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10x Amsterdam Red Light District Things to Do

We’ve made the most unique and interesting Amsterdam red light district things to do list for you! This top 10 list contains a lot of places and activities that you normally would miss when visiting this part of town. Check it out below.

1. Take an Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

The Red Light District has such a rich and diverse history that you simply can’t grasp it by just walking around. To fully appreciate this unique little part of Amsterdam be sure to take a guided walking tour with our tour company. We are after all the highest rated Red Light District Tour on TripAdvisor. If you’d like to join us you can make your reservation via this page.

Prefer to do a tour on your schedule, at your pass? Another Amsterdam Red Light District things to do is our new audio tour. Our app allows you to experience a GPS-guided tour in the Red Light District independently, cheaply and at any time of the day. All you need is your smartphone! Here you can find more info about the Amsterdam Audio Tours App.

Amsterdam Red Light District Things to do Red Light District Tour

2.  Climb the tower of Amsterdam’s oldest building

Experience a panoramic view over the oldest part of Amsterdam. During this half hour tour an expert will tell you all about Amsterdam’s oldest building: The Old Church. This is an experience normally missed by most visitors. Be advised that you’ll have to climb a lot of stairs to get to the top, but we believe the climb is definitely worth it!

The tour costs € 8,50 per person. They are open April till October, Monday through Saturday, from 1 pm till 7 pm. A reservation isn’t possible for this tour. More information can be found here. Of all the Amsterdam red light district things to do, this one is high on our list.

3. Taste typical Dutch cuisine during a private dining session at Sapora

After tasting some stroopwafelscroquettes and other Dutch snacks you probably also want to experience some authentic Dutch cooking. Sapora is situated smack in the middle of the Red Light District in an old canal house (the house used to be a brothel owned by the Fokkens Twins sisters who now do walking tours for us). Your hostess Jacky will prepare the most delicious Dutch dishes for you and pair them with wonderful Italian wines. At Sapora you’ll get a taste of Dutch history in a cozy atmosphere.

Amsterdam Red Light District things to do Sapora Dutch Food

4. Visit Amsterdam’s last hidden church

The Our Lord in the Attic Museum is a uniquely preserved seventeenth-century house dating back to the Dutch Golden Age. After exploring the original interior of a 17thcentury house you’ll end up in the attic of the building, where you’ll find an entire Catholic church. Back in 1663 it was prohibited to celebrate mass, however the Dutch authorities turned a blind eye. This building is the perfect symbol of Dutch tolerance throughout the last five centuries. You can find more information here.

Amsterdam Red Light District Things to do Our Lord In The Attic

5. Get schooled at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam is the most important and oldest museum in the world dedicated to just Cannabis Sativa L, the plant that is probably most known as hemp or marijuana. Inside you’ll find exhibits and a unique collection about all the aspects of cannabis. The museum also functions as a knowledge center and facilitates scientific research. This museum plays a serious and informative part in the world of Cannabis. Be sure to check it out.

Amsterdam Red Light District things to do Hash Marhihuana & Hemp Museum

6. Take a tour at local brewery and tasting room De Prael

Instead of visiting the Heineken Experience just pay a visit to De Prael Brewery in the Red Light District. They actually offer you a tour through their operational brewery. This Amsterdam red light district things to do will set you back € 8,50 per person and includes a bitter pale beer. There is also an option to do the tour with four beers for those who want a little more buzz. For contact information simply visit their website.

Amsterdam Red Light District Things to do De Prael Brewery

7. Visit the Amsterdam Exchange Experience

Did you know that the first stock exchange in the world was built right here in Amsterdam? What better way is there to learn more about stock exchanges than getting a guided tour about it in the city that started it all? At the AEX Experience they offer tours of the stock exchange every first Wednesday of the month. However, some months they offer the tour more frequently, check the schedule on their website for availability and a reservation.

Amsterdam Red Light District things to do AEX Exchange Experience

8. Get some drinks and play arcade games at the Ton Ton Club

Right in the middle of all the action in the Red Light District you’ll find one of the great arcade game experiences of Amsterdam. Play some classic games, do a couple of drinks and a have bite to eat. A great place to start a night out or to simply play around for a while. More information on the Ton Ton Club can be found here. There is also a list of all the arcade games that they offer which can be viewed here.

Amsterdam Red Light District things to do Ton Ton Club Arcade Game

9. Amsterdam Red Light District things to do: eat some herring

Yes, you should eat Dutch herring in Amsterdam. Preferably in the Red Light District in the typical Dutch shop called “Amsterdamsche Visch Handel”. This shop is so small that they don’t even have a counter. The fish is only presented in the display window of the shop. They receive fresh fish everyday and they even go to Paris two times a week for the more exotic species! But you’ll probably be there for just the herring, which tastes great! You can find more information and the location of this shop here.

Amsterdam Red Light District things to do eat some Herring

10. Experience Magic Truffels in a safe setting at smart shop Kokopelli

Kokopelli is Amsterdam’s first and best smart shop. A smart shop is a place that sells Magic Truffels among others. This is a legal psychedelic drug that keeps you high for about 4 hours. Kokopelli is the place in the Red Light District if you’re interested in doing a little mind-exploration. Here at Kokopelli, they look to offer safe experiences to their customers and to provide good and reliable information about their products. In the back they have a space to relax. The lounge has a beautiful view over the water and the Damrak. The lounge is supurbly decorated and painted.

15 grams of Magic Truffels (a.k.a. Magic Mushrooms) go for around € 18,50 and is enough for 2/3 persons. Be sure to check out this unique place, even if you don’t want to use anything. More information on Kokopelli can be found here.

Amsterdam Red Light District things to do Kokopelli

The owner of Kokopelli – Veronique Verschueren – can also be heard in our new Red Light District Audio Tour. In it, she tells more about magic truffels, the local drug policy and about the history of smart shops in Amsterdam.