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Red Light District Tours

Amsterdam Audio Tours: Explore Red Light District With 22 Experts In Your Pocket

Posted on: mai 14, 2020

Amsterdam Audio Tours App

New GPS-Guided App: Amsterdam Audio Tours

Proudly we present our brand-new app that allows people to experience a GPS-guided tour in the Red Light District independently, cheaply and at any time of the day. We developed an unique audio tour, where the user is accompanied by a local guide who introduces the listener to 22 experts.

How it all started

In 2014, we came up with the idea to create Amsterdam Audio Tours. We thought: How cool would it be if people could experience an audio tour in the Red Light District (or at home) in which experts tell the stories themselves? In the last few years we learned a lot about the Red Light District and we met a lot of interesting people. People with different backgrounds and different expertises. During our walking tours, our local guides often share their knowledge with tourists.

Amsterdam Audio Tours: GPS guided Red Light District Tour

We wanted to create something in which these experts could share there own stories directly to Amsterdam-visitors. Real stories, from the best experts! This is why we created the app Amsterdam Audio Tours. It contains a super interesting audio tour with 22 specialists who share their knowledge that is in some way connected with Amsterdam.



Virtual Audio Guide and 22 Experts

Amsterdam Audio Tours is hosted by virtual local guide Sophie who is born and raised in the Netherlands. She will show you around in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, tell you everything you need to know and she’ll introduce you to all the best experts. In our brand-new Amsterdam Audio tour, these experts share their knowledge with you so that you really get to know the famous Red Light District.

Fokkens twins amsterdam
At stop 20 you can hear Fokkens twins who were sex workers for 50 years.

Hear what it is like to be prostitute, learn what “De Wallen” used to be like, get to know the locals, hear more about the Dutch culture, tolerance, Dutch food, sexual education, Amsterdam’s history and whatnot. During your walk together you’ll meet the following 22 people:

  • Patrick – The Red Light District police officer.
  • Jerzy Gawronski – The city archaeologist & professor of maritime at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Veronique Verschueren – Owner of a magic truffle shop.
  • August de Loor – Amsterdam’s drug consultant.
  • Walther Schoonenberg – Amsterdam’s best architectural historian.
  • Russell Shorto – Amsterdam historian.
  • Birgit Buchner – Director of a hidden Catholic church.
  • Dennis de Borst – Owner of Amsterdam’s famous FEBO snackbar.
  • Kate Lister – University lecturer & researcher of the history of sexuality  & owner of famous Twitter-account Whores of Yore.
  • Hugo van Heijningen – Founder of Red Light Radio (in a former window brothel).
  • Herman Vuijsje – Dutch sociologist & writer.
  • Mariska Majoor – Holland’s most well known sex worker activist.
  • Elard Tissot van Patot – CEO of our company.
  • Theodoor van Boven – Founder of world’s first condom shop.
  • Kasia – A Romanian window prostitute.
  • Martine & Louise Fokkens – Dutch twin sisters who worked as prostitutes for 50 years.
  • Jan Otten –  Owner of the Amsterdam’s infamous peep show.
  • Lyle Muns – Male sex worker & local politician.
  • Piet Middelkoop – An ex-cop who worked in the Red Light District during the rough 1980’s.
  • Henny Tinga – Front woman of the Amsterdam’s Salvation Army.
  • Diana van Laar – Owner of the first gay bar in Amsterdam.

7 of the 292 window brothels in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

10 Benefits of the Amsterdam Audio Tours App

  • Independent: This audio tour can be done every day, every hour and every minute. No one else is needed to do this tour.
  • Unique: This is the only audio tour in Amsterdam that includes all the real experts. It’s a one of a kind!
  • Cheap: This audio tour cost just 4,49 euro and offers everything you need to know about Amsterdam’s Red Light District.
  • Educational: It contains 22 experts who share their knowledge with you.
  • Modern: This app is the newest way to discover Amsterdam.

App Amsterdam Audio Tours with Red Light District Tour

  • Accessible: This audio tour is accessible for all smart phones.
  • Comprehensive: It includes all subjects that are connected with the Red Light District, Dutch culture and Amsterdam history.
  • Funny: Our new app is informative but contains many jokes as well.
  • Exciting: Explore the fascinating Red Light District on your own or sync with friends.
  • No waiting: for others and no lines.

Highlights of the Red Light District Audio Tour

  • Weepers Tower
  • Oldest streets of Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam’s first smart shop
  • The Salvation Army
  • Dutch architecture & facade

Red Light District Audio Tour Amsterdam

  • A hidden Catholic church
  • The FEBO: Typical Dutch food out of a wall
  • The Old Church
  • Window brothels with red & blue lights
  • A daycare
  • “Spanish corner”
  • Red Light Radio
  • Prostitution Information Centre
  • Cannabis shops (“coffeeshops”)

Cannabis Coffeeshop The Bulldog in Amsterdam Red Light District
One of Amsterdam’s first cannabis shops.

  • World’s first stock exchange
  • The Condomerie
  • A peep show
  • The Waag & the Nieuwmarkt
  • Buddhistic Temple
  • Amsterdam’s first gay-friendly bar

High-tech audio tour with people who know it best

Walk alongside the best local and expert narrators and hear all the amazing stories that are part of Amsterdam’s landmarks. With Amsterdam Audio Tours you won’t be shackled to a tour group. It will be on your schedule, at your pass. Your eyes won’t be glued to guide-books or clumsy city maps. Just keep your eyes open and follow Sophie’s lead. You’ll walk down back alleys and beautiful old streets, to where the real heart of the city beats.

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour App
Doing the Amsterdam Audio Tours at the Salvation Army.

Bring friends or family if you want and listen together. Sophie takes you to the most special places in the city and tells you the backstories. She shows you the needle in the haystack, you might not otherwise find.

Good to know: You can also experience the virtual tour at home, while listening to all the stories as a podcast.


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