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Red Light District

Male Strip Club In Amsterdam

Male strip show In Amsterdam

Male Strip Club In Amsterdam

✦ Four sexy male strippers ✦ Incl. club afterparty-tickets ✦ Best male strip show in town ✦ Perfect for bachelorette/hen & birthday parties ✦ Option to go on stage ✦ Take pictures ✦ Lapdance

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* Available: Saturday’s.
* Hosted: 22:15 pm till 00:30 am.
* Language: English.
* Where is the meeting point?

Craving an unforgettable night out? This place is the ultimate male strip club in Amsterdam that delivers just that. Forget the routine outings and experience the exceptional. This is where exhilaration meets elegance, promising a night that’s anything but ordinary. Read on and uncover the secret to a sensational evening.

Overview of the Club Experience

Coqtales is not just a venue; it’s an experience that promises to redefine your idea of a night out in Amsterdam. As the city’s premier male strip club, it offers an immersive entertainment experience that combines allure, excitement, and top-tier performances. The club prides itself on providing a welcoming and thrilling atmosphere where every guest is treated to a visual spectacle. Distinguished from other nightlife spots in Amsterdam, male strip club showcases a lineup of charismatic and talented guy strippers who deliver electrifying performances, ensuring a memorable night for all. The club’s reputation is built on a foundation of high-quality shows, featuring a variety of acts that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Event Details and Ticket Information

When planning your visit to Coqtales, you’ll find a selection of ticket options to suit your party size and preferences. From the moment you begin the booking process, the focus is on providing you with a seamless experience. Our male strip club tickets for this venue are competitively priced. Details about the showtimes, duration, and any age restrictions are clearly outlined, making it easy to plan your evening.

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Ladies, this one is for you! This amazing male strip club show in Amsterdam is hosted by four hot & sexy strippers. These lads have their own unique qualities which they show during the first part of the night that lasts around 45 minutes.

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After that, it’s time for the so-called “Teasers” and “Hot-Seat” dances, which can be ordered inside (as an extra) by all guests. During The Teasers, one of the four male strippers (of your choice) come to the person’s seat to give her an exciting lap dance.

A Hot-Seat is a private lap dance on stage. The requests can be submitted in advance at the entrance.

Best male strip show in Amsterdam Holland

Male Stripper Show

After the personalised lap dances the show moves on to a fake orgasm and the lap dance contest, where anyone who wants can step on the stage and “battle” for the title of best female lap dancer and best fake orgasm.

Best male strip show in Amsterdam

Afterparty At Exclusive Amsterdam Club

The striptease part of the show ends around midnight after which you can head-on down to the after-party at Jimmy Woo. Entry for this exclusive club is included in the ticket price!

New male strip show in Amsterdam

Male Strip Show In Amsterdam Prices

✦ Entrance to strip show and after party: 35,-
✦ Teaser (personal lap dance – 5 minutes): 25,-
✦ Hot-Seat (personal lap dance on stage) – 5 minutes: 45,-

Stripshow Meeting Point

✦ Address: Rozengracht 117 in Amsterdam.