere and it is filled with other great places too!

Amsterdam Brothel Tour

During the daytime (when there are no customers), this place offers the Amsterdam Brothel Tour hosted by real prostitutes.



Google: 68 reviews | 4,3 out of 5 stars.


✦ Entrance ticket = 50,-
✦ Lap dance = > 20,-
✦ Drinks = > 5,-
✦ Private room = 300,- per hour



5 | Sex Palace Peep Show

Amsterdam Peep Show
The most accessible sex show in Amsterdam. 2 euro for 2 minutes.

When we tested this venue, Sex Palace Peep Show proved to be an intriguing glimpse into Amsterdam’s underground adult entertainment scene. Step inside the iconic red-lit booths for a discreet and tantalizing voyeuristic experience.

For just 2,- euro you get a front seat to the action: live stripteases from female strippers. And live sex from man and woman one stage. The show last 2 minutes for 2 euro. All can be experience from a small private booth. The awkward and funny thing about this sex show is that in the booth not only sees the strippers, but also all the other people in the other booths. Everybody sees each other.

The female strippers don’t use sex toys. But they do make the shows exciting and go completely naked. Before getting naked, they show off their hot outfits and lingerie from the neighborhood sex shops.

The last peep show in Amsterdam! Jan Otten owns this peep show, Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre, the Banana bar, the Hospital Bar and the Erotic Museum. All located on the main street of the Red Light District.

Peep Show Video

During our visit to the Sex Palace Peep Show in Amsterdam we made this review video. To us, it felt like a clean, exciting and fun venue that 100% belongs in the Red Light District.

Jan Otten is also one of the 22 experts in our Amsterdam Audio Stories app which is available in the Apple App Store. Download the app and learn everything you need to know about this area during a Red Light District tour with a virtual guide. You can hear stories of real sex workers, historians, police officers, locals and many other experts.

jan otten

This app offer two hours of audio, GPS, photos and can be played anywhere. Listen to it at home or in a hotel like a podcast. Or, in the Red Light District of course.



sex show

Another historic feature of this place are the video booths. Travel back into time (1970’s) when there was no internet and no porn on television. Back then, people used these video booths to watch porn videos. In those years, that was super popular. One can choose between 400 videos.


Google: 148 reviews | 4,2 out of 5 stars.


✦ Live peep show = 2,- per 2 minutes


6 | Casa Rosso Sex Shows

Amsterdam Sex Shows Casa Rosso

During our visit to Casa Rosso Theater, we were immediately struck by the opulence and comfort of the cinema-like seats, adding a touch of luxury to the adult entertainment experience. The live shows on stage were undeniably impressive, showcasing a diverse range of erotic performances that kept us mesmerized throughout our time there. However, to us, the entrance price felt somewhat steep for the overall experience offered. It’s worth noting that while we enjoyed the entertainment, we couldn’t help but compare the staff’s demeanor to our experience at Moulin Rouge. The staff at Moulin Rouge seemed notably more polite and attentive compared to Casa Rosso, which left a lasting impression on us. Despite this, Casa Rosso Theater remains a notable destination in Amsterdam’s Red Light District for its high-quality shows and lavish atmosphere.

This Amsterdam live sex show theatre was established over 50 years ago and has ever since been a main venue of the Red Light District area. The shows inside run in a continuous loop of around 60 – 90 minutes. In that time slot you can experience 9 professional acts, 4 of which are couple sex.

We find Casa Rosso overpriced. It’s 60 euro for an entrance ticket. We believe that is too expensive because a better show is for offer at Moulin Rouge on the same street.

Casa Rosso Tickets
One of the acts inside Casa Rosso Amsterdam.

For 16 years, a couple have been working together who gets paid to have sex with each other. You can see how he eats her pussy and how they do all positions, like missionary, to the beat of the the music. At Casa Rosso you can also see how a woman smokes a cigar with her vagina and a mistress who “punishes” a volunteer.


Casa Rosso Amsterdam Tickets
Casa Rosso is located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Once you enter you can stay inside till closing time but you’d be seeing the same performances every 60 – 90 minutes.

best sex show amsterdam tickets
Erica & Udy having sex on stage.

Whilst inside expect some amazing, high skilled sexual performances combined with a little bit of comedy. Important to know: there’s only limited seating available (especially in June, July, September and December). This means you’ll often have to wait in line.


Google: 16 reviews | 4,7 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 673 reviews | 3 out of 5 stars.

Sex Show Amsterdam


✦ Entrance ticket = 60,-

7 | Bananenbar

Front view of this sex show in Amsterdam.

Spoiler alert: the theme of the Bananenbar is the tropical fruit called the banana. Besides all the beautiful women the banana takes center stage, as a prop, held onto by the performer without using her hands.

At the entrance of the Bananenbar you can choose between two areas: the regular strip club (banana club) area or the classic bananabar area. Choose the classic Banana Bar area if you want to take a bite of a banana whilst its still inserted in a vagina. Interesting times!

Strippers in Amsterdam

Besides bananas the female performers also use their vaginas to sign postcards and do some other unimaginable feats. We would not really recommend this sex show to women.


Google: 213 reviews – 3,3 out 5 stars.


✦ Entrance ticket = 50,- (including one hour unlimited drinks.)
✦ Entrance club = 25,-



8 | Hospital Bar

Amsterdam strippers

The Hospital Bar in Amsterdam is a venue where strippers work as nurses. It’s the newest of all sex shows in the Red Light District. The Hospital bar is an exciting lap dance bar with a modern, spacious and relaxed atmosphere. It’s not mandatory to take a lap dance here. It is frowned upon if you don’t order any drinks inside.

Amsterdam stripclub strippers

It looks inside as you would expect from a modern strip club. LED lights, leather benches, strip poles and uplifting music. The Hospital Bar can be a good choice if you want to surprise a friend with a lap dance. For example because he is getting married or has a birthday.

hospital bar

This sex show in Amsterdam is located on the main street of the Red Light District. Almost half of the reviews on TripAdvisor are negative. But, it must be said that only 11 reviews can be found online.


TripAdvisor: 11 reviews | 2,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Entrance: 25,- (including two drinks).



9 | Club LV

Sex Club LV amsterdam

It must be said that Club LV is a sex club – a brothel – but men can also get very good sex shows here. This is one of Amsterdam’s most exclusive sex clubs and has been serving clients for more than 14 years. This is why it deserves a spot on this 10 sex shows in Amsterdam list.

Club LV is really something for men who want to get intimate with the sex workers inside. At the bar area one can talk to any of the 12 ladies who are present. When you find one that you like simply head back to one of the 8 luxury private rooms for some intimacy.

Sex Club LV Amsterdam


Google: 82 reviews | 3,9 out of 5 stars.


✦ Entrance = 75,-
✦ Private room = 300,- per hour



10 | La Vie en Proost – Lapdance Bar in Red Light District

Sex shows in Amsterdam tickets
It’s located in a narrow alley called Bethlehemsteeg.

During our visit to La Vie en Proost, we found the ambiance somewhat dated and lacking in excitement. The live shows, while decent, felt repetitive, and the overall energy from the performers was lacking. Additionally, the service left much to be desired, with staff appearing disinterested. Considering the high drink prices and underwhelming experience, we left feeling disappointed and unlikely to return.

This strip club in Amsterdam is situated well hidden at the end of an alley of the Red Light District. Just next to the Trompettersteeg – Amsterdam’s narrowest alleyway filled with window brothels.

This is a low-end strip club is definitely not the best one in Amsterdam but due to its location you might want to go here when you’re in De Wallen.

Stripclub Amsterdam Red Light District


The strippers here will try to sell you some expensive drinks. It’s something that many customers experienced. You can also read that in La Vie en Proost reviews. Ladies, we advise you to avoid this strip club if you are with friends.


Google: 120 reviews | 3,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Entrance = 5,-
✦ Lap dance = > 10,-


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sex Show in Amsterdam?

A sex show is a form of life performance featuring one or more performers who engage in some form of sexual activity on stage for the entertainment or sexual gratification of spectators (source). Amsterdam offers different kind of sex shows: erotic theatres, stripclubs, lapdance bars, peep shows, strip shows, and much more.

With whom to visit a sex show?

a woman and a man holding hands on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam Red Light District

Going to a sex show in Amsterdam is an experience unlike any other, and so it should be shared with someone special. Whether that person is your partner, a friend, a colleague or even a sex date, whomever you ultimately decide to bring should fit well within your comfort zone and share your enthusiasm for this unique experience. Ultimately, it’s important to carefully consider who the right person is to best enjoy the show with you.

Are sex toys used during the sex shows?

In Amsterdam, the spectacular sex shows are wild and outrageous and can be quite shocking for the uninitiated visitor. Sometimes sex toys – like vibrators – are used in the sex shows. The quality of these shows certainly has no lack of entertainment value. Amsterdam’s vanilla-style sex shows draw excited tourists from all around the world seeking to experience the openminded and liberal Dutch culture. Visit one of the many sex shops in Amsterdam. This is where you can discover all physical sex toys yourself.

Amsterdam activities

We listed many other entertaining things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District. Discover 15 great activities below.


To enhance your visit to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, exploring indoor activities can provide a unique perspective and memorable experiences, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. A highlight is the Moulin Rouge show, renowned for its captivating performances and the unforgettable experience it offers. For those seeking alternative entertainment options beyond the district’s traditional attractions, discovering these indoor activities can enrich your adventure. Dive deeper into what the Red Light District has to offer by visiting indoor things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District for a comprehensive guide to make the most of your visit, rain or shine.

Have you visited one of these sex shows in Amsterdam? Let the world know how it was by posting a reply below.


Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

Top 9 Sex Date Sites in Holland

Escort Amsterdam: 10 Best Sites 

13 Laws in Amsterdam Red Light District

15x Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District in 2024

Posted on: June 1, 2024

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District experiences

Top 15 Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District

When visiting a city it is important to know what you really have to see. After all, you don’t want to miss the highlights and have a bad travel experience, do you? It’s even more annoying when your friends have seen something special in Amsterdam that you have missed. Here’s the solution! An overview with 15x must see in Amsterdam Red Light District.

amsterdam windows background
Two of the red light district windows in Amsterdam Red Light District.

1 | Sex Shows

Red neon lighting of Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam showing the name of the attraction along with a black background

Step into the bold and liberating world of Amsterdam’s famous sex shows, a highlight of the city’s liberal culture. Explore Amsterdam’s famously progressive attitudes towards sex through vivid live performances, showcasing a unique blend of artistry and adult entertainment renowned for its boldness and creativity. While there, absorb the historic ambiance of the Red Light District, one of Amsterdam’s oldest and most infamous areas, rich in history and character. Feel the excitement of experiencing provocative and boundary-pushing performances in one of the most iconic and vibrant neighborhoods. Add this unique and enlightening experience to your Amsterdam itinerary. Book your tickets early to ensure you witness this unforgettable part of the city’s cultural heritage.

A visit to the Red Light District isn’t complete without visiting one of the sex shows in Amsterdam. We’d recommend visiting Moulin Rouge.

The Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a historic adult entertainment venue, known for its burlesque shows and racy atmosphere. Tourists should see it for a glimpse into Amsterdam’s controversial and legendary nightlife. The venue has a rich history, having been in operation since the late 19th century, and has become a well-known landmark in the Red Light District. Visitors can expect a lively atmosphere with engaging performances from talented dancers and musicians. Although not for everyone, the Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam’s Red Light District offers a unique and memorable experience that provides a window into the city’s notorious and vibrant nightlife scene.

For those who’re into exciting shows, tickets to Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam should be high on your list. One of the best decisions you can make when purchasing tickets is to buy them online ahead of time. Online tickets come with several advantages over getting tickets at the door; most importantly, they guarantee entry into the show: just print off your tickets and go! And if that wasn’t enough, tickets purchased online are great as a gift for your friend, partner or colleague! So don’t miss out on a great opportunity; save yourself some hassle and purchase tickets to Moulin Rouge online today!

2 | Window Brothels

window brothels
The windows brothels are definitely a must see in Amsterdam Red Light District.

The best must see in Amsterdam Red Light District is of course a window brothel, or 288 window brothels if you’re lucky enough to find them all. Amsterdam and prostitution are inextricably linked. Prostitution has been legal in the Dutch capital since 1811 and prostitution has always taken place in De Wallen area. This is one of the few places on earth where you can see this. Learn more about this unique part of the Netherlands during a Red Light District with a licensed guide or with the Amsterdam Red Light District Tour app.

Discover the Amsterdam Red Light District map with all window brothels. It also contains great bars, hotels and coffeeshops. Do you want to see it?


3 | Coffeeshops

coffeeshop the bulldog first
The first cannabis shops in the world are definitely a must see in Amsterdam. 

Cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam’s Red Light District are a unique feature of the city’s liberal drug policy and are popular destinations for tourists. Visitors should see them to experience Amsterdam’s relaxed attitude towards marijuana consumption and to learn about the city’s progressive drug policies. Coffeeshops offer a comfortable and safe environment for adults to purchase and consume cannabis products. They also provide an opportunity to learn about the various strains of marijuana and the different forms it can be consumed, such as through edibles, vaporizers, or traditional smoking methods. With their unique atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam’s Red Light District offer a one-of-a-kind experience for those interested in learning about the city’s progressive stance on drug use. Amsterdam has 164 coffeeshops. The first one was founded in 1972. Back in the 1990’s there used be over 400 coffeeshops in the Dutch capital.

We asked more than 200 frequent coffeeshop visitors which coffeeshop they think is the best coffeeshop in town. This resulted into a list of 10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Are you curious which received the most votes?


4 | Condomerie

Condomerie shop Amsterdam
Since 1987, this shop sells condoms only.

The first shop in the world completely dedicated to condoms. The idea came to the owners at the start of outbreak of the HIV-Aids epidemic in the 1980’s. They were of the opinion that the public needed a store with professional staff that could give advice on condoms. At the time you could already buy condoms at pharmacy but there were too few option, hardly any choice or any good information. Thus the Condomerie was born and it is a featured highlight on our Red Light District tour. Theodoor van Boven is the founder of the Condomerie and one of the 22 experts in the app Amsterdam Audio Tours.


5 | Old Church Amsterdam

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District
Religious or not. De Oude Kerk is a must see in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam’s oldest building the Old Church stands proudly between the window brothels and coffeeshops. This church dates back to the founding of Amsterdam. The first records of the church come from the year 1213. A lot has happened since then and the church has undergone numerous reconstructions and a switch from Catholicism to protestantism. The wooden ceiling, which is the largest of its type in Europe, is made from Estonian oak and dates back to 1390. Very special!

6 | Narrow Alleys

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District alleys
Nine windows in Amsterdam’s most narrow alley.

The Red Light District is home to the narrowest alley in Amsterdam. At its narrowest point this alley is just 1 meter wide. Besides being very narrow it also has nine window brothels so this is quite an intimate experience.


7 | The Waag

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District de Waag
Amsterdam’s second oldest building.

The 15th century former city gate still stands beautifully at the center of the Nieuwmarkt Square. The building has had many different functions throughout its life. These include being a guild house, a museum, a fire station an anatomical theatre, and currently it’s The Waag Restaurant. Rembrandt even made one of his art works here. The famous painting by Rembrandt called The anatomical lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulip” shows an anatomical dissection taking place inside The Waag

8 | FEBO

Febo Snackbar Amsterdam
FEBO is Holland’s most famous snack-bar with typical Dutch food.

Food lovers pay attention. This is the most iconic snack-bar in the Netherlands. FEBO is a popular Dutch fast food chain known for its automated vending machines that serve up delicious and affordable snacks and meals. Tourists should visit FEBO because it offers a unique dining experience and a taste of authentic Dutch cuisine. With its convenient locations and 24/7 availability, FEBO is a great option for those looking for a quick bite or a late-night snack. Its iconic yellow and red vending machines, which dispense classic Dutch treats like kroketten (croquettes) and frikandellen (fried sausages), are a must-try for anyone visiting the Netherlands.

febo kroket

Walk on in and pull a deep fried snack from the automatique. Try out local delicacies like the kroket – a breaded deep fried cow or veal meat ragout which is super crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

9 | Amsterdam 5D Cinema

5D Porn Cinema Amsterdam
The 5D Porn Cinema next to the church, window brothels and a day-care.

The first 5d Porn Cinema in the world! This truly unique experience is a must for those who want to have a laugh. Inside the theatre you take a seat in moving chairs as a 3d porn movie is projected on the screen. The movie is about someone who visits the Red Light District for the first time. A plethora of other effects including wind, foam and water are then added in sync to the pictures on screen. This is a fun ride that you can only experience Amsterdam.


10 | Our Lord In The Attic

Ons Lieve Heer Op Solder
The last hidden church is definitely a must see in Amsterdam.

A hidden church museum right in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This church is located in the attic of a completely restored 17th century canal house. This little hidden church is a great symbol of tolerance in Amsterdam. Back in those days celebrating mass was forbidden, but in the case of hidden churches they were tolerated. This museum is a must for those who’d like to see the inside of an old canal house and learn about world famous Dutch tolerance. You can find more information or buy your tickets via the link below:


11 | Museum Of Prostitution

Museum Of Prostitution Red Light Secrets
Red Light Secrets on the famous Amsterdam Red Light District street.

Ever wondered what a brothel looks like from the inside? The Red Light Secrets museum is actually a repurposed former brothel. Inside you get to see the many different luxurious rooms. You even get the option to sit in a Red Light District window brothel. Try and find out if any of the passer-byes are interested in your flirting-skills.

12 | Chinatown

Chinese Temple Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Zeedijk.

Amsterdam has its very own little Chinatown. It was first established in the year 1911 and is the oldest Chinese neighbourhood on European soil. Since the year 2000 the area has had a Fo Guang Shan He Hua Tempel which is the largest Chinese style religious building in Europe. Visit this temple for free!

Besides this highlight this is the place you want to be for asian food. All types of Asian restaurants can be found in this area including Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Malaysian food.

13 | Sex Worker Statue

Must see in Amsterdam Belle statue
Belle statue. Respect sex workers all over the world.

There are only two places in the world where there are statues for sex workers and one of them is in the middle of Amsterdam Red Light District – just next to The Old Church. The Dutch are quite tolerant and open-minded. Just two reasons why you can find this sex worker statue here, right in the old city centre.

14 | Amsterdam’s Oldest House

On one of the oldest streets in the capital you can find the oldest house. Funny thing is is that this house was only discovered to be the oldest house back in 2010. The old house with a wooden skeleton dates back to 1485 but stands hidden behind a facade dating back to 1800. Before this discovery the wooden house at the Begijnhof was considered to be the oldest house in Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s oldest house is currently functioning as a gay club named Dirty Dicks.

Or try the Frikandel, a minced meat deep fried snack that can be covered in a sauce of your liking. Tip: try it with mayonaise, curry and unions.

15 | Street Art

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District street art
One of the many boobs you can see in the Red Light District.

De Wallen is filled with street art from graffiti to actual bronze items. This bronze plaque was placed secretly at night on the street of the Oudekerksplein. After noise complaints from the neighbourhood from people stepping on the plaque it was removed by the municipality. The secret artist came forward and a deal was struck with the municipality. The plaque was placed at another spot and the artist remains anonymous.

amsterdam street art

We made a great app that offers a Red Light District tour with audio from 22 experts who share their expertise about Amsterdam. This piece of street art is one of the 30 highlights. The app contains almost two hour of audio with beautiful picture and cost just 5 euro. You can list to it at home or in De Wallen. Do you want to learn more about Amsterdam?

De Wallen Amsterdam

First of all, some basic information: De Wallen – the Dutch name for the Amsterdam’s Red Light District – is the oldest and most fascinating part of Holland’s capital. And, it’s one of the three prostitution areas in the capital. The other two are located on the Ruysdaelkade and the Singel and the Spuistraat.

The Dutch liberal and open-minded culture can be seen everywhere in the Red Light District. Only here you can see a church that’s surrounded by window brothels with sex workers, coffee shops, beautiful houses and a 5d porn cinema with a daycare next door.

cycling in holland
Amsterdam’s oldest canal.

This list contains 15 must see in Amsterdam Red Light District items that everyone will like. Whether you’re into architecture, art, Dutch culture, history, religion, food or (erotic) entertainment. There’s really something for everyone. It’s not without reason that more than 4000 people from different parts of society live in this part of town.

More Must See in Amsterdam

Need more tips? Discover these 15 things to do in Amsterdam for young adults.

Indoor Things To Do in Amsterdam

When the weather is bad it’s best to go inside. Discover these 10 fun indoor things to do in Amsterdam and get the most out of your trip.


10x Cheap Hotels Near Amsterdam Red Light District 

5x Museums in Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District News

Top 15 Things Things To Do in Amsterdam For Young Adults

two happy female tourists standing on a canal bridge in Amsterdam in the summer. Dutch houses on the left and right side.

Top 15 Things to Do in Amsterdam for Young Adults

Are you looking for the best things to do in Amsterdam for young adults? You’ve come to the right place! Imagine exploring a city where vibrant nightlife, unique museums, and thrilling adventures await at every corner. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, a party lover, or an adventurer, Amsterdam has something for you. Dive into our top 15 list and discover the ultimate experiences tailored for young adults!

Amsterdam is a city that never ceases to amaze, especially for young adults aged 18 to 25. Whether you’re into nightlife, culture, outdoor adventures, or unique experiences, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Here are the top 15 things to do in Amsterdam for young adults, guaranteed to make your trip unforgettable.

Things To Do in Amsterdam for Young Adults

1 | Explore the Nightlife at Paradiso

Amsterdam’s nightlife is legendary, and Paradiso is at the heart of it. This former church turned nightclub and concert venue offers a diverse range of music genres, from rock and electronic to hip-hop and indie. With an ever-changing lineup of local and international artists, Paradiso is a must-visit for anyone looking to dance the night away in an iconic setting. When we visited this place, our locals concluded that Paradiso’s unique atmosphere and stellar acoustics make it a top nightlife destination.

Paradiso in Amsterdam has hosted legendary acts like Nirvana (1991), The Rolling Stones (1995), The B-52’s (1979), Depeche Mode (1983), Metallica (1984), and Iggy Pop. These performances cement Paradiso’s status as a premier live music venue​ (uDiscover Music)​​ (Internet Archive)​​ (Internet Archive)​​ (Wikipedia)​.

2 | Experience the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

People walking in front of Amsterdam's Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal at night

Located in the vibrant Red Light District, the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam offers an unforgettable evening of entertainment. Known for its live sex shows, erotic performances, and cabaret acts, this venue combines sensuality with artistry. In our opinion, the Moulin Rouge perfectly encapsulates Amsterdam’s open-minded and playful spirit. When testing this venue, we found the performances to be both captivating and tastefully done, providing a memorable experience. It offers the real Amsterdam experience, in our opinion.

3 | Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema

New Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema

For a one-of-a-kind experience, visit the Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema. This isn’t your typical cinema; it offers a multi-sensory adventure with 3D visuals, moving seats, and special effects like wind and water. It’s an entertaining and cheeky way to explore Amsterdam’s liberal attitude towards sex and entertainment. When we visited this place, our locals found it to be a fun and unique activity that adds a playful twist to traditional cinema.

