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8 Ways To Get A (Sex) Date In Amsterdam

Posted on: November 16, 2019

sex date in amsterdam

How To Get A Sex Date In Amsterdam

The problem with traveling is you don’t know how things work in that country or city. Things work differently than you are used to. When you are in unknown territory, there is a chance that things will not go the way you want them to go. If you’re in the Netherlands for a short time and you’re looking for a date in Amsterdam then you do not want any problems, hassle or unexpected costs. You just want reliable sources that can help you have a good time in Amsterdam.

The solution is here! A complete overview with eight reliable, transparent and accessible providers who can help you find a sex date in Amsterdam.

date in amsterdam tips

This list contains great tips and ways to get an exciting date in Amsterdam. There are many ways to do this: There are dating companies such as Parship, Lexa or Ashley Madison. You can join speed-dating events, book an escort in Amsterdam, check out the Red Light District with its window workers or visit a sex club. But of course there is also the possibility to meet someone via (sex) dating websites in the Netherlands!

love locks

Date tip: In the Netherlands it is very common to talk about the weather. So if you don’t know what to talk about, it’s always a good idea to have a quick chat about the weather. After all, that changes every day in the Netherlands.

8x Sex Dating Sites In The Netherlands

If you’re looking for a sex date in Amsterdam then have a look at the best sex dating sites in the Netherlands below.

1 | MySecretDate

amsterdam sex

This is definitely one the best dating websites if you’re looking for a sex date in Amsterdam. MySecretDate is fully focussed on erotic and sexual hookups in the Netherlands.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship Mysecretdate makes wishes come true. Mysecretdate is a very popular dating site made for men, women and couples who are looking for sex, a relationship, an affair or just an exciting date in Amsterdam or in one of the other major Dutch cities.

amsterdam prostitution pricing

The website is Dutch but it’s very accessible for everybody. At this dating website it does not matter where you come from, as long as you enter your profile information correctly and completely. You can create a profile for free, post your photos and find a nice contacts based on your profile.



2 | Ashley Madison

dating site in amsterdam

Life is short. Have an affair.” With this slogan, dating site Ashley Madison has been promoting cheating for many years. This international dating site in the Netherlands is for all singles who want an affair. With various features to keep your private information secret, anonymity is an important factor. The members of Ashley Madison are single, married, or in a relationship. Anyone looking for something different is welcome!

You can download the free Ashley Madison App or just visit the website and register today.



3 | Second Love

dating websites amsterdam

Second Love is not just any dating site. This Dutch dating platform specifically focuses on people where the routine has crept into their relationship. People looking for excitement and adventure in Amsterdam. However, they do not want to give up their current relationship for this. Second Love is an online service that helps you find like-minded people.

An innocent flirt or an actual date are all possible. Privacy and quality are paramount. For a discreet date in Amsterdam, go to Second Love!



4 | Passie Voor Twee

online daten in nederland

Passievoortwee.nl (translated: Passion For Two) is another great Dutch accessible erotic dating site! That is to say … for those looking for exciting contact, but also for those who want to count themselves among the target group on the basis of life experience. This target group approach was deliberately chosen, because the familiar click mainly arises between people who are like-minded.

And… This dating website in the Netherlands focuses mainly on women and couples. Passion For Two would like to have a bit more class in the world of erotic dating, but also wants to distinguish itself with reliability, integrity and transparency.



5 | RegioSwingers

swingers holland

Good to know: You can only register at this dating website if you’re actually in the Netherlands. They will not allow you if you’re abroad.

RegioSwingers.nl (translated: Region Swingers) is the casual dating site for men, women and couples in the Netherlands who like to “swing”. Meaning: Swinging is a form of intimate friendship between two or more couples or couples. Usually it concerns male-female couples who meet other male-female couples for sex and / or lasting intimate friendships, often with a partner swap. Meet swingers in Amsterdam or other areas in the Netherlands. With an average of 450 new participants per day, this Dutch platform has grown into one of the largest erotic dating sites in the Netherlands and therefor a great way to arrange a sex date in Amsterdam.

