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Red Light District

Top 10 Sex Shows In Amsterdam in 2024

Posted on: avril 4, 2024

sex shows

Sex Shows in Amsterdam: Top 10 Adult Theaters 2024

Les 10 meilleurs spectacles sexuels d'Amsterdam offrent plus qu'un divertissement ; ils révèlent un aspect culturel unique. Découvrez ce qui les rend incontournables. Rejoignez-nous dans cette aventure.


Don’t miss out on must-know information on The Moulin Rouge, The Peep Show, Casa Rosso and even world’s first 5D Porn Cinema. Discover it now!

10 Meilleurs Spectacles de Sexe à Amsterdam

People walking in front of Amsterdam's Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal at night
The best sex show in Amsterdam: Moulin Rouge

Embarking on a journey that blurs the lines between titillation and artistry, this exposé promises to be a provocative exploration. Whether you’re an adventurous traveler seeking to indulge in the city’s risqué offerings or simply curious about the cultural fabric that weaves these explicit performances into Amsterdam’s identity, this article is your backstage pass. Discover this free, updated list with the 10 best sex shows in Amsterdam. This is what you really need for an unforgettable time in Amsterdam. Let’s check it out below!

1 | Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam ticket
Moulin Rouge is surrounded by red light windows.

Le Moulin Rouge, situé dans le quartier rouge d'Amsterdam, offre une expérience unique et passionnante. Avec cinq spectacles mettant en vedette des strip-teaseuses et un couple exécutant des actes sexuels sur scène, c'est vraiment une expérience incroyable qui ne peut être vécue qu'à Amsterdam. Le spectacle dure 1 heure et comprend également une partie passionnante dans laquelle une interprète féminine demande à un volontaire du public de participer à un numéro spectaculaire. Juste à côté de la scène, vous pourrez prendre un verre au bar branché. L'ambiance à l'intérieur est accueillante et cosy. Le Moulin Rouge est entouré de bordels aux fenêtres, ce qui ajoute à l'attrait de De Wallen. Les billets en ligne sont vendus exclusivement sur notre site Web. Assurez-vous d'une soirée inoubliable et achetez vos billets facilement en ligne dès maintenant.

front view of Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam Red Light District with some people on the street

Buy Moulin Rouge tickets online here. And make sure you have an entrance. The tickets sell out quickly. Are you looking for an original gift in Amsterdam? Then give someone a ticket for Moulin Rouge as a gift.

Sex shows in Moulin Rouge are amazing! Buy a ticket and enjoy 4 different performances in 60 minutes. Sex show at Moulin Rouge Amsterdam include: female stripteases, live couple sex, writing shows, banana shows and ribbon shows.

The trendy bar inside Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam and chairs around it

Commandez un verre au bar branché à l'intérieur. Ou profitez simplement des spectacles de sexe sur l'une des chaises confortables à l'intérieur.

De professionele artiesten zorgen voor fantastische optredens waar je het nog lang over gaat hebben. Alle stoelen in de Moulin Rouge staan ​​dicht bij het podium, dus bereid je voor op een meeslepende ervaring.

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam

Faut-il réserver à l'avance pour visiter le Moulin Rouge?

Oui, il est recommandé de réserver à l'avance pour une visite au Moulin Rouge d'Amsterdam. Cet endroit incroyable a beaucoup à offrir et peut être le cadeau parfait ou une expérience amusante. Il propose des spectacles spéciaux que vous ne pouvez voir nulle part ailleurs. En réservant à l'avance, vous vous assurez de ne pas manquer la représentation souhaitée. Achetez vos billets aujourd'hui au meilleur prix.

