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10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

Posted on: September 11, 2018

10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam – The Top 10

This best coffeeshops in Amsterdam ranking was based on 224 votes from members of the Dam Jam – Amsterdam Coffeeshop Culture Facebook group and the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory Facebook group. The Facebook group Dam Jam has currently 14.401 members and is described as: “A page about Amsterdam, its coffeeshops and a cheeky bit of culture all rolled into one”. The other one currently counts 60.612 members and uses this description: “A place for members of the ACD forum and fans of ACD to come on Facebook to discuss current coffeeshop culture and share info”.

best coffeeshops in amsterdam guide

Some of the members prefer to lounge whilst others only vote for the quality of the cannabis. With this top 10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam you can’t go wrong during your visit.

1 | Coffeeshop Grey Area

10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam Grey Area Weed

Number one on our list with a total of 31 votes out of 224 is the Grey Area. This coffeeshop is regular cannabis-cup winner and the staff is really knowledgeable. It’s named Grey Area because Dutch law on using cannabis isn’t exactly clear-cut. The shop is located in the center of Amsterdam and is world renowned for the quality of their weed. Most visitors go there to buy their cannabis but not to chill as the shop itself is quite small. Because of the central location and popularity it can get busy so expect to have wait in line. Find Coffeeshop Grey Area on the map below.

2 | Coffeeshop 1e Hulp (First Aid)

10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam 1e Hulp

This coffeeshop came in a close second with 28 votes out of 224. 1e Hulp is located at the outskirts of the city center making it relatively quiet. A really relaxed, very comfortable and cozy coffeeshop perfect for chilling. Oh, and the weed is great too! This isn’t the cheapest coffeeshop in Amsterdam but they serve some unique and excellent strains. The staff is also really friendly and will help you out with making your selection. This shop is well known for their moon rocksFind Coffeeshop 1e Hulp on the map below.

3| Coffeeshop Boerejongens Center

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam boerejongens center

Boerejongens is without a doubt one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This is a very modern coffeeshop with a touch of class. Boerejongens got a total of 20 votes out of 224. It’s very easy to reach due to it being located close to Rembrandt Square, on the Utrechtsestraat 21. The staff wear crisp white shirts combined with black bowties and white aprons. They are also very friendly and knowledgeable. Expect a great selection of strains and to wait in line as this is a really busy shop. You can sit and chill in the cozy upstairs however most people just go here to get some of the best cannabis in town, and leave. This is because the upstairs is quite small. Find Coffeeshop Boerejongens on the map below.

4 | Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje (The Balloon)

het ballonnetje

Het Ballonnetje attracts a wide variety of guests, including tourists, musicians, artists and students. The staff here is friendly and they sell their top quality weed and hash for reasonable prices. Het Ballonnetje is located in Amsterdam Oost (east). Tip: get your supplies at het Ballonnetje and visit Artis Zoo located just around the corner. Find Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje on the map below.

5 | Coffeeshop The Plug

 Coffee Shop The Plug

Number five on our best coffeeshops in Amsterdam list is The Plug. This place was formerly Coffeeshop Utopia but has merged with The Plug in Barcelona back in May 2018.

This has greatly improved their original selection and menu. It is a small coffeeshop with the option to sit outside in the sunlight. The staff is friendly and patient. They also serve great coffee here. Come for the cannabis stay for the coffee ;). Find Coffeeshop The Plug on the map below.

6 | Coffeeshop The Stud

10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam The Stud

This is another shop on our list that is located at the outskirts of Amsterdam’s city center. The Stud was established back in 1982 and serves a good mixture of local regulars and tourists. It’s a small shop so seating is limited. Expect the best herbs for a fair price served by friendly staff. Coffeeshop The Stud also has a few (“old dated”) computers that visitors may use. The shop is located close to the Amsterdam Muiderpoort train station, in the more eastern part of the city. At Cannabis Liberation Day 2018 The Stud was nominated for the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Find Coffeeshop The Stud on the map below.

