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Red Light District

Amsterdam Peep Show in Red Light District

Posted on: March 2, 2024

Amsterdam Peep Show At Night

Amsterdam Peep Show: All You Need To Know

Enter the realm of Amsterdam’s peep show scene. In 2024, these attractions still captivate visitors and fuel discussions. Whether you’re exploring the Red Light District or curious about adult entertainment, understanding Amsterdam peep shows is essential. Join us as we unravel their evolution, navigate complexities, and explore their cultural significance in today’s society.

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The Evolution of Peep Shows

Peep shows have a long and varied history, with roots tracing back to ancient times. In the past, they were often associated with traveling fairs or seedy establishments on the outskirts of town. However, over the years, they have become more mainstream and can now be found in major cities around the world, including Amsterdam.

Advancements in technology have played a significant role in shaping the modern peep show experience. While traditional peep shows relied on simple mechanical devices or live performers, today’s versions often incorporate video screens, interactive elements, and even virtual reality. This evolution reflects changing consumer preferences and the increasing digitization of entertainment.

Peep Show Meaning

The Dutch dictionary Van Dale gives the following definition of a peep show:

A sexual arousal show of a naked woman (man) who, in exchange for coins, can be watched through the viewing window of a booth.

peep show

What happens in the Amsterdam Peep Shows?

This Amsterdam Peep Show is located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in the heart of the Red Light District. A peep show is a theater in which the paying visitor can see several erotic performers. It offers a variety of sex shows which can be viewed from a small cabin (or booth) which allows one or two persons. The visitor needs to insert at least two euro to start the strip show. In Amsterdam Peep Show Sex Palace it’s two Euro per two minutes.

Amsterdam Peep Show
Amsterdam Peep Show fun fact: People live above this sex venue.

The sex workers (mostly female) standing behind the windows of the peep show are switched every 10 minutes. So every 10 minutes there’s a new erotic performer. Most of the cabins are faced towards one performer, which means that there are several visitors who can enjoy the same performer.

red light district by night

It’s possible to get a private booth with the performer, obviously for a higher rate. In these private cabins, the visitor and the performer are still separated by a window, but in these cabins they can give each others certain instructions.

In Amsterdam peep shows, patrons typically pay a fee to view performers behind glass windows or curtains. The performers may engage in various acts or dances, often of an erotic nature, for the entertainment of the audience. These performances can range from relatively tame to more explicit, depending on the establishment and the preferences of the patrons. Some peep shows may also incorporate technology, such as video screens or interactive elements, to enhance the experience for viewers. Overall, Amsterdam peep shows offer a unique form of adult entertainment within the city’s famous Red Light District.

How much does a Peep Show cost Amsterdam?

Prostitution Netherlands
One of the 12 cabins. Insert two euros in the slot and you can watch for two minutes.

In Amsterdam, experiencing a peep show typically costs around 2 euros. For this price, visitors can enjoy a live strip or sex show for approximately 2 minutes. However, the duration of the show can be extended by inserting additional money into the slot. The more money inserted, the longer patrons can continue watching the performance. This pricing structure allows visitors to tailor their experience based on their preferences and budget, making peep shows a flexible and accessible form of adult entertainment in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Navigating Amsterdam’s Peep Show Scene

For those interested in exploring Amsterdam’s peep show scene, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s essential to respect the privacy and autonomy of the sex workers involved. Visitors should understand that these individuals are professionals providing a service and should be treated with dignity and respect.

When visiting the Red Light District, it’s also crucial to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding adult entertainment. While Amsterdam has a relatively liberal approach to sex work, there are still rules in place to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved. Additionally, visitors should be prepared to pay a fee for entry to peep show establishments and should always adhere to any house rules or guidelines provided.

Cultural and Societal Perspectives

Peep shows occupy a unique place in the cultural landscape, serving as both a form of entertainment and a reflection of societal attitudes towards sex and sexuality. In Amsterdam, they are just one aspect of the city’s broader reputation for openness and tolerance.

From a societal perspective, attitudes towards peep shows can vary widely. Some may view them as empowering forms of expression and a legitimate form of work, while others may see them as exploitative or demeaning. Understanding these differing perspectives is essential for engaging in meaningful discussions about the role of peep shows in contemporary society.

Last One In Town

In April 2014, the Amsterdam Peep Show announced that it will close its doors. An employee told us that they don’t know when it will be closed. According to the Dutch newspaper “Het Parool” this is last peep show of Amsterdam, according to “De Telegraaf” and Vice the Amsterdam Peep Show is even the last one of its kind in the Netherlands!

Did you know that this place was founded in the 1970’s – more than 40 years ago? It was a revolution back then. Before its introduction, men visited the Red Light District – an area focused on erotic entertainment – and went to sex shops to buy porn magazines. In that time, there was no porn on television. This is why the sex stores did such good business. So, when the video peep shows were introduced that was a real invention.

Affected By Online Porn

Unfortunately, this sex show was and is being affected by the introduction of (free) online porn. Before the introduction of the internet, this place was having its golden years. Guys went to a bar, then to this erotic show for a warming-up and afterwards they’d perhaps visit a prostitute in Amsterdam Red Light District.

Amsterdam Peep Show Performers
There are five female strippers and one couple inside the Amsterdam Peep Show.

Are you planning a visit to Amsterdam? And are you looking for fun things to do in the Red Light District? Let a local Dutch guide show you around in the oldest area of Amsterdam. During our tours we show the Sex Palace Peep Show – the very last one in town. Experience something which has been part of Amsterdam for decades for yourself!