Réservez Moulin Rouge tickets les billets du Moulin Rouge au moins 36 heures à l'avance via notre site internet.


a woman pointing to the belly of a man without t-shirt and the text Moulin Rouge written on his body in Amsterdam Red Light District


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | I will give 5 stars for the young couple, the handsome blond and tall man and his charming partner with a fit body. Very passionate congratulations! Reviewed by Aishwarya G.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Me and 3 buddies went to this place curious to what it is. As soon as we went in it was a crazy experience and all had us laughing and shocked. The staff were friendly and the actresses very eager to get me up on stage which made the show even more enjoyable. 100% recommend was a great laugh and experience. Reviewed by L. McKinney

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | If you’re curious about a sex show in Amsterdam check out this place. At first it was a little uncomfortable but then once we settled in it was really fun! Super interesting to just see people so free with their bodies. I loved that they had a bunch of different performers— some of them looked like they weren’t having fun, but others were really good. Especially when they were a couple. My fave tho were the two girls who did solo acts!! They were powerful and badass and you could tell they were having fun bc they were smiling! They also were amazing dancers takes so much core strength to dance on the pole !! I highly recommend just to have the experience. Reviewed by B. Fleck

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Overall a five stars for the performance and shows. The performer all have skills like some have indicated and it is very entertaining and fun which was totally unexpected but surprisingly good. I would recommend this place for anyone to enjoy a good shows. As for the small spaces, let’s be reasonable we are in Europe so small spaces are expected and they made the best of what they have so we can appreciate that. Reviewed by V. Luu

Me and 6 friends visited Amsterdam at the start of January and decided that a sex show in Amsterdam was one of our “musts”. We picked Moulin Rogue partly for the name and also the price wasn’t too bad at 40€. Overall an interesting and funny experience with two strip-acts and two full blown sex acts. Overall a must to-do in Amsterdam but couldn’t see myself doing it again now I have done it once.


✦ TripAdvisor: 358 reviews – 3 out 5 stars.
Yelp: 10 avis – 2,5 sur 5 étoiles.


✦ Entrance ticket = 40,-

One of our tour guides visited Moulin Rouge together with two female customers after a Red Light District tour. We had a great time and to us it’s the best sex show in Amsterdam. Discover how it went down in our review:


2 | Spectacle de strip-tease masculin à Amsterdam pour les femmes

Best male strip show Amsterdam
Women are getting ready for male strippers in Amsterdam

NOW, something just for the ladies! Amsterdam’s newest erotic venue is this place that offers the perfect girls night out. It’s of one the first sex shows in Amsterdam specifically for women!

Amsterdam is a city famed for its raucous nightlife, and a male strip show is the perfect way to add a bit of spice to a girls night out. The shows are professionally choreographed and the performers are always in top physical shape, making for an incredibly visually pleasing experience.



And while the performers may be scantily clad, they are never lewd or vulgar, so you can enjoy the show without feeling uncomfortable. Amsterdam’s male strip shows are also unique in that they often incorporate comedy and audience participation into the act, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to add some excitement to your next girls night out, Amsterdam’s male strip shows are a must-do.

male stripper


It offers muscular, handsome male strippers who give the best erotic shows in town – just for female customers. This place looks really cool from the inside and the atmosphere inside is amazing! Women go crazy during the men’s performances.

Male sex show amsterdam
“Freak me, baby! Oooh yeah…”

The visitors can also get a personal striptease on stage or at their seat among the other guests which can be great for a bachelorette. The waiters here serve delicious drinks in a stylish and sizzling setting.

hen party amsterdam
The crowd is having a blast!

Opening Hours

This male strip show in Amsterdam is hosted on Saturday’s. From 10:30 pm till 00:30 am.

Ensuite, la fête continue dans le club branché Jimmy Woo du centre-ville. Pour ceux qui recherchent une expérience nocturne complète, cette organisation propose également une option de dîner à l'avance et une entrée gratuite à l'après-fête dans l'un des clubs les plus cool d'Amsterdam.

amsterdam nightlife
A bachelorette is getting a private lapdance.


Google: 241 reviews | 4,9 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 74 reviews | 5 out of 5 stars.

I was skeptical when I booked this as part of my friends bachelorette weekend, but thought it would be funny at least.

We were 8 girls and we’re all awed and wooed by the performances! Highly entertaining, surprising, engaging and funny. Definitely the highlight of our weekend and I can’t wait to bring more girlfriends for a fun night out.