4 | Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Amsterdam is famous for its relaxed cannabis laws, and the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum provides an insightful look into the history and culture of cannabis. The museum covers everything from the plant’s medicinal uses to its industrial applications. In our opinion, this museum offers an educational experience that highlights the legal journey of cannabis in Amsterdam and beyond. Our locals concluded that it’s a must-visit for anyone interested in the cultural significance of cannabis.

5 | Amsterdam Brothel Tour

Gain a deeper understanding of Amsterdam’s Red Light District with the Amsterdam Brothel Tour. This guided tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at the city’s legal sex industry, including visits to working brothels. We believe this tour provides a respectful and informative way to learn about the lives of sex workers and the history of the district. When we visited this place, we found it to be an eye-opening experience that challenges common misconceptions.

6 | The Upside Down Museum

The Upside Down Museum is a social media sensation. This interactive museum is designed with Instagram in mind, featuring rooms that play with perspective, gravity, and reality. When testing this venue, our locals found it to be a fun and whimsical place to capture incredible photos and create lasting memories with friends. We believe it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to add some playful creativity to their Amsterdam trip.

7 | Red Light Secrets Museum

prostitution museum amsterdam

The Red Light Secrets Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of Amsterdam’s sex workers. Located in a former brothel, the museum provides personal stories and historical context, helping visitors understand the complexities of the sex industry in a respectful and engaging way. It has a red-lit windows too. Stand in the window and show yourself to the public, if you are not afraid to do so. When we visited this place, we found it to be an enlightening experience that promotes empathy and awareness.

8 | Wijnand Fockink

Step back in time at Wijnand Fockink, a traditional Dutch tasting room and distillery dating back to the 17th century. Here, you can sample a variety of Dutch liqueurs and genevers while learning about the history of Dutch spirits. Our locals conclude that the cozy, old-world atmosphere makes it a unique and enjoyable experience. We believe it’s the perfect spot for those interested in the rich history of Dutch beverages.

9 | Cafe de Prael

Cafe de Prael offers more than just great beer. This brewery is dedicated to social responsibility, providing employment opportunities for people facing barriers to the labor market. Enjoy a locally brewed beer in a welcoming environment while supporting a good cause. When we visited this place, our locals found it to be a relaxing spot with a great selection of brews. We believe it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

10 | Vondelpark

For a breath of fresh air, visit Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest and most famous park. It’s the ideal place for a leisurely bike ride, a picnic with friends, or simply to relax and people-watch. During the summer, you can catch free concerts and performances at the park’s open-air theatre. In our opinion, Vondelpark offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Our locals concluded that it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy nature in the heart of Amsterdam.

11 | Anne Frank House

A visit to the Anne Frank House is a profound and moving experience. This museum, located in the house where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II, offers a poignant look at the life of the young diarist. When we visited this place, our locals found it to be an important cultural and historical site that provides valuable insights into the human side of history. We believe it’s a must-see for anyone interested in understanding the impact of the Holocaust.

12 | A’DAM Lookout

For stunning views of Amsterdam, head to A’DAM Lookout. This observation deck offers panoramic views of the city and features Europe’s highest swing, ‘Over the Edge,’ which lets you swing out over the edge of the building. When testing this venue, our locals found it to be an exhilarating experience that combines adrenaline with breathtaking scenery. We believe it’s a must-visit for thrill-seekers and those looking to capture the perfect photo.

13 | Heineken Experience

Beer enthusiasts will love the Heineken Experience, an interactive tour through the original Heineken brewery. Learn about the brewing process, the history of the brand, and enjoy a tasting session at the end of the tour. When we visited this place, our locals found it to be a fun and informative way to appreciate one of the world’s most famous beers. We believe it’s a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of brewing.

14 | Jordaan District

The Jordaan District is one of Amsterdam’s most charming neighborhoods, filled with narrow streets, quaint cafes, and boutique shops. It’s a great place to wander and explore, with plenty of hidden gems and picturesque canals. When we visited this place, our locals concluded that the Saturday markets offer a taste of local life and delicious street food. We believe it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the authentic charm of Amsterdam.

15 | NDSM Wharf

For a taste of Amsterdam’s alternative culture, visit NDSM Wharf. This former shipyard has been transformed into a creative hub, featuring street art, music festivals, and quirky bars. When testing this venue, our locals found it to be a vibrant area that showcases the city’s artistic and unconventional side. We believe it’s the perfect place for young adults looking for something different and exciting.

FAQ About Things To Do in Amsterdam for Young Adults

1. What are the best nightlife spots in Amsterdam for young adults?

The best nightlife spots for young adults include Paradiso, a vibrant nightclub with diverse music genres, and the bustling bars in Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. Don’t miss the unique experience at the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam for an unforgettable evening.

2. Which museums should young adults visit in Amsterdam?

Young adults should visit the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum for an insight into cannabis culture, the Upside Down Museum for interactive and Instagram-worthy exhibits, and the Anne Frank House for a poignant historical experience.

3. What are some unique experiences for young adults in Amsterdam?

Unique experiences include visiting the Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema for a multi-sensory adventure, taking the Amsterdam Brothel Tour to learn about the city’s sex industry, and swinging over the city at A’DAM Lookout.

4. Where can young adults relax and enjoy nature in Amsterdam?

Vondelpark is the perfect spot for young adults to relax and enjoy nature. It offers beautiful scenery, bike paths, and summer concerts. It’s a great place for picnics, leisurely walks, and people-watching.

5. What are the top places for food and drink in Amsterdam for young adults?

Top places include Cafe de Prael, known for its locally brewed beer and social impact, and Wijnand Fockink, a historic tasting room offering Dutch liqueurs and genevers. The Jordaan District also has many quaint cafes and street food markets.

6. Are there any unique shopping destinations for young adults in Amsterdam?

Yes, the Jordaan District is excellent for unique shopping, with its boutique stores and Saturday markets. NDSM Wharf also offers quirky shops and street art, perfect for those seeking alternative and creative finds.

Amsterdam offers a diverse range of activities and experiences that cater to young adults. From its vibrant nightlife and unique museums to its charming neighborhoods and outdoor spaces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make the most of your trip by exploring these top 15 things to do in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam offers a diverse range of activities and experiences that cater to young adults. From its vibrant nightlife and unique museums to its charming neighborhoods and outdoor spaces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make the most of your trip by exploring these top 15 things to do in Amsterdam for adults.

Top 11 Amsterdam Apps You Should Not Forget in 2024

Posted on: June 2, 2024

Two blonde women in the Red Light District holding their smartphones and checking for Amsterdam apps. Tourists in the background.

Top 11 Amsterdam Apps To Have in 2024

Amsterdam apps can significantly ease the challenge of navigating a new city, especially when it comes to transportation, weather, and finding local attractions. Without these tools, you can waste a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to get around, what the weather will be like, and what sights and activities to enjoy. Moreover, the stress of navigating unfamiliar streets is compounded by the frustration of not having real-time information at your fingertips. This lack of immediate access can lead to missed opportunities, unnecessary delays, and an overwhelming sense of frustration.

Amsterdam app
Amsterdam Red Light District – in opposite of Moulin Rouge.

To make your trip to Amsterdam a success, we have compiled a list of 10 must-have Amsterdam apps that will help you navigate the city like a pro. These apps are available for both Android and iOS, and they offer features such as real-time weather updates, transportation information, and audio tours of the city.

1 | Buienradar

woman smiling while holding her iPhone in Amsterdam

This app is a must-have for anyone visiting Amsterdam, especially if you are visiting during the rainy season. Buienradar provides real-time weather updates and forecasts, so you can plan your day accordingly. The weather in the Netherlands is changeable and rain can fall just like that. BuienRadar prevents you from getting wet thanks to the real-time rain information. Every Dutchman has this app! The app is available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

When I used the Buienradar app in Amsterdam I really liked that I can look 3 & 8 hours ahead and see the rain forecast. Very useful, imo.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


2 | 9292

Central Station in Amsterdam from the water-side

This app is your one-stop-shop for all things transportation in Amsterdam. 9292 provides real-time information on public transportation, including buses, trams, and trains. You can plan your route, see arrival times, and even buy tickets directly through the app.

In terms of comprehensive travel information, 9292 is considered a better option compared to the NS app. 9292 provides a one-stop-shop for all modes of transportation in the Netherlands, including trains, buses, trams, and ferries. This means that users can plan their entire journey from start to finish, including transfers and alternate routes, in a single app.

9292 is available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


3 | Amsterdam Audio Stories

man in a green shit listening to an audio tour while holding his smartphone

Of course you also want to learn something about this beautiful city. This is the best app for that! This Amsterdam app offers an amazing Red Light District tour, allowing you to discover the rich history and culture of Amsterdam at your own pace. The app features dozens of stories 22 experts, a virtual guide, images and a GPS-guided map. The virtual guide and the experts will teach you more about highlights such as the world’s first condom shop, the Oude Kerk, the peep show, etc. Amsterdam Audio Stories is available in English and can be downloaded from the App Store. Become an Amsterdam connoisseur and learn the must-know facts in record time.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


4 | Find My Phone & Device Tracker

Losing your phone or device can be a stressful experience, especially when traveling in an unfamiliar city like Amsterdam. Imagine the frustration and panic of realizing your phone is missing when you need it the most, whether for navigation, communication, or capturing memories.

Download the Find My Phone & Device Tracker app! This app allows you to locate your lost or stolen device quickly and accurately. It offers real-time tracking, remote alarm activation, and even device locking to ensure your data remains safe. Don’t let a lost phone ruin your trip—download the Find My Phone & Device Tracker today and travel with peace of mind.

Download it now from the App Store.

Download app

5 | Uber

male traveller making a phone call in an Uber cab while looking out of the window and smiling

We all know this app, right? Not an Amsterdam app perse as it can be used worldwide. If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to get around Amsterdam, Uber is the way to go. This app allows you to request a ride, track your driver, and make payments all from your smartphone. Uber is available in multiple languages and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

How does the Uber taxi app works?

The Uber taxi app works in Amsterdam in a simple and accessible way. To get started, you need to download the app on your smartphone and create an account. Then you can indicate your current location and enter the destination you want to go to. The app will then find a ride for you and determine the price of the ride based on distance and other factors, such as traffic conditions.

When a ride is accepted, you’ll see the driver’s details, including name, car model, and license plate number. You can also track where the car is in real time. When the driver arrives at your place, you can get in and go to your destination.

At the end of the ride you simply pay via the app and you can also give a rating to the driver. It is a fast, convenient and reliable way to travel around Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


6 | NS

This app is the official app of the Dutch rail network, providing real-time information on train schedules, arrival times, and delays. You can also buy tickets directly through the app and view your travel history. NS is available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


7 | FlitsMeister

This app provides real-time traffic information, including road closures, accidents, and speed cameras. FlitsMeister is an excellent app for those who are driving in Amsterdam, as it will help you avoid traffic and find the quickest route to your destination. This is a must-have app for anyone who is going to rent a car in the Netherlands. It prevents you from getting fines for speeding by warning you about speed cameras along the road. The app is available in Dutch and English and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


8 | Google Maps

Amsterdam street by night showing houses on the background

This app is a must-have for anyone visiting Amsterdam, as it provides real-time navigation, traffic information, and public transportation options. Google Maps is the ideal tool to discover how to get to your destination in the Dutch capital.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


9 | Schiphol Amsterdam

woman sitting in an airplane holding her iPhone while watching out the window.

This Amsterdam app is a must-have for anyone arriving at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The app provides real-time flight information, interactive maps, and information on shopping, dining, and other airport services. With Schiphol Amsterdam, you can also plan your onward journey, check baggage drop-off points, and find your way around the airport.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store


10 | MirrorMeister

With MirrorMeister, you can now enjoy your favorite content on a larger screen in the comfort of your hotel room. Whether you’re streaming movies, catching up on the latest news, or just want to share your photos and videos, MirrorMeister makes it easy to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your Smart TV.

Simply download the app and in just a few clicks, you can screen mirror anything you want from your smartphone to your TV. No more annoying cables or expensive hardware. Just a user-friendly and accessible way to enjoy all your favorite media on a big screen.

So, why settle for a small smartphone screen when you can upgrade your viewing experience with MirrorMeister? Download the app now and experience the convenience and simplicity of wirelessly casting your smartphone to your Smart TV.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours

11 | Booking.com

woman looking at her breakfast in a hotel room

Booking.com is a must-have app for anyone looking to book hotels in Amsterdam. With over 40,000 properties to choose from, the app makes it easy to find the perfect place to stay, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly hostel, a luxury hotel, or anything in between. The app also includes reviews and ratings from other travellers, helping you make informed decisions about your accommodation.

backpackers in an Amsterdam accommodation

Are you looking for fun activities in the city? Check out these 32 things to do in Amsterdam. Or, just go to one of the 10 sex shows in Amsterdam. Then you will certainly have an unforgettable time.

But before you start planning your travel program it might be smart to book a hotel first.

Download Amsterdam Audio Tours Download on the Play Store

These are the 10 best Amsterdam apps. Do you know any super good applications that should be added to this top 10? Share it with the world by posting a comment here. Thank you in advance!

10 Cheap Hotels Near Amsterdam Red Light District in 2024

Posted on: June 1, 2024

Cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District area

Top 10 Cheap Hotels in City Centre: Affordable & Prime Location

Looking for good, cheap hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District? Finding affordable lodging near this popular destination can be a challenge, but don’t worry! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of 10 budget-friendly hotels that are conveniently located near all the action. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some affordable hotels that won’t break the bank, so you can enjoy your stay without sacrificing quality or location. Say goodbye to the stress of finding affordable lodging and hello to an unforgettable trip to Amsterdam. Let’s dive in!



oudezijds voorburgwal
The oldest canal in Amsterdam located in ‘De Wallen‘.

This article shows hotels in adjacent neighbourhoods, like Rembrandt Square, Raadhuisstraat, Amstel, etc. All hotels have a great location, not too far away from the Red Light District. Scroll down and discover now.

Top 10 Cheap Hotels In Amsterdam

10 | Amsterdam House Hotel

Cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District

The most expensive on this list of cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. This beautiful hotel is situated in a monumental building and is located close to several entertainment areas such as Rembrandt Square, the Reguliersdwarsstraat and the Amsterdam Flower Market.

flower market
The Flower Market offers all kinds of bulbs. Great as a souvenir!

It’s also one of the better cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. The hotel offers a great view over the amazing Amstel River. All the rooms have a private bathroom and tea/coffee making appliances. A large separate seating area is also provided. Most of the rooms have views over the canal.


Everything was perfect. We stayed in a deluxe double room with river view in the annex building. The room was a very generous size by Amsterdam standards, very clean and the bed very comfortable. The location was absolutely perfect and the view from the room idilic. The hotel is located in a lovely part of Amsterdam, not too noisy when you want to chill in the room but just busy enough to absorb the atmosphere when you have the windows open. It is a stones throw from everything in Amsterdam. We will definitely stay here again on our next trip.
C. Hulme

My friends and I booked two rooms months in advance. When we arrived they only had one room and our friends had to stay somewhere else. Really bummed us out since we wanted to stay together, host didn’t offer us anything for the inconvenience.

✦ Google: 223 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 425 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 1,454 reviews – 8,3 out 10

97,- euro per night  |  291,- euro for three night stay.



9 | Rembrandt Square Hotel

Rembrandt Square hotel

This hotel is located at the Rembrandt Square entertainment area which is just a 10 minute walk away from the Red Light District. The area has many cafes, a coffeeshop, a club, restaurants and the Albert Heijn supermarket is also around the corner. This is where the locals get their groceries.

The hotel offers free WiFi too. The rooms in the Rembrandt Square Hotel have shared bathrooms. Coffee and tea facilities are available in the hotel lounge area. Another advantage of this hotel is that it’s just a 2 minute walk away from the Amsterdam Flower Market.


✦ Google: 422 reviews – 3,7 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 368 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 1,780 reviews – 7,4 out 10.


94,- euro per night  |  283,- euro for three night stay.




7 | Hotel La Belle Vue

Amsterdam, Raadhuisstraat – next to the Herengracht.

A beautiful hotel located in a monumental building. Situated at an ideal location. It’s super close to the Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, Nine Streets, Dam Square and near the Red Light District.

All rooms have a private bathroom and have a flat-screen TV. At Hotel La Belle Vue you either get a room with a balcony or garden view. The tram stops in front of the hotel. This hotel near Amsterdam Red Light District does not offer free WiFi.


✦ Google: 323 reviews – 2,8 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 328 reviews – 2,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 1,960 reviews – 5,8 out 10


87,- euro per night  |  260,- euro for a three night stay.



6 | Budget Hotel Hortus

Budget hotel hortus

Hotel Hortus is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam close to the botanical gardens and Artis Zoo. Other attractions can easily be reached via public transport. The rooms are non-smoking and can provide accommodation for up to 6 people. Rooms have their own TV and safe. Bathrooms are shared and located in the hallway. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


✦ Google: 401 reviews – 3,7 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 498 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 2,087 reviews – 7,8 out 10


80,- euro per night  |  239,- euro for a three night stay.



5 | Budget Hotel Tourist Inn

Hotel Tourist Inn Amsterdam

Budget Hotel Tourist Inn is one of the cheapest hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. This hotel is centrally located close to the Anne Frank House and Dam Square. The Red Light District is just a 10 minute walk away. All rooms in Budget Hotel Tourist Inn have private bathrooms, a TV and air-conditioning. A daily continental breakfast in included in the price. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.


✦ Google: 615 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,452 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
Booking: 2,234 reviews – 8,3 out 10


77,- euro per night  |  232,- euro for a three night stay.



4 | Generator Amsterdam

cheap hotel amsterdam

This is one of the most cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. It’s the latest designer hotel in town, but this one offers an affordable price! The hotel is located next to the Oosterpark – a beautiful park which is not really discovered by tourists.

affordable hotel amsterdam

For visiting the main attractions you will have to use public transport. All rooms come with airconditioning and a private bathroom with shower. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


✦ Google: 2,479 reviews – 4,2 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,203 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
Booking: 4,676 reviews – 8,1 out 10


73,- euro per night  |  220,- euro for a three night stay.



3 | Ecomama

Ecomama hostel

The first hostel on the list is Ecomama. This hostel is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam city centre and within walking distance of the Red Light District and Dam Square. The hostel has a bar, a shared lounge area, a garden and the WiFi is free. The hostel also has an open kitchen, a great way to get to know your fellow travellers.


✦ Google: 424 reviews – 4,4 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 348 reviews – 4,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 700 reviews – 8,3 out 10


49,- euro per night  |  147,- euro for a three night stay.



2 | ClinkNoord Hostel

click noord hostel

This hostel is situated in a former laboratory in Amsterdam North, dating back to the 1920’s. Many of the original features of the time remain. Central station and the Red Light District are a short (free) ferry trip and short walk away (around 10 minute).

hotel room

The hostel has many lounge areas, its own café and even a library. Prepare your own food in the shared kitchen. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


Super safe, squeaky clean & fully flexible. This is what this hotel in Amsterdam promises all guests.


✦ Google: 5,863 reviews – 4,5 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,919 reviews – 4,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 5,487 reviews – 8,7 out 10


48,- euro per night  |  144,- euro for a three night stay.



1 | Hans Brinker

cheap hostel amsterdam

You can stay here from 34 euro per night! This accommodation is located on the Kerkstraat which is only a 17 minute walk away from Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It’s recommended for young travellers who like to meet other people who don’t want to spend too much on an accommodation but still like to have a centrally located stay.

Budget Hotel Amsterdam

This modern budget hostel is situated nearby Amsterdam Leidse Square. Both Museum Square and Rembrandt Square are within easy walking distance. Hans Brinker gives you the option of a private room or a shared dormitory. All the rooms at Hans Brinker have a private bathroom and a safe. WiFi is available throughout the building.



✦ Google: 2,635 reviews – 3,8 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,649 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 8,982 reviews – 7,8 out 10


34,- euro per night  |  102,- euro for a three night stay.



Where to find the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District?

If you are looking for affordable accommodation in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, Durty Nelly’s Inn is a cheapest option to consider. This hotel is conveniently located just a 7-minute walk from the Central Station and a 1-minute walk from Dam Square, making it easy to explore the city’s attractions. The rooms at Durty Nelly’s Inn are equipped with modern amenities including rain showers and free toiletries. The property also features a bar – named Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub –  where guests can enjoy cocktails and take advantage of hostel discounts on food and drinks. The staff at Durty Nelly’s Inn are multilingual and happy to provide guests with practical advice like things to do in Amsterdam.



Public Transport

Another great advantage of cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District is that public transport is within easy reach.

Tip: use www.9292.nl/en for all information about public transport in the Netherlands. This is what all Dutch people use. This public transport website is free, available in English and always up to date!

Amsterdam Red Light District in summer time.


How much to tip hotel shuttle bus driver in Amsterdam?

If you’re planning on visiting Amsterdam, you’ll probably want to use the hotel shuttle bus at some point. But how much should you tip the driver? In general, it’s customary to give a few euros to the driver when taking the shuttle bus. However, this amount can vary depending on the length of your journey and the level of service you received. If you had a particularly long or difficult journey, feel free to give a little extra. Similarly, if the driver went above and beyond to help you with your luggage or answer any questions, a larger tip is always appreciated. Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you want to tip, but a few euros is a good starting point. Thanks for using the hotel shuttle bus!

Do you know other cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District? Please share them with the world by dropping them in the comment section below.


10 Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

15x Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District

10 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Top 13 Amsterdam Red Light District Rules & Laws in 2024

Posted on: March 18, 2024

11 Red Light District laws

Amsterdam Red Light District Rules & Laws: Avoid Fines or Violations

Before visiting the most fascinating area in the world it might be a good idea to get acquainted with the most important Amsterdam Red Light District rules & laws. You don’t want to accidentally break the rules, do you? Discover this useful list with 13 laws in Amsterdam Red Light District.



red light district rules amsterdam

1 | Public Alcohol Ban

In some areas in Amsterdam a public ban on alcohol is enforced. The Red Light District is one of those areas. It is therefor forbidden to drink alcohol in the public spaces (on the streets) and it’s forbidden to have bottles or cans of alcoholic drinks on you. A fine of € 95,- is imposed on violations of the alcohol ban. The local police and municipality enforcers uphold the ban.

Amsterdam Red Light District Laws
The main street of the Red Light District (Oudezijds Achterburgwal).

Street signs with red circles indicate that something is not allowed in the Netherlands. The sign in the picture above means that it is not allowed to drink alcohol on the streets in this area; the Red Light District.

How old do you have to be to drink in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, the legal drinking age for beer and wine is 18 years old. However, the legal drinking age for spirits and other distilled beverages is 18 years old as well. It’s important to note that bars and restaurants in Amsterdam are required to check IDs to ensure that their customers are of legal drinking age. Failing to comply with this requirement can result in significant fines or even the loss of the establishment’s liquor license. Additionally, public drinking and public intoxication are not allowed and can also result in fines or other penalties.

