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Amsterdam Mayor Will Work In Window Brothel

Posted on: avril 1, 2021

amsterdam mayor red light district

Amsterdam Mayor To Increase Knowledge About Prostitution

The Amsterdam mayor will work in a window brothel for one night to learn more about sex work. Many sex workers believe that the current mayor knows too little about sex work and therefore makes serious mistakes that have a negative impact on sex workers in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Windows Brothels
Amsterdam’s Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

To learn more about sex work, the mayor of the Dutch capital promised to work in a window brothel for one night. She will do an internship with a sex worker who has 15 years of experience in Amsterdam Red Light District.

‘Hopefully this sex worker can inform me about prostitution so that I can make better decisions. I want to learn everything!’, states the Amsterdam mayor.

window prostitution
Window brothels in the Red Light District.

The Amsterdam mayor has the idea of developing an erotic center outside the Dutch capital. Her idea originated pre-corona. She thinks that prostitutes are responsible for the hustle and bustle in the city center. Sex workers do not want a relocation of the Red Light District nor an erotic center elsewhere. They’re satisfied with their own current workplace in the Amsterdam Red Light District. They actually benefit from many visitors and indicate that prostitution has always taken place in this neighborhood.

Amsterdam, Trompettersteeg.

A common complaint is that decisions are made about sex workers without their involvement. Sex workers also believe that politicians have too little understanding of sex work.

Project One-Night Stand

To learn more about one of world’s oldest professions, the Amsterdam mayor will work in a window brothel for one night.

Amsterdam Wallen District

She hopes this will give her a better insight into the life of an Amsterdam window prostitute. The mayor will do a one-night internship and is supervised by April F. – a sex worker who does not want her full name to be published. April F. is also against the idea of creating an erotic center elsewhere.

The project is called a one-night stand and everybody is welcome participate. The more respondents there will be, the more reliable the result. The Amsterdam mayor will be working in a window brothel on the Amsterdam Red Light District famous street in September, 2021.

Leather Outfit, Sex Toys & A Whip

red light district amsterdam window

April F. will buy her necessary items like a leather outfit, new sex toys and a whip. During her nocturnal internship, the mayor will be taught everything about prostitution in Amsterdam. Including how she can best seduce men.

‘I am going to show the Amsterdam mayor that possible nuisance is not caused by sex workers. If the local government want less crowds in this area in the future, the visitors should be spread out by opening more window brothels in the city centre. Preferably in entertainment areas such as the Red Light District, like Rembrandt Square and Leidse Square.’

Amsterdam mayor erotic center
Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

How To Become A Sex Worker

Sex worker April F. indicates that she did not receive any help at all from the government during her time in the business. She has gained all her knowledge and experience herself, in practice.

amsterdam red light district open

The Amsterdam sex worker explains:

‘It is strange that there is an exit program for prostitutes in the Netherlands but not a “how-to-become-a-sex-worker program”. There are plenty of people who want to practice this profession out of free will, but they do not receive any help from the government. Only when they want to step out of business. And that while we’re also registered entrepreneurs who pay tax. Politicians should engage more with sex workers!’

de wallen
Old Church Square and the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

Amsterdam Mayor Loses Popularity

Many Amsterdammers think it is a bad idea to open an erotic center outside the city. It would be an unnecessary, unsafe and expensive idea according to most. The idea of the Amsterdam mayor arