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Red Light District

10 Safety Measures For Prostitutes in Amsterdam Red Light District

Posted on: janvier 1, 2024

safety measures for prostitutes Amsterdam Red Light District window brothels

Safety Measures For Prostitutes In Amsterdam

In order to ensure the safety of prostitutes in Amsterdam, the Dutch government has implemented several standardised laws throughout the years. With these prostitution rules the government believes that they make prostitution safer. For the prostitutes in Amsterdam Red Light District it comes down to the following 10 safety measures.

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1 | Every prostitute has to be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

In the Netherlands, every prostitute who is not working for a company has to be registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) as an independent entrepreneur.

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and every prostitute working independently must be registered with the Kamer van Koophandel, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The KvK issues a business license and a tax number, and the prostitute is required to pay taxes on her earnings.

In addition, the KvK provides prostitutes with access to health insurance and other benefits.

Amsterdam escorts (sex workers) who work for a licensed escort agency or brothel are not required to register with the KvK, but they must obtain a work permit from the Dutch government. There are strict regulations governing the operation of escort agencies and brothels, and all businesses must be licensed by the government.

2 | Prostitutes are allowed to refuse customers (because they are self-employed)

As self-employed workers, prostitutes are allowed to refuse clients for any reason. In some cases, a client may be aggressive or they may not be willing to pay the agreed-upon fee.

In other cases, a client may simply not be somebody that the prostitute feels comfortable with. Whatever the reason, prostitutes have the right to refuse service. This ensures that they can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both themselves and their clients.

3 | Daily shifts cannot be over 11 hours a day

Prostitutes in Amsterdam are subject to maximum working hours. They are not allowed to work more than 11 hours per day.

This limit is meant to protect their health and safety, as well as to prevent them from being exploited by their employers. Amsterdam’s prostitutes are some of the most well-regulated workers in the world, and they enjoy a high degree of protection from exploitation.

4 | The minimum age for prostitutes in Amsterdam Red Light District is 21

The minimum age for window prostitutes in the Amsterdam Red Light District is 21. This is not in line with the minimum age of other sex workers – like escorts – in the Netherlands, which is 18.

The Red Light District has a long history of catering to tourists and locals alike, and it has always been a popular destination for those looking for sexual services.

21 is now the legal age for all prostitutes in Amsterdam Red Light District, and this has helped to improve conditions in the Red Light District.

5 | Brothel operators have to contribute to the safety of the prostitute by being present at all times in case of emergencies.

red light district amsterdam window

It’s the responsibility of an operator of a brothel to contribute to the safety of the window prostitutes. This means providing security for them while they are working.

This includes CCTV, panic buttons, private security and being present in the Red Light District. It is also the operators responsibility to ensure that the windows are clean and well-lit, so that clients can see the prostitutes clearly.

This will help to deter clients from behaving in a violent or disorderly manner. Finally, the brothel operator should provide access to basic amenities, such as toilets and water, so that the prostitutes can take care of their basic needs.

By taking these measures, the window brothel operator can help to create a safe and pleasant working environment for the prostitutes in the window brothels.

6 | Sex workers have to show their registration at the Chamber of Commerce and a certificate of residence

As safety rules go, this one is fairly straightforward. Sex workers in the Netherlands are required to show their registration at the Chamber of Commerce and a certificate of residence to the brothel operator.

The rationale behind the rule is to help ensure that sex workers are who they say they are and that they are legally allowed to work in the Netherlands.

In addition, the law helps to protect sex workers from exploitation by ensuring that they are not being trafficked or forced to work against their will.

While the law may be inconvenient for some sex workers, it is an important safeguard that helps to protect their rights and safety.

7 | Brothel operators are regularly checked by the (local) government and police

In Amsterdam, sex work is legal and regulated by the government. Window brothel operators are required to obtain a license from the city, and they are subject to regular inspections by the police. This system is designed to protect sex workers from exploitation and sex crimes.

In addition, the government provides free health care and other services to sex workers. This system of regulation has been successful in reducing sex crimes and protecting the rights of sex workers.

8 | All window brothels have security systems like camera’s outside at the entrance & panic buttons inside

The safety of sex workers is of paramount importance. For this reason, all window brothels have security systems in place to protect the women working there.

These measures include cameras at the entrance to deter potential attackers and panic buttons inside the brothel in case of an emergency.

The women working in the window brothel also undergo safety training sometimes, so that they know what to do in the event of an attack.

As a result of these safety measures, window brothels are relatively safe places for sex workers to ply their trade.

9 | The police monitor the area 24/7 with dozens of camera’s and (undercover) officers on the streets

The police monitor Amsterdam Red Light District 24/7 with dozens of live cameras and (undercover) officers on the streets. By day, the area is bustling with tourists and locals alike.

The live cameras help the police to keep an eye on activities in the area, and the undercover officers help to deter crime. In addition to deterring crime, the police presence also helps to ensure that the area is safe for everyone.

The Red Light District is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam, and the police work hard to make sure that it remains a safe and enjoyable place for all.

10 | The prostitutes are checked on income and tax.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District Is A Safe Area

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and therefore the prostitutes have the right to be protected by the government. Although absolute safety is difficult to guarantee, the implementation of these safety measures for prostitutes demonstrate that Amsterdam Red Light District has become a relatively safe area.

Especially compared to other countries in the world. It’s not for nothing that Amsterdam has a lot of prostitutes from abroad.

safety measures for prostitutes Amsterdam Red Light District
Amsterdam’s most narrow alley  – with 9 window brothels.

Although it is not mandatory, prostitutes make their own work environment more safe by doing regular health checks. Furthermore most prostitutes only do safe sex. They often get themselves tested for STD’s, which isn’t mandatory by the way.

The Dutch government supports these kind of safety measures for prostitutes by offering it for free.

Amsterdam prostitutes safety

There are actually three Amsterdam Red Light District areas: De Wallen, De Singel/Spuistraat and the Ruysdaelkade. All the districts are in residential areas surrounded by cafes, restaurants and stores. This results into a lot of social control, which is one of the safety measures for prostitutes.

De Wallen – a.k.a. the Red Light District – is the biggest area of its kind in the Netherlands. It currently contains 201 window brothels.


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  1. Rahul dit :

    Hi there,

    I had opted for a “Blowjob” only, in RLD – Amsterdam (Window Prostitute) during last week. The lady (from Poland) was free and was not engaged with anybody for more than 5-7 minutes before i entered and took about 2-3 minutes to start-off on rendering the agreed service. While I went in, the lady put a condom on my private part(unrolled it till the end) and started off with oral and then the hand-job. I am doubtful if the condom put on was a new one or used by somebody else before me. I went through lot of websites regarding the same and found divulged opinions regarding shelf life of infected sperm in a used condom.

    Please clarify if i would be at risk of getting any infections transmitted if the condom was used by someone else before me and had traces of any infection in the above scenario.


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