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10 Safety Measures for Prostitutes in the Red Light District

Posted on: November 7, 2015

safety measures for prostitutes Amsterdam Red Light District window brothels

Safety Measures For Prostitutes In Amsterdam

In order to ensure the safety of every prostitute in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has implemented several standardised rules throughout the years. With these rules the government believes that they make prostitution safer. For the prostitutes in the Red Light District it comes down to the following 10 points.

  1. Every prostitute has to be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  2. The prostitute is allowed to refuse any customer (because they are self-employed)
  3. Daily shifts cannot be over 11 hours a day
  4. The minimum age for a prostitute in the Red Light District is 21
  5. The brothel operator has to contribute to the safety of the prostitute by being present at all times in case of emergencies
  6. The prostitute has to hand in a copy of her ID, her registration at the Chamber of Commerce and a certificate of residence
  7. The brothel (owner) is regularly checked by the (local) government
  8. The prostitutes are checked on income and tax
  9. The police monitor the area 24/7 with dozens of camera’s and (undercover) officers on the streets
  10. All window brothels have security systems like camera’s & panic buttons

Safety Tips From An Amsterdam Prostitute In The Red Light District

In a previous interview with sex worker Felicia and her boyfriend (who is one of our tour guides), Felicia points out that the work isn’t suited for fragile women. She stated that when it comes to threatening clients who could possibly try to hit her: “No, I wouldn’t try it. I always think like, I’m not going to wait till somebody hits me, I hit first! That seems to work, haha. Of course I get into trouble sometimes but I always manage, I never need the police. You learn to be tuff with this job. You learn to not let anyone walk over you. Sometimes people say I’m very mean or I’m very aggressive. If you are like that with me I will respond in the same way. If you treat me nice I will be really nice with you but if you start to mess with me then I can not be nice, but that is normal I think. When somebody starts talking shit about me I will respond in the same manner.” Read her boyfriends views and some more about this here.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District Is A Safe Area

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and therefore the prostitutes have the right to be protected by the government. Although absolute safety is difficult to guarantee, the implementation of these safety measures for prostitutes demonstrate that the Red Light District has become a relatively safe area. Especially compared to other countries in the world. It’s not for nothing that Amsterdam has a lot of prostitutes from abroad.

safety measures for prostitutes Amsterdam Red Light District
Amsterdam’s most narrow alley  – filled with 9 window brothels.

Although it is not mandatory, prostitutes make their own work environment more safe by doing regular health checks. Furthermore most prostitutes only do safe sex. They often get themselves tested for STD’s, which isn’t mandatory by the way. The Dutch government supports the health safety measures for prostitutes by offering it for free.

Did you know that Amsterdam actually has three Red Light District areas? All of the districts are in residential areas filled with cafes & restaurants. This results into a lot of social control, which is one of the safety measures for prostitutes. “De Wallen”, a.k.a. the Red Light District, is the biggest area of its kind in the Netherlands. It currently contains 295 window brothels.

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One Response to 10 Safety Measures for Prostitutes in the Red Light District

  1. Rahul says:

    Hi there,

    I had opted for a “Blowjob” only, in RLD – Amsterdam (Window Prostitute) during last week. The lady (from Poland) was free and was not engaged with anybody for more than 5-7 minutes before i entered and took about 2-3 minutes to start-off on rendering the agreed service. While I went in, the lady put a condom on my private part(unrolled it till the end) and started off with oral and then the hand-job. I am doubtful if the condom put on was a new one or used by somebody else before me. I went through lot of websites regarding the same and found divulged opinions regarding shelf life of infected sperm in a used condom.

    Please clarify if i would be at risk of getting any infections transmitted if the condom was used by someone else before me and had traces of any infection in the above scenario.


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