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FEBO Netherlands: Things You Can Learn From CEO Dennis Borst About Dutch Food

Posted on: janvier 2, 2024

Febo Netherlands Managing Director Dennis de Borst

FEBO Netherlands: Typical Dutch Food Out Of A Wall

10 Questions For The CEO of FEBO Netherlands

Dennis Borst (in picture above) is the current managing director of FEBO Netherlands. He’s also the grandson of Johan de Borst (1919 – 2008),  the founder of the FEBO.

The restaurant chain was originally just a bakery named “Maison FEBO” after the Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. Since then the Dutch concept has changed and the name has been shortened to just “FEBO”, but the quality remains. We did a short interview with him about Holland’s most loved walk-up restaurant.

1 | How would you describe the FEBO to foreigners?

Febo Netherlands Leidsestraat Amsterdam 1987
The FEBO at Leidsestraat Amsterdam back in 1987.

FEBO is the largest confectioner in the Netherlands. Every day FEBO Netherlands makes its snacks fresh in the kitchen. Everyone knows FEBO of the automatic. Take a snack from the wall. This Dutch heritage is strictly guarded by the FEBO family.

Febo Netherlands Leidsestraat Amsterdam
The FEBO nowadays at the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam.

2 | The “kroket” is an original Dutch snack. What are its ingredients?

We make a fresh broth from Dutch beef. In grandfather’s fashion we make a creamy ragout that serves as a filling for our delicious croquettes.

3 | What was the favourite FEBO snack of famous football player Johan Cruyff?

Johan Cruijff often visited the two branches at Amsterdam’s Stadionplein. The FEBO and FEBO Olympia, his favourite snacks were the sandwich special and the sandwich “halfom”. The halfom being his true favourite. (Editor’s note: a sandwich “halfom” is a typical Dutch snack consisting of salted meat and cooked liver, with or without bacon. The name “halfom”comes from “half-to-half” sandwich, i.e. half-baked with two types of meat.)

4 | What type of snack is the vega grill-burger?

dutch foods to try

The VEGA Grillburger is the vegetarian version of our 40-year-old hero the Grillburger. Just as tasty but without the meat.

5 | Do you plan on releasing any more surprising new Dutch snacks in the future?

We are working hard to further expand our vegetarian assortment. Soon we will also come up with surprising combinations for our famous FEBO ice cream.

6 | Not too long ago, FEBO Netherlands had a floating “sail through” restaurant in the canals. What was the reason for this and will it someday return to Amsterdam?

On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, we treated the whole City of Amsterdam to free party croquettes. Who knows, maybe it will return someday. It was a big success! Even on the water, FEBO is extremely popular.

Febo Netherlands Sail Through Restaurant

7 | How many FEBO’s do you have in the Netherlands?

FEBO Netherlands currently has 75 branches.

8 | What is the most popular (best) snack of the FEBO?

The Kroket and the Grillburger are our absolute heroes. But right on their heels are our French fries, chicken, milkshakes and ice cream.

9 | In what ways is FEBO adapting to the new healthy food trend?

We monitor our 77 year old family recipes and ensure that there is less salt in them and we fry responsibly. We do not serve alcohol and promote the drinking of water.

10 | Why did you decide to work with us our brand new audio tour about Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

De Wallen (which is the Dutch name for Amsterdam’s Red Light District) forms an important part of the history of Amsterdam. And wherever our guests visit Amsterdam you will always find a FEBO. We are proud of our FEBO in the Red Light District. Didn’t you just get hungry spontaniously during this interview?

febo ceo

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