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Red Light District

About Amsterdam Red Light District Tours

About Us

Company Overview

At Amsterdam Red Light District Tours, we are passionate about providing unique and engaging activities and tours of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The most famous and intriguing neighborhood in the Netherlands.


Our mission is to offer visitors an authentic and informative experience that goes beyond the surface-level stereotypes often associated with the Red Light District.

We believe that our services offer a valuable opportunity for visitors to learn about the history, culture, and social issues surrounding the Red Light District. Through our activities, we aim to challenge assumptions and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of this complex and multifaceted neighborhood.

Our History

The website for Amsterdam Red Light District Tours was inaugurated in 2010, and four years later, the enterprise was established by Mr. Tissot van Patot. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in marketing. He is a Dutch national who was motivated by a profound love for Amsterdam and an ambition to divulge its concealed treasures to the world. As time passed, our company grew and developed, improving our tactics and broadening our repertoire of activities in Amsterdam.

Throughout our history, we have remained committed to our core values of authenticity, education, and respect. We believe that our tours offer a unique and valuable perspective on the Red Light District, and we are dedicated to continuing to provide exceptional experiences for our customers.

Our Milestones

Amsterdam Red Light District Tours is a travel-platform with more than 61,000 satisfied customers,  35,300 social media fans and over 1.35 million online visitors per year.

Our Activities

We offer a variety of actives, tickets and tours that are designed to meet the needs and interests of our customers. Our flagship tour, the Amsterdam visite du quartier rouge, is a comprehensive exploration of the neighborhood’s history, culture, and social issues. We also offer specialized tours, such as the Visite des bordels d'Amsterdam, which offers a unique perspective in an erotic venue with a former sex worker as tour guide.

Our activities are led by experienced professionals. We are committed to providing a safe and respectful experience for all, and we take great care to ensure that our services in the Netherlands are both informative and engaging.

In addition, our innovative and sustainable app with a Red Light District tour allows travellers to discover ‘De Wallen’ themselves with an audio tour, a virtual guide, real stories from 22 experts, GPS and dozens of photos. We know everything about the most fascinating area in the Netherlands: De Wallen.

Company Website

ARLDT’s site is also being used as a (mobile) city guide. We listed all interesting restaurants, bars, shops, museums, coffee shops, hotels, sex shows, etc. We also posted a useful overview of things to do in the Red Light District.

amsterdam tours

Quartier Rouge d'Amsterdam

Of course Amsterdam’s Red Light District is known for its travailleuses du sexe and (cannabis) coffee shops but the Red Light District offers so much more than that! The district has become an urban hotspot. A place where locals and tourists meet.

Amsterdam Red Light District has currently 4,295 residents including children, students and elderly.

Most Visited Website

de wallen district amsterdam

Every month, about 70,000 people visit our website. Most of them use our site while being in Amsterdam, or just before their visit to our city. They’re looking for the best (hidden) places in the Red Light District – where to eat, where to drink, but also because they’d like to know more about this area.

Our customers are mostly British, American, Dutch, German, Australian, Indian & French.


Would you like to have more customers? Promote your business on our site and reach 1.3 million people per year! Please contact us and we’ll respond within 24 hours.


We take great pride in the numerous international, esteemed media outlets that have recognized Amsterdam Red Light District Tours excellence. We present a comprehensive summary of the firms that have featured articles about our organization:

✦ Fox News
✦ Huffington Post
✦ Yahoo
✦ The Telegraph
✦ Het Parool
✦ Metro
✦ World Travel Guide
✦ The Post Internazionale
✦ Holiday Extra Travel Guides
✦ As The Bird Flies
✦ Twin Doctors TV
✦ The Culture Trip
✦ NecesCity
✦ Mr & Mrs Adventure
✦ Brides
✦ Shermans Travel
✦ Ranker
✦ High Times
✦ Today I Found Out

Fox News

With a US rank of 48 and a global rank of 204, FoxNews.com is one of the most visited sites of the world. It has 26 million desktop visitors and 34 million mobile vistors per month. Furthermore, FoxNews has 11 million fans on Facebook and almost 8 million followers on Twitter.

8 Weird and Wacky Tours Around the World by Fox News

Fox News listed us as one of the weirdest & wackiest tours around the world. And we’re super proud of that!

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a progressive liberal American news website and blog. In 2009, it was named as one of the 25 best blogs of the year by Time Magazine. In addition, the website won the 2006 and 2007 Webby Award for best political blog and in 2008  it was named the most powerful blog in the world by The Observer. The Huffington Post has approximately 9 million unique visitors per month and ranks at 131 of the most popular websites in the world.