We followed to the Jimmy Woo for the after party but it wasn’t my vibe/crowd, I’d probably pick a different plan for the after.

Overall, highly recommend this show for a fun girls night out! Source: https://g.co/kgs/Zw24m9

Des prix

Regular ticket = 35,-



3 | 5D Porn Cinema

Best sex shows to see in Amsterdam
À l'intérieur Cinéma 5D d'Amsterdam.

Ce n'est pas vraiment l'un de ces spectacles sexuels typiques à Amsterdam. C'est le premier show de sexe en 5D au monde ! Attachez-vous et préparez-vous pour une balade cahoteuse et sexy.



Dans le premier cinéma porno 5D au monde, tous vos sens seront en éveil. À l'intérieur du théâtre confortable, un film 3D classé X est projeté. Pour rendre l'expérience 5D, d'autres effets sont ajoutés comme des sièges en mouvement, de l'eau, du vent, des lumières et des bulles. Tous les effets se synchronisent avec ce qui se passe à l'écran.

Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema Inside Red Light District

Le court métrage en 3D se déroule dans et autour du quartier rouge et dure environ 10 minutes. C'est une expérience amusante, surtout avec un groupe d'amis.


Google: 55 avis | 3,5 sur 5 étoiles.


✦ Entrée = 12,50



4 | Stripclub BonTon

sex show in amsterdam tickets
Une fête au sein du Club BonTon.

Le Club BonTon est sans aucun doute le meilleur club de striptease d'Amsterdam ! Ici, tout le monde peut passer une bonne soirée.


Il a été ouvert en avril 2019 – juste à côté de Heineken Experience. Il a un design super sexy et luxueux qui a été réalisé par Casper Reinders - l'un des entrepreneurs hôteliers les plus prospères des Pays-Bas.

sex show

BonTon est un club chic avec de belles dames à l'intérieur qui donnent les meilleurs spectacles de sexe à Amsterdam. Ici, les hommes comme les femmes peuvent passer une soirée inoubliable et excitante. Cet endroit propose une grande variété de délicieux cocktails et les meilleurs champagnes au bar, dont Dom Pérignon et autres Moët & Chandon's.

L'une des strip-teaseuses aux talons lumineux.

Sex Rooms

Club BonTon also offers bedrooms on the top floors. Here you can have sex in one (or several) of the strippers. Not all strippers provide these erotic services though. But some do! They are offered by travailleuses du sexe inside (who sometime also work as travailleuses du sexe). Ask the ladies themselves, if you’re interested.

Best Sex Shows in Amsterdam

BON À SAVOIR: Avant ou après votre visite au Club BonTon, rendez-vous dans l'un des bars ou restaurants du coin - sur la Marie Heinekenplein. Cette place a une atmosphère animée et elle regorge d'autres bons endroits aussi !

Visite des bordels d'Amsterdam

Pendant la journée (quand il n'y a pas de clients), cet endroit offre la Visite des bordels d'Amsterdam donnés par de vraies prostituées.



Google: 68 reviews | 4,3 out of 5 stars.

Des prix

✦ Entrance ticket = 50,-
✦ Lap dance = > 20,-
✦ Drinks = > 5,-
✦ Private room = 300,- per hour



5 | Sex Palace Peep Show

Amsterdam Peep Show
The most accessible sex show in Amsterdam. 2 euro for 2 minutes.

For just 2,- euro you get a front seat to the action: live stripteases from female strippers. And live sex from man and woman one stage. The show last 2 minutes for 2 euro. All can be experience from a small private booth. The awkward and funny thing about this sex show is that in the booth not only sees the strippers, but also all the other people in the other booths. Everybody sees each other.

The female strippers don’t use sex toys. But they do make the shows exciting and go completely naked. Before getting naked, they show off their hot outfits and lingerie from the neighborhood sex shops.

The last peep show in Amsterdam! Jan Otten owns this peep show, Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre, the Banana bar, the Hospital Bar and the Erotic Museum. All located on the main street of the Red Light District.

