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Red Light District

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

Posted on: January 4, 2023

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Show

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam – Erotic Theatre in Red Light District

The Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam Red Light District is an erotic theatre that has been in operation for decades. The theatre is known for its sexually explicit shows with strippers, which often feature nudity and simulated sex acts. In addition to its erotic shows, the Moulin Rouge also offers a variety of other entertainment, including live music, dancing, and comedy. The theatre is located in the heart of Amsterdam Red Light District, which is home to many other erotic businesses, including sex shops, strip clubs, and prostitutes.

Definition Moulin Rouge

According to Wikipedia, Moulin Rouge means Red Windmill in French and it’s a symbol of the bohemian life. The early years of the Moulin Rouge were characterized by extravagant shows, inspired by the circus. The first real Moulin Rouge stands in Paris and is a bit different than this one. The acts in Moulin Rouge Amsterdam aren’t really inspired by the circus but more on erotic entertainment.

Amsterdam Moulin Rouge

This place offers female stripteases, writing shows, surprise acts, performance with ribbon, live couple sex and much more.

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

Not too long ago, one of our tour guides decided to go here. Or actually two female customers asked him if he wanted to go with them to the Moulin Rouge after the tour. Without a doubt he said yes because he had never seen it before. So there they went, all curious and excited. They bought some tickets at the door, went inside and got a drink. The seats inside Moulin Rouge Amsterdam are located quite close to the stage. Which is pretty cool because the crowd becomes almost involved in what’s happening on stage.

Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Sex Show Review

We don’t want to tell too much about the erotic shows inside Moulin Rouge Amsterdam because it will ruin the surprise they have. However we do want to explain what a so called writing show is all about. Here’s our review.

During the show, a volunteer was needed so the female sex worker on stage picked our tour guide who was sitting front row. So he went on stage not knowing what to expect. The artiste asked him to lie down on stage and to take off his shirt, so he did. The lady undressed, grabbed a marker pen, stook it into her vagina and started to write on our tour guide. The result? Here it is:

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Show
Our guides with customers and the result of Moulin Rouge Amsterdam.

Is the Moulin Rouge fun to go with a date in Amsterdam?

Yes, the Moulin Rouge is a lot of fun to go with a date in Amsterdam! It is actually a sex theater and there are often live sex shows going on. They also have other performances such as dancers and singers. The atmosphere is very open and sexual. You can purchase drinks at the bar and there are tables and chairs around the stage so you can sit and watch the show. It is definitely an experience and it’s something that you’ll remember for a long time. However, it is important to note that it is only for the openminded. If you are uncomfortable with nudity or sexual content, then this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re open to trying something new, then go for it! You might just have a lot of fun.


The erotic shows inside Moulin Rouge Amsterdam cost the following:

✦ 30,- per person
✦ 40,- per person including two drinks

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Opening hours

✦ Monday – Wednesday: 8 PM till 2 AM

✦ Thursday – Sunday: 2 PM till 2 AM


Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. And for good reason! Moulin Rouge is a Moulin Rouge-themed nightclub that offers a wide variety of entertainment, from live music and DJs to burlesque shows and pole dancing. The club also has a bar, so you can enjoy a meal or a drink while you watch the performers. Moulin Rouge is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a night of fun and excitement.

Have you been to Moulin Rouge Amsterdam before? Let the world know how it was, by posting your review below.


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7 Responses to Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

  1. Robert says:

    I will visit Amsterdan and I am interested in learn something about tours offered

  2. guy says:

    went to moulin rouge, thought it was just about the same as you described, maybe worth checking out once but will not repeat

  3. […] street offers most window brothels and most sex shows, like the Sex Palace Peep Show, Casa Rosso, the Moulin Rouge, etc. Here one can also find the Museum of Prostitution and the Erotic Museum. There are also many […]

  4. Carol Engler says:

    Good evening. I’m visiting Amsterdam next weekend and was wondering if your Moulin Rouge is open . And if so can you pay on arrival or can you book tickets online

  5. V. says:

    Went to moulin rouge, €40 to get in, no fee drinks, as per website, in fact got charged crazy money for a vodka and cola. Show was ok. Lasted about half an hour then literally got thrown out of the place. Would not go back or recomend this place.

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