2 | Street Prostitution Is Illegal

It’s forbidden for sex workers to offer or promote their services on the streets of Amsterdam’s Red Light District or elsewhere in the city.

night netherlands

The law applies on, or next to the road, or in a publicly accessible building. It’s also forbidden for possible customers to in any way accept proposals, in whatever form, to make use of their services. The fine for street prostitution for both the sex worker and the customer is € 115,-.

sex workers statue
Sex workers statue next to Amsterdam’s Old Church.

3 | Smoking Cannabis Outside

Current Red Light District laws do not prohibit the smoking of cannabis outside on the streets. There are some public places in Amsterdam where smoking a joint outside is prohibited though. These places are for example: children’s playgrounds and school squares. In the Netherlands you are legally allowed to have 5 grams of weed on you, for personal use.

the bulldog coffeeshop weed
The terrace of coffeeshop The Bulldog on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

The unwritten law when it comes to smoking weed in the Netherlands is that people do it at home or in a coffeeshop. If you do smoke outside make sure that you are not a hindrance to other people. So don’t smoke a joint in front of houses with open windows for instance. Not everybody enjoys the smell.

4 | Compulsory Identification

Everyone aged 14 and older in the Netherlands must be able to identify himself or herself with a valid ID. For persons aged 16 or over who fail to comply with the obligation to identify themselves the fine is € 60,-. For persons aged 14 and 15, the fine is € 30,-.

Only certain government officials can ask for your ID. These are: police officers, ticket inspectors (public transport) and special enforcement officers (BOA’s in Dutch) like labor inspectors and forest wardens.

Amsterdam Red Light District New Laws
Amsterdam’s most narrow alley including 9 window brothels.

5 | Amsterdam Window Brothel Opening Hours

Window prostitution businesses are allowed to be open to visitors from 08:00 am to 06:00 am. Yes, the window brothels are op 22 hours a day! The sex workers tend to work in 8 hour shifts and are not allowed to work more than 11 hours a day.

De Wallen night

6 | Littering in Amsterdam is Not Allowed

Do not throw soda cans, plastic bags or other (empty) product packagings onto the streets. If the local authorities catch you doing this, it will cost you € 140,-. Besides, why even litter in such a beautiful city?

Dutch police uniform
Dutch cops are very friendly if you just stick to the rules.

7 | Sleeping In A Car Is Forbidden

In Amsterdam it is forbidden to use the road as a place to sleep or to use a vehicle, boat, caravan, tent or any other accommodation as a place to sleep or to offer these options. The authorities lately have been clamping down hard on people who sleep in their own car. The price for some nice quiet time in your own car is € 140,-

8 | Prostitution Hotels Are Illegal

It is currently forbidden to operate prostitution-hotels in the city of Amsterdam. In prostitution hotels rooms are made available to prostitutes who recruit their clients elsewhere. These types of hotels are forbidden because they go hand in hand with street prostitution.

However, Amsterdam escorts often go with their clients to hotels. Sometimes, customers invite escorts to Red Light District Amsterdam hotels. That is legal. The staff at the hotels are of course allowed to refuse an escort – if they know they are a sex worker.

Amsterdam Red Light District Laws Mounted Police
Police also patrol the area by horse making the district even safer. 

An alternative option would be to arrange a sex date in Holland. Discover these popular sex date platforms where men and women are just searching for sex dating without any strings attached.

9 | Red Light District Tour Regulations

Providers of tours in the Red Light District have to comply with rules that were in implemented in April 2018. If a guide gives a tour to five people or more, he/she needs a government exemption. With larger tour groups there is currently a set limit of 15 participants. If the tour group is bigger than this, local authorities can end the tour, and the guide will be fined.

It’s also mandatory for tour guides to inform the participants that it is not allowed to take pictures of the sex workers.

Amsterdam Red Light District Rules

Do you want to learn everything about De Wallen? Then download our app with Red Light District tour and listen to fascinating stories of 22 experts. A virtual guide will show you around.



10 | Promoting Prostitution On The Streets Is Illegal

It is forbidden for sex workers (or anyone else) to advertise sex services on the streets. The fine for this is € 115,-. In general, prostitutes do not want to work on the street at all because it is less safe, less comfortable and it makes less money. In the 1950’s & 1960’s, some prostitutes worked on the streets in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Also because there were less window brothels. Those days are over now partly because Amsterdam has more than 350 window brothels.

11 | Tours

Amsterdam Tours By Locals
Our local guide with more than 11 years experience in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Red Light District tours with tour guides are banned by the local government. The only way to get a Red Light District tour is with our app. It contains an interesting audio tour, virtual guide, map and stories of 22 experts. Here you can read all other new rules for tours in the Red Light District.



12 | Minimum Age Of Sex Workers

Amsterdam Window Shopping

One of the last Red Light District laws you have to know about is the following. The prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District need to be at least 21 years old to work in the windows. Every time they rent a window brothel, they are required to show their ID to the brothel operator.

13 | Urinating In The Street Is Prohibited

oudezijds achterburgwal

It is strictly forbidden to urinate on the streets of the Red Light District. The local residents hate it when visitors urinate in the street. Do not do this or risk a fine of 140 euros.

Please visit Sexy Loo instead. It’s a public restroom that looks like the Red Light District, filled with imitation red light windows.


10 Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s and Don’ts

Amsterdam Red Light District Map

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

10 Unmissable Things to Do in Amsterdam for Adults in 2024: Your Ultimate Adventure Guide

Posted on: January 1, 2024

two blonde women sitting on a terrace in Amsterdam drinking wine while laughing.

Top 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam for Adults

Looking for the top things to do in Amsterdam for adults in 2024? This vibrant city offers a blend of culture, nightlife, and unique experiences tailored just for you. Whether you crave history, culinary delights, or adventurous activities, Amsterdam has it all. Discover why this iconic city is the perfect destination for your next adult getaway. Read on to uncover the best attractions and hidden gems!

Top 10 Things To Do in Amsterdam for Adults in 2024

  1. RijksmuseumExplore Dutch Golden Age masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer.
  2. Anne Frank HouseVisit the historic hiding place and learn about Anne Frank’s story.
  3. Microbreweries and Craft Beer TastingSample local brews at lesser-known microbreweries like Brouwerij De Prael, Oedipus Brewing, and Butcher’s Tears. Discover the extensive collection of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork.
  4. Moulin Rouge AmsterdamEnjoy provocative and entertaining live sex shows in a vibrant setting. Experience an unforgettable evening at the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam, featuring four captivating adult shows within one hour. Get the best Moulin Rouge Amsterdam tickets here online.
  5. Paradiso and MelkwegExperience live music and events at these iconic venues.
  6. FoodhallenSavor diverse culinary delights at this indoor food market.
  7. Michelin-Starred RestaurantsIndulge in fine dining at Ciel Bleu or Restaurant Vinkeles.
  8. Canal Cruises and Bike ToursSee the city from its waterways or explore like a local on a bike.
  9. Vondelpark and Amsterdamse BosRelax and unwind in Amsterdam’s beautiful green spaces.
  10. Red Light District and Brothel TourExplore Amsterdam with this Red Light District tour or take this fascinating Amsterdam Brothel tour hosted by a former sex worker and learn more about the liberal Dutch culture.

These activities ensure a well-rounded and memorable visit to Amsterdam, offering something for every interest.

Cultural and Historical Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is rich in culture and history, making it a paradise for museum lovers and history buffs. The Rijksmuseum is a must-visit, housing masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age, including works by Rembrandt and Vermeer. Don’t miss the Anne Frank House, where the poignant story of Anne Frank comes to life in the very place she hid during World War II. Another highlight is the Van Gogh Museum, which offers an extensive collection of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork, providing a deep insight into the artist’s life and work.

In addition to these famous museums, Amsterdam is home to numerous smaller galleries and historical sites. Consider visiting the Rembrandt House Museum or the Amsterdam Museum to learn more about the city’s vibrant past. These cultural and historical attractions provide a profound understanding of Amsterdam’s heritage and artistic legacy.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Amsterdam’s nightlife is legendary, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re into dancing the night away or enjoying a quiet drink, the city has it all. Popular venues like Paradiso and Melkweg host a variety of live music events, from international bands to local talent. If you prefer a more laid-back evening, Amsterdam’s numerous bars and pubs, such as Café Belgique or Proeflokaal Arendsnest, offer a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a drink.

For a unique experience, consider visiting the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam, known for its provocative and entertaining shows. This venue adds a touch of the risqué to your Amsterdam adventure, making for a memorable night out. The city’s vibrant nightlife scene ensures that every evening can be different and exciting, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Culinary Experiences

Amsterdam’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population. Food lovers will relish the chance to explore the city’s dining options, from traditional Dutch cuisine to international flavors. The Foodhallen, an indoor food market, offers a variety of stalls serving everything from sushi to gourmet burgers. For a more upscale experience, Amsterdam boasts several Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Ciel Bleu and Restaurant Vinkeles, where you can indulge in exquisite fine dining.

Don’t forget to try local specialties like stroopwafels and Dutch cheese. For a truly authentic experience, visit the Albert Cuyp Market or the Dappermarkt to sample a wide array of local delicacies. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking to try something new, Amsterdam’s culinary offerings will leave you satisfied and eager for more.

Outdoor Activities and Tours

Amsterdam’s picturesque scenery and flat terrain make it perfect for outdoor activities. Canal cruises are a popular way to see the city from a different perspective, offering a relaxing journey through Amsterdam’s iconic waterways. For those who prefer to stay on land, bike tours are an excellent way to explore the city like a local. Companies such as Mike’s Bike Tours offer guided experiences that cover major sights and hidden gems.

The city’s green spaces, like Vondelpark and Amsterdamse Bos, provide a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. Here, you can enjoy a leisurely walk, have a picnic, or even rent a paddleboat. These outdoor activities offer a refreshing contrast to the city’s bustling streets and are a great way to unwind and enjoy Amsterdam’s natural beauty.

Unique Local Experiences

To truly immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s unique charm, venture off the beaten path. The Jordaan neighborhood is a delightful area to explore, with its narrow streets, quirky shops, and cozy cafes. For a breathtaking view of the city, visit the A’DAM Lookout, where you can enjoy panoramic views from the observation deck and even take a thrilling swing over the edge.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is world-famous, and a self-guided audio tour app can provide an insightful and respectful way to explore this historic area. For an even deeper dive into this part of the city, consider the Amsterdam Brothel Tour, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the local sex work industry.

Additionally, the Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema provides a unique, adult-only experience that combines film with special effects for an immersive adventure. These local experiences showcase the diverse and open-minded spirit of Amsterdam, offering something truly different for adventurous travelers.

1. What are the must-visit museums in Amsterdam?

The must-visit museums in Amsterdam include the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House. These museums showcase Dutch art, history, and culture, providing a deep insight into the city’s rich heritage.

2. Where can I experience Amsterdam’s nightlife?

For a vibrant nightlife experience, visit popular venues like Paradiso and Melkweg for live music and events. The Red Light District also offers unique entertainment options, including the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam.

3. What are some unique activities for adults in Amsterdam?

Unique activities for adults in Amsterdam include canal cruises, bike tours, and visiting the Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema. The Red Light District tour and the Amsterdam Brothel Tour also offer insightful and memorable experiences.

4. Where can I enjoy fine dining in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam boasts several Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Ciel Bleu and Restaurant Vinkeles. Additionally, the Foodhallen offers a diverse range of gourmet food stalls for a more casual dining experience.

5. What outdoor activities are recommended in Amsterdam?

Recommended outdoor activities in Amsterdam include canal cruises, bike tours, and visiting parks like Vondelpark and Amsterdamse Bos. These activities allow you to explore the city’s scenic beauty and relax in its green spaces.

6. How can I explore Amsterdam’s Red Light District safely?

To explore Amsterdam’s Red Light District safely, consider using a self-guided audio tour app. This provides a respectful and informative way to learn about the area’s history and culture. For a deeper understanding, the Amsterdam Brothel Tour offers guided insights into the local sex work industry.

Top 5 Amsterdam Red Light District Museums You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted on: May 1, 2024

museums in amsterdam red light district

5 Best Amsterdam Red Light District Museums

Visiting Amsterdam without knowing the attractions and fun activities is not a good idea. You’ll get bored! It would be a shame if you missed the city highlights. You don’t want to end up in tourist traps or boring cafes, right?

The solution? Discover this list with five things to do in Amsterdam below. Impress your fellow travellers with these original and educational activities.

de wallen website

There is a lot to do in ‘De Wallen‘. Also for those who want to learn something. There are currently five museums in Amsterdam Red Light District. At these museums you can learn more about cannabis, prostitution, the Red Light District, religion, erotica and… watches.

1 | Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

museums in Amsterdam
In this museum in Amsterdam you can view cannabis plants up close, among others.

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam is a must-see for anyone interested in the history and culture of cannabis. The museum traces the plant’s history from its earliest known use in ancient China to its present-day role in the Netherlands. Visitors will learn about the different ways that cannabis can be used, from medication to recreation, and will see a wide variety of artifacts, including pipes, bongs, and other smoking paraphernalia. The museum also contains a “grow room” where visitors can see how cannabis is cultivated. With its informative exhibits and engaging displays, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum provides a fascinating look at one of the world’s most controversial plants.

Located on the famous street in the Red Light District one can find Amsterdam’s cannabis museum. It was founded in 1985 by one of Holland’s most important cannabis pioneers: Ben Dronkers – who’s also the CEO of Sensi Seeds. He was one of the first to become commercially involved with cannabis in Amsterdam from the 1970s onwards.

Did you know that at one time in Europe 80% of all clothing was made out of cannabis hemp? And did you know that it is illegal to grow cannabis commercially in the Netherlands? Just two fun facts you learn at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum.

cannabis audio tour
It offers audio tours in many languages.

Visitors to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum can expect to find world’s largest collection of artefacts relating to the history of cannabis, its cultivation and its uses over the centuries.

The cannabis collection is located on the ground floor where one can get an audio tour in six different languages. This museum in Amsterdam Red Light District is not too big and a visit takes about 30 to 45 minutes.


Google: 3,715 reviews | 4,3 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 729 reviews | 4 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
✦ Price: 9 euro



2 | Red Light Secrets – Museum of Prostitution

red light secrets
An interactive exhibition inside the Museum of Prostitution.

Do you want to know what it is like to stand in the windows? Do you want to learn how prostitutes become successful? Or, do you want to see what a brothel looks like from the inside?

Then visit this Museum of Prostitution in Amsterdam, named Red Light Secrets. Learn more about legal sex work in the Netherlands. It’s super interesting!

prostitution museum amsterdam
What does it feel like to stand in the windows?

Become A Successful Prostitute

Inside you can also read 10 ways how sex workers become successful. We listed 3 most important sex work secrets:

  1. POSTURE. Pout those lips and work those hips. Stand upright and accentuate your curves.
  2. CHEERFUL. Make sure you look cheerful. Men don’t enjoy spending money in a surly woman.
  3. STAND OUT. Sitting quietly like the Mona Lisa will not get you attention. When you go unnoticed, you will have no business. Make sure to stand out.

amsterdam window girl pic
The museum even has an imitation window brothel.

Red Light Secrets used to be a building with real window brothels, but the city of Amsterdam bought it from a sex entrepreneur during Project 1012. The municipality wanted more variety in the Red Light District, so since 2014 the Museum of Prostitution has been around. Visit this attraction and get educated about one of the oldest professions in the world.


Google: 15,576 reviews | 4,2 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 2,339 reviews | 4 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 AM – 12 PM
✦ Price: 12,50 euro



3 | Our Lord in the Attic

ons lieve heer op solder tickets
Inside Ons Lieve Heer op Solder.

One of the best hidden gems in Amsterdam is this secret church. It’s located at number 40 on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in the Red Light District. Our Lord in the Attic is one of the oldest museums in Amsterdam. The second oldest to be exact.

Only the Rijksmuseum is older. It was established in 1888, its attic served as a Catholic church for two centuries. A hidden church in which Catholics could worship covertly when it was forbidden to do so in public.

our lord in the attic wikipedia
The last hidden church in Amsterdam may not be missed!

FACT: This church museum in Amsterdam is located next to a cannabis coffeeshop.

This church within a 17th-century Dutch house has been beautifully preserved. It offers an authentic glimpse into a house of a rich man during the affluent Dutch Golden Age. Here you can learn more about the history of Amsterdam and religion in Holland.

Birgit Büchner
The director of this museum in Amsterdam – in the attic of Ons Lieve Heer op Solder.

Our Lord In The Attic is also one of the highlights in the Amsterdam Audio Stories app. It offers a red light district tour with stories of 22 experts, including the director of this museum and Russell Shorto – writer and historian, about the Red Light District. For just 5 euro you can learn everything about the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Download the app today in the Apple App Store.


Google: 2,089 reviews | 4,7 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 3,373 reviews | 4,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 PM – 6 PM
✦ Price: 12,50 euro



4 | Erotic Museum

museums in amsterdam red light district
One of the funniest museums in Amsterdam.

Looking for a fun and unique way to spend an afternoon in Amsterdam? Then be sure to check out the Erotic Museum! This quirky museum offers visitors a rare glimpse into the history of sex and sexuality.

From ancient Egyptian artifacts to vintage pornography, there is something to interest everyone. The Erotic Museum is also home to the world’s largest collection of erotica, making it a must-see for anyone with an interest in the topic.

The Erotic Museum in Amsterdam is located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal – just in opposite of the Moulin Rouge. It portrays the history of eroticism and sex through the ages. This is one of those museums in Amsterdam where you can take perfect photos for your Instagram account. It is a kind of Instagram museum as it offers numerous erotic art objects that will impress your followers.

sex museum amsterdam
The Erotic Museum is a great place to update your Instagram-account.

This museum is owned by the same entrepreneur who also manages the erotic theatre Casa Rosso, strip club Hospital Bar, Sex Palace Peep Show, The Bananenbar and Sexy Loo.

So why not add it to your list of things to do in Amsterdam? You might just be surprised at what you learn!


Google: 2,120 reviews | 3,6 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 454 reviews | 2,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 11 AM – 12 PM
✦ Price: 7 euro



5 | Sex Museum Amsterdam

We believe the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, also known as “Venustempel,” or “Museum of Sex”  is a fascinating destination for those intrigued by the history and art of human sexuality. Located near Amsterdam’s Central Station at Damrak 18, it stands as the world’s first and oldest museum dedicated to eroticism. We find its collection, including erotic art, sculptures, and photographs, both educational and thought-provoking. The museum offers a unique glimpse into how sexual themes have influenced culture and art through the ages.

We think it’s a must-visit for open-minded adults seeking a deeper understanding of sexuality’s role in human history. However, due to explicit content, it may not be suitable for everyone. We suggest avoiding it if sexual themes make you uncomfortable or if you’re accompanied by children. In our view, the Sex Museum is a place for mature audiences ready to explore this integral aspect of human nature.

Other Museums

If you’re planning to explore the cultural side of Amsterdam, don’t miss out on its intriguing museums. Among these, the Upside Down Museum offers a unique, interactive experience that flips the conventional museum visit on its head—literally! This attraction is perfect for those looking to add an unconventional twist to their itinerary, blending art with playful engagement.


15 Things To Do In Amsterdam Red Light District

15x Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

18x Red Light District Amsterdam Cost in 2024

Posted on: June 1, 2024

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

Red Light District Amsterdam Cost: All You Need To Know

Say goodbye to overpaying in Amsterdam! Don’t let high costs ruin your trip. Explore the cost of Amsterdam Red Light District below and save money on your unforgettable adventure! Prices for food and drinks, sex shows, public transport, Moulin Rouge, weed, magic truffles, prostitutes, museums, etc.



tourists walking in the Red Light District in Amsterdam at night with red-lit windows on the left and right

Updated monthly, our guide reflects the latest pricing, legal changes, and safety measures implemented in the Red Light District to ensure visitors have the most current information. Recognized as a leading source by major news outlets and academic journals, our in-depth analysis on Amsterdam’s nightlife economy has been featured in multiple publications.

Looking for an affordable thrill in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Experience the famous Moulin Rouge show without overspending. Our tickets offer an exciting night at a great price. Don’t miss this budget-friendly entertainment highlight – book your Moulin Rouge Amsterdam tickets today and enjoy a sensational show while keeping your expenses in check!

amsterdam red light district prices

Understanding the various costs associated with visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District can significantly enhance your travel experience, ensuring you’re well-prepared for everything the area has to offer, from entertainment to dining. To fully enjoy your trip without any financial surprises, it’s also crucial to have a good grasp of the local currency and how it translates to your own. For a comprehensive overview of Amsterdam’s currency, including tips on getting the best exchange rates and avoiding unnecessary fees, visit our detailed guide on Amsterdam Currency. This resource will help you make informed decisions, allowing you to focus on enjoying the vibrant culture and unique attractions of Amsterdam.

Use this list below with Amsterdam Red Light District prices and avoid paying too much.

How Much Does Amsterdam Red Light District Cost?

1 | Prostitutes

Full disclosure: Two of our tour guides have visited window prostitutes. Mark, one of our tour guides even got into a relationship with a window prostitute who he fell in love with. During their visit, they paid between 50 and 60 euros to the sex worker prior to their visit.

In addition, our Dutch employees obtain the correct, latest information through direct contact with stakeholders of the Amsterdam Red Light District and local media.

So a lot of what you will learn here about visiting the girls is direct information from our local experts.


Window prostitution is a form of prostitution in which a sex worker acquires customers by displaying herself in a window visible along the public road. Usually, sex workers (also known as a window worker or window prostitute) rent a window brothel from a brothel operator for a certain period of time, for a fixed pre-paid price.

amsterdam red light district prices
Window brothels in ‘De Wallen‘ of Amsterdam.

In general, prostitutes rent a window for 6 to 8 hours. Sex workers are not allowed to work more than 11 hours per day. The sex workers are independent and acquire customers themselves. Prices and services are usually negotiated at entrance of the window brothel.

amsterdam window shopping
Amsterdam, Ruysdaelkade.

Amsterdam Red Light District Areas

Amsterdam has 3 window prostitution areas in total:

✦ ‘De Wallen‘ – the biggest and most famous prostitution area in the Netherlands.
✦ ‘Ruysdaelkade‘.
✦ ‘Singel & Spuistraat area.

red light district in amsterdam

Window Prostitution Prices

The sex workers standing in Amsterdam’s window brothels typically have a starting price of approximately 50 euros for approximately 20 minutes of sex. Red Light District prices can be negotiated at the door. Offering less than 50 euro is often frowned upon. Prostitutes usually only offer safe sex with a condom.

Tip: Be aware of the fact that starting off with a low price offer is disrespectful.

amsterdam red light district windows price
The Molensteeg in the Red Light District has windows, night shops and small bars.

Rent Window Brothels

All independent window workers in Amsterdam rent a window. They pay rent to a window brothel operator – who are legitimate entrepreneurs who rent out windows. The brothel operators are responsible for the safety, hygiene and maintenance.

The rent of a window brothel in Amsterdam is 80 to 100 euros during the day and 150 to 180 euros in the night.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District has currently 201 window brothels and approximately 350 prostitutes. Amsterdam has around 500 sex workers in total. (source)

red light district prices
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Stoofsteeg.

