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Red Light District

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Tickets

Amsterdam Sex Show Tickets

Sex Show Highlights:

✦ Sex show in Amsterdam ✦ 8 exiting performances ✦ Live erotic shows from men & women ✦ Cinema seats ✦ ‘Only in Amsterdam’ experience.

Show Amsterdam

✦ Opening Hours: 7 pm till 2 am. 
✦ Duration:
80 minutes.
✦ Opened: Daily.
✦ Price: 60,-
✦ Language: English.

Casa Rosso Tickets

Online tickets for Casa Rosso Amsterdam are not available anymore. We recommend getting Moulin Rouge Amsterdam tickets instead. It’s 20,- more affordable and better.

Where Is Casa Rosso Amsterdam?

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Netherlands

This infamous Amsterdam sex theatre Casa Rossa Amsterdam is 20 euros more expensive than Moulin Rouge. It features live sex shows that are performed on stage in front of a paying audience. It is a popular attraction for local and foreign tourists visiting Amsterdam, particularly those interested in exploring the city’s adult entertainment industry.

It’s one of the few places in Amsterdam that offers this exciting experience. Get the best tickets today!

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Casa Rosso Amsterdam

Sex Show in Amsterdam Tickets

The famed Casa Rosso Amsterdam Erotic Theatre has been a part of the Red Light District since 1968. It’s Amsterdam’s most famous erotic theatre. It hosts a notable 184 seats and features a full bar. It offers 8 different acts, every night.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Inside

The shows are awesome, the theatre is clean, the staff is very friendly and Casa Rosso even has its very own balcony. Take a seat in the comfy red chairs and experience an erotic show that you can only see in Amsterdam!

Casa Rosso Amsterdam is not for the faint hearted. In this theatre you can see live sex on stage: Erotic performances but also shows in a funny way.

Casa Rosso Theatre Performers

The performances are continuously rotating throughout the night. Once you’re inside you can stay for as long as you like, or until the doors close of course.

The sex shows acts consist of live couple sex on stage, strip teases, banana shows and funny shows that require active audience participation (no pressure if you say no).

Performers Erica & Udy

casa rosso amsterdam erica and udy

Udy and Erica two of the erotic performers at Casa Rosso Amsterdam. They are in a relationship, live together and have sex on stage several days a week are considered to be the royal couple of Casa Rosso. On average they perform 6 shows per night, and they’ve been doing it for 17 years now!

Casa Rosso’s program gets revamped every season. Throughout the season there’s a core of 4 performing couples and 3 other girls. Around these core performers things get added and removed throughout the season.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Tickets

Book Sex Show in Amsterdam

Book your Casa Rosso Amsterdam tickets in advance fast and easy through our website. Don’t miss this uniquely Amsterdam experience which has been part of the Red Light District for 50 years! Please note that Casa Rosso has free seating, subject to availability. So you can’t book tickets specifically for the front row or any other spot.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Dress Code

As you might have guessed, no dress code is required at Casa Rosso Amsterdam. But do come dressed 😉

Casa Rosso Showtimes

Monday:        7 PM – 2 AM
Tuesday:        7 PM – 2 AM
Wednesday:  7 PM – 2 AM
Thursday:      7 PM – 2 AM
Friday:           7 PM – 2 AM
Saturday:       7 PM – 2 AM
Sunday:          7 PM – 2 AM

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Hours

Where is Casa Rosso Amsterdam located?

The infamous theatre is located on the main street of the Red Light District area. The address of Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre is: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106-108 | 1012 DS | Amsterdam


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Please note: Casa Rosso tickets need to be printed! Tickets can not be scanned from a phone at the entrance.