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Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Review in 2024

Posted on: April 2, 2024

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Show

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam – Erotic Theatre in Red Light District

Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam Red Light District is an erotic theatre that offers sex shows. It has been in operation for decades and is located on the most popular street of the area. The theatre is known for its sexually explicit shows with strippers, which often feature nudity and simulated sex acts. The theatre is located in the heart of Amsterdam Red Light District, which is home to many other erotic venues, including sex shops, strip clubs and sex workers.

What is Moulin Rouge Amsterdam?

A night shot of De Wallen in Amsterdam showing red-lit neons on the left side and a canal in the middle.

According to Wikipedia, Moulin Rouge means Red Windmill in French and it’s a symbol of the bohemian life. The early years of the Moulin Rouge were characterized by extravagant shows, inspired by the circus. The first real Moulin Rouge stands in Paris and is a bit different than this one. The acts in Moulin Rouge Amsterdam aren’t really inspired by the circus but more on erotic entertainment.

Amsterdam Moulin Rouge

This place offers female stripteases, writing shows, surprise acts, performance with ribbon, live couple sex and much more.

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

One of our tour guides Jasper decided to go to Moulin Rouge and reviewed the sex shows here. Actually two female customers asked him if he wanted to go with them to the Moulin Rouge after the Red Light District tour. Without a doubt he said yes because he had never seen it before. So there they went, all curious and excited…

The front view of Moulin Rouge in De Wallen in Amsterdam at night, showing the red neon logo and a bouncer in front of the door.

They bought Moulin Rouge tickets, went inside and got a drink. The seats inside Moulin Rouge Amsterdam are located quite close to the stage. Which we find pretty cool because the crowd becomes really involved in what’s happening on stage.

There are also standing and sitting areas around the bar. During our visit we found that these seats also have a good view of the sex shows of Moulin Rouge. This was also apparent from a reaction from a visitor who was standing all the way at the back of the room. When we tested Moulin Rouge, this guy in the back was enthusiastically shouting “Whoohoo” when the female stripper did her took of her lingerie.


Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Moulin Rouge Review

We don’t want to tell too much about the erotic shows inside Moulin Rouge Amsterdam because it will ruin the surprise they have. However we do want to explain what a so called writing show is all about. Here’s our review:

During our visit, a volunteer was needed during the show. So the female sex worker on stage picked our tour guide who was sitting front row. So he went on stage not knowing what to expect. The artiste asked him to lie down on stage and to take off his shirt, so he did. The lady undressed, grabbed a marker pen, stook it into her vagina and started to write on our tour guide. The result? Here it is:

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Show
Our guide Jasper with customers and the result of Moulin Rouge Amsterdam.

Nice place to have fun. Friendly welcome and bar staff. 5 different shows, including beautiful pole dance acts. When you sit at the stage you get to see all the details. I’ve seen them all twice 😉 and also went on stage twice. Also left with “Moulin Rouge” on my stomach and the lady who wrote this didn’t have the marker in her hand ;-). Really worth going again. Recommended!  Google review

Our Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Experience

Our visit to Moulin Rouge Amsterdam was an exceptional journey into a world of creativity and surprise. This legendary venue lived up to its reputation with performances that blend artistry with the excitement of the unexpected. Without giving away the details, we can say that each show, including the unique ‘writing show’, was executed with a flair that only Moulin Rouge Amsterdam can offer.

We believe that the essence of this iconic place lies in its ability to constantly reinvent the entertainment experience, keeping every moment fresh and engaging. Our experience was nothing short of five stars – a perfect blend of professionalism, talent, and unpredictability.

For those seeking an evening filled with intrigue and exceptional performances, Moulin Rouge Amsterdam stands out as a must-visit destination. It’s not just a show; it’s an unforgettable experience that pushes the boundaries of conventional entertainment.

Is the Moulin Rouge fun to go with a date in Amsterdam?

Yes, we think that the Moulin Rouge is a lot of fun to go with a date in Amsterdam! It is actually a sex theater and there are often live sex shows going on. They also have other performances such as dancers and singers. The atmosphere is very open and sexual. You can purchase drinks at the bar and there are tables and chairs around the stage so you can sit and watch the show.

a woman pointing to the belly of a man without t-shirt and the text Moulin Rouge written on his body in Amsterdam Red Light District

It is definitely an experience and it’s something that you’ll remember for a long time. However, it is important to note that it is only for the openminded. If you are uncomfortable with nudity or sexual content, then this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re open to trying something new, then go for it! You might just have a lot of fun.