The Huffington Post: Here's what it's like to be a sex tourist

The Huff Post interviewed us and published this article: “Here’s what it’s like to be a sex tourist“.


Yahoo.com is the 5th most popular website of the world. Only Google, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon are more popular. Most of Yahoo’s visitors are from the United States, United Kingdom, India and Taiwan. In January 2015, Yahoo.com was visited by 167.480.000 millions Americans. Not even mentioned is the amount of foreign traffic. In September 2015, Yahoo listed one of our Red Light District tours as the weirdest local tour around the world! This tour is hosted by two twin sisters who worked as prostitutes in the Red Light District for 50 years. They retired and nowadays they love to share their Red Light District stories during our tours in Amsterdam.

Thanks Yahoo for listing us as one of the weirdest tours around the world! That’s awesome!

10 Weirdest Local Tours Around the World by Yahoo

The Telegraph

The Telegraph, a highly regarded British newspaper that belongs to Telegraph Media Group (TMG), is among the country’s most popular publications. TheTelegraph.co.uk has a United Kingdom ranking of 40th and a global ranking of 353. Each month, it receives 103,000,000 page views from 8,283,000 readers, with 58% of online visitors being male and 42% female. In May 2016, The Telegraph released a remarkable article featuring Holland’s most famous former sex workers who turned tour guides at our company. We highly recommend giving it a read:

About us: The Telegraph - Meet the Fokkens

In May 2016, The Telegraph published this article about the famous twin prostitutes in Amsterdam.

“The girls are nostalgic for the “good old days” and linger wistfully outside a house on Koestraat, a quiet, bike-lined street on the edge of the red light district. “This was our first brothel,” says Martine, proudly.

Het Parool – A Dutch Media Company

For decades Parool is the most popular news company in Amsterdam. This Dutch newspaper was first published on February 10, 1941 as a resistance paper during the German occupation of the Netherlands (1940–1945). In English, Parool means “the password” or “the Motto”.

Het Parool: Dit waren de leukste 1 April grappen

Translated Title: These Were The Funniest April Fools Jokes

On April 1st, 2015, Amsterdam Red Light District Tours was recognized by Parool as one of the best April Fool’s pranks in Holland. We published an article announcing that prostitutes from all corners of the globe would erect the world’s first human tower made up of nude bodies in Amsterdam, as a demonstration against the stigma surrounding prostitution. We encourage you to peruse our Parool listing in the article titled: Funniest April’s Fools Jokes (Leukste 1 April Grappen).

About us Het Parool

Translated Title: Tour Through The Red Light District With A Virtual Guide

On the 15th of July, 2018 Het Parool posted an article about our new Audio Tour App. In the article the 22 experts that are featured in the app are discussed. Other items are the 31 stops that you pass by during the 2 hour tour. Our translation into English of the article can be found here.

Metro – A Swedish Media Company

Metro International is a media company founded in Sweden and based in Luxembourg that publishes the Metro newspapers. They offer free-sheets, meaning that distribution is free, with revenues generated entirely through advertising. The Metro is primarily intended for commuters who move daily in & out of big cities’ business areas, mainly during rush hours. Metro International has 15.6 million readers daily and is active in 120 major cities in 23 different countries.

Metro XL - De Beste 1 Aprilgrappen tot nu toe

In 2016, during April’s fools day we posted an article on site which stated that activist prostitutes in the Red Light District offered a huge discount and added that clients had to show a 50% off discount voucher. The popular Metro newspaper website added our joke to the best April Fools jokes 🙂

World Travel Guide

We’re the only company in the world which offers a Red Light District tour with two famous twin sisters who have worked as prostitutes for 50 years. Some while ago, World Travel Guide joined our Meet the Twin Prostitutes Tour. The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. A comprehensive guide to the world’s best travel destinations, its print heritage stretches back 30 years, with the online portal reaching its 15-year anniversary in 2014. WTG wrote this review about our tour: “Two of Holland’s Most Famous Hookers Give Gavin Haines The Ultimate Introduction to Amsterdam’s Red-Light District.

About us: World Travel Guide did a tour with the old whores twins

The Post Internazionale

In 2016, we’ve been interviewed by The Post Internationale. TPI is the first Italian online magazine dedicated exclusively to the history of international politics: reports, surveys and photos from correspondents in the world. They wanted to know more about the Red Light District in Amsterdam and made this interesting video report. TPI interviewed us, but also the preacher of the Old Church and some sex workers in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Red Light District on The Post Internazionale

As The Bird Flies Blog

Started in October 2011 by misses Thompson – a Londoner turned wanderer – As The Bird Flies is a website for those who love travel and writing, like Frankie Thompson. Frankie joined our Red Light District tour during the summer of 2015 and reviewed it whilst pregnant:

Amsterdam Red Light District Tour Review

Twin Doctors TV

In the end of 2016 we were contacted by Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman and his twin brother Dr. Idries Abdur-Rahman who are both Obstetricians/Gynecologists. They are the creators of TwinDoctorsTV – a social & medical information platform that serves to educate, motivate and entertain. The doctors wanted to learn more about world’s oldest prostitutes. Their video report can be found here.