7 | Green House Coffeeshop

10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam Green House coffeeshop Voorburgwal

The atmosphere in Green House is completely unique. Green House has four separate locations spread out over Amsterdam. We’re talking about the Green House at the Oudezijs Voorburgwal located in the Red Light District. Great central location. All Green House coffeeshops have a high quality reputation and great quality products. One of those places where you can buy with your eyes closed. Find Coffeeshop Green House on the map below.

8 | Coffeeshop Abraxas

Coffeeshop Abraxas Menu

Located in the heart of Amsterdam close to Spui Square and Rokin street, this is one of the oldest and the best-known coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Coffeeshop Abraxas is also known from a scene in a famous movie. This is one of the reasons why it’s part of our Amsterdam Drugs Tour.

The interior is really unique and “mind expanding” by itself. The place is really hospitable and they serve a nice selection of high quality coffee and tea. A fantastic coffeeshop to enjoy a relaxing joint. Find Coffeeshop Abraxas on the map below.

9 | Coffeeshop Easy Times

coffeeshop Easy Times

This is one of the more larger coffeeshops on our best coffeeshops in Amsterdam top 10. The vibe here is good and relaxing with plenty of comfortable seating for everyone. They also have some canal side tables outside for when the sun is shining. Besides serving up some great bud they also play quality music. Right next door are a McDonalds and Burger King for those who get the munchies. Find Coffeeshop Easy Times on the map below.

10 | Coffeeshop Voyagers

hotel voyagers red light district
Coffeeshop Voyagers in the Red Light District.

This coffeeshop is actually a hotel and coffeeshop in one. It is located at one of the entrances to the Red Light District from Amsterdam’s Central Station. This is a great place to start your adventure. The staff is really friendly and the weed and selection are really good. It is a cozy coffeeshop, surrounded by two canals, with limited seating so not ideal for long chill sessions, unless you also booked a hotel room there. Find coffeeshop Voyagers on the map below.

Cannabis Legalisation In Holland

On the 11th of February, 2020, we posted a poll on our Facebook-page. We asked whether the content of cannabis should be checked by the Dutch government. This is what 294 respondents answered:

10 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Map

We listed all these 10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam in Google Maps (below) so that you can easily find them.

On your mobile device: combine two fingers to scroll through the map:

Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Did you know that “only” 7.2% of the Dutch adults used cannabis last month (source)? Did you know that >95% of all cannabis in the Netherlands is produced illegally? Here it’s only tolerated to buy and sell cannabis. The commercial production of cannabis is not legal.

(It’s only legal when done via the new so called ‘weed-experiment’ or ‘weed test’ what goes through the Dutch government and in which only a few coffeeshops may participate).

netherlands drug use
An image of the Netherlands in cocaine.

Ever heard of the Dutch Cocaine Factory that legally produced cocaine in Amsterdam? From 1870 till 1919 cocaine was a legal product in the Netherlands. In the 1910’s the Netherlands was actually a global market leader in the production of cocaine. And did you know that the Netherlands is one of the biggest XTC producing countries in the world?

Learn more about drugs during the informative Amsterdam Drugs Tour. A licensed guide will explain more about drugs during a beautiful, healthy walk of 100 minutes through the centre of Amsterdam. This fun activity cost 19,50 euro and includes more than 12 drug related highlights.




Interview with Sensi Seeds CEO Ben Dronkers 

Drug Use in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Red Light District Map

2 Responses to 10 Best Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

  1. Chris Cartwright says:

    Last time I went to Amsterdam I visited Boerejongens on the Utrechtsestraat. Their weed is the best i ever had. I had to wait 10 minutes in line to get in but it was definitely worht it. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit the dam again this year.

  2. Dan Grey 81 says:

    Love that this list actually contains votes of frequent visitors, which are the real experts to me. Just bookmarked this overview for my next visit to Amsterdam. Cheers ARLDT!

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