If you want extra services or stay a little longer you’ll have to pay more and the price will depend on your negotiating skills and the wishes of the prostitute. Of course you can stay with the prostitute without having any sex and just talk. For these types of services the regular price of 50 euros for 20 to 25 minutes is usually maintained.

red light district in amsterdam
The Oudekerksplein with window brothels next to the church.

Tip: Be respectful and make clear agreements in advanced. This prevents problems due to unclear agreements.

2 | Escorts

In addition to window prostitution, there are also many sex workers in the Netherlands who work as an escort. This is also legal. The advantage is that it’s not necessary to rent a red light window and it is more discreet. However, it is essential for escorts to advertise. Something that window workers do not do, as they acquire enough customers walking by.

Escorts charge higher prices for sexual services than window prostitutes. An escort costs at least 150 euros per hour in the Netherlands.

amsterdam prostitute pricing

Sex work is legal in the Netherlands and it is most likely the safest place on earth for sex workers to operate. Thanks to these two reasons, there are many escorts in the Netherlands. The large majority work independently and are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Almost all sex workers in the Netherlands work safely with condoms and are regularly tested.

erotic best massage in netherlands

The advantage of an escort is that you can select a woman from the comfort of your hotel room instead of having to walk the streets in the Red Light District. It adds a level of discreetness too.

The average starting price for 1 hour is around 150 euros in the Netherlands. For two hours, it’s 300 euros.

Hit the button below for further information on Amsterdam Escorts.



3 | Sex Shows

People walking in front of Amsterdam's Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal at night

Confused about where to go for the best sex shows in Amsterdam and worried about the cost? Choosing the right spot can be tricky with so many options and varying prices. Simplify your choice with our guide to Amsterdam’s finest venues like Sex Palace Peep Show, Moulin Rouge, La Vie & Proost, Casa Rosso, Hospital Bar, and Banana Bar. Starting prices are just 2 euro for a 2 minute show at the peep show. However, we believe that Moulin Rouge – which cost 40 euro – is absolutely the best live adult show in Amsterdam. Our local guide Jasper visited the venue and attributed to this Moulin Rouge review. Enjoy a safe, exciting experience without breaking the bank.

4 | Tours

red light district tour amsterdam

The best way to discover the Red Light District is with our app! It includes a Red Light District tour with the 22 very best experts in the area. Listen to fascinating stories of historians, socialists, sex workers, police officers, sex experts and many others. You will be accompanied by a virtual guide who will introduce you to incredible highlights in De Wallen. Learn everything you need know, today!



red light district tour

In this app you hear fascinating stories from real prostitutes, local residents, police officers, historians, entrepreneurs, sociologists, writers and many other experts. Within 2 hours you will learn everything from 22 people who know the most about Amsterdam Red Light District.

This Amsterdam app works on iPhone and iPad and on all Android mobile phones. If you want you can also listen to this super interesting audio tour at home as a podcast.



Learn about Dutch culture, Amsterdam and the Red Light District with is app . We show you the very best highlights and we really tell you everything about this unique Dutch place. You can ask everything to our local experts. No need to be shy. Our tour guides are very open-minded and already answered all “awkward” questions.

red light district tour

5 | Sex Show Ticket: Moulin Rouge

Red neon lighting of Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam showing the name of the attraction along with a black background

Experience the ultimate thrill at Moulin Rouge, the unrivaled sex show in Amsterdam! Located in the heart of the iconic Red Light District, indulge in 4 seductive performances within one hour. Here you can experience one of the best indoor things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District. Witness breathtaking stripteases, passionate couple encounters, and even a unique writing show. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure, as a daring volunteer gets an unforgettable message imprinted on their chest – a memory to cherish forever!

Discover the difference with Moulin Rouge – not only does it offer an extraordinary experience, but it also saves you 20 euros compared to the pricier Casa Rosso nearby. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity in the capital of Holland. Secure the best online Moulin Rouge ticket now for an unbeatable price of just 40,-. Prepare to be captivated.

Price: 40,99



6 | Amsterdam Brothel Tour

brothel tour

You’ve experienced the Red Light District, now go behind the scenes with the Amsterdam Brothel Tour. At strip- and sex club BonTon you’ll get a peek behind the curtains. Outside of regular opening times real sex workers host an informative tour who will tell you all about prostitution and the history of sex work in Amsterdam.

Price: 20,-



7 | Amsterdam App

Red Light District Amsterdam Tours Audio Tour

You can now explore Amsterdam’s Red Light District on your own and at any time, all you need is your smartphone and some earphones. A virtual audio tour guide will show you around the Red Light District using the GPS on your smartphone.

Fokkens twins amsterdam
Meet The Fokkens in the Amsterdam Audio Tours App.

Virtual guide – Sophie – will introduce you to 22 experts who tell you everything you need to know about Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Hear stories of real prostitutes, real police officers, residents, historians, sexologists, local entrepreneurs, etc.

Our Amsterdam Red Light District tour gives you the option to start, pause or finish whenever you like. Experience the audio tour in Amsterdam or at home as a podcast.

Price Amsterdam Audio Tour App

Red Light District Audio Tour: 5,-


8 | Prices For Drinks

Amsterdam Red Light District prices
A selection of delicious Dutch beers.

Coffee or Tea € 2,50 – 3,50
Cola or Soda € 2,50
Draft beer € 2,70 – 4,50
Special beer € 5,50 – starting price
Pint of beer € 4,50
Glass of wine € 3,50 – 5,00 – starting price

9 | Prices For Food

Amsterdam Febo prices
A typical Dutch “kroket” from famous local automatiek snackbar the FEBO.

Budget breakfast € 3,50 – 12,00
Budget lunch € 4,49 – 15,00
Budget diner € 7,00 – 17,50
Burger (fast food) € 3,00
Sandwich € 3,00 – 12,00
Kebab € 3,50 – 5,00
Turkish pizza € 2,50 – 3,50
Dutch Fries € 3,50
A slice of pizza € 3,00 – 4,00
Pizza € 8,00 – 15,00
Croquette from the FEBO € 1,60
FEBO kaassoufflé (cheese souffle) € 1,60
Herring sandwich € 2,50 – 4,50
Donut € 2,00
Piece of pie  € 3,00 – 4,00
Waffle € 3,00 – 4,00
Pancake  € 8,00 – 14,00

The BurgerFabriek in Amsterdam has delicious Dutch fries!

10 | Amsterdam 5D Cinema

5D Porn Cinema Amsterdam

The porn cinema has finally returned to Amsterdam’s Red Light District. And not just any kind of porn cinema, a 5D porn cinema! Besides watching a short porn movie in 3D, all your other senses will also be triggered via its 5D features! Think of smell and wind and much more! The rest we’ll leave up to your imagination! 🙂 For further information and reservations hit the book-button below.

red light district prices amsterdam


5D Porn Cinema Ticket: 12,50 euro

11 | Weed

Weed Hash prices Amsterdam Red Light District

Weed (per gram) € 5,00 – average starting price. Can go up to € 42,00 per gram.
Hash (per gram) € 8,00 – average starting price. Can go up to € 35,00 per gram.
Pre -rolled joint Amsterdam price € 5,00 – is the average price in the city centre.

Get informed on marihuana before smoking a joint and visit the Hash Museum in Amsterdam.

12 | Amsterdam Red Light District Hotels 

The price for a hotel in Amsterdam varies greatly depending on your wishes and requirements. There are very affordable hostels  for backpackers but also many luxurious hotels, like Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand.

hostel amsterdam
The rooftop terrace of a hotel in Amsterdam Red Light District.

We made a selection of the best hotels for every budget. Prices for a 2 person bedroom in a quality hotel start from around € 95,- euro per night.



13 | Museums 

Currently there are five museums in the Red Light District. They are listed below.

1 |  Our Lord In The Attic | Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder

What looks like an ordinary canal house in the Red Light District turns out to have an entire Catholic church hidden inside it. Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder was built in the mid-1600s in defiance of the Calvinists, and tolerated by the city. Inside you’ll experience a labyrinthine of staircases, rich artwork, period decor and the soaring two-story church itself.

Opening Hours

Open Monday through Saturday from 10 am till 6 pm. Sunday from 1 pm till 6 pm. Holidays from 10 am till 6 pm.
The ticket desk closes at 5.45 pm.

Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 38, Amsterdam.

Our Lord in the Attic Amsterdam
A church hidden in an attic in the Red Light District.

Adults € 12,50
Children ages 5 till 18 € 6,00
Children ages 0 till 4 Free


2 | Museum Of Prostitution

The only museum in the world dedicated to prostitution. It’s located in the heart of the Red Light District in a former brothel. The museum is part of the Project 1012 effort to revamp the Red Light District. Within the museum itself you step inside a world that remains hidden for most and you can experience what it feels like to sit behind a window in Amsterdam’s Red District!

Museum of Prostitution Amsterdam
The front side of Red Light Secrets – Amsterdam’s Museum of Prostitution.

All ages € 10,50


3 | Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

This unique marihuana museum in Amsterdam was founded by Ben Dronkers in 1985. He is one of the most important figures in the Dutch cannabis industry. He owns Sensi Seeds too.

The Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum is located on one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam. It describes the past, present & future of the cannabis plant. Really educational!

The exhibition shows how the Cannabaceae plant species enabled the development of medicine, clothing, sea travel and farming. And of course, this museum also demonstrates how cannabis and hemp – which are simply different strains of the same plant – have been part of life for thousands of years.

Ticket Price:
All ages € 9,00*


4 | Salvation Army Museum

majoor bosshardt statue
Statue of well known Salvation Army officer Majoor Bosshardt.

Many tourists are surprised to learn that the Salvation Army is located in the Red Light District. It has two buildings where volunteers provide assistance to the homeless. In addition, the employees of the Salvation Army also regularly visit the sex workers in the window brothels. This is done while offering free coffee and tea. The Salvation Army plays an important role in social control within the Red Light District. Learn about this while visiting their museum.

Opening Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 am till 16:00 pm.

amsterdam prostitution pricing
Henny Tinga – one of the leaders of Amsterdam’s Salvation Army.

Adults € 2,50
Children ages 0 till 12 Free

For more details visit the website of the Salvation Army Museum.

5 | Erotic Museum

All ages € 6,50

14 | Red Light District Attractions

De Oude Kerk (The Old Church)

The Old Church is the oldest church in Amsterdam and stands in the heart of the Red Light District. We tell you all about it during our tours. Open Monday trough Saturday from 10:00 am till 18:00 pm and Sunday from 13:00 pm till 17:30 pm. Ticket sales always end 15 minutes before closing time.

Red Light District Old Church Amsterdam
The Old Church is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

All ages € 10,00

The Buddhist Temple

The Chinese He Hua Temple in Amsterdam is the biggest Chinese temple in Europe! Open on Tuesday from 12:00 am toll 17:00 pm and on Sunday from 10:00 am till 17:00 pm.

All ages Free

15 | Amsterdam Transportation Prices 

Dutch Public Transport Tourist Pass
Amsterdam’s Metro Station.

1 hour public transport ticket € 3,00 – not valid in train
Day pass public transport € 7,50 – starting price, not valid in train
Bike rental per day € 14,75 – starting price
Train ticket, Schiphol to Amsterdam Central station € 4,30 – (2nd class ticket)
Taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station € 18,50 – starting price

16 | Public Transport

Amsterdam’s Red Light District itself is a pedestrian friendly area. There is no public transport within the district itself. When looking at the map of Amsterdam, note that “De Oude Kerk” building stands at the heart of the Red Light District. 

Public Transport Close to the Red Light District

From Amsterdam Central Station it is a 5 – 10 minute walk to the Red Light District. This is the fastest and cheapest option. Another option from central station is taking the subway to Nieuwmarkt Station via line 51, 53 or 54.


A ticket cost € 2,90 and is valid for one hour. 

17 | Sex Shops

Sex shops in Amsterdam Red Light District are quite affordable compared to those found in other parts of the Netherlands. The range in sex shop prices varies significantly ongoing from as low as 10 Euros for simple sex toys up to 100s of Euros for more advanced sex toys and special lingerie. On the website of one of the sex shops on the Warmoesstraat you can see that they offer a product worth 3120. It concerns a quality sex doll.

When looking for sex shops within the district there is a wealth of options from quaint family owned shops to bright and vibrant ones which offer colorful sex accessories sure to please every need. With years of experience and having walked through most streets of the area we can personally vouch for the quality, affordability, and variety that sex shops in Amsterdam Red Light District have one offer; making it definitely worth a visit if you’re ever here!

18 | Sex Dating Websites In The Netherlands

Amsterdam Dating sex

In the Netherlands there are also websites specialised in adult online dating. MySecretDate offers advertisements of people who would like to have a sex date. Scroll through the thousands of profiles and get in touch with others today. Registration is totally free!


19 | Amsterdam Red Light District Map

amsterdam nightlife red light district prices
Oudezijds Achterburgwal street in De Wallen.

Hit the button below to see the Amsterdam Red Light District map containing all window brothels and great restaurants, bars, cannabis shops & erotic places. It’s really useful!



When planning your visit to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, understanding the costs is crucial for a smooth experience. Beyond the famous attractions, Amsterdam offers a wide array of activities tailored for adults. For a comprehensive guide on exciting activities, including cultural spots, nightlife, and unique experiences, check out our detailed list of things to do in Amsterdam for adults. This guide ensures you make the most of your time in this vibrant city.

Understanding the nuances of expenses in Amsterdam, especially within the Red Light District, is crucial for a well-planned visit. While this guide gives you a detailed breakdown of the costs you might incur, ranging from entertainment options to basic necessities, it’s equally important to be informed about the local currency and its value. For more insights, consider exploring our dedicated page on Amsterdam currency, which offers valuable information on monetary matters, ensuring you make informed financial decisions during your trip.

Join the conversation on our social media platforms or leave a comment below. We value your insights and experiences in Amsterdam and aim to create a vibrant community of informed travelers and locals


Amsterdam Prostitution Menu

10x Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

10 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Top Sex Date Sites In Holland

Top 10 Indoor Things To Do in Amsterdam Red Light District in 2024

Rainy Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt

Ultimate Guide For Indoor Things To Do in Amsterdam Red Light District

Bad weather in the forecast? The indoor things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District are your savior. Rain often deters exploration. Yet, the district brims with indoor treasures beyond its neon glow. Delve into our top 10, and transform a gloomy day into an unforgettable experience.

Top 10 Indoor Things To Do in Amsterdam Red Light District

1) Moulin Rouge

people walking in Amsterdam Red Light District with Moulin Rouge on the right side with red-lit neon advertisements

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Moulin Rouge offers a variety of live adult entertainment in a historic setting. Offering four captivating sex shows every hour, it has garnered a reputation as one of the district’s must-visit venues.

Its immense popularity isn’t just by chance; countless visitors and locals alike frequently recommend it, lauding it as an essential experience when navigating the district’s electrifying atmosphere. Whether you’re a curious traveler or a seasoned local, the Moulin Rouge promises an unforgettable show. Get the best Moulin Rouge tickets online here.

2) Oude Kerk


As the city’s oldest building and parish church, Oude Kerk stands as a testament to Amsterdam’s rich history. With stunning Gothic architecture, this church also frequently hosts art exhibitions, making it a blend of ancient reverence and modern culture.

3) Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

This museum offers a deep dive into the world of cannabis. From its cultural history to its medicinal uses, visitors will be enlightened about the various facets of this controversial plant and its significance in Dutch culture. Learn more about the Hash Museum in Amsterdam today.

The founder of this museum is Ben Dronkers. He is also one of the cannabis pioneers in the Netherlands.

4) Red Light Secrets: Museum of Prostitution

Museum Of Prostitution Red Light Secrets

An eye-opening journey into the lives of sex workers, the Red Light Secrets museum provides visitors with an understanding of the profession in the Netherlands. With interactive displays and personal testimonies, it’s both an educational and empathetic exploration.

5) Our Lord in the Attic

our lord in the attic amsterdam

This 17th-century canal house hides a secret Catholic church in its attic, a remnant from the time when Catholicism was banned in Amsterdam. The museum offers a rare glimpse into religious life and architecture during a time of persecution.

6) Bar Brouwerij de Prael

De Prael Brewery Inside

Tucked away in an alley, this brewery boasts a range of handcrafted beers. With a charming ambiance and the opportunity to learn about traditional Dutch brewing methods, it’s a must-visit for beer enthusiasts. Discover De Prael today.

7) Sex Palace Peep Show

sex show Amsterdam

As the last traditional peep show in Amsterdam, the Sex Palace offers a nostalgic look into adult entertainment from yesteryears. With its vintage design and coin-operated booths, it provides a unique experience different from modern adult venues.

8) De Waag

Rainy Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt

Originally a city gate and later used as a weighing house, De Waag stands as one of Amsterdam’s oldest non-religious buildings. Today, it houses a restaurant and exhibits detailing the city’s historic trade practices.

9) Erotic Museum

the front of the Erotic Museum in Amsterdam Red Light District at night with red neon letters showing the name of the museum and pink doors.

Dedicated to erotic art and artifacts, this museum provides a comprehensive history of human sexuality. From ancient artifacts to modern art, visitors can explore how perceptions and expressions of eroticism have evolved over time. Discover the Erotic Museum in Amsterdam now.

10) Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal and Spirits

Established in the 17th century, this tasting room and distillery is a haven for liqueur and genever enthusiasts. Visitors can sample traditional Dutch spirits, learn about their production, and even purchase bottles to take home.

Historic Canal Houses and Museums

Two people walking through rainy Amsterdam at night

The Amsterdam Red Light District is not only about nightlife; it’s also home to many historic canal houses and museums that offer a deeper understanding of the city’s rich history. For instance, the Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets provides an empathetic insight into the world’s oldest profession, displaying the stories of those involved and debunking many myths. On the other hand, Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder (Our Lord in the Attic) gives a glimpse into the days when practicing Catholicism was forbidden in Amsterdam.

Culinary Experiences

Beyond its famous nightlife, the Red Light District also boasts a plethora of culinary delights. The area offers traditional Dutch treats like stroopwafels, herring, and bitterballen. However, it’s not just about traditional food; the district is dotted with numerous unique dining establishments and cafes that reflect Amsterdam’s cosmopolitan culinary scene, making it a haven for food lovers.

Cultural and Artistic Venues

The Red Light District serves as a cultural hotspot, teeming with art galleries, theaters, and live music venues. The Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder (Our Lord in the Attic) museum stands out as a hidden gem, presenting a clandestine church right in the heart of the district. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or someone looking for a unique performance, this district won’t disappoint.

Shopping and Unique Boutiques

Shopping in the Red Light District is an experience in itself. The area boasts a myriad of quirky boutiques, souvenir shops, and traditional Dutch stores, allowing tourists to pick up a variety of mementos. The eclectic mix of avant-garde fashion stores and age-old establishments provides something for every shopper.

Educational Tours

A woman taking a Red Light District tour in Amsterdam with an app that offers audio stories

One of the best ways to truly understand the Red Light District is with this Amsterdam Red Light District tour. Knowledgeable experts offer insights into the history, culture, and operations of this unique area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top indoor attractions in Amsterdam Red Light District?

The most popular indoor attractions in Amsterdam’s Red Light District include the Museum of Prostitution – Red Light Secrets, the Oude Kerk, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, Our Lord in the Attic, Moulin Rouge, and the Erotic Museum. These sites offer a mix of history, culture, entertainment, and education.

Is the Red Light District in Amsterdam safe for tourists?

Yes, Amsterdam’s Red Light District is generally safe for tourists. While it’s bustling, especially at night, local authorities and police maintain a strong presence. As with any tourist spot, it’s always advisable to be aware of your surroundings and avoid engaging with street hawkers.

Are there family-friendly activities in the Red Light District?

While the Red Light District is known for adult-oriented attractions, there are family-friendly activities as well. Venues like the Oude Kerk, De Waag, and certain canal tours offer experiences suitable for all ages. However, it’s recommended to research in advance to ensure age-appropriateness.

What are the best culinary experiences in the Red Light District?

The Red Light District boasts a range of culinary delights, from traditional Dutch treats like stroopwafels and herring to international cuisines. Notable mentions include Bar Brouwerij de Prael for beer enthusiasts and Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal for traditional Dutch spirits.

How does bad weather affect indoor activities in the Red Light District?

Bad weather, such as rain, often makes indoor activities in the Red Light District even more appealing. Most indoor attractions remain operational, offering visitors a cozy escape from the elements while still enjoying the district’s rich offerings.

Top 5 Bars In Amsterdam City Centre in 2024

5x Amsterdam Bars and Pubs

5 Best Bars in Amsterdam City Centre

Discover the vibrant heart of nightlife with the top 5 bars in Amsterdam City Centre! Amidst the city’s historic charm and bustling streets, finding the perfect spot for a memorable night out can be overwhelming. But fear not, we’ve curated a list that promises unforgettable experiences, from cozy corners to lively scenes. Dive in to uncover these gems and make your nights in Amsterdam truly majestic.

rokin amsterdam

Right in the center of the Dutch capital you will find a beautiful square that has several important historical highlights, which you must see. For example Amsterdam’s Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk and the National Monument. Furthermore, Dam Square is surrounded by beautiful buildings of typical Dutch architecture.



All of these highlights are fantastic to watch – especially when the sun is out. And what is nicer to see these cultural highlights from a terrace while enjoying a nice drink?

This list includes 5 good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square where this is all possible. Five places in a prime location, in the middle of the city and all easily accessible by taxi, public transport and on foot.

amsterdam dam square today
Amsterdam’s Dam Square, Royal Dutch Palace and New Church in the back.

This list starts with number five and ends with what we think is the best bar in Amsterdam Dam Square.

5 | Yip Fellows

amsterdam pubs and bars
A typical Dutch brown bar.

This bar has a relatively small terrace overlooking Dam Square and it is also not too big from the inside. Nevertheless, this pub always exudes vibrancy, partly due to the beautiful wooden bar. “Gezelligheid” is what we would say in Dutch. Inside it has that old-fashioned look, but with modern amenities – including neat toilets. Also a good place for a first or last drink in town.

Order A Drink In Dutch

Wanna order a beer in Dutch? Just say these four magic words: ‘Mag ik een biertje?’

TIP: Do you rather want to taste real Dutch gin which is called ‘jenever’? Visit the Wijnand Fockink bar around the corner.


✦ Google: 181 reviews – 3.8 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 87 reviews – 3.5 out of 5 stars.
Sluurpy: 669 reviews – 72% out of 100%.
Foursquare: 26 reviews – 6,6 out 10.



4 | ‘t Nieuwe Kafé

Cafe Nieuwe Kerk
The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) and its cafe on Dam Square.

As the name suggests, this is more of a cafe than a bar. Located on a fantastic location, next to the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) – one of the oldest buildings in the city – with a friendly atmosphere. Most people who visit this place come here for lunch supplemented with a drink. You won’t find many tipsy people here. You can sit here both inside and outside on a terrace where you can enjoy people-watching. Dutch tourists regularly come here to visit an exhibition (such as the World Press Photo) in the Nieuwe Kerk.

