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Club BonTon Amsterdam

Posted on: March 1, 2024

Club BonTon

Club BonTon

Club BonTon is Amsterdam’s newest strip- and sex club which opened its doors back in April 2019. From the start the aim was clear for the female owners; create Amsterdam’s highest end strip- and sex club. We believe they’ve achieved that goal.

Exclusive Stripclub in Amsterdam

BonTon offers the ultimate evening filled with entertainment and relaxation. Club BonTon is located in a historic Amsterdam canal house, close to the famed Heineken Experience. If you’d walked by the black-lacquered doors, you’d never know that there’s actually a club inside.

Amsterdam Sex Workers

I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money
I’ll do what you want me to do
I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money
And any old music will do

BonTon Club Amsterdam

Inside the club, on the first-floor, you’ll find the bar area, luxury couches and multiple strip poles. Renowned Dutch interior designers Casper Reinders and Thijs Murré created the various VIP areas where the ladies provide live entertainment while the spectator enjoys a lovely cocktail. The interior designers are proud that they were offered the option to design Holland’s prettiest and most sexy club.

So sit back and order some of Amsterdam’s finest drinks and champagnes and watch the prettiest strippers put on their best performances.

Club BonTon Owners Explain

BonTon isn’t some shadowy cartoon bar full of men blushing out of shame. It’s more reminiscent of a luxury jazz club from an exciting film, with red couches, dim mood lighting and a single discreet corner for some sensitive murmuring. The golden stripper posts, with a playful little showbiz stage underneath, offer space for the acrobatic arts of the exotic dancers. The beautiful ladies give a lap dance for the right amount.

Deutch marks or dollars
American Express will do nicely, thank you
Let me loosen up your collar
Tell me, do you want to see me do the shimmy again?


BonTon Owner: “People often don’t want to be that first guy, but once one person pays for a lap dance, more will follow immediately.” At the top floors of the club, private lap dances are given, should someone feel too embarrassed.

And afterwards? Does “STRIP CLUB” appear on the statement of your shared bank account? “Ha, no! Club BonTon appears as a restaurant on your bank statement. Just as if you were eating out.

Private Rooms And Private Sex Shows

For those who want to take it a little further than just a stripshow, Club BonTon also offers multiple luxurious private VIP rooms.

Amsterdam sex worker

The rooms are spacious and are situated on the second and third floor of the club. Some of the sex workers offer more services than just a dance. Just ask and they’ll let you know if and what they are up for.


Opening Hours

The club is open from Tuesday till Saturday from 9 pm till 5 am.

inside club Bonton amsterdam

Prices At Club BonTon Amsterdam

Entrance: 50 euro.
Lapdance: from 20 euro.
Rum/ Vodka/ Whiskey: from 12 euro.
Beer: from 6 euro.
Champagnes: starts at 50 euro and goes up to 2500 euro per bottle.
Private room: 350 euro.

How To Get To Club BonTon in Amsterdam?

entrance club Bonton

BonTon is located at central location next to the famous Heineken Brewery, on the Stadhouderskade.

By Car, Taxi/ Uber:

Address: Stadhouderskade 64 | 1072 AD | Amsterdam

By Public Transport:

From Amsterdam Central Station take line 52 in the direction of Metro Station Zuid. Exit at Vijzelgracht Station. From there it’s a 5 minute walk.


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3 Responses to Club BonTon Amsterdam

  1. […] canal boat. The dock is near the Max Euweplein, just in front of the Heineken Experience and Club BonTon – which offers Amsterdam Brothel Tours […]

  2. […] Club Bon Ton is definitely the best strip club in Amsterdam. Founded in 2019 and owned by two amazing female entrepreneurs, Club Bon Ton is a beautiful erotic venue that welcomes both men and women. It’s situated in a stunning canal house on the Stadhouderskade, just next to the Heineken Brewery and the Marie Heinekenplein. When you arrive at Club Bon Ton you are welcomed by the very neatly dressed bouncers. They are there for your safety. Then you can enter the hallway, where you have to pay entrance and can hang your coat. After that you can walk to the first floor where the party takes place. One of the first things you’ll see is the beautiful interior: An amazing bar, a beautiful floor, three strip posts and several luxurious sofas. Everybody can have a fun, exciting night out at Club Bon Ton. […]

  3. Raj says:

    I want to join.

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