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Red Light District

Condomerie Shop Amsterdam

Posted on: January 1, 2024

Condomerie Amsterdam

Amsterdam Condomerie Shop

The Condomerie is the first condom shop in Amsterdam and in the world. It’s located in the Red Light District – on De Warmoesstraat – and easily recognizable by dozens of condoms displayed in the shop window. Many sex workers buy their condoms here. But the Condomerie is mostly visited by tourists who have never seen anything like this in their life.

The Condomerie is also a highlight of our Red Light District tour.

condoms near me
All kinds of condoms. Also condoms for women.

Sexual Education In The Netherlands

The shop was founded in 1987 in a time when the HIV-virus was quite active. The owners of the Condomerie wanted people to get better sex education. They wanted society to become open about sex education, the prevention of STD’s, teen-pregnancy and whatnot.

condoms sizes
Great souvenirs!

Sex education has been compulsory since the end of 2012 for primary schools and high schools in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science wants to prevent sexual coercion or transgressive behaviour on one hand, but also homo-negative behaviour. It also wants to promote respectful behavior or sexual resilience of students. There are also points of contact with sexual education in other attainment targets. For example, pupils must also take care of their own health and well-being and have knowledge of functions of the body.

Owner Condomerie Amsterdam Explains

Owner Condomerie Amsterdam
The owner of the Condomerie in Amsterdam.

Theodoor van Boven is the founder of the Condomerie and one of the 22 experts in our Amsterdam Audio Tours App. During this GPS-guided audio tour he tells more about sex education in the Netherlands which is one of the better programs in the world today. Download this app and learn all about Amsterdam’s Red Light District by listening to the interesting stories of these 22 experts – like real sex workers, police officers, historians and local entrepreneurs.



Condoms To Go

condomerie shop amsterdam

In the left window (above) you can see condoms in different sizes: small, medium, and liar! ?

In the right window of the Condomerie you can see the more funny condoms – Eiffeltoren shaped condoms, windmill condoms, Amsterdam bollards condoms, etc  – which are sold as souvenirs. Furthermore, the Condomerie also offers condoms in very imaginable size, colour, flavour and design (cannabis leaves, horned devils, Delftware tells…), along with lubricants and saucy gifts.

Condomerie Amsterdam Address

Condomerie Amsterdam Address

Warmoesstraat 141, 1012 JB Amsterdam.

The Condomerie is one of the highlights during our walking tours because it reflects Dutch liberalism and open-mindedness. Learn more about sex education, legal prostitution, coffeeshops and Amsterdam’s history by joining our Red Light District tours. It’s interesting, fun and healthy!



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