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Red Light District

The Bananenbar

Posted on: février 12, 2024

Sex club The Bananenbar in Amsterdam

The Bananenbar In Amsterdam Is A Place That Combines Bananas, A Bar And Women

The Bananenbar is located in a former ‘Satanskerk’ (Church of Satan) and housed in a monumental 18th-century building on Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37. Whoever visits The Bananenbar pays a 60,- euro entry fee which includes two free drinks. Beverage is served by topless waitresses or stripper girls. For an extra fee, the ladies like to do an erotic “show” for you, with bananas playing a central role! But be aware, the girls can be pushy and like all strip bars it isn’t exactly cheap!  During our Red Light District Tours we’ll also see The Bananenbar.

The Bananenbar Postcard

Picture by: Mike O: “post card the ladies give you inside The Bananenbar during a performance, they stick a sharpie in their hooch, bend down and write you something…I’m not kidding!! This is actual pussy writing.”

The Bananenbar And Casa Rosso Have The Same Owner

The Bananenbar is owned by Jan Otten, he also owns the more famous Casa Rosso. Otten has stated in the past that he has a born aversion to The Bananenbar because it used to belong to a competitor who he couldn’t see eye to eye with. The place used to be called “Boudoir”. When he got the option to buy The Bananenbar he declined. Only after a women who worked for pushed and convinced him, did he buy the business.

Amsterdam, Red Light District, The Bananenbar. Year 1978

Where Did The Bananenbar Name Come From?

Otten: “The name ‘Boudoir’ became a bit old-fashioned. Women still walked around in nun outfits inside, but they did do banana shows. The banana has been used for a long time. At one point we noticed that mostly bachelor parties were looking for a place where they could eat bananas from a woman, it seemed prudent to simplify the name to Bananenbar, a name that draws attention. Now it’s clear for everybody what you are selling.”

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The Bananenbar in Amsterdam

During our Red Light District Tours we’ll also see The Bananenbar. 🙂

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    Where can find the male Prostitute

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    are there gays only redlight windows and is public sex in gay clubs legal as well as drugs

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