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Red Light District Tours

40 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam

Posted on: February 22, 2020

5 Amsterdam Activities Today

40 Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam

Wanna do something fun and learn more about Dutch culture, Amsterdam’s history, legal prostitution & legal drugs? Check out this useful list with 40 fun things to do in Amsterdam.

1 | Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Red Light District Tours
A few of the 288 window brothels in ‘De Wallen‘.

For those who want to learn about legal sex work in the famous ‘Wallen’ area this tour is a must-do! The Red Light District represents the liberal and open-minded Dutch culture.

In this neighbourhood residents live just next to window brothels and cannabis stores. Only here one can see a church that is surrounded by window prostitutes. And there is even a daycare literally next to window brothels.

Amsterdam Red Light District Rules

Learn how the legal sex trade works in Holland, where the sex workers come from, hear about the safety measures, what they earn and how they are fighting the Municipal government to keep their working places.

Highlights during this Amsterdam Red Light District tour include; world’s first condom shop, Chinatown, the Old Church, Nieuwmarkt, window brothels, Buddhistic Temple, coffeeshops and much more!

These Amsterdam Red Light District Tours are hosted by tour guides who have an official permit of the Municipality of Amsterdam. They are all locals and know the Red Light District as their backyard. We even have a tour guide who’s married to a window prostitute!

Also read: Amsterdam Red Light District tour ban still allows tours.

Amsterdam Chinatown
Chinatown in the Red Light District.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Burn: 419 calories



10 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam Red Light District

After the tour there are many other fun activities in the Red Light District:

✦ Visit Europe’s first gay friendly cafe ‘t Mandje.
✦ Eat some typical Dutch snacks at the FEBO snackbar.
✦ Stand in the window yourself at the Museum of Prostitution.
✦ Play some video- or board games at the Ton Ton Club.
✦ Enjoy a cocktail, wine or beer at Mata Hari.
✦ Experience an exciting show at Casa Rosso.
✦ See a 3D-film of the Red Light District in the 5D Porn Cinema.
✦ Check out the last peep show in Amsterdam.
✦ Take a spicy bite at an Asian-restaurant on the Zeedijk in China Town.
✦ Try a Dutch ‘jenever’ in one of the oldest bars in town.

2 | Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour
Coffeeshop The Bulldog 90 in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Did you know that Amsterdam has 164 ‘coffeeshops‘? Did you know that just 7.4% of the Dutch adults uses cannabis once a month? And did you know that in Netherlands it is not legal to produce cannabis commercially? Only a small insight into what we are going to teach you during our tour.

amsterdam smartshop mushrooms
Magic truffles can be bought in ‘smart shops’.

Drugs are a big part of Holland’s international image but why is this?  How does the Netherlands actually deal with legal and illegal drugs? The Amsterdam Drugs Tour offers the best insights of the Dutch approach to drugs and what makes it so different from almost all other countries in the world. Hear when and how drugs first appeared and what the societal reaction was to it in the Netherlands.

Get informed about hashish, weed, tobacco, XTC, cocaine, alcohol, magic truffles, laughing gas and whatnot. See the highlights scattered throughout Amsterdam’s historic city center together with an expert guide. Always wanted to know more about drugs? Book the Amsterdam Drugs Tour!

Amsterdam Drug Tour Weed
The main street of the Red Light District.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Burn: 431 calories



Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam After The Drugs Tour

✦ Visit Smart Shop Kokopelli – see (and try) legal magic truffles.
✦ Go to Coffeeshop Boerejongens – one of the best cannabis stores in town.
✦ Check out Hill Street Blue with its awesome interior and great view on Damrak street.
✦ Try a delicious space cake at Coffeeshop Green House Effect.
✦ Grab a ‘kroket’ out of the wall of Dutch snackbar FEBO Amsterdam.

3 | Amsterdam History Tour

Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam Tour
The Prinsengracht – a highlight of the Amsterdam History Tour.

Learn how the Dutch turned a tiny swampy village into the centre of world trade. The story of Amsterdam is one of the most interesting historical stories in the world. Modernity started in Holland’s capital. But how and why did it happen here in Amsterdam and elsewhere?

During this tour you’ll get all the answers whilst exploring Amsterdam’s medieval centre and the UNESCO World Heritage canal ring. Hear what makes Amsterdam’s story so unique in world history. Highlights of this Amsterdam History Tour include: city’s oldest building, the Royal Palace, Magna Plaza, the Anne Frank House, the Wester Church, house boats, the canals, LGBT-monument, etc.

Amsterdam City Tours
Shopping centre Magna Plaza.

Duration: 110 minutes
Burn: 431 calories



Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam After The History Tour

✦ Visit The Royal Palace on Dam Square.
✦ See The New Church from the inside.
✦ Go shopping in Magna Plaza.
✦ Visit The Anne Frank House.
✦ Try a Dutch jenever at Wijnand Fockink.

4 | Amsterdam Brothel Tour

Prostitute Tour
At the strip-pole during the Amsterdam Brothel Tour.

Get a peak behind the curtains with this Amsterdam Brothel Tour. If you’ve always wanted to visit a brothel and learn more about sex work, this is the experience for you. A sex worker guide will show you around Amsterdam’s newest and most exclusive brothel. During the tour you get to ask her any question you might be interested; what are the working hours? How much do they earn? What is their most bizarre experience? You name it. It’s located almost next to the Heineken experience so you could easily combine a visit to both.

travel holland guide
The stripclub area of this brothel in Amsterdam.

Duration: 60 minutes
20 euro per person
Burn: 118 calories



Fun Activities After The Brothel Tour

✦ Visit the Heineken Experience – Amsterdam’s famous beer brewery.
✦ Have lunch in ‘De Pijp‘ area.
✦ Take a picture at the Wake Me Up When I’m Famous bench.
✦ Go to Museum Square and visit the Van Gogh Museum.
✦ Take a canal cruise in Amsterdam in front of the Heineken brewery.

5 | Amsterdam Audio Tour

Amsterdam Fun Things To Do
Explore the Red Light District with 22 experts in your pocket.

With the Amsterdam Audio Tour app you can discover the Red Light District on your schedule, at your pass. Navigate the so called ‘Wallen’ area with the help of GPS, virtual tour guide Sophie and 22 experts that you’ll ‘meet’ along the way.

One of the main benefits of this app is that you can now get a guided tour whenever you want, with whoever you want. Walk alongside the best narrators and hear all the interesting stories that are part of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Had enough? Just press pause and pick up after having a rest in one the many great cafes in the area.

The experts in Amsterdam Audio Tour: local police officers, a Romanian prostitute, historians, entrepreneurs, residents, drug consultants, sociologists, sex-historians, a male sex worker, the Fokkens twins, the Salvation Army, a smart shop owner and many others.

Febo Food CEO
The CEO of FEBO Amsterdam is one of the 22 experts.

Duration: 110 minutes
5,- per person
Burn: 431 calories



Fun Activities After The Audio Tour

✦ Try some ‘bitterballen’ at Cafe de Schreierstoren.
✦ Visit Amsterdam’s last hidden church with discount from the audio tour.
✦ Buy a souvenir at world’s first condom shop.
✦ See where Rembrandt got married during a visit to ‘De Oude Kerk‘.
✦ Try a local brewed beer at Brewery de Prael.


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