Jan Otten is also one of the 22 experts in our Amsterdam Audio Stories app which is available in the Apple App Store. Download the app and learn everything you need to know about this area during a Red Light District tour with a virtual guide. You can hear stories of real travailleuses du sexe, historians, police officers, locals and many other experts.

jan otten

This app offer two hours of audio, GPS, photos and can be played anywhere. Listen to it at home or in a hotel like a podcast. Or, in the Red Light District of course.



sex show

Another historic feature of this place are the video booths. Travel back into time (1970’s) when there was no internet and no porn on television. Back then, people used these video booths to watch porn videos. In those years, that was super popular. One can choose between 400 videos.


Google: 148 reviews | 4,2 out of 5 stars.


✦ Live peep show = 2,- per 2 minutes


6 | Casa Rosso Sex Shows

Amsterdam Sex Shows Casa Rosso

This Amsterdam live sex show theatre was established over 50 years ago and has ever since been a main venue of the Red Light District area. The shows inside run in a continuous loop of around 60 – 90 minutes. In that time slot you can experience 9 actes professionnels, dont 4 sont des relations sexuelles en couple.

We find Casa Rosso overpriced. It’s 60 euro for an entrance ticket. We believe that is too expensive because a better show is for offer at Moulin Rouge on the same street.

Casa Rosso Tickets
L'un des actes à l'intérieur de la Casa Rosso Amsterdam.

For 16 years, a couple have been working together who gets paid to have sex with each other. You can see how he eats her pussy and how they do all positions, like missionary, to the beat of the the music. At Casa Rosso you can also see how a woman smokes a cigar with her vagina and a mistress who “punishes” a volunteer.


Casa Rosso Amsterdam Tickets
Casa Rosso is located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Une fois que vous entrez, vous pouvez rester à l'intérieur jusqu'à l'heure de fermeture, mais vous verrez les mêmes performances toutes les 60 à 90 minutes.

meilleurs billets de spectacle de sexe amsterdam
Erica & Udy ayant des relations sexuelles sur scène.

À l'intérieur, attendez-vous à des performances sexuelles étonnantes et hautement qualifiées, combinées à un peu de comédie. Important à savoir: le nombre de places disponibles est limité (surtout en juin, juillet, septembre et décembre). Cela signifie que vous devrez souvent faire la queue.


Google: 16 avis | 4,7 sur 5 étoiles.
TripAdvisor: 673 reviews | 3 out of 5 stars.

Sex Show Amsterdam

Des prix

✦ Entrance ticket = 60,-

7 | Bananenbar

Vue de face de ce show sexuel à Amsterdam.

Spoiler alert: the theme of the Bananenbar is the tropical fruit called the banana. Besides all the beautiful women the banana takes center stage, as a prop, held onto by the performer without using her hands.

A l'entrée du Bananenbar, vous pouvez choisir entre deux zones : la zone du club de strip-tease classique (banana club) ou la zone classique du bananabar. Choisissez la zone classique Banana Bar si vous voulez prendre une bouchée de banane alors qu'elle est encore insérée dans un vagin. Moments intéressants !

Strip-teaseuses à Amsterdam

Outre les bananes, les interprètes féminines utilisent également leur vagin pour signer des cartes postales et réaliser d'autres exploits inimaginables. Nous ne recommanderions pas vraiment ce show sexuel aux femmes.


Google: 213 avis – 3,3 sur 5 étoiles.

Des prix

✦ Billet d'entrée = 50,- (including one hour unlimited drinks.)
✦ Entrée club = 25,-



8 | Hospital Bar

Amsterdam strippers

The Hospital Bar in Amsterdam is a venue where strippers work as nurses. It’s the newest of all sex shows in the Red Light District. The Hospital bar is an exciting lap dance bar with a modern, spacious and relaxed atmosphere. It’s not mandatory to take a lap dance here. It is frowned upon if you don’t order any drinks inside.