Prostitution in Amsterdam Fokken Twins Doctors

Culture Trip

TheCultureTrip.com is one of the internet’s fastest-growing media start-ups, attracting nearly 6 million monthly readers and 2 million followers on social media around the world. Culture Trip is a website that specialises in local insights and global news stories.

the culture trip amsterdam tourism

In the end of January 2017, we were contacted by Alex Jordan – an UK Travel Editor at Culture Trip. He wanted us to comment on a plan of Amsterdam’s city council.

NecesCity – A Magazine for Men

NecesCity is a refined digital magazine dedicated to Hong Kong’s male tastemakers. Through their website and frequent email tips, NecesCity delivers reliable content to a loyal fraternity of urbane Hong Kong gentleman with the latest and hottest in nightlife, entertaining, events, travel and everything in between.

One of NecesCity’s editors joined our Red Light District tour and published an impressive article in december 2016. Here’s a little quote: “But as the sun sets and the streetlights flicker on, there’s one place you should be exploring, if only for the rich history and colourful characters the district seduces.


Brittany and her husband Drew (known as Mr and Mrs Adventure) visited the Netherlands in their camper-van during the summer of 2017 and searched for all the best adventures and unique experiences to share with our followers along the way. Their blog, MrandMrsAdventure.com currently receives over 40,000+ unique monthly visitors and at the moment they have a combined social media following (Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter) of 20,000+ which continues to grow daily + their YouTube channel has nearly 8,000 subscribers!

About us: 10 Awesome Amsterdam Travel Tips

These bloggers joined our Red Light District tour in July 2017 and posted this cool piece about us and the Netherlands titled “Vanlife Thoughts on Nature vs. Cities + Inspiring Moments & Magical Places in Amsterdam. One of the things they wrote was: “there is no lack of entertainment here, but even more so, there is a rich and fascinating history to be learned, especially when it comes to laws and human rights“. Read the whole blog, including their travel tips and cool pics, over here:

National Geographic Traveller

National Geographic Traveler is a magazine done by the National Geographic Society in the United States. It was launched back in 1984. Local-language editions of National Geographic Traveler are published in Armenia, Belgium/the Netherlands, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Latin America, Israel, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia and Spain. A UK edition launched in December 2010. Our tour with the Fokkens Twins was featured in this article published on the 18th of September 2017.

About us National Geographic Traveller

Brides by Conde Nast

Brides is an American bimonthly magazine published by Condé Nast. I’s designed to be an in-depth resource for brides-to-be. In 2013 Brides had a total circulation of 330,605 in the United States. The reference and recommendation for our tours and company was posted in the article “What to do on a romantic 3 day Amsterdam honeymoon”

About us Brides

Shermans Travel

ShermansTravel Media is a leading publisher of top travel deals and vacation destination advice. They’ve built a loyal audience among travellers who share a passion for the best travel deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages and cruises. Their editors screen hundreds of travel deals each week and publish the best ones in their flagship product, the popular travel deals e-newsletter, Shermans Top 25, which reaches 4 million subscribers every Wednesday. They recommended our tours on 26th of October 2017 in this online article.

About us Shermans Travel

Ranker.com is a digital media company with a website that features polls on entertainment, brands, sports and culture. Ranker is reported to have over 49 million monthly unique visitors. Ranker claims to be one of the largest databases of opinions with more than 250 million votes gathered on over one million items. For an article on the history of the Red Light District our website was used as source material.

About us ranked.com

High Times is a monthly magazine and cannabis brand with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. The magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Forçade and the publication advocates the legalization of cannabis. The magazine has been involved in the marijuana-using counterculture since its inception. For an article on Amsterdam’s new policies against coffeeshops our website was used as source material.

About us High Times


Todayifoundout.com was started on January 1, 2010 and is based on the idea that it is always good to learn something new.  It was inspired by the popular sub-reddit “Today I Learned“ and was started mainly because there was a lack of “interesting fact” style websites out there where the facts were well researched. Our website was used as a source for this article.

About us Todayifoundout.com


Thrillist is an online media website that covers food, drinks, travel & entertainment. It was founded in 2004 and its HQ is currently based in New York City.

About us

Here’s Thrillist article about the Red Light District.