TIP: Order coffee with Dutch apple pie or a delicious pancake here. Mind the opening hours which are between 8:30 AM and 6 PM.


✦ Google: 224 reviews – 3.7 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 265 reviews – 3.5 out of 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 41 reviews – 4.0 out of 5.



3 | Cafe Zwart

good bars in amsterdam dam square

If we can enhance your Dam Square experience in any way, kindly let us know

That is written on the awnings of this place (originally from 1927), located on the corner of Dam Square and Damstraat. This shows that they find high service very important here. For more than 30 years, Cafe Zwart (Cafe Black) is owned by one of the best catering entrepreneurs in the Netherlands  – Won Yip – who also owns other good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square.

The terrace (with heaters) is relatively small, but it has the right, lively atmosphere. At Cafe Zwart they also have very modern and clean toilets which can be used for free. Cafe Zwart is also a great spot for people-watching! See how fast Amsterdammers ride through the city on their bicycles. Or listen to all the different languages ​​you can hear from the terrace. There is always something special to see here! One side faces ‘De Dam’ and one side faces the busy Damstraat.

amsterdam damstraat
Amsterdam’s beautiful Damstraat.

Cafe Zwart is a good place to enjoy a good glass of beer or wine after a busy day. It’s a nice spot to celebrate that you are in the most beautiful city in the world. Perhaps this bar is not much visited by Amsterdammers, but there are always many cheerful Dutch and foreign tourists. Here they serve all kinds of European beer such as Bavaria, Palm, La Trappe, Guiness, and whatnot. But you can also go here for wines, cocktails, whiskey, shots and soda. Take into account that the prices are higher here than elsewhere in the city because of the fantastic prime-location.


✦ Google: 380 reviews – 3.4 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 293 reviews – 3.0 out of 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 64 reviews – 4.2 out of 5.



2 | Euro Pub

Best Bars in Amsterdam
Euro Pub sits on the corner of the Warmoesstraat.

The Euro Pub is located on the corner of Dam Square and Warmoesstraat (which is part of the Red Light District). It has a larger terrace than Cafe Zwart and a good view of the rear part of the square and the monument on Dam Square. The Euro Pub is located on the corner of Dam Square and Warmoesstraat. It has a slightly larger terrace than Cafe Zwart and a good view of the rear part of the square and the National Monument. This is also a pub where sports matches are broadcasted. It is often visited by foreign tourists and football fans. This pub is often used as a meeting place to start a nice day in Amsterdam. Inside is a round bar, where visitors can stand around. Downstairs you can find clean and modern toilets, just like at Cafe Zwart.


✦ Google: 514 reviews – 3.8 out 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 238 reviews – 3.0 out of 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 11 reviews – 4.0 out of 5.



1 | Majestic

good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square Netherlands
The big terrace of Majestic offers sun and shade.

If you want to drink or eat something on Dam Square, this is the best place to go. Why? First of all, Majestic has the biggest terrace and the best view of all bars on Dam Square. Moreover, inside restaurant Majestic you will find a beautiful bar, lots of space, a luxurious interior and an extensive menu. Again, this is not the cheapest place in Amsterdam but certainly one of the better catering establishments that offers a fantastic view of the central, historical point of the capital.

From here you can see whole Dam Square perfectly.

In general, the crowd at Majestic is a bit neater compared to most of the bars in Amsterdam Dam square. The people who come here love quality and are willing to pay for that. Especially with good weather it’s really nice to sit on the terrace here. It has spots with shade and sun.


✦ Google: 783 reviews – 3.6 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 943 reviews – 3.5 out 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 213 reviews – 4.2 out of 5.
Sluurpy: 4.946 reviews – 71% out of 100%.


Dam Square Advantages

De Dam

Undoubtedly there are cheaper options in the city to get a drink, but these good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square do offer the following benefits.

✦ Prime location
✦ Fantastic view
✦ Easily accessible
✦ Ideal for sun lovers
✦ Good place to meet other travellers
✦ Surrounded by attractions and shops (like De Bijenkorf)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 bars in Amsterdam City Centre in 2024?

The top 5 bars in Amsterdam City Centre around the main square are:

  1. Majestic: Known for its prime location and vibrant atmosphere, Majestic offers a wide selection of drinks and a lively setting perfect for any night out.
  2. Euro Pub: Situated in the heart of the city, Euro Pub is famous for its extensive beer selection and welcoming vibe.
  3. Cafe Zwart: A classic spot with a modern twist, Cafe Zwart serves up unique cocktails and traditional Dutch ambiance.
  4. ‘t Nieuwe Kafé: A hidden gem that combines cozy interiors with innovative drink menus, perfect for those looking to explore local flavors.
  5. Yip Fellows: Renowned for its eclectic decor and expertly crafted cocktails, Yip Fellows provides a unique bar experience in Amsterdam.

How do I choose the best bar for my night out in Amsterdam?

Consider what type of atmosphere you’re looking for: cozy and quiet, or lively and bustling. Check online reviews and menus ahead of time to see which bar suits your taste preferences and budget. Additionally, location can be crucial, so look for bars that are easily accessible from your accommodation or near Amsterdam’s main attractions.

Are these bars suitable for tourists?

Yes, these bars are highly suitable for tourists! Each bar offers a unique aspect of Amsterdam’s nightlife, from traditional Dutch brown cafés to modern cocktail bars. They’re great spots to experience the local culture, meet new people, and enjoy a wide range of beverages.

Do I need to make reservations for these bars?

For the best experience, especially at Majestic and Yip Fellows, it’s recommended to make reservations, especially on weekends or during peak tourist seasons. For Euro Pub, Cafe Zwart, and ‘t Nieuwe Kafé, reservations might not be necessary but checking in advance can ensure you get a good spot.

How far is Vondelpark from Dam Square?

Vondelpark is a large public park in Amsterdam that is very popular with locals and tourists alike. It is well known for its beautiful gardens, tranquil pond, and Amsterdam’s Open Air Theatre. The park is located just south of Dam Square, making it very easy to get to. In fact, it is only about a 30 minute walk or a 15 minute tram ride from Dam Square. This makes Vondelpark the perfect place to go for a leisurely stroll or picnic lunch, especially on a sunny day. So if you’re ever in Amsterdam, be sure to check out Vondelpark – you won’t be disappointed!

How far is Dam Square from Red Light District?

Amsterdam is a city renowned for its liberal attitude and vibrant nightlife, and the Red Light District is one of its most famous tourist destinations. However, many visitors are surprised to learn that Dam Square, the city’s central square, is only a 5-minute walk from the Red Light District.

Fun To Do In Amsterdam

Learn everything about Holland’s most fascinating area with this Red Light District tour and become an Amsterdam connoisseur in record time. In less than two hours you learn everything you need to know about the Red Light District. Afterwards, treat yourself on a drink at one of these good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square.

Amsterdam Monument
One of Amsterdam’s best highlights.

Looking for something else? Visit Madame Tussauds, Body Worlds or Moulin Rouge.


Webcam Amsterdam Dam Square

10x Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

15x Must See In Amsterdam Red Light District

Top 13 Amsterdam Red Light District Facts in 2024

Posted on: May 15, 2024

Red Light District Facts Window Brothels

13x Amsterdam Red Light District Facts

Who doesn’t love Amsterdam? Liberal, beautiful, accessible, ageless and always changing. We’d like to share some of our research with you so that you can also become a true Amsterdam connoisseur.  We listed the 13 most common misconceptions about Amsterdam’s Wallen area and answered them with the right Red Light District facts.

Amsterdam night

1 | Sex workers have high debts because of high rental costs

Not true!

Red Light District Facts: Sex workers rent their window brothels on a day-to-day basis and have to pay the rent before they start their shift. If the sex workers can not pay the rent, they won’t get a window brothel from the brothel operator. The large majority of window brothel operators require the rent to be paid upfront. The chance to incur debts with your landlord is therefore minimal.

Amsterdam Red Light District Facts Sex Workers

2 | Sex workers in the Red Light District do not earn much

Not true!

Red Light District Facts: A really good night can bring in around 1000 euro for a sex worker. For normal evenings profits can range between 200 to 600 euros. Evenings that bring in less than 200 euros in profits are considered to be bad evenings. There will of course always be less successful sex workers, not every self-employed person can be successful after all.

The income of a prostitute in Amsterdam strongly depends on the day, the work location, her appearance, the weather, the competition, the season and the times.

3 | Sex workers have to accept every customer


Red Light District Facts: Sex workers run their own business and can reject any person they want. Very often men are refused at the entrance of a window brothel. It could be that they offered too little or that they want something that the sex workers don’t offer.

Amsterdam Red Light District Facts Sex Workers

4 | Sex workers earn just 50 euros or less per customer

Red Light District Facts: The starting price for negotiations is usually 50 euros for 15 to 20 minutes. For additional services customers have to pay extra. This does not automatically mean that the sex worker also has to spend more time with a client. It is very common for sex workers to earn more than 50 euros per customer.

Click on the button below to read the ‘Amsterdam Prostitution Menu‘. That article offers more information about Amsterdam’s Red Light District, (window) brothels and escorts.



It is recommended to make clear agreements in advance with sex workers about the services and the corresponding prices. This prevents confusion & hassle and usually results in a better experience.

5 | Sex workers work at different window brothels every day


Red Light District Facts: In general, sex workers prefer to have the same workplace for every working day.

amsterdam wallen district

6 | Rents for window brothels have risen drastically in the last 10 years


Red Light District Facts: The supply of window brothels in the Red Light District has decreased considerably in the last 10 years due to the Amsterdam’s purchasing of window brothel real estate. However the scarcity in window brothels has not led to a drastic increase in rent prices.

On average, the rent price for a window brothel in the Red Light District is 165 euros. The price has risen by 15 euros over the past 10 years. That is a price increase of around 1% per year.

Currently, Amsterdam’s Red Light District has 288 window brothels. Before the municipality of Amsterdam launched the gentrification project – called Project 1012 -, there were 369 window brothels in the Red Light District. In other words; 77 windows have been closed down by the local government.

Red Light District Facts Sex Workers

7 | Sex work in Amsterdam Red Light District is not safe


Red Light District Facts: Amsterdam’s Red Light District is one of the safest prostitution areas in the world. This is due the following reasons: Prostitution in the Netherlands is legal, strict legislation applies, there is a lot of police and social control present.

Recent research in the Netherlands has shown that sex workers who work outside the licensed circuit are at significantly greater risk. Working in a massage parlor, hotel room or at home brings greatly increased safety risks. Working in a window brothel or a erotic club yielded a number of significant protective results. Some comments on safety by sex workers from the research paper:

I find the work in a massage-parlor much more dangerous than other types of sex work. Especially because it is not clear in advance what the service entails and what the customer can expect.’

de wallen amsterdam the netherlands
Moulin Rouge offers sex shows. 

8 | There are many male sex workers in the Red Light District

Red Light District Facts: There are no male sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Male sex workers in the Netherlands tend to work as escorts and thus don’t need a window brothel to offer their services. There are however some transgender sex workers.

9 | The minimum age for sex work in the Red Light District is 18


Red Light District Facts: The minimum age for sex work in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is 21. The minimum age for sex work is arranged locally, not nationally, as result of this sex workers can work as an escort from the age of 18. We listed the 10 best escort agencies in Amsterdam in this free article.



Red Light Amsterdam District Facts Minimum Age

10 | Sex Workers spend a lot of money on STD testing

Not true! STD testing for sex workers is free in the Netherlands. Sex workers do check ups on a regular basis. These check ups are not mandatory though.

11 | Amsterdam’s Red Light District does not contain coffeeshops

False! There are 14 coffeeshops in the Red Light District – including two of Amsterdam’s oldest ones.

amsterdam facts information

12 | The Red Light District does not have any residents

Incorrect. The neighborhood has 4,295 inhabitants, which is 0.5% of the total number of residents of Amsterdam. (Source: Amsterdam Red Light District Wiki)

13 | The Red Light District is not open on Sunday

Nope! Amsterdam Red Light District is always open. It can always be visited and people live and work here too. Also on Sunday’s 😉

Amsterdam Tours

amsterdam facts red light district



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Amsterdam Prostitution Menu: Prices & Services in 2024

Posted on: June 1, 2024

Amsterdam prostitution menu

Amsterdam Prostitution Menu: Paid Sex In Holland

You’re in Amsterdam and you want to know the going rates for prostitutes. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find out how much they cost.


With our Amsterdam prostitution menu, you can discover all prices of prostitutes in Amsterdam. We list the prices for both brothels and street prostitution so you can make an informed decision about where to go.

window brothels
The Dollebegijnensteeg in Amsterdam Red Light District.

What’s for sale, where to get it, what are the prices and how about the Dutch prostitution laws? This Amsterdam Prostitution Menu has everything you need. Learn more about the famous window brothels in Amsterdam, private brothels and Amsterdam escorts. Discover it below!



This Amsterdam Prostitution Menu shows what is generally offered in the Red Light District and beyond. The prostitutes do not work by just one set of rules and do not have one specific menu.

“I’m glad I found this prostitution menu online because I had no glue how things worked in Amsterdam. It surprised me that sex work is so well organized in the Netherlands. I also thought it would be really much more expensive.”

Is Prostitution Legal In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam prostitution menu

Yes, in prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. It’s legal everywhere in The Netherlands. And a regulated profession too. So sex work is also legal in the capital Amsterdam.

Brothels, escorts, homeworkers, webcam sex, window prostitution is legal in the Netherlands! As long as the rules, laws and obligations are adhered to.

Window prostitution laws

prostitution policy

The minimum age to work as a sex worker in Amsterdam Red Light District is 21 years. Window sex workers also have to show their ID when they rent the window brothel from the brothel owner. There are more laws for window prostitution listed here.

Amsterdam Prostitution Menu: Prices & Services

Amsterdam Prostitution Menu
A stripbar ad in an alley in the Red Light District.

So what does the Amsterdam Prostitution Menu looks like? Below you’ll find a very useful overview divided into 4 parts:

✦ Amsterdam Window Brothel Prices
✦ Amsterdam Brothels Prices
✦ Sex Dating Websites
✦ Escorts in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District alleys
The Trompettersteeg in De Wallen.

Each part dedicated to their own unique experience and accompanying prices. Please note that this Amsterdam Prostitution Menu shows what is generally offered. It’s wise to discuss everything with the sex worker beforehand and to make clear agreements about the services and additional prices.

You can always ask respectfully, if she (or he) is up for the service you’re looking for.

For curious travelers looking to learn more about Amsterdam Red Light District, there is a great way to prepare! Our Red Light District tour app is available as a virtual guide and audio tour combined. With 22 experts sharing stories and insights, this audio download offers an educational and interesting view of the culture and history of the Red Light District that wouldn’t normally be found in a regular tour. Whether you are planning a physical visit in the future or just looking for an informative experience, this Red Light District app promises a unique perspective behind this infamous part of Amsterdam.



1 | Amsterdam Window Prices & Services

amsterdam prostitution houses window brothels
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Sint Annenstraat.

The Amsterdam Prostitution Menu starts with explanation on window prostitution. It’s the most accessible form of prostitution.

Amsterdam has 3 Red Light District area’s and around 360 window brothels in total.

The biggest and most famous Red Light District of the Netherlands is locally known as De Wallen. Most tourists talk about this area as Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

This area has currently 201 window brothels and approximately 350 prostitutes who work during the day or night shifts.

The front view of Moulin Rouge in De Wallen in Amsterdam at night, showing the red neon logo and a bouncer in front of the door.
The Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Most prostitutes are from Eastern Europe, but there’s also a big group of sex workers who are from Latin-America. Just a few are actually Dutch. Foreign prostitutes work here because in the Netherlands they can work safely.

Window brothels in Amsterdam can be rented by the prostitutes during the day or the night. So usually there are different sex workers between 10 am & 6 pm than from 7 pm till 5 am.

Learn everything about Amsterdam’s most famous area during this Red Light District Tour App in which 22 experts explain everything you need to know.

Amsterdam Window Prostitutes

Amsterdam windows red light
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Stoofsteeg.

The window brothels are set up for a relatively short visit. Generally customers pay between 50 to 80 euro for around 15 to 20 minutes of sex. But if you want, you can also stay longer (30 to 60 minutes). Obviously this cost more.

The sex workers in the window brothels differ in the services that they offer and everything can be negotiated. As long as it is done respectfully. The starting rate for every window prostitute negotiation is usually around 50 euro.

The transgender sex workers in the Blue Light District also charge at least 50 euros for their services.

Window brothels

amsterdam window

It’s good to know that the window brothels in Amsterdam are quite small. Window brothels are just small rooms with a plastic or leather bed, a washing table, a chair and toilet in the back. It’s nothing fancy like a “normal” brothel.

This is also why prices are lower at the window brothels compared to brothels (like Club LV or Club BonTon) that are mentioned below. All window brothels in Amsterdam are clean though. 

Gender and Sexual Orientation

Amsterdam sex

The big majority (around 95%) of all Amsterdam window prostitutes are female and straight. A smaller part of the window workers are transgender.


The prostitutes who work in the window brothels of Amsterdam accept only cash money. No credit- or debit card payments. One reason that sex workers cannot be paid digitally is because (listed) banks do not want to be associated with sex work and therefore do not facilitate digital payments. The Red Light District has many ATM’S.

Amsterdam Prostitutes Health

Amsterdam Windows Pictures
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Old Church Square.

The sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District only do safe sex, with a condom. They only accept their own condoms which they often buy at the Condomerie – world’s first condom shop – located on the Warmoesstraat in the Red Light District.

condomerie shop amsterdam
A condom shop in Amsterdam Red Light District.

In the Netherlands it is not mandatory for sex workers to be tested on sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Prostitutes are regularly tested on a voluntary basis. They can be tested for free and anonymously by professionals. For example at the Geneeskundige en Gezondheidsdienst Amsterdam (GGD) or at P&G292. In general, the health of the sex workers is good. Prostitutes in the Netherlands know the risks of their profession and take it into account through safe sex and regular STD tests.

Amsterdam Window Workers Prices

  • Starting rate: 50 – 70 euro for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Services:  Oral sex |  Sex  | Erotic massage  | Hand-job | Stripping | Cuddling.

2 | Services & Prices in Amsterdam Brothels

Strip Club BonTon

Amsterdam city brothel
A stripper inside Club BonTon.

Club BonTon is one of the newest erotic venues in Amsterdam. It’s a stripclub and a brothel. The great thing about this chique club is that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful strip-club and when you see a lady that you really like, you can take her upstairs and have some more fun together in a private room. Not all the girls inside offer these erotic services though.

✦ Rates: Entrance: 50,-  |  Lapdance: 20,-  |  Private room: 350,-
✦ What’s on BonTon’ Amsterdam prostitution menu? In the club: Lapdance  |  Upstairs:  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |   |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  S&M role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Sex Toys

Club LV

amsterdam prostitution houses

Club LV has been Amsterdam’s most exclusive brothel for over 14 years now. Enjoy a delicious cocktails, champagnes or nice wines in the bar area and let yourself be seduced by one of the 12 ladies that are always present.

Pick the one you like most and take her upstairs to one of the 8 luxury private rooms equipped with large bathtubs and master beds.

Rates: Entrance: 75,-  |   Private room: 350,-
Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Threesome |  S&M role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys

3 | Adult Dating Websites in Holland

amsterdam prostitution pricing

There are also websites in the Netherlands where it is possible to organise sex dates. Also legal! One is mentioned below. It just requires free registration


MySecretDate is made for men and women who are looking for a pleasant or exciting contact. Create a profile for free, post photos, send messages and find a nice date in the Netherlands based on your profile.

“I’d definitely recommend trying this sex dating site. At least once. You can make an end of your boring sex life with just a few clicks. It’s soooooo exciting!”

Maria Anderson, 32 year.

Get An Erotic Date Today!

amsterdam sex



4 | Escorts in Amsterdam: Services & Prices

escorts in Amsterdam

Definition Escorts

Also part of the Amsterdam Prostitution Menu are escorts. An escort, is the provision of company by a sex worker with, if desired, sexual acts with the customer. Escorts offer a more expensive form of prostitution that gives the client more privacy. The meeting takes place, for example, at the customer’s home, in the hotel where the customer is staying, or in a hotel proposed by the escort (hotel prostitution).


✦ More discrete/ more privacy
✦ Customised service
✦ More time
✦ Can be combined with dinner, walking, shopping, etc.
✦ More comfortable
✦ More choice



Most escort services in Amsterdam work with a flat hourly rate. This flat rate includes the standard services like regular and oral sex (with protection). The other services that are advertised fall outside of the flat rate and cost extra. These extra services are not guaranteed beforehand and can only be negotiated when the lady has arrived at your place. The lady decides what extras she’s up for and will set the prices then and there.

Flat hourly rate: 150,-
Amsterdam Prostitution Menu: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  S&M role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Sex-Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Clubbing

5 | Escort Service Agency: Escort Amsterdam

Amsterdam Escort

EscortAmsterdam.com has almost 40 professional sex workers most of whom live in the Dutch capital. This escort agency in Amsterdam wants to offer as much diversity and realism as possible, so that it becomes easy for men to find the right lady.

This company distinguishes itself through a simple & safe ordering process, 24/7 accessibility, very serious discreetness and the best escort service in Amsterdam. All their escorts are licensed professionals who know how to provide your sexual & nonsexual desires.

The women are displayed on with pictures, additional information and services on the site of this agency. EscortAmsterdam can be contacted by phone, via the live-chat or through the booking form on their website.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150,-
✦ Services: Sex | Erotic massages | Tantra | Oral sex | Threesomes | Stripteases | S&M | Golden showers | French 69



6 | Escort Service Agency: Amsterdam Finest

Amsterdam prostitution menu

Staying in a hotel in Amsterdam? Hotel Escort Amsterdam it the company for you. It has been serving clients at many hotels for quite a long time. An added bonus is that the ladies always show up in normal clothing. They know how to discreetly get to your hotel room. A massage, regular- and oral sex are all included in the flat rate.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150,-
✦ Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  SM role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Club



7 | Escort Service Agency: Desire Escort Schiphol & Escorts In Schiphol

Amsterdam window prices

Desire Escort Schiphol and Escorts in Schiphol are both good options for those who are staying in a hotel close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Holland’s main airport). The services of these specific companies are useful for layovers or a short visit to Amsterdam. With these companies you can expect gorgeous, experienced and friendly escorts. They maintain a minimum age of 21.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150
✦ Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  SM role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Club



8 | Escort Service Agency: Perfect Escorts Amsterdam

amsterdam prostitutes order

Perfect Escorts Amsterdam has just perfect ladies. This company operates 7 days a week. Like all other escort companies in Amsterdam their workers get regular medical checkups and they all practise safe sex with a condom. Your health and the health of the ladies is a top priority. Tip: a lot of the ladies at this company are specialised in erotic massages.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150
✦ Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  SM role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Club



Did this Amsterdam Prostitution Menu answer all your questions?