On RegioSwingers.nl you can search for new contacts in a trusted environment in a simple and safe way. After registering for free, you can easily look for a nice and suitable candidate who matches your search profile. By emailing or chatting with other participants first, you can build contacts at your own pace. By sending messages via RegioSwingers.nl you remain anonymous for as long as you want. So you keep the reins yourself and decide when you are ready for a possible date in “real life”.



6 | C-Date

online date in amsterdam

C-Date is the matching site for people who are looking for an adventure, an open relationship or an exciting erotic date in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in 11 other countries. It’s the largest international erotic matchmaker and is active in 12 countries and on 4 continents. This dating platform combines style with eroticism and offers exciting variety. They offer a 72% succes rate!

dating amsterdam english

C-Date focuses on target groups of 25 years and older, men and women, straight or homosexual. This dating company appeals to a very broad group; It does not matter whether you are single, in a relationship or married, it is even possible to register as a couple. And, registering is free!



7 | Rich Meet Beautiful

dating expats Amsterdam

RichMeetBeautiful is only interesting for an exclusive group of men. This online dating website is for successful and economically established men who want to meet beautiful ladies for exciting dates or perhaps even more. The site brings together Sugarbabies – intelligent and charming women who date in exchange for gifts (like dinners), trips or financial support.

RichMeetBeautiful offers users in over 30 different countries the opportunity to meet successful and economically established gentlemen to meet beautiful young women for relationships or for dates worldwide.



8 | Ondeugend-Daten

datingsites in nederland

Good to know: If you want a date in Amsterdam via Ondeugend-Daten, then you need to be in the Netherlands to register!

Ondeugend-Daten.nl (translated: Naughty Dating) is a professional Dutch dating site that focuses on both men and women in the Netherlands who love excitement and eroticism. The term “Naughty” offers participants the opportunity to give their own interpretation of the degree of eroticism. As a result, Ondeugend-Daten.nl attracts a very wide audience. On this platform you can search for new contacts in a trusted environment in a simple and safe way.

After registering for free, you can quietly look for a nice and suitable candidate who matches your search profile. By emailing or chatting with other participants first, you can convert the contact at your own pace. By sending the messages via this website you remain anonymous as long as you want: so you keep the reins yourself and decide when you are ready for a possible appointment in “real life”.



amsterdam canal cruise
Tip: A canal cruise is fun to do during a date in Amsterdam.

3x Date in Amsterdam Tips

1 | Be Prepared

Date tips
Fun to do in Amsterdam: Visit the Moco Museum and see Banky’s art.

How can you prepare yourself for a first date? First of all, make sure you are rested. If you’ve been in a rush all day, you won’t have a relaxed date in Amsterdam. So take it easy and treat yourself for a nice bath or an extra long shower. Go to the hairdresser, trim your nails, wash well and have a good shaving session. This may sound obvious, but grooming has more influence than you think. Be fresh! If you look good you will feel better too. You radiate that and your date will see that too!

2 | Be on Time

The Waag: Amsterdam’s second oldest building.

Make sure you got enough time for your (beauty) rituals, so that you can be sure that you will arrive on time for your date. Because arriving late is really not done (in the Netherlands) on a first appointment. The Dutch like to be on time! And obviously you want to make a good first impression.

3 | Wear Nice Clothes

The Nieuwmarkt Square in Amsterdam.

Before you go on a date, think carefully about what clothes you will be wearing. Choose comfortable (and neat) clothes that make you feel attractive. But: don’t lose sight of the fact that the chosen clothing must suit you. Clothing tells a lot about your identity, and your date will remember that. In addition, an outfit that suits you will make you feel more confident. And that’s how you want to come across on your first date!

We have created 11 fantastic date tips on how to prepare for a first date. Do you want to get better at dating?



Do you know even better websites in the Netherlands where you can arrange a (sex) date in Amsterdam? Or do you want to share your date experience? Please share it with the world by posting it in the comment section below.


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