The erotic shows inside Moulin Rouge Amsterdam cost the following:

✦ 40,- per person

Opening hours

✦ Monday – Wednesday: 8 PM till 2 AM

✦ Thursday – Sunday: 2 PM till 2 AM


Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. And for good reason! To us, Moulin Rouge is that typical ‘you got to try this in Amsterdam’ place. The 4 sex shows are awesome and definitely something you don’t won’t forget. The club also has a nice bar, so you can enjoy refreshing drinks while you watch the performers. We find Moulin Rouge the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a night of fun and excitement. In our opinion, you get a lot for your money at Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam. Relatively speaking, it is one of the most affordable adult attractions in the city. A ticket to Moulin Rouge is 19,50 euro cheaper than a Casa Rosso ticket. While the sex shows are about similar. So, another good reason to visit the Moulin Rouge in the Red Light District. Of course there are many other sex shows in Amsterdam which you can visit if you don’t want to go to this place.

So, summarised:

  • Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam is highly popular among tourists and considered a must-visit for an authentic Amsterdam experience.
  • Offers 4 memorable sex shows every hour, making it a unique entertainment choice.
  • Features a nice bar for enjoying drinks while watching performances.
  • Provides great value for money, being one of the more affordable adult attractions in Amsterdam.
  • Tickets to Moulin Rouge are significantly cheaper compared to Casa Rosso, despite offering similar quality shows.
  • Located in the Red Light District, providing an alternative to other sex show options in Amsterdam.

Moulin Rouge La Goulue History

The Moulin Rouge in France; probable the most famous dancing cabaret hall of all time. First opened its doors on 6 October 1889 and many legends have trod those boards. We’re going to tell you about one of the most famous or infamous. This legend also known as La Goulue which means ‘the glutton’. La Goulue was born around 1866 to an impoverished Jewish family. Not much had known at all about her early childhood but by the time she was a teenager she was earning money dancing in clubs around Paris. And she got the name of the glutton by stealing drinks from the patrons in the clubs. She was loud, she was brash, she was cheeky and she really didn’t give a stuff what anyone else thought. The can can as a dance haven’t been around very long at all. Before La Goulue got hold of it and make it her own. She could kick her legs higher than anyone else. She often didn’t wear underwear. She would kick off the hats of patrons and then twirl them around on her foot. And it wasn’t long before the Moulin Rouge came knocking. La Goulue was an overnight sensation at the Moulin Rouge. She even attracted the attention of very famous artist who immortalised her. Toulouse-Lautrec painted her in an advertisement for the Moulin Rouge here and she had a string of very, very wealthy lovers. The wealthiest of whom was none other than The Prince of Wales and future King Edward the 7th of Britain. Otherwise known as Dirty Bertie. The story goes that the first time Dirty Bertie ever saw La Goulue he was being walked through Moulin Rouge and she saw him and yelled out across the club: “Hey Wales! Are you buying the champagne?” Everyone was stunned that the future king would be spoken to like this by a can can girl. But Dirty Bertie couldn’t get enough of her. At the height of her career La Goulue decided that she could make more money if she branched out on her own. And she left Moulin Rouge. She invested all her money that she’d made in her own act. But it wasn’t a success. People just didn’t like her outside the Moulin Rouge. She’d also developed a pretty severe alcohol problem by this time. And any money that she had left over was pretty soon spent. Destitute and sick with alcoholism La Goulue spent her final few years scraping together a living selling cigarets and matches on the pavements outside the Moulin Rouge, were she once danced. She pretty much disappears more public life apart from a few photographs of her here and there. She was only 62 and living in poverty when she died. She was originally buried in a very poor district of Paris but a few years after that funds were raised to finally move her to a more fitting location. And this is her final resting place in a cemetery of Montmartre. You can still go on and see her grave today and leave flowers.

Have you been to Moulin Rouge Amsterdam before? Let the world know how it was, by posting your review below.


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    went to moulin rouge, thought it was just about the same as you described, maybe worth checking out once but will not repeat

  3. Carol Engler says:

    Good evening. I’m visiting Amsterdam next weekend and was wondering if your Moulin Rouge is open . And if so can you pay on arrival or can you book tickets online

  4. Jason Webb says:

    Yep, I saw this at the weekend I felt it was good value for money.

  5. L. Chapman says:

    I wanted to do this last time I went. Looked really good and was always busy. Defo up for that. xx

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