10 Best Escort Sites in Holland

Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

10 Tips For Sex Massages in Amsterdam

Top 10 Amsterdam Escorts Sites in 2024

Escort in Amsterdam

Top 10 Amsterdam Escorts Sites in 2024

Looking for Amsterdam escorts with no strings attached? Avoid unpleasant surprises with unexpected costs by checking out this certified overview with every good Amsterdam escort agency out there. Find the best escort websites in Amsterdam below.



escort app

This article includes prices, photos, contact information and sex services. Learn more below.

Escort Agency Meaning & Definition

An escort agency is an establishment where people can get in touch with sex workers. Reservations can be made for the services of the sex worker through the escort agency.

Escorts can work as a self-employed person and use the escort agency as a marketing tool. It’s also possible that the escort is employed by the escort agency. Escort agencies generally work with multiple escorts, so the client has a lot to choose from.

escort agency definition meaning

What Are Escorts?

Escorts are individuals who provide companionship to clients in exchange for payment. They may offer sexual services, but this is not always the case.

Escorts can be men or women, and their services are typically advertised online, telephone or through word of mouth. Some escorts work independently, while others are employed by an agency.



The nature of the escorting business means that escorts must be very discreet and professional in their dealings with clients. In return, they can expect to be well-compensated for their time and companionship. The customers are mainly men.

Amsterdam Red Light District

red light district
Window brothels in Amsterdam Red Light District.

When you think of paid sex, people quickly think of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. That form of sex work is called window prostitution. Escorts generally do not work in window brothels. These are two completely different methods.

Escorts in Amsterdam

escort service amsterdam

Escorts in Amsterdam do not meet their clients in red light windows but elsewhere. For example in hotels. They also do not have to stand in a window brothel to advertise. Instead, they use escort agencies to get in touch with clients.



Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands!

While choice is always good, it does make finding the right escort tough. With so much variety, you might wonder what you should be doing. For example, how do you book an escort service in Amsterdam? Where to find an escort that you’re looking for? Get your answer here below!

Tips For Booking Escorts in Amsterdam

sexy woman

✦ Find an escort service that you can trust.
✦ Look at the escorts which are on-offer from that particular business.
✦ Contact the escort agency or contact the escort directly. Contacting an agency often provides help with finding the perfect accommodation.

Amsterdam sex

✦ Once you have spoken to the agency or escort, you can discuss services, times, dates, and set up the right payment plan.
✦ One other factor about booking an escort is that you need to have everything agreed beforehand.
✦ Read the terms and conditions of the escort company. Contact their support team if you have any questions.

Escort Service Fees

Escort service fees in Amsterdam vary depending on the escort and the services required. However, most escort services will charge an hourly rate, with rates starting at around 100 euros per hour.

For longer bookings or more specialised services, escort service fees can increase to 500 euros or more per hour.

In addition to the hourly rate, escort services may also charge an additional fee for travel expenses. For bookings outside of Amsterdam, escort service fees can range from 150 to 400 euros depending on the distance travelled.

When choosing an escort service, it is important to consider all fees before booking to avoid any surprises.

How To Find A Good Amsterdam Escort Agency?

your escort agency

What kind of escort are you intend to book? What makes an Amsterdam escort service the ‘right’ service for you? What’s important for you?

✦ Make sure you use a legitimate escort agency. They should have some form of registration and they should hold a clear profile on the internet.

Do not trust any sites that appear to have been made fly-by-night. Without extensive profiles and information, look elsewhere.

✦ Book an escort service that manage your needs.

amsterdam hookers

✦ It could be the best escort agency in the world but if the prostitutes aren’t up for much, it’s no use. Make sure you thorougly explore their database of escorts. As good as everything else should be, the standard of escorts is not something to negotiate over.

safe sex

✦ Book escorts who do the job that you have asked for. This is important: booking escorts that simply just do their own thing is sadly common, but in no way lined-up with what you asked for. Ensure they have a plan and stick to it!

✦ Make sure that the escort company you are using has good value. How do they get the escort to you? What kind of features do they provide to make sure you can both get a safe, satisfying, enjoyable experience? Is anything done to ensure protection for you both?

threesome in Amsterdam

Top 10 Amsterdam Escorts Sites

This article offers 10 top agencies to book escorts in Amsterdam. All with their own specialities. Discover the ten best escort sites in the Netherlands now:

1 | Desire Escorts

four Amsterdam escorts

The first escort company in the Netherlands we’d like to recommend is Desire Escorts. This Dutch escort agency has 60 different sex workers. The escorts can be booked via the online chat function, contact form or phone.

When we tested Desire Escorts, we found their commitment to discretion and client satisfaction impressive. We believe they set a high standard in the industry. Our local guides have curated a list of the top 10 agencies based on reputation and service quality. Book with confidence from our recommendations for a memorable experience in Amsterdam.

Desire Escorts pride themselves on being an escorts company that offers nice, professional and exciting women.

escorts in amsterdam

This agency has dozens of beautiful and professional escorts. The escorts here can be booked everywhere in the Netherlands. It’s required to pay the escort upfront. The women here accept cash, debit card and credit cards.

The starting price for an escort is 150 euro per hour. This is the average cost of an escort in The Netherlands. 


Tim van der Spek: I booked an escort in Amsterdam via the WhatsApp number that I found on the Desire Escort website. I was helped quite quickly and within a few hours later I had a lady in my bed. I thought she was nice, sexy and in my opinion she was also a good massager 🙂

Steven: During my visit to the Netherlands I went to De Wallen. I don’t like visiting window prostitution. In my opinion, an escort is much nicer. Okay, it is more expensive, but the lady from Desire Escorts gave me much more value for my money. I was sad she didn’t want to kiss, but the sex was great, imo.

Cost & Prices

✦ 1 hour = 150
✦ extra hour = 150



2 | Escort Amsterdam

escort amsterdam

This is without a doubt one of the best agencies to book escorts in Amsterdam. They say that the best things in life explain themselves simply and professionally. Well, if you want to get an escort agency that does just that, you could do a lot worse than Escort Amsterdam.

By taking out much of the work involves in being with an escort, they ensure that you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about how the fun is being had.

Escorts Amsterdam Hotel

With a comprehensive collection of ladies to choose, Escort Amsterdam is a great place. The rich variety of sex workers to pick from is a good starting point, as is the sheer variety and simplicity involved in the service. Simply tell them what you are looking for and they will help you to find the perfect lady.

Part of the reason so many clients choose this escort agency in Amsterdam, is the availability. The escorts here are active. This means that despite having busy schedules, getting fitted-in by your favourite is pretty easy!


✦ 1 hour = 150



3 | High Class Escorts in Amsterdam

High-end escorts in Amsterdam

A high class escort is a professional companion who provides companionship, conversation, and sometimes sexual services, for a fee.

High class escorts are usually well-educated and well-spoken, and they are often hired by businessmen and high-profile clients. They may also be hired to accompany clients to social events or on business trips.

While high class escorts are not required to be beautiful or sexy, they must be able to maintain a certain level of poise and sophistication. In addition, high class escorts typically have high levels of discretion and confidentiality.

Sometimes, you need someone who can step in and make your life a bit easier. You need someone to take with you to a fancy meeting, business dinner or cooperate event. Then we’d recommend High Class Escorts Amsterdam!

Some of the most beautiful women in the Netherlands are working for this company. This ensures that you can easily pick up someone for the evening who is sexy, stylish, exciting, and perfectly suitable for you to bring to some kind of formal event.

exclusive prostitutes

When you contact High Class Escorts Amsterdam, they can easily hook you up with a special date for the evening who can spend all night making sure you have something to look forward to. When the business-meeting is done, this is when you and your date can truly enjoy the night.


✦ 1 hour = 350



4 | Erotic Massage Amsterdam

erotic massage amsterdam

When you feel stressed, you just need a helping hand! And what better pair of hands to rely upon than the help of those at Erotic Massage Amsterdam?

As masters of pleasure and of making sure you can enjoy a truly tremendous time, EMA makes sure you can spend more time moaning in pleasure than in frustration. A tremendous experience, an erotic massage often leaves you with a tingle that you cannot get on your own.

It allows you to relieve some of that stress in a big way, whilst making sure you can spend some time with a truly stunning escort.


✦ 1 hour = 150
✦ extra hour = 150



5 | Escort Amsterdam Finest

Amsterdam Escort Company

When you want to book an escort with a bit of extra class and charm, you might not be sure about a specific escort agency. After all, aren’t all escorts party animals who might not be suitable for a more formal event? Not at all.

This is a common fallacy that is not based in truth whatsoever, and it’s not a train of thought we recommend following. We recommend the services of Escort Amsterdam Finest.

Amsterdam Escort Services

Quality always counts in the bedroom – especially when meeting up with someone who you do not know so well. That’s why so many visit this Amsterdam escort agency. The escorts here make sure that you can get the best.

By taking out the stress in finding someone who wants to have a good time, they make sure you can just pick and then arrive in good time, ready to have some luscious fun along the way.



6 | Passion Escorts

Amsterdam Escort Girls

Passion Escorts is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a bit more commitment to having fun in the bedroom. Escort agencies such as Passion Escorts make it easy to find someone who is a bit more ‘you’ – someone who fits in with what you want to do.

This is an agency with many women who are really proud of what they do, and who love spending time with their clients. This means that you can book an escort in Amsterdam knowing that they have the interest to spend some time with you. These women love the job!

amsterdam escort reviews

The ladies at this company are making sure that you can feel like you have been suitably rewarded by spending time with them. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s recommended to meet an escort in Amsterdam via Passion: you’ll be sure to have your expectations met in kind.



7 | Escorts in Amsterdam

Escorts in Amsterdam Agency

When you intend to spend some time in a city like Amsterdam, one problem you probably have is filling up your schedule. Doing so can be tough: a city that has so much to do can be tough to work out. That is why, we recommend using Escorts in Amsterdam.

Put simply, they take out the question of what you should do, and replace it with another question entirely. Instead, you will be asking yourself who would you like to meet. It will make sure you can spend the time you have in the city with special people who know how to flick your switches, tick your boxes, and press the right buttons.



8 | Escorts at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Escort at Schiphol Airport Netherlands

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a perfect place to meet someone in private. Amid the hustle and bustle of an airport, booking a beautiful woman at Escorts in Schiphol helps you to enjoy the cloak of anonymity. Now, you can both meet-up, head off to somewhere a touch more private and just have some fun.

It’s one of the main reasons why escorts in Schiphol tend to use this service: it keeps them near to one of the highest traffic points in all of major Europe. This allows you to make that as soon as you arrive, you have something – or someone – to look forward to.



9 | Sensual Escorts in Amsterdam

Sensual Prostitute in Netherlands

Of course, you might be on the lookout for something a bit more romantic, a touch more sensual. Whether you intend to meet a hotel escort in Amsterdam. Or, you want to go for the classic ‘girlfriend experience’, you will find that this is a city that very much lives up to its reputation.

As a fun place to spend your time and an excellent location to enjoy spending time with a sexy lady. Perfect Escorts Amsterdam is a great escort agency to work with.

Escorts Amsterdam

It’s all about enjoying yourself with a beautiful and professional escort, something that many of us find hard to understand at first. You might feel nervous, but the friendly and sensual nature of the girls here will make sure that you can just settle in and relax. 

So, for a more sensual sexual experience that still ensures a quality evening had by all, be sure to take a look at the talent on-offer with Sensual Escorts in Amsterdam.



10 | Escort Angels

24/7 Escort Company in Amsterdam

Last but definitely not least, for those who have hit the end of the evening and want to make sure a good evening in Amsterdam can end perfectly, we’d recommend Escort Angels Amsterdam. Why?

Because this company works with amazing girls who will be happy to see you, and very happy to spend a bit of personal time with you. When you get into the bedroom with one of these girls, you’ll soon see why they are available all-night: they sure love to party!

Amsterdam escort

This is the ideal choice for those who have turned up to Amsterdam looking for a good time. When the night is drawing to a close, you may wish to bring in someone who can make sure you have the perfect end to the evening. Why not use one of the many escorts that they have here? 

Compatibility is easily handled when you first turn up. If they have agreed to your proposal, then you can be sure that she is very much up for whatever you have planned to start – and finish – the evening with!



If you’re looking for a great time with a beautiful woman, we recommend using one of the best escort sites in the Netherlands. These websites are safe, easy to use, and full of gorgeous women who want to make your night special. So what are you waiting for? Book an escort today!

Legal Landscape and Regulations

In Amsterdam, the escort industry operates within a well-defined legal framework, setting it apart from many other cities globally. The Dutch government, known for its progressive approach to sex work, has established laws that legalize and regulate escort services. This legal environment prioritizes the safety, rights, and dignity of those working in the industry. Key aspects include mandatory licensing for escort agencies, strict age restrictions (with both escorts and clients required to be over the age of 18), and regular health checks to ensure the well-being of all parties involved. Additionally, these regulations aim to prevent human trafficking and exploitation, showcasing the Netherlands’ commitment to ethical and responsible governance in this sensitive sector. Understanding these laws not only sheds light on the legalities but also emphasizes the country’s efforts in protecting those who work in this field.

Safety and Health Considerations

Safety and health are paramount in Amsterdam’s escort industry. Recognizing the potential risks associated with sex work, both the government and the industry itself have put in place stringent measures. Escorts undergo regular health screenings to ensure their well-being and to safeguard public health. Agencies also play a crucial role in ensuring safe working conditions, often providing support and resources related to health and security. On the client side, there’s an emphasis on respectful and safe behavior, with many agencies advocating for mutual consent and clear communication. This focus on health and safety not only protects individuals involved but also helps in maintaining high professional standards within the industry.

The Role of Discretion and Privacy

Discretion and privacy are cornerstones of the escort industry in Amsterdam. Given the sensitive nature of the work, escort agencies and independent escorts place a high premium on confidentiality. Clients’ personal information is handled with the utmost care, often through encrypted communication channels and strict privacy policies. Escorts also benefit from these privacy measures, as their identity and personal details are safeguarded. This commitment to discretion underscores the professional and respectful nature of the industry, ensuring a trustworthy environment for both clients and escorts. It also reflects a broader societal respect for personal privacy, a value deeply ingrained in Dutch culture.

Challenging Stereotypes and Misconceptions

The escort industry, often shrouded in stereotypes and misconceptions, demands a closer, more informed examination. Escorts in Amsterdam come from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique reasons for choosing this profession. By highlighting these varied narratives, this section aims to humanize those in the industry, challenging outdated and often incorrect assumptions. Contrary to common misconceptions, many escorts in Amsterdam are empowered individuals who choose this line of work for various reasons, including financial independence and personal choice. By addressing these stereotypes and offering a more nuanced view, this section not only educates the readers but also fosters a deeper understanding and respect for those in the industry.

Cultural and Historical Context

Amsterdam’s escort industry is not only a contemporary phenomenon but also a part of the city’s rich cultural and historical tapestry. The Red Light District, known globally, serves as a testament to Amsterdam’s liberal and open-minded approach to sex work. This section delves into how the industry has evolved over the years, adapting to changes in societal attitudes and regulations. It also examines the role of this industry in shaping the city’s identity, often perceived as a symbol of Amsterdam’s progressive and tolerant spirit. Understanding this historical and cultural context is crucial for appreciating how the escort industry fits into the broader narrative of Amsterdam’s history and its reputation as a vibrant, inclusive city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are escorts sites legal in The Netherlands?

Escort websites are legal in The Netherlands because they provide a platform for voluntary, consensual sex work.

Escort websites operate within the law by screening their clients and only connecting them with sex workers who are over the age of 18. These sites also require their clients to agree to certain terms and conditions, such as not to engage in any illegal activities during their time with the escort.

In addition, escort websites take measures to ensure that the personal information of both clients and escorts is protected. As a result, escort websites provide a safe and legal way for people to engage in consensual sex work.

Are escort agencies legal?

The legality of escort agencies varies from country to country. In some countries, such as The Netherlands, escort agencies are legal and regulated.

This means that the agency must have a license in order to operate, and it must adhere to certain rules and regulations.

The agency must also screened its employees to ensure that they are over the minimum age and do not have any criminal convictions.

In other countries, such as the United States, escort agencies are not specifically regulated by law. However, there are various laws that apply to the business, such as laws against prostitution and laws against trafficking. As a result, escort agencies in the US typically operate in a legal grey area.

Do escorts in The Netherlands allow sex toys?

When it comes to sex toys, whether or not this is allowed depends on the individual sex worker. Some escorts may offer services involving the use of sex toys while others may not, as they could have their own reasons for this. Therefore, before entering into a business relationship with an escort in The Netherlands, it’s important to communicate your expectations and make sure that both parties are comfortable with the arrangement.


Countries where escort is legal?

There are a number of countries where escort services are legal. This includes countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

In these countries, the escort industry is regulated and taxed in the same way as other businesses. This means that escorts in these countries are required to undergo regular health checkups and to have a valid work permit.

As a result, the escort industry in these countries is often of a higher quality than in countries where it is illegal. In addition, legal escort services provide an important source of revenue for these countries.

For example, the Dutch government collected over €100 million in taxes from the escort industry in 2017. This revenue helps to fund vital public services such as healthcare and education.


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Amsterdam Prostitution Menu  

Top 10 Erotic Massage in Amsterdam

9 Sites To Get A Sex Date

Top 15 Things to Do in Amsterdam for Men

Posted on: January 2, 2024

15 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam for Men

When exploring the vibrant city, discovering the best things to do in Amsterdam for men can be overwhelming. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, cultural enrichment, or lively nightlife, Amsterdam has it all. Struggling to narrow down the must-see attractions and experiences? This guide provides the top 15 activities tailored for men, ensuring you make the most of your Amsterdam adventure. Keep reading to unlock the ultimate male-friendly itinerary!

Top 15 Things to Do in Amsterdam for Men

Cultural and Historical Attractions

1. Visit the Rijksmuseum

In our opinion, the Rijksmuseum is one of Amsterdam’s most iconic cultural attractions. This museum houses an extensive collection of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day. Highlights include works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other Dutch Masters. The museum also features beautiful gardens, a cafe, and a gift shop, making it a perfect cultural experience for men interested in art and history.

2. Explore the Anne Frank House

During our visit to the Anne Frank House, we found it to be a deeply moving experience. This historic building is where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II. The museum provides an intimate look into the life of Anne Frank, her diary, and the hardships faced during the war. It’s an essential stop for anyone interested in history and human rights.

3. Discover the Van Gogh Museum

We think the Van Gogh Museum holds the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork. Men who appreciate art will find the museum’s extensive collection of paintings, drawings, and letters fascinating. The museum provides insights into Van Gogh’s troubled life and his significant contributions to the art world.

Nightlife and Entertainment

4. Experience the Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

For an unforgettable night out, we suggest visiting the Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam. It’s the best sex show in Amsterdam, in our opinion.

5. Red Light District Audio Tour

Explore Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District with an informative audio tour. This tour provides historical context and intriguing stories about the area. It’s a great way to learn more about this unique part of Amsterdam while enjoying its vibrant nightlife. Do not miss this informative Red Light District tour.

6. Cafe Old Sailor

Located in the heart of the Red Light District, Cafe Old Sailor is a historic pub known for its lively atmosphere and friendly patrons. It’s an excellent spot to grab a beer and soak up the local culture.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities

7. Amsterdam Canal Cruise

One of the best ways to see Amsterdam is from the water. When we tested the Amsterdam Canal Cruise, it offered a relaxing and picturesque tour of the city’s historic canals. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and learn about the city’s history from a unique perspective.

8. Amsterdam Swing at A’DAM Lookout

For a thrilling adventure, visit the A’DAM Lookout and take a ride on Europe’s highest swing. The swing offers stunning panoramic views of Amsterdam and is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

9. Biking through Vondelpark

Rent a bike and explore Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest and most famous park. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy a leisurely ride, have a picnic, or simply relax. Biking is a quintessential Amsterdam experience, and Vondelpark is the perfect place to start.

Food and Drink Experiences

10. Beer Tasting at De Prael Brewery

De Prael Brewery offers a fantastic beer tasting experience in the heart of Amsterdam. We enjoyed a variety of locally brewed beers and learned about the brewing process. The brewery also has a restaurant where you can pair your beer with delicious food. Visit their website here for more details.

11. Dining at a Brown Cafe

Amsterdam’s brown cafes are traditional Dutch pubs known for their cozy atmosphere and hearty food. Places like Cafe Hoppe and Cafe Chris offer a great selection of local beers and classic Dutch dishes. It’s a must-visit for a taste of authentic Dutch culture.

12. Coffeeshop Grey Area

For those interested in experiencing Amsterdam’s famous coffeeshop culture, Grey Area is one of the best spots in the city. Known for its high-quality cannabis and relaxed vibe, it’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Sports and Fitness

13. Attend an Ajax Football Match

Ajax Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top football clubs, and attending a match at the Johan Cruyff Arena is an exhilarating experience. The stadium atmosphere is electric, and it’s a great way to see some top-tier football while in the city.

14. Gym and Fitness Centers

Amsterdam offers numerous fitness centers and gyms for those who want to stay active while traveling. Popular spots like TrainMore and Fit For Free provide excellent facilities and a range of classes to keep you in shape.

15. Water Sports at Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos is a large park just outside the city, offering a range of outdoor activities, including rowing, canoeing, and paddleboarding. It’s a perfect place for men who enjoy water sports and outdoor adventures.

FAQs About Things to Do in Amsterdam for Men

1. What are the best nightlife spots for men in Amsterdam? The best nightlife spots for men in Amsterdam include the lively Moulin Rouge cabaret, the historic Cafe Old Sailor, and the unique experiences at the 5D Amsterdam Porn Cinema. These venues offer a mix of entertainment, drinks, and an unforgettable night out.

2. What cultural attractions should men visit in Amsterdam? Men should visit the Rijksmuseum for Dutch art, the Anne Frank House for historical insights, and the Van Gogh Museum for a deep dive into the life and works of Vincent van Gogh. These spots offer rich cultural and historical experiences.

3. Are there any outdoor activities for men in Amsterdam? Yes, men can enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as biking through Vondelpark, taking an Amsterdam Canal Cruise, or experiencing the thrill of the Amsterdam Swing at A’DAM Lookout. These activities provide both adventure and relaxation.

4. Where can men find the best food and drink experiences in Amsterdam? For the best food and drink experiences, men can visit De Prael Brewery for beer tasting, dine at traditional brown cafes like Cafe Hoppe, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Coffeeshop Grey Area. These spots highlight Amsterdam’s culinary delights.

5. What sports activities are available for men in Amsterdam? Men can attend an Ajax football match at Johan Cruyff Arena, work out at top gyms like TrainMore, and engage in water sports at Amsterdamse Bos. These activities cater to various fitness interests and preferences.

6. How can men explore the Red Light District in Amsterdam? Men can explore the Red Light District through an informative audio tour that covers the area’s history and stories. Key spots include the Red Light District Audio Tour, offering a comprehensive and engaging way to experience this famous part of the city.

Inside Amsterdam Red Light District Windows

Posted on: June 1, 2024

a red-lit alley in Amsterdam Red Light District

Inside Amsterdam Red Light District Windows

Amsterdam Red Light District windows have become an iconic feature of Holland’s capital, attracting millions of visitors each year. But beyond the intrigue and curiosity lies a complex world of sex work, regulation, and controversy.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of Amsterdam’s red light district windows, what goes on behind the windows, the experience of visiting as a tourist, regulation and controversies, and the ongoing debates about the future of the red light district.

