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Red Light District

20x Amsterdam Red Light District Etiquette

Posted on: avril 24, 2024

Amsterdam Red Light District Etiquette and Rules

Top 20 Amsterdam Red Light District Rules

Before visiting Amsterdam it’s important that you are informed about the Red Light District rules and etiquette that play an important role in De Wallen. Do you not want to come across as an annoying visitor, but as a decent guest? Then follow these 20 simple Red Light District etiquette rules.



Top 20 Amsterdam Red Light District Rules

1 | Do Not Take Pictures Of Prostitutes in Amsterdam 

 amsterdam red light district photography

A really important Red Light District etiquette rule is to not take pictures of sex workers. They value their privacy and sometimes come after you if they see you taking a picture.

Most travailleuses du sexe lead a double life. Their family and friends do usually not know that they do this. Respect their privacy and safety. During our visits to De Red Light District we regularly see tourists who secretly and unsolicitedly take photos of sex workers. We don’t think that’s polite. During our contact moments with sex workers, we were told that this is one of the biggest annoyances of sex workers.

It’s okay to take pictures of buildings, streets or (empty) red light windows though.

2 | Respect Sex Workers

amsterdam red light district etiquette

Always show respect for the women and transgenders standing in the window brothels. Laughing at them is really frowned upon in Amsterdam! Also in the Red Light District. Treat the prostitutes as you would like to be treated yourself. Be kind!

So whether you make an appointment with Amsterdam escorts or visit a window prostitute. Be respectful, kind and clear.

3 | Don’t throw cig butts or joint-leftovers on the street or in the canals

de wallen website

Despite the high price of a pack of cigarettes and the damage to health, people still smoke. Do you know what’s really not cool and bad for the environment? Tossing your leftovers on the sidewalks.

Did you know that the cellulose acetate of a cigarette filter is difficult to degrade? It takes at least 10 years! Do not let someone else clean your mess but clean it up yourself and throw it in an ashtray.

red light secrets

4 | Say Hello to others with a smile

When you make eye-contact with someone outside for more than a few seconds, a friendly smile in response is appreciated in the Netherlands.

5 | Nod To Sex Workers

window brothel

The same goes for travailleuses du sexe when making eye-contact. Give them a friendly smile and nod. When we pass the ladies in the red light windows and eye contact is avoided, we always try to nod to the sex workers with a friendly smile. This is how we show our respect to them. To us, this feels like the correct standard of interaction

6 | Don’t Be Noisy

amsterdam rules for tourists

Don’t shout whilst walking the streets. The Red Light District in Amsterdam is a normal neighbourhood like any other part of town where regular people live, work and sleep.

7 | Bring Cash Money

Sex workers generally do not accept credit cards or other forms of digital payment. Most banks and transaction-companies do not want to be active in the sex-industries, which frustrates the sex workers in the Red Light District.  

If you want to visit a prostitute in Amsterdam, make sure to bring enough cash money (euros). Cash is king!

8 | Negotiate Respectfully

amsterdam red light district images

Another Red Light District etiquette is that you do not start a negotiation with a travailleuse du sexe with an a price offer that is too low. This can be taken as an insult.

The starting price for any serious negotiation with a window prostitute is 50 euro. Let the sex worker start the negotiation. This avoids inconveniences.

9 | Walk On The Right Side

Cyclists in Amsterdam tend to go fast in Amsterdam, even in some streets of the Red Light District! Keep this in mind whilst walking the streets and always give way to bicyclists.

Tip: Worry less about the local cyclists. They’ve seen you far before you’ve seen them. If you just keep walking on the right side (of the pavement), then you’re doing it correctly.

10 | Be Visible

When you have a rental bike make sure that both your head- and tail light work! This is required by Dutch law and the police can give you a ticket of 55,- euros for it.

red light district rules amsterdam
The Oudekennissteeg in the Red Light District.

11  | Cycle On Cycle Paths

If you rent a bicycle in Amsterdam, make sure that you only cycle on the designated bicycle lane, not on sidewalk. It’s unsafe and frowned upon to cycle on sidewalks. Also check these free tips on How To Cycle in Amsterdam.

12 | Always Bring Your ID 

Everybody in the Netherlands is required by law to have their ID’s on them. If you can’t identify yourself, you can be fined.

13 | Do Not Drink Alcohol Underaged 

amsterdam red light district rules

Drinking alcohol in the Netherlands is legal from the age of 18.

14 | Talk English (or Dutch) With The Locals

Most Dutch people enjoy helping tourists or making small talk with them. Especially those who respect the Amsterdam Red Light District etiquette and Dutch laws. Almost all people in Amsterdam speak proper English.


Amsterdammers generally don’t speak French, Spanish, Italian or any other foreign language. Do not try to ask anything in a language other than English (or Dutch). It’s not appreciated to just ask anything in French to a Dutchman – assuming that he or she also speaks French. The Dutch will look at you strange and wonder why you do not speak English.

15 | Book At Restaurants

red light district etiquette
The Oudezijds Voorburgwal next to De Oude Kerk.

It’s common practice and appreciated to make a reservation at restaurants in Amsterdam and in the Red Light District.

16 | Respect The House Rules

Don’t argue or fight with bouncers. It’s a waste of time and when push comes to shove. Bouncers will kick your ass. If you don’t like their house rules, just go elsewhere (and write a negative review online).

17 | Do Not Drink Alcohol in The Red Light District

 amsterdam red light district prices and rules
The Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

It is forbidden by law to drink alcohol on the streets of Quartier Rouge d'Amsterdam. The fine is 95 euro. Moreover, most residents do not appreciate it when people drink alcohol publicly or at the canal-sides.

18 | Do Not Violate The Minimum Age

Amsterdam quiz facts with answers

You can not enter a (cannabis) coffeeshop when you are under the age of 18. Also know that coffeeshop owners have to close their doors as soon as the police notice if minors are present.

19 | Ignore Street Dealers in Amsterdam

Do not buy any drugs from street dealers. This is illegal and they mostly sell fake drugs anyway.

20 | Eat Something Before Smoking Weed

de wallen

If you don’t have any experience in smoking cannabis, but want to try it whilst visiting the Red Light District, make sure that you have a filled stomach before you start. Whilst smoking weed have some sugary drink (cola) on hand for when you might feel dizzy. Also check 10 Tips For Using Drugs in Amsterdam.

Visiting with a date, or not?

a woman and a man holding hands on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam Red Light District

Visiting Amsterdam Red Light District with a new date can be a unique and exciting experience for both individuals. The vibrant atmosphere, stunning architecture, and intriguing history of the area provide a backdrop for a memorable night out. Exploring the district together and experiencing all that it has to offer, from the famous Amsterdam Red Light windows to the bustling bars and cafes, can help to break the ice and foster a sense of adventure and spontaneity.

It’s recommended to follow these 20 customs that are part of the Amsterdam Red Light District.


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