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Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Amsterdam Drugs Tour Coffeeshops Joint

Highlights of This Walking Tour:

– Coffeeshops (= cannabis shops)
– Smartshops – offering legal magic truffles, psychedelic drugs & laughing gas
– Canals
– China Town & Buddhistic Temple
– Zeedijk street – Former no-go-area during heroin epidemic in 1980’s.
– Chet Baker’s memorial
– Spui Square
– VOC building – former government drug trading company
– Amsterdam Stock Exchange – that trade stocks from the Dutch Cocaine Factory
– Rokin & Nes street
– And much more…

* Group size: Max. 20 persons.
* Available: Friday’s & Saturday’s.
* Hosted: 2 pm. 
* Duration:
1.45 hours.
* Price: 19.50 euro per person.
* Language: English.
* Available on: 15 February 2020.

This informative and fun Amsterdam Drugs Tour goes through the city centre and explains everything about legal and illegal drugs in the Netherlands.

Learn About Drugs In Netherlands

During this interesting tour our local guides explain everything there is to know about drugs in Amsterdam and Holland’s liberal drug policy. Get informed about weed, hashish XTC, alcohol, cocaine,  magic truffles, heroin, laughing gas, and much more. Get to know the local laws, use, harm-reduction, history, statistics and fun facts of drugs.

Hear how the Dutch views on drugs changed through overtime, how Dutch people deal with drug related challenges and why these policies are still being questioned in 2020.

New Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Fun fact: Amsterdam used to have its own legal cocaine factory. People could invest in the Dutch Cocaine Factory via the stockmarket.

“Are all drugs legal in Amsterdam?” “Why does the Netherlands have such a liberal drug policy?” “Why are the ports in the Netherlands used for cocaine distribution throughout Europe?” “What percentage of the Dutch population uses cannabis?” “How is it possible that addiction care is free in the Netherlands?”

We’ll tell you all during this awesome tour!

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour

Did you know that the number of coffeeshops in Amsterdam has drastically decreased. In 1993 there were more than 400 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Amsterdam currently has 164 coffeeshops.

In the Netherlands, cannabis shops are called coffeeshops. This is more than ‘just’ an Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour! Our super exciting Amsterdam Drugs Tour explains everything about all legal & illegal drugs in the Netherlands. Coffeeshops have been selling cannabis in Amsterdam since 1972. Experience Amsterdam’s 2nd coffeeshop (the first one – Mellow Yellow – got shut down) and get educated about the Dutch tolerant drug approach. Buying and selling cannabis is allowed but producing cannabis for commercial reasons is forbidden and illegal. So, who grows the cannabis? We will explain it all during our Amsterdam Drugs Tour!

Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Within less than two hours you’ll understand the liberal drug policy while seeing the best highlights in Amsterdam’s city centre.

1.45 hours