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Red Light District
Restaurants in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

Restaurants in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

The Red Light District has so much more to offer than just sex and drugs (and rock & roll). There are many good restaurants around too – from every different part of the world. There are great burger restaurants like the BurgerFabriek, Mexican joints like Los Pilones, Italian pizzeria like Da Portare Via and much, much more. There are even a few fancy restaurants in the Red Light District. Our personal favourite of the restaurants in the Red Light District is restaurant Anna, which is located in the heart of the area. It has a beautiful view on the Old Church and is located just a few meters away from the window brothels. Both the Food and the wines are amazing over there! The combination of these things makes the Red Light District of Amsterdam such an unique place! Nowhere else in the world you’d be able to find cannabis stores, window brothels, cafes, a day care, churches and good restaurants all located so close to each other.

Another high quality restaurant is Blauw aan de Waal. This restaurant stands hidden at the end of a tight alleyway tucked between the glowing red lights. There you’ll find a pleasant and beautiful courtyard connected to an old warehouse. At restaurant blauw aan de waal they serve classic dishes from a limited menu that all taste delicious. The restaurant also has a good wine menu and the service there is top notch.

Visit this unique area yourself (or with us) and experience that this is a nice, safe and very interesting neighbourhood. After the tour our guides can point you to the best restaurants in the the Red Light District that cater to your specific wishes. We’ve listed most of the restaurants in the Red Light District below.