Get ready for an in-depth exploration of this fascinating topic.

1 | The History of the Red Light Windows

Amsterdam’s red light windows have a long history dating back to the 14th century when sailors would come to the city looking for female companionship.

Amsterdam Red Light District in 1968 showing the most narrow alley of the city with a man in suit walk through, with two prostitutes in clothes in window brothels on the right side.
Amsterdam Red Light District, 1968.

In those days, women would offer their services from behind curtains, which eventually evolved into windows with red curtains or red lights to indicate their profession. The tradition of sex work behind windows continued to grow, and by the 20th century, it had become an established industry in Amsterdam’s red light district.

Black and white picture of Amsterdam Red Light District in the year 1905 showing two prostitutes in white long dresses in front of a brothel
Amsterdam Red Light District, 1905.

In the early days, sex workers had few legal protections, and many were vulnerable to exploitation by pimps and other criminals. However, in recent years, Amsterdam has taken steps to improve the working conditions and rights of sex workers, including providing legal recognition for sex work and creating a union for sex workers.

Black and white picture of Amsterdam Red Light District in the year 1969. It shows an older couple walking on the Oudekerksplein, while the man looks at a window prostitute on the left.
Amsterdam Red Light District, Oudekerksplein, 1969.

Today, sex work is a legitimate profession in the Netherlands. No longer do sex workers have to offer themselves in window brothels perse. Nowadays sex work is a broad concept and can be done in many other ways. There are escorts, strippers, erotic masseurs, webcam sex workers, porn actors, etc. And, sex workers are protected by law and have access to healthcare, social security, and other benefits.

In the past, the red light windows were mainly filled with Dutch ladies. Since worldwide travel has become more accessible and the formation of the European Union, mainly foreign prostitutes work in the window brothels of Amsterdam.

2 | Behind and Inside Amsterdam Red Light District Windows

a red-lit window brothel on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam Red Light District

Daily Routines and Operations

Renting the Window: Sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District typically rent windows for specific shifts, which can range from a few hours to an entire day. These windows are part of small, individual rooms that function as both a display area and a workspace.

Preparation: Before starting their shift, workers prepare their rooms. This involves cleaning the space, arranging personal items, and setting up any amenities that might be needed for their work, such as towels, condoms, and lubricants. The goal is to create a comfortable and inviting environment for potential clients.

Attracting Clients: Once the window is ready, the sex worker stands or sits behind the large glass pane, often illuminated by the iconic red neon lights. They might engage in eye contact, gestures, or brief conversations through the slightly open door to attract clients. The visibility from the street is crucial for their business, as it allows them to showcase themselves while ensuring safety through public exposure.

Inside the Rooms

Negotiation: When a client shows interest, the worker and client discuss the terms of the service. This negotiation includes the type of services offered, duration, and price. This conversation usually happens through the door or once the client steps inside the room.

Safety Measures: Safety is a top priority. The rooms are equipped with security buttons or alarms that the workers can press if they feel threatened. Many rooms also have CCTV cameras at the outside of the door and ensure swift action in case of emergencies.

Service Provision: After agreeing on the terms, the client is invited inside, and the door is closed for privacy. The rooms are typically small but functional, with a bed, sink, mirror, and often a small seating area. Services are provided in a professional manner, adhering to the agreed terms.

Regulations and Worker Support

Health Checks: Sex workers in the district are required to undergo regular health checks to ensure they are free from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This is part of the broader regulatory framework aimed at maintaining public health and safety.

Legal Framework: The district operates under strict regulations. Workers must be registered and adhere to labor laws, ensuring their rights are protected. These regulations are enforced by local authorities to create a safe and orderly environment.

Support Services: Numerous NGOs and support groups operate in the area, providing services such as legal advice, health care, and counseling. These organizations help workers navigate the legal system, access medical care, and receive emotional support.

Interaction with Tourists

Respectful Behavior: Tourists visiting the Red Light District are encouraged to be respectful. Photography of the windows and workers is strictly prohibited to protect their privacy and dignity. Engaging respectfully and understanding the professional nature of the work is crucial for a positive experience.

Working as prostitute is a unique experience, and it’s not for everyone. Sex workers sit behind a window, waiting for customers to approach them. When a customer is interested in their services, they negotiate the terms and price of the encounter, and if they come to an agreement, the customer is invited into the sex worker’s room for the encounter.

All window brothels in Amsterdam are quite small. There is a bed, a sink, a mirror, a table and other simple amenities. The client is generally asked to sit on the bed. There, the customer and the sex worker can immediately proceed to have sex. Or, if desired, a conversation takes place to put the client at ease and perhaps foreplay.

While sex work is a legal profession in Amsterdam, it is still stigmatized by many, and sex workers face many challenges, including harassment, violence, and discrimination. However, there are many organizations and support networks for sex workers in Amsterdam, including the Prostitution Information Center, which offers information and resources for sex workers, and the Red Thread Foundation, which provides support and advocacy for sex workers.

3 | The Experience of Visiting the Red Light Windows

people walking through the Oudekennissteeg in Amsterdam with red-lit windows on the left and right.

Visiting the red light windows can be a unique and memorable experience, but it’s important to be respectful of the sex workers and their profession. The red light windows are located in the heart of Amsterdam’s red light district and can be easily identified by the red lights above the windows.

When walking down the streets, visitors will see rows of windows with women inside, dressed in lingerie or other provocative clothing. While it’s common for visitors to take photos, it’s important to remember that these are real people, and they deserve to be treated with respect. Visitors should never touch the windows or harass the sex workers, and they should be mindful of their behavior and language.

tourists walking through an alley in Amsterdam with red light windows on both sides

The window prostitutes try to attract the attention of men on the street by knocking on the window and then gesturing invitingly. These sex workers prefer to work daily in the same window brothel. This is because they have a reliable business relationship with the landlord, because of the agreed rental price, the location and because they have regular customers who can find them so easily.

4 | Regulation of Sex Work in the Red Light Windows

People walking on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam while looking at window brothel on the corner of the street
A red-lit window brothel on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Sex work in the red light windows is legal and regulated in Amsterdam, and sex workers are protected by law. The Dutch government has taken steps to ensure the safety and rights of sex workers, including requiring sex workers to register with the Chamber of Commerce, free health checks, and pay taxes on their income.

Additionally, the government has set up a system of licenses for brothels and sex businesses, which must meet certain health and safety standards to be eligible for a license. This system has helped to reduce the amount of exploitation and trafficking in the sex industry, and it has given sex workers greater control over their work.

5 | Criticisms and Controversies

Despite the efforts to regulate and improve the conditions for sex workers in Amsterdam, there are still many criticisms and controversies surrounding the red light windows. Some argue that the industry still enables exploitation and trafficking, and that sex workers are not truly empowered in their work.

Dutch Christian Political Party

Gert-Jan Segers, former party chairman of the ChristenUnie in the Netherlands, wants the cabinet to start an investigation into banning prostitution, he said during a show on BNR radio. He wants to look at the ban in Sweden.

‘We have to learn from Sweden. In the Netherlands, many victims fall into prostitution,’ says Segers. ‘With a ban you have to consider two things. The importance of people who do their work voluntarily and freely, and people who are forced to do so. To protect the freedom of the latter, you could limit the freedom of the former.’

Others argue that the influx of tourism to the red light district has led to an increase in crime and nuisance in the area.

However, advocates for the sex industry argue that sex work can be a legitimate profession, and that the focus should be on improving the rights and working conditions of sex workers, rather than on attempting to eliminate the industry altogether.

Dutch Social Liberal Political Party On Prostitution

A man walking through the Trompettersteeg in Amsterdam while he is looking at red light windows on his left side.

D66 has come into serious conflict with coalition partners CDA and ChristenUnie about policy towards sex workers. D66 MP Anne-Marijke Podt believes that the stigma of sex workers should be removed by recognizing, among other things, that prostitution is “just work”.

“Abuses in the sex industry get worse when you keep it a secret,” Anne-Marijke Podt said during a debate in the House of Representatives.

There are ongoing debates about the best way to support sex workers and reduce exploitation and trafficking in the industry, and the future of the red light windows in Amsterdam is still being actively discussed.

Quote Former Sex Worker Mariska Majoor

Mariska Majoor – former sex worker and founder of the Prostitution Information Center – said in 2020 during a Dutch current affairs programme:

A sex worker can decide for him or herself whether sex work is contemporary or not. Others have nothing to say about that. Some may have ended up in prostitution from difficult circumstances, but many today opt for it from an economic perspective, as so many working people do. And that is their right.

Sex Shows

Exploring the vibrant streets and unique offerings of Amsterdam’s Red Light District extends beyond its iconic windows. For those intrigued by the district’s diverse entertainment options, a visit to a sex show in Amsterdam offers an eye-opening experience into the world of adult entertainment. These shows are renowned for their artistic and sometimes theatrical presentations, providing visitors with a glimpse into a less frequently discussed aspect of the city’s nightlife. Discover the top 10 sex shows in Amsterdam to consider for your next visit, where sensuality and performance art blend in unforgettable ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tourists allowed to visit the red light windows?

Red neon lighting of Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam showing the name of the attraction along with a black background
The outside of Moulin Rouge Amsterdam.

Yes, tourists are allowed to visit the red light district and the red light windows. It’s a public area. However, visitors should be respectful of the sex workers and follow the rules of De Wallen area.

An app is available for tourists to explore this area. It features an Amsterdam Red Light District tour with 22 experts who provide insight into the area within a two-hour timeframe. The app includes a GPS guided map, virtual tour, and images. It’s currently the only Red Light District tour available due to the ban on guided tours.

How do the red light windows work?

Window brothels amsterdam

The red light windows are small rooms with a large window facing the street. Sex workers stand or sit behind the window, and potential customers can approach them to negotiate a price for their services.

Is it safe to visit the red light district?

While the red light district is generally safe, visitors should be aware of their surroundings and take appropriate safety precautions. It’s a good idea to stay in well-lit and crowded areas, and to avoid walking alone at night.

Contact the police (call: 112), the local government or seek help at bouncers if you need help.

What should I expect when visiting the red light windows?

Visitors of Amsterdam Red Light District

Visitors to the red light windows can expect to see a wide variety of sex workers, ranging from women to men to transgender individuals. Visitors should be respectful of the sex workers and not take photos or videos.

How is sex work regulated in Amsterdam’s red light district?

Sex work is legal in the Netherlands, but it is heavily regulated in the red light district. Sex workers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid work permit, and undergo regular health checks. They also have the right to refuse clients, and are protected by the law.

What are the hours of operation for the red light windows?

Amsterdam sex workers earn less

The hours of operation can vary, but currently do the red-lit window brothels only have to be closed between 6 am to 8 am. From April 2023, the prostitution windows must close at 3 AM instead of 6 AM.

How much does it cost to visit a sex worker in Amsterdam’s red light district?

legs of a sex worker in a red-lit room with a wallet on the table

The cost of visiting a sex worker can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, such as the type of service and the location of the worker. Visitors can expect to pay around 50 to 100 euros for a brief encounter. Detailed prices, services and associated costs can be found in the Amsterdam Prostitution Menu.

Can I take photos or videos in the red light windows?

no fucking photos

No, taking photos or videos is strictly prohibited in the red light district. Violating this rule can result in fines and even confiscation of your camera.

Is prostitution legal in Amsterdam?

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, but it is heavily regulated. Sex workers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid work permit, and undergo regular health checks.

Are there naked women in the red light windows?

No, all window prostitutes wear clothes when they advertise themselves in the windows. They are scantily clad, several parts of their body are visible. The sex workers always have clothing over their private parts.

Why are red lights used in window brothels?

window workers prices

The use of red lights in window brothels likely originated in the red-light districts of Amsterdam and other European cities, where sex work is legal and regulated. In these areas, sex workers often work in storefront windows, and the red light is used to signal to potential clients that the establishment is open for business.

The use of red light has several potential explanations. One theory is that red light is associated with eroticism and sexuality, and thus is a natural choice for sex work establishments. Another theory is that red light has a practical advantage in that it is easily visible from a distance and stands out against the dark background of the street.


Amsterdam Escorts: 10 Best Escort Sites

Blue Light District in Amsterdam

Top 9 Sex Date Websites In Holland in 2024

sex date in amsterdam

Top Sex Date Sites For Men & Women To Find Casual Sex


Discover the top 9 sex date sites in Holland and embark on an exhilarating journey of pleasure. In the digital age, it’s crucial to navigate online sex dating with confidence.

amsterdam sex

Whether you’re experienced or new, our guide provides essential knowledge and insights. Connect with like-minded individuals who crave thrilling experiences. Get ready for electrifying encounters and explore the best sex date sites the Netherlands has to offer! Let’s dive in!



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Top 9 Sex Dating Sites In The Netherlands

If you’re looking for a sex date in Amsterdam, then have a look at the best sex dating sites in the Netherlands below.

1 | MySecretDate

amsterdam sex
Some of the members of this exciting sex date site.

We believe this is definitely one the best dating websites if you’re looking for a sex date in Amsterdam. MySecretDate is fully focussed on erotic and sexual hookups in the Netherlands.

“This site easily helped me to have an incredibly exciting evening!”

a webpage of sex date website MySecretDate showing

Whether you’re single or in a relationship Mysecretdate makes wishes come true. This is a very popular sex dating site made for men, women and couples who are looking for sex, a relationship, an affair or just an exciting date in Amsterdam or in one of the other major Dutch cities.



Amsterdam Dating
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The website is Dutch but it’s very accessible for everybody. Even if you don’t speak the language, you can easily navigate through the website. It is good to know that the Dutch can always speak English if desired. At this dating website it does not matter where you come from, as long as you enter your profile information correctly and completely.


Would recommend this platform. A lot of people looking for the same thing! ? ?

You can create a profile for free, post your photos and find a nice contacts based on your profile.



2 | Second Love

second love
Sign up for free and get in touch with someone today!

Second Love is not just any dating site. This Dutch dating platform specifically focuses on people where the routine has crept into their relationship. People looking for excitement and adventure in Amsterdam. However, they do not want to give up their current relationship for this. Second Love is an online service that helps you find like-minded people.

How does it work?

Second Love is a website that facilitates sex-only dating, allowing members to date without the pressures of forming romantic relationships. Whether you’re a resident Holland or tourists visiting Amsterdam, or simply visiting in search of new experiences, Second Love is the online platform of choice for sex-minded adults. From casual encounters to one night stands, this website easily links users with like-minded individuals who live nearby. With profiles and chat options that utilize modern techniques, this digital space is completely safe from prying eyes and can be enjoyed worry-free by consenting adults. As an added bonus, Second Love also provides specialized tutorials to help members effectively manage potential conflicts related to sex-driven dating. If you’re looking for no strings attached sex dates in Amsterdam or Holland, then this might be the choice for you.

I really liked Second Love’s user interface. I experienced it as a professional company.

An innocent flirt or an actual date are all possible. Privacy and quality are paramount. For a discreet date in Amsterdam, go to Second Love!



3 | Parship

a woman kissing a man during sunset

You want to have a better sex life, but don’t know where to start. It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to improving your sex life. You might feel embarrassed or ashamed, like you’re the only person who doesn’t have everything figured out.

Parship is here to help. We are the largest online dating site in Europe and have helped millions of singles find love and happiness. With our scientifically-proven matching system, you’ll be paired with compatible partners in no time at all.



What is Parship?

Parship is a dating platform that uses a unique matching algorithm to connect compatible singles. The platform offers a comprehensive personality test that helps to identify compatible partners. The test is based on a scientific approach and takes into account factors such as personality, values, and lifestyle.

What does Parship cost?

A blond woman and a guy with a hat on kissing each other on the middle of a street in a busy city surrounded by cars

The cost of using Parship depends on the length of the membership. There are three different membership options: a one-month membership, a six-month membership, and a twelve-month membership. Prices vary depending on the option chosen, but the longer the membership, the lower the monthly cost.

Parship benefits

  • Access to a large pool of compatible singles
  • Personalised matchmaking experience
  • The ability to communicate with potential partners in a secure and safe environment.

Range of features, such as the ability to send and receive messages, view profiles, and receive notifications when someone is interested in your profile.

Another benefit of Parship is the level of privacy and security it offers to its users. Parship uses a variety of security measures to protect its members’ personal data, including encryption and SSL certification. The platform also has a team dedicated to moderating profiles and ensuring that all members are genuine.


As someone who has ventured into the world of online dating, trying out various platforms, I have to say that Parship has made a significant difference in my quest for love. Being over 30, I was on the lookout for a mature platform that catered to a more serious and sophisticated demographic, and this website definitely delivered.

Overall, Parship is a great option for singles looking for an exciting date. The platform’s unique matching algorithm, comprehensive personality test, and range of features make it a convenient and effective way to connect with compatible partners. The cost of membership may vary, but the benefits and security features make it worth it.



4 | C-Date

online date in amsterdam

C-Date is the matching site for people who are looking for an adventure, an open relationship or an exciting erotic date in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in 11 other countries. It’s the largest international erotic matchmaker and is active in 12 countries and on 4 continents. This dating platform combines style with eroticism and offers exciting variety. They offer a 72% succes rate!

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C-Date focuses on target groups of 25 years and older, men and women, straight or homosexual. This dating company appeals to a very broad group. It does not matter whether you are single, in a relationship or married, it is even possible to register as a couple. And, registering is free!



5 | Rich Meet Beautiful

dating expats Amsterdam

RichMeetBeautiful is only interesting for an exclusive group of men. This online dating website is for successful and economically established men who want to meet beautiful ladies for exciting dates or perhaps even more. The site brings together Sugarbabies – intelligent and charming women who date in exchange for gifts (like dinners), trips or financial support.

RichMeetBeautiful offers users in over 30 different countries the opportunity to meet successful and economically established gentlemen to meet beautiful young women for relationships or for dates worldwide.



6 | Ondeugend-Daten

datingsites in nederland

Ondeugend-Daten.nl (translated: Naughty Dating) is a professional Dutch dating site that focuses on both men and women in the Netherlands who love excitement and eroticism. The term “Naughty” offers participants the opportunity to give their own interpretation of the degree of eroticism. As a result, Ondeugend-Daten.nl attracts a very wide audience. On this platform you can search for new contacts in a trusted environment in a simple and safe way.

After registering for free, you can quietly look for a nice and suitable candidate who matches your search profile. By emailing or chatting with other participants first, you can convert the contact at your own pace. By sending the messages via this website you remain anonymous as long as you want: so you keep the reins yourself and decide when you are ready for a possible appointment in “real life”.



7 | Ashley Madison

dating site in amsterdam

Life is short. Have an affair.” With this slogan, dating site Ashley Madison has been promoting cheating for many years. This international dating site in the Netherlands is for all singles who want an affair. With various features to keep your private information secret, anonymity is an important factor. It’s active in 52 countries which is great while traveling.

“Fucking hell… I had amazing sex through this website”

The members of Ashley Madison are single, married, or in a relationship. Anyone looking for something different is welcome! You can download the free Ashley Madison App or just visit the website and register today.



8 | Victoria Milan

victoria milan

Victoria Milan is an international dating platform specialised in affaire dating. It’s the world number one dating site for married and attached. Victoria Milan guarantees top privacy, discretion and even anonymous profiles can be made.

Just give it a try. You might like it!



9 | Passie Voor Twee

online daten in nederland

Passievoortwee.nl (translated: Passion For Two) is another great Dutch accessible erotic dating site! That is to say … for those looking for exciting contact, but also for those who want to count themselves among the target group on the basis of life experience. This target group approach was deliberately chosen, because the familiar click mainly arises between people who are like-minded.

And… This dating website in the Netherlands focuses mainly on women and couples. Passion For Two would like to have a bit more class in the world of erotic dating, but also wants to distinguish itself with reliability, integrity and transparency.



Sex Date Tip

Pro tip: In the Netherlands it is very common to talk about the weather. So if you don’t know what to talk about, it’s always good to talk about the weather. After all, the weather changes every day in the Netherlands.


6 Ways To Get A Sex Date

  1. Use dating companies such as MySecretDate, Parship, Lexa or Ashley Madison. (More sites below)
  2. Join speed-dating events (when available).
  3. Meet someone via sex dating sites in the Netherlands.
  4. Get a paid date by booking an escort in Amsterdam.
  5. Go to the Red Light District with its sex workers.
  6. Visit a sex club in Amsterdam.

Sex date app

Popular Sex Dating Questions

1 | How do I set boundaries when engaging in online sex dating?

Setting boundaries is an important part of engaging in online sex dating. Be clear about what you are and are not comfortable with, and communicate these boundaries clearly to potential partners.

2 | How can I communicate my sexual preferences and desires to potential partners?

Communication is key when it comes to sexual preferences and desires. Be open and honest with potential partners about what you’re looking for, and be willing to listen to their preferences and desires as well.

3 | How do I handle rejection or disappointment when engaging in sex dating?

Rejection and disappointment are common in the world of sex dating. Try not to take it personally, and remember that everyone has their own preferences and desires. Find some distraction if necessary. Go exercise. Meet up with friends. Visit a museum. Read a book.

4 | What should I do if I start to develop feelings for someone I met through sex dating?

If you start to develop feelings for someone you met through sex dating, be honest with yourself and with them about how you’re feeling. If you’re both on the same page, you may be able to explore a more serious relationship. However, if you’re not, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of things not working out.

These were the nine best erotic dating platforms in the Netherlands. Do you want to be successful on a date? Then read the dating tips below.

amsterdam canal cruise
Tip: A canal cruise is fun to do during a date in Amsterdam.

5 | How do I find a sex date?

Finding a sex date is a personal choice and may depend on individual. However, here are some general suggestions for finding a sex date:

  • Dating Apps and Websites: There are countless apps and sex dating sites specifically aimed at finding casual encounters and sexual relationships. Popular platforms in the Netherlands include MySecretDate, Parship, SecondLove, C-Date, Naughty-Daten, Ashley Madison, Vicotoria Milan, Passie Voor Twee, etc. You can explore these apps and websites and customize your profile to suit your interests and preferences to give.
  • Social Networks and Forums: There are online communities (such as facebook groups) and forums where people with shared interests come together. By participating in these platforms, you may be able to find like-minded individuals who are also looking for a casual meeting.
  • Local Events and Clubs: Some cities have special events, parties, or clubs focused on sexual encounters. You can try attending these events to meet people interested in casual sexual relationships.
  • Communication is important: It is essential to communicate openly and honestly about your intentions and expectations with potential partners. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures that both parties are on the same page.
  • Be respectful and consensual: It is very important to always be respectful of your potential partners and respect their boundaries. Ensure that both parties agree to the desired activities and that there is mutual consent.

6 | How does a sex date go?