Amsterdam stripclub strippers

It looks inside as you would expect from a modern strip club. LED lights, leather benches, strip poles and uplifting music. The Hospital Bar can be a good choice if you want to surprise a friend with a lap dance. For example because he is getting married or has a birthday.

hospital bar

This sex show in Amsterdam is located on the main street of the Red Light District. Almost half of the reviews on TripAdvisor are negative. But, it must be said that only 11 reviews can be found online.


TripAdvisor: 11 reviews | 2,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Entrance: 25,- (including two drinks).



9 | Club LV

Sex Club LV amsterdam

It must be said that Club LV is a sex club – a brothel – but men can also get very good sex shows here. This is one of Amsterdam’s most exclusive sex clubs and has been serving clients for more than 14 years. This is why it deserves a spot on this 10 sex shows in Amsterdam list.

Club LV is really something for men who want to get intimate with the travailleuses du sexe inside. At the bar area one can talk to any of the 12 ladies who are present. When you find one that you like simply head back to one of the 8 luxury private rooms for some intimacy.

Sex Club LV Amsterdam


Google: 82 reviews | 3,9 out of 5 stars.

Des prix

✦ Entrance = 75,-
✦ Private room = 300,- per hour



10 | La Vie en Proost – Bar Lapdance dans le Quartier Rouge

Sex shows in Amsterdam tickets
It’s located in a narrow alley called Bethlehemsteeg.

This strip club in Amsterdam is situated well hidden at the end of an alley of the Red Light District. Just next to the Trompettersteeg – Amsterdam’s narrowest alleyway filled with window brothels.

This is a low-end strip club is definitely not the best one in Amsterdam but due to its location you might want to go here when you’re in De Wallen.

Stripclub Amsterdam Red Light District


The strippers here will try to sell you some expensive drinks. It’s something that many customers experienced. You can also read that in La Vie en Proost reviews. Ladies, we advise you to avoid this strip club if you are with friends.


Google: 120 reviews | 3,5 out of 5 stars.

Des prix

✦ Entrance = 5,-
✦ Lap dance = > 10,-


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sex Show in Amsterdam?

A sex show is a form of life performance featuring one or more performers who engage in some form of sexual activity on stage for the entertainment or sexual gratification of spectators (source). Amsterdam offers different kind of sex shows: erotic theatres, stripclubs, lapdance bars, peep shows, strip shows, and much more.

With whom to visit a sex show?

a woman and a man holding hands on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam Red Light District

Aller à un spectacle sexuel à Amsterdam est une expérience sans pareille, et elle devrait donc être partagée avec quelqu'un de spécial. Que cette personne soit votre partenaire, un ami, un collègue ou même un sex date(de rendez-vous sexuel), celui ou celle que vous décidez finalement d'amener devrait bien s'intégrer dans votre zone de confort et partager votre enthousiasme pour cette expérience unique. En fin de compte, il est important de bien réfléchir à qui est la personne la plus appropriée pour profiter pleinement du spectacle avec vous.

Are sex toys used during the sex shows?

In Amsterdam, the spectacular sex shows are wild and outrageous and can be quite shocking for the uninitiated visitor. Sometimes sex toys – like vibrators – are used in the sex shows. The quality of these shows certainly has no lack of entertainment value. Amsterdam’s vanilla-style sex shows draw excited tourists from all around the world seeking to experience the openminded and liberal Dutch culture. Visit one of the many sex shops in Amsterdam. This is where you can discover all physical sex toys yourself.

Amsterdam activities

We listed many other entertaining things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District. Discover 15 great activities below.


To enhance your visit to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, exploring indoor activities can provide a unique perspective and memorable experiences, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. A highlight is the Moulin Rouge show, renowned for its captivating performances and the unforgettable experience it offers. For those seeking alternative entertainment options beyond the district’s traditional attractions, discovering these indoor activities can enrich your adventure. Dive deeper into what the Red Light District has to offer by visiting indoor things to do in Amsterdam Red Light District for a comprehensive guide to make the most of your visit, rain or shine.

Avez-vous visité l'un de ces spectacles sexuels à Amsterdam ? Faites savoir au monde comment c'était en postant une réponse ci-dessous.


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