Amsterdam Peep Show Inside
Old school video-booths can be found on the right side of the venue.

It also offers around 400 different porn videos. So perhaps you’re asking yourself right now; “Why would anybody go inside here to see video porn?” Good question! Especially nowadays with the massive availability of online erotic entertainment on internet. Well, the owner says that’s because some people aren’t allowed to watch porn at home. Therefor they come here – literally. Next to that, it’s a lot of fun to see this place in Amsterdam’s Red Light District! It’s weird, it’s awkward, it’s unique… it’s THE place for a good laugh!

Amsterdam Peep Show Inside Cabins

There used to be six peep shows in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, Amsterdam Peep Show is the last one of its kind and it’s located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in the Red Light District.

Red Light District Entrepreneur Jan van Otten

The current owner of the last Peep Show in Amsterdam is Jan van Otten. He started out as a bouncer for the famous sex club Casa Rosso. Later on in his career he got the opportunity to buy Casa Rosso and other sex clubs like the Peep Show. Van Otten has stated that he wants to transform this place into a luxurious exclusive night club.

Jan Otten
Jan Otten owns five sex shows in Amsterdam, including the Sex Palace Peep Show.

You can now hear Jan van Otten himself talk about his Amsterdam Peep Show in our audio tour app.



In the Amsterdam Audio Tours app, Jan Otten and 21 other experts share their knowledge about the Red Light District. The audio tour last approximately 100 minutes and gives a very interesting explanation on Amsterdam’s most fascinating area. You can listen to it from home, in your hotel or in the Red Light District of course.

Amsterdam Peep Show Owner in Audio Tour

amsterdam peep shows

Jan Otten: “On the left side we have 8 live show cabins placed in a circle around a stage where you can get a peep at the live show that is going on at that moment. Usually it is one female stripper, but once an hour you can see a couple in action. They’ll have sex with each other while others can watch the live show via the peep cabins.

If you put 2 euro into the coin slot, the window will rise for 2 minutes. It is the most accessible sex show in Amsterdam. So for a lot of people it stills the need for excitement they get in this area somewhat. But, you can also see the other people who are watching the show, so I guess they are not really used for masturbation that much right?

sex show

Do you want to know where to find all the sex shows, what happens inside and what they cost? Wanna know why Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam is so popular? We listed the 10 best sex shows in Amsterdam with male and female strippers. The list includes one just for the ladies. Check it out!



Find the exact location of the Amsterdam Peep Show on the map below.


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21 Responses to Amsterdam Peep Show in Red Light District

  1. indra Bhushan says:

    sex and enjoy.

  2. anu says:

    sex enjoy happy life

  3. Laurens says:

    How long do the girl performers work at sex palace for?

  4. Laurens says:

    When is sex palace peep show closing down

  5. james wilson says:

    i used to perform at the sex palace peepshow 1992-1999. I was the male half of the live sex show. when I started it was a 15 minute sex show 14 times every day for two weeks. then we would move onto other peepshows in Brussels; Antwerp; Hanover; Lisbon; etc.
    the longest stint I did was 13 weeks. and in Hanover we did 19 shows per day mon-fri; Saturday was 11 shows and Sunday was 7 shows.
    it was a great life and good money for doing something that we realy enjoyed.
    I miss the place.
    I haven’t been back since 1999; but hope to visit as a tourist next year.
    if any other English performers read this please message me.

  6. jimmy wilson says:

    It would be sad to see the end of the sex palace peepshow in Amsterdam: I spent many months over a period of seven years with two different female partners performing live sex shows there.
    I also performed in the Kerksplein and Nieuendyke peepshows.
    Can anyone please tell me when the first live sex shows between a man and a woman were performed in Amsterdam and Belgium

  7. Jessi says:

    Going to Sex Palace between July 1-4. When do the man/woman show start? Went once, loved it but second time was only a woman posing.

    • jimmy wilson says:

      I don’t think that they do peepshow anymore.
      Let me know how your time there went.

    • jimmy says:

      hi Jessi.
      when i was doing the live sex shows at the sex palace during the 90s, it used to be on the hour lasting for 15 mins and we used to do 14 shows per day.
      The kerksplein peepshow- Which used to be a 5 min walk away- used to be on the half hour.
      How did you enjoy the experience?

  8. jimmt wilson says:

    I’m not sure that it is no longer a peepshow.
    i spent a lot of timr there.and enjoyed every minute.
    I wish that i could do it all again.

  9. Stephen says:

    Are these shows still available and are they on during the day ?? is it male and female

  10. Jari Kärkkäinen says:

    If I want to use prostitues. How can I Works?

  11. Kevin says:

    Hello guys

    We are a couple that want to act at peepshows and live sex shows, new at “this world” but very happy to get involved with. Any idea where to start or where could be go?
    Many thanks in advance

  12. Kevin says:

    Hello guys

    We are a couple that wants to act at peepshows and live sex shows, new at “this world” but very happy to get involved with. Any idea where to start or where could go?

    Many thanks in advance

  13. BreastLover says:

    Can you masturbate in the peep show?

  14. Emma says:

    I went in a skirt and played with myself ? suppose it’s harder for guys?

  15. Jimmy wilson says:

    Which peeps how did you go to?
    When was it?

  16. Lukasz Prus says:

    if you needed a man he was happy to give sex shows with girls

  17. Piki says:

    In the peep show, the money changer received paper money, but I did not receive change. the employee’s answer is that I should come tomorrow to return the cameras and check since they don’t believe me. Be careful

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