A sex date can take different forms depending on the individuals involved and their preferences. The course of a sex date can vary, but in general there are a few steps that are common:

Getting acquainted: If you don’t know each other yet, there is usually a phase of getting to know each other. This can take place through online communication, dating apps or face-to-face meetings. The goal is to get to know each other better, share interests and determine if there is mutual attraction.
Making a deal: Once there is interest and attraction between both parties, a deal is usually made. This could be meeting in a public place, such as a cafe, restaurant, or bar, or it could take place directly in a private setting, such as a home or hotel room.
Intimacy and sexual activities: After the meeting, the phase of intimacy and sexual activities begins, which depends on the wishes and boundaries of both parties. This can range from light physical touching and kissing to sexual acts and intercourse. It is important to communicate and obtain mutual consent for any action.
Aftercare and farewell: After the sexual activities there may be room for some aftercare and debriefing. This can include exchanging experiences, compliments or feedback. Then both parties say goodbye and go their separate ways.

7 | What is a good sex date site?

MySecretDate is a Dutch sex dating site that is popular for several reasons:

Reliability: MySecretDate is known for its reliability and security measures. They do their best to ensure that all profiles are authentic and that users have a safe environment to connect with like-minded individuals.
Privacy: The site values ​​privacy and anonymity. They have privacy features, such as the ability to blur photos and restrict access to certain users. This allows users to protect their identities until they are ready to share more information.
User-friendliness: MySecretDate is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. The registration process is simple and finding suitable matches is easy thanks to the search and filter functions.
Diverse user base: The site has a diverse user base, which means there are different people with different interests and preferences. This increases the chance of finding someone who fits you and meets your expectations.
Communication options: MySecretDate offers various communication options, such as messages, chat rooms and webcam chats. This allows users to connect and get to know each other in a variety of ways.

Dating Tips

Are you not looking for a sex date, but for a ‘normal’, fun date with the potential for a relationship? Then discover Breeze Social. This new dating app might be something for you.

1 | Be Prepared

Date tips
Fun to do in Amsterdam: Visit the Moco Museum and see Banky’s art.

How can you prepare yourself for a first date? First of all, make sure you are rested. If you’ve been in a rush all day, you won’t have a relaxed date in Amsterdam. So take it easy and treat yourself for a nice bath or an extra long shower. Go to the hairdresser, trim your nails, wash well and have a good shaving session. This may sound obvious, but grooming has more influence than you think. Be fresh! If you look good you will feel better too. You radiate that and your date will see that too!

2 | Be on Time

The Waag: Amsterdam’s second oldest building.

Make sure you got enough time for your (beauty) rituals, so that you can be sure that you will arrive on time for your date. Because arriving late is really not done (in the Netherlands) on a first appointment. The Dutch like to be on time! And obviously you want to make a good first impression. Right?

3 | Wear Nice Clothes

The Nieuwmarkt Square in Amsterdam.

Before you go on a date, think carefully about what clothes you will be wearing. Choose comfortable (and neat) clothes that make you feel attractive. But: don’t lose sight of the fact that the chosen clothing must suit you. Clothing tells a lot about your identity, and your date will remember that. In addition, an outfit that suits you will make you feel more confident. And that’s how you want to come across on your first date!

11 Tried And True Dating Tips

date tips
A date in Amsterdam.

We have created 11 fantastic date tips on how to prepare for a first date. Do you want to get better at dating? Hit the button below!



Do you know even better websites in the Netherlands where you can arrange a (sex) date in Amsterdam? Please share it with the world by posting it in the comment section below.


Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

Amsterdam Prostitution Menu

15x Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam Red Light District

9 Secrets About The Blue Light District in Amsterdam

Amsterdam blue light district

Ultimate Blue Light District Amsterdam Guide 2024

Did you know that Amsterdam has a Blue Light District? This mysterious and lesser-known area of the city is full of surprises and unique facts that even locals may not be aware of. In this blog post, we’ll explore nine fascinating things that you didn’t know about the Blue Light District. From its history to its modern-day significance, get ready to discover a whole new side of Amsterdam. Let’s dive in!

1 | Meaning

Oudezijds Achtburgwal in Amsterdam at night with window brothels
Window brothels on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

The Blue Light District in Amsterdam is where transgender sex workers practice their trade in sex rooms. It mainly concerns people who have not had an operation to remove their male genitalia. This prostitution area in Amsterdam is called the Blue Light District because the sex workers usually use blue lights (instead of red lights) to illuminate their sex rooms.

The blue-lit windows with transgender sex workers are mainly visited by male customers. These windows can be found, for example, on Bloedstraat, on the corner of Oudezijds Achterburgwal. Near the Cafe The Old Sailor and Moulin Rouge.



2 | Is the Blue Light District real?

window brothels in Gordijnensteeg in Amsterdam

Yes, it’s totally real! What is good to know is that not all transgender sex workers use blue lights to offer their services. Moreover, it is also not a requirement to do so.

Female window prostitute also work in this district. Therefor you’ll see both red as blue-lit window brothels.

3 | Where is the Blue Light District in Amsterdam?

The Blue Light District can be found on the Bloedstraat and Gordijnensteeg in Amsterdam. It’s just next to the Red Light District main street: the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. This is the street with most red light windows and sex shows like Moulin Rouge.

4 | Sex workers

Three window brothels in Amsterdam with closed red curtains

The transgender sex workers in the Blue Light District are particularly concerned about their privacy and very wary of tourists who – despite all warnings – still want to take pictures. The stigma, their status and their secret double life are often the reasons for this. The transgender sex workers are very afraid that photos will end up with their friends, family or other acquaintances.

5 | Blue Light District Prices

The prices for paid sex are very similar to the other sex workers in the Red Light District.

The window prostitutes in the Blue Red Light District charge prices from 50 euros for sexual services. This rate is usually for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The prices are negotiable and the window prostitutes also regularly refuse customers.

6 | Customers

escort service

There is no existing research into the clients of transgender sex workers in the Amsterdam Red Light District. But in the past, our guides saw almost exclusively male customers entering these transgender sex workers.

The sex workers mostly target middle-aged men who walk the streets alone. To attract the attention of the man, they tap on the window and sometimes they briefly show their genitals.

Usually the clients of transgender sex workers are also specifically looking for what sex workers have to offer: feminine looks with a male genitalia. This is also confirmed by a transgender sex worker during an interview of a Dutch program about trans sex workers. Read the quote below.

Transgender sex worker quote

“I am a trans woman with no gender reassignment. This means I still have my penis. The customers I receive are really looking for what I have to offer them. Namely a female appearance, but with male genitals. I often get men who don’t dare to tell their wives honestly what they really like and horny in the bedroom. As a man, if you want to be taken by a woman with a cock, the label ‘gay’ is unfortunately still often given to you. That barrier is not there for me and they can really be themselves.”

7 | Tours in Blue Light District

blue light window brothel in Amsterdam

Learn all about this interesting and unique neighborhood in the Netherlands and become a real Amsterdam connoisseur. Download this app and take a Red Light District tour with audio guide. During this audio tour you will hear amazing stories from 22 different experts. The virtual guide Sophie will guide you through this neighborhood in Amsterdam. Hear stories from real sex workers, police officers and historians.

This is currently the only legal option to take a Red Light District tour. The municipality of Amsterdam has banned all tours with large groups and real guides.

You are still allowed to use our audio tour with a virtual guide. Explore this neighbourhood in Amsterdam with our app and educate yourself.



8 | Blue Light District in Daylight

Gordijnensteeg in Amsterdam Blue Light District

The Blue Light District looks completely different during the day than at night. This is also evident from the snowy photo above taken on the Gordijnensteeg. During the day it is quieter here. Less visitors and fewer windows are filled with sex workers. And, the blue lights are hard to spot. Nevertheless, this neighborhood is also very special during the day.

9 | Laws

a red-lit alley in Amsterdam Red Light District

Exactly the same rules and laws apply to the transgender sex workers in Amsterdam Blue Light District as to the female window prostitutes elsewhere in the city.

When exploring the unique aspects of Amsterdam’s Blue Light District, it’s essential to understand its place within the broader context of the city’s famous Red Light District. The latter not only defines the nightlife and cultural landscape of Amsterdam but also offers a deep dive into the historical and social fabric of the area. For those curious about the origins, significance, and current state of the Red Light District, our article on What is the Red Light District in Amsterdam? provides a comprehensive overview, enriching your visit to this iconic part of the city.


Top 9 Sex Date Sites in Holland

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10 Amsterdam Escorts Sites

Unlock the Secrets of the Red Street in Amsterdam: A 2024 Insider’s Guide

Posted on: March 28, 2024

tourists walking on the Oudezijds Achtburgwal that is also known as the famous red street in Amsterdam with red light windows on the right side of the street.

Exploring Red Street in Amsterdam: All You Need to Know

Diving into the vibrant Red Street in Amsterdam reveals more than its neon glow. In 2024, this iconic district not only embodies Amsterdam’s liberal spirit but also stands at the forefront of significant cultural and legal transformations. Understanding its layers offers not just a visit, but an experience, enriching your travel narrative. Read on to explore the heart of Amsterdam’s most famous area, where history, regulation, and future prospects intertwine, promising a journey unlike any other.

Oudezijds Achterburgwal: The Heart of “Red Street”

People walking on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam while looking at window brothel on the corner of the street

Oudezijds Achterburgwal, often dubbed “Red Street,” is the pulsating heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This historic canal, lined with age-old buildings that now house a variety of bars, coffee shops, and the famed red-lit windows, offers a direct glimpse into the district’s bustling nightlife and cultural depth. As you wander along Oudezijds Achterburgwal, you’re walking through a living history book, where every corner tells a story of Amsterdam’s past and present. Whether you’re exploring its hidden alleys, enjoying a drink at a cozy café, or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere, “Red Street” offers an unparalleled experience of Amsterdam’s legendary district.

Venues on red street in Amsterdam

On Oudezijds Achterburgwal, you  find a diverse mix of venues that cater to various tastes and interests. Here’s a list of 10 notable spots located on this historic street:

  1. Excalibur Café – A heavy metal and hard rock themed café known for its unique decor, including knight and biker memorabilia. It’s a place where visitors can enjoy pool tables, televisions, and friendly service​​.
  2. Moulin Rouge – An iconic adult entertainment venue offering a variety of shows in the heart of the nightlife scene​​.
  3. Cafe Remember – A cozy café that features live sports on multiple big screens, a separate smoking area, and a small dance floor. It’s praised for its friendly staff and perfect coffee​​.
  4. Mata Hari – A restaurant located in a quieter part of Oudezijds Achterburgwal, offering food at pub prices in a living-room setting, just a short stroll from the more bustling parts of the Red Light District​​.
  5. Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum – This museum is dedicated to cannabis, offering insights into its history and impact through exhibits and an audio tour available in multiple languages​​.
  6. Hotel Torenzicht – A hotel situated in the heart of Amsterdam, offering guests a variety of rooms with shared bathrooms, free WiFi, and an on-site restaurant serving local cuisine​​.
  7. Banana Bar – A well-known bar offering a unique and surprising experience in the center of the Red Light District​​.
  8. Theatre Casa Rosso – A famous strip club recognized by its pink elephant facade, offering entertainment in the Red Light District​​.
  9. Cannabis College – An educational center offering comprehensive information about marijuana, located on Oudezijds Achterburgwal​​.
  10. Hempstory – A boutique cafe near the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, offering fair-trade hemp products and delicious coffee and hemp teas​​.

Historical Context and Evolution

The Red Light District, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, is a testament to the city’s rich and often controversial history. Originally emerging as a district with a high concentration of brothels and bars as early as the 14th century, it has since evolved into a unique blend of historical charm and modern-day liberalism. This area, known for its iconic neon windows and vibrant nightlife, offers more than meets the eye. By understanding its evolution—from a sailors’ haven to a tourist hotspot—you gain insight into how Amsterdam has become a symbol of tolerance and openness. This transformation reflects the city’s ongoing dialogue with its past, making it a must-visit for those interested in the layers of history that contribute to Amsterdam’s unique character today.

Current Regulations and Legal Framework

In 2024, Amsterdam’s Red Light District operates under a well-defined legal framework that ensures the safety and rights of sex workers while maintaining the area’s appeal as a major tourist attraction. The Netherlands has been at the forefront of legalizing and regulating sex work, with policies focusing on health, safety, and preventing human trafficking. Recent regulations may include mandatory licensing for brothels, health and safety inspections, and initiatives aimed at reducing stigma and ensuring the economic rights of sex workers. As laws and policies continue to evolve, the emphasis remains on creating a safe and respectful environment for both workers and visitors. Understanding these regulations can enhance your visit, ensuring it is both enjoyable and respectful of the community that calls the Red Light District home.

Cultural & Social Aspects

The Red Light District is not just about its red light windows; it’s a melting pot of culture and social exchange. The area serves as a living classroom where visitors can immerse themselves in Amsterdam’s liberal values, learn about the sex work industry in a non-judgmental setting, and engage with the local culture through art galleries, cafes, and museums. Initiatives like guided tours aim to educate tourists about the realities of sex work and the district’s history, challenging stereotypes and fostering a deeper understanding of this unique community. This blend of education, entertainment, and enlightenment makes the Red Light District a fascinating study of Amsterdam’s social fabric. Take this Red Light District tour and become an Amsterdam connoisseur in record time.

Safety and Etiquette Tips for Visitors

Amsterdam Red Light District Etiquette and Rules

Visiting the Red Light District requires mindfulness and respect towards those who work there and the local regulations. Here are some key tips to ensure a positive experience: always ask for consent before taking photos, as photographing sex workers is prohibited; avoid loud and disrespectful behavior; stay aware of your surroundings and belongings; and respect the rules set by businesses and local authorities. Remember, the Red Light District is a professional working area as much as it is a tourist attraction. By following these guidelines, you contribute to a respectful atmosphere that honors the dignity of all individuals. Do not forget to read these Amsterdam Red Light District rules for tourists summarised by our local experts.

Future Outlook & Developments

The Red Light District stands at a crossroads between tradition and transformation. As Amsterdam faces challenges related to tourism, urban planning, and the rights of sex workers, the future of this iconic area is a subject of lively debate. Plans for redevelopment, efforts to combat overtourism, and initiatives aimed at further empowering sex workers are part of the ongoing discussion about what the Red Light District will look like in the years to come. Staying informed about these developments not only enriches your visit but also connects you to the broader conversations shaping the future of Amsterdam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are most red-lit windows in Amsterdam Red Light District?

people walking through the Oudekennissteeg in Amsterdam with red-lit windows on the left and right.

The most concentration of red-lit windows in Amsterdam’s Red Light District can be found around Oudezijds Achterburgwal, Oudekennissteeg, and Stoofsteeg. These areas are known for their historical and cultural significance, offering visitors a glimpse into Amsterdam’s unique approach to the legality and regulation of the sex work industry. The Red Light District, with its distinctive red-lit windows, showcases a longstanding tradition within the city, attracting tourists from around the world due to its openness and regulated environment.

Where is the narrow alley?

A man walking through the Trompettersteeg in Amsterdam while he is looking at red light windows on his left side.

Trompettersteeg is a very narrow alley located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It can be found next to the Oudezijds Voorburgwal and close to the Oudekerksplein, near the bustling area of the city known for its historic buildings, unique shops, and the famous red-lit windows. Trompettersteeg is particularly notable for being one of the narrowest streets in Amsterdam, making it a point of interest for visitors exploring the city’s intricate network of alleyways and canals. Use this Amsterdam Red Light District map to get to the Trompettersteeg.

What is the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

Posted on: February 20, 2024

tourists walking in the Red Light District in Amsterdam at night with red-lit windows on the left and right

What is the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

Dive into “What is the Red Light District in Amsterdam?”—a place where history, culture, and controversy collide. This iconic area isn’t just about its neon glow; it’s a testament to Amsterdam’s unparalleled openness and the complex issues surrounding legality and morality. Discover why it’s a must-see for travelers seeking more than just surface-level tourism.

two women wearing a disco outfit standing in a red-lit window in Amsterdam Red Light District at night

Amsterdam’s Red Light District, known as De Wallen, is one of the city’s most famous and controversial attractions. Drawing in tourists from around the globe, it offers a unique glimpse into the liberal attitudes that the Netherlands is renowned for. This guide aims to provide tourists with a comprehensive understanding of the area, covering its history, cultural framework, economic impact, and the social issues it faces, all while offering tips on how to respectfully navigate this unique part of Amsterdam.


a blonde woman wearing a black leather dress and high heels walking through Amsterdam Red Light District at night

For those intrigued by the vibrant and unique atmosphere of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the exploration doesn’t end with its neon lights and historic streets. Beyond its initial allure, there’s a plethora of activities that cater to the curiosity of every visitor. From engaging cultural experiences to tantalizing culinary adventures, the district offers more than meets the eye. To discover a curated selection of activities that promise to enrich your visit, delve into our guide on things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District. Here, you’ll find recommendations that highlight the area’s diverse attractions, ensuring your experience is both memorable and respectful towards this unique community.

History and Evolution

Amsterdam Red Light District in 1968 showing the most narrow alley of the city with a man in suit walk through, with two prostitutes in clothes in window brothels on the right side.

The Red Light District has a long and complex history, dating back to the 14th century when sailors arrived in Amsterdam, seeking entertainment during their time ashore. Over the centuries, De Wallen evolved from a maritime district with a few brothels and taverns to become the legalized, regulated area known for sex work and cannabis coffeeshops today. This transformation reflects changes in societal attitudes and government policies towards sex work, aiming to provide safety and reduce stigma for those working within the industry. Understanding this history is crucial for tourists, as it adds depth to the visit, transforming it from mere curiosity to an appreciation of the area’s significance in Amsterdam’s cultural tapestry.

Cultural & Legal Framework

three female tourists walking through Amsterdam Red Light District at night

The Netherlands is known for its progressive laws regarding prostitution and cannabis, which are crucial aspects of the Red Light District’s identity. Since 2000, sex work has been fully legalized and regulated, with workers required to register and receive regular health checks. Similarly, the sale and consumption of cannabis in designated coffee shops are tolerated under strict conditions. For tourists, this legal framework ensures a safe and regulated environment but also requires an understanding of the rules. For instance, photographing sex workers in their windows is strictly forbidden, a rule set to protect the privacy and dignity of the workers. By respecting these laws, tourists contribute to the respectful and responsible tourism that Amsterdam strives for.

Tourism and Economy

a young attractive man wearing a jacket looks inside a red-lit window in Amsterdam Red Light District

Tourism plays a significant role in the economy of the Red Light District, attracting visitors with its unique offerings that are not found in most other places. However, the influx of tourists also presents challenges, such as overcrowding and the commodification of local culture. The city government has been working to balance the economic benefits of tourism with the quality of life for residents and the sustainability of the district. Tourists can contribute positively by being mindful of their impact, spending their money in local businesses, and engaging with the area in a way that respects its residents and cultural heritage.

Social Issues and Controversies

people walking through the Oudekennissteeg in Amsterdam with red-lit windows on the left and right.

While the Red Light District is a major tourist attraction, it’s also at the center of various social issues and controversies, such as human trafficking and the exploitation of sex workers. The Dutch government and non-governmental organizations have implemented numerous initiatives to combat these problems, focusing on ensuring the safety and rights of sex workers. Tourists should be aware of these issues and support businesses and practices that promote ethical and responsible interactions within the district. By staying informed and conscientious, visitors can help in the fight against exploitation and contribute to the positive development of the area.

Experience and Etiquette

two blonde women giving each other a kiss on the mouth in a red-lit window in Amsterdam Red Light District

Visiting the Red Light District offers tourists a unique experience, but it comes with the responsibility to act respectfully and ethically. Observing local laws and customs, such as not taking photos of the sex workers and not consuming cannabis in public spaces outside designated areas, is essential. Tourists should remember that the district is not just an attraction but also a place where people live and work. Exploring other attractions in the area, like the Oude Kerk or participating in red light district tours that focus on the history and culture of the district, can enrich the experience. By approaching their visit with respect and curiosity, tourists can ensure that their presence is positive for both themselves and the community they are visiting.

By covering these aspects, tourists can gain a deeper understanding of the Red Light District, ensuring their visit is both enjoyable and respectful. Amsterdam’s approach to managing this unique district offers a fascinating glimpse into how cities can balance the needs and rights of residents, workers, and visitors alike.


a male tourist looking into a red-lit window in Amsterdam Red Light District at night

Exploring the vibrant and historic Red Light District of Amsterdam reveals a unique tapestry of culture, legality, and social dynamics that captivate visitors from around the globe. However, beyond the neon-lit allure and cultural intrigue, understanding the practical aspects of visiting this iconic area is equally important. For those curious about navigating the district with insight into expenses, our guide on Red Light District prices offers comprehensive details on what to expect financially. This essential read complements your journey through Amsterdam’s most famous district, ensuring a well-rounded and informed experience that spans from its rich history to the practicalities of its contemporary allure.


three men walking through Amsterdam Red Light District with Window Brothels on both sides of the alley

When visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District, having a map is very useful. You can see where to walk and find interesting places. Look at our Amsterdam Red Light District Map for easy directions. This map helps you not get lost and enjoy more. Perfect for tourists who want a simple guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Red Light District in Amsterdam so distinctive?

De Oudezijds Achterburgwal in daytime showing De Wallen district in Amsterdam on a summer day

Amsterdam’s Red Light District, also known as De Wallen, stands out for its legalized sex work, adult entertainment shops, and marijuana dispensaries. This district showcases Amsterdam’s progressive stance on issues like sex work and cannabis use, drawing in a global audience eager to experience its uniquely liberal culture.

Is it permissible for tourists to explore the Red Light District?

Indeed, tourists are allowed to visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District, immersing themselves in its extraordinary cultural landscape. While exploring, visitors must observe local regulations and customs, including restrictions on photographing sex workers and rules regarding the use of cannabis.

Are photographs allowed in the Red Light District?

Photography of sex workers in their display windows is forbidden in the Red Light District to safeguard their privacy and respect. Tourists should heed this important rule to prevent any legal complications and to show respect towards the workers.

Other than that is photographing in Amsterdam Red Light District allowed. Just do not take pictures of the sex workers – without permission.

a male street artist singing a song with his guitar on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam Red Light District
Street artist on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal street.

When is the Red Light District accessible?

The Red Light District operates around the clock, though the hours for its various attractions, such as red light windows, bars, sex shops, cannabis shops, and sex shows can differ. Sex workers’ windows tend to be more active during the night, whereas cannabis shops usually close by 1 AM.

How should tourists behave respectfully in the Red Light District?

Visitors demonstrate respect in the Red Light District by complying with local laws and social norms, such as refraining from taking pictures of sex workers, avoiding littering, and keeping noise to a minimum. Participating in guided tours and appreciating the district’s rich history and culture also helps in honoring the local community.


Top 10 Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

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Top 10 Coffeeshops in Amsterdam With Best Weed & Hash

Posted on: June 1, 2024

best coffeeshops in amsterdam

Coffeeshops In Amsterdam: Ultimate Coffee Shop Guide (For Cannabis)

When in Holland, it’s important to know where to find the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. Having a bad experience can ruin your trip, and that’s especially true if you’re looking for cannabis. Unfortunately, there are many companies in Amsterdam that offer poor quality products at high prices, and the same goes for some of the city’s coffee shops.

Table of Contents