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Red Light District

Restaurant Gusto

Posted on: August 12, 2023

Restaurant Gusto in Amsterdam

Restaurant Gusto, the Italian restaurant in Amsterdam that sucks!

Restaurant Gusto is one of the worst Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. Why you ask? The main reason is that the service level here is very poor! The owner Moncef (Souissi) is not friendly at all. We doubt that he’s Italian by the way. He’s just another rude guy who thinks he’s a big shot. He treaded us like shit. An arrogant bastard, really… It’s not for nothing that you see his face on every picture on their website. The owner of Restaurant Gusto only cares about the money in your pocket.

So no, we would definitely not recommend you to go here. The owner will just treat you like shit. There are many other restaurants in the Red Light District, which are way, way better than Restaurant Gusto.

For example, Italian Restaurant Il Sogno. This restaurant has great food, friendly personal and has a wooden-fired oven. Il Sogno is definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in the Red Light District! Their pizza’s are amazing! We’ve had our best pizza ever at Il Sogno. They serve delicious Italian wines and beers as well. Il Sogno (which means The Dream) is very popular among locals by the way…

Other good place to have dinner is Restaurant In De Waag. The building itself is beautiful and is the oldest non-religious building of Amsterdam, which stands on New Market Square. When you see In De Waag from the outside, you’ll will probably think that it’s an expensive restaurant. But that’s not true. Their prices are on a normal level. Coffee or tea with some pie will you cost you 7 Euros. We think it’s really special to sit in the second oldest building of Amsterdam, while enjoying a lovely meal.

Avoid Restaurant Gusto, as it will most likely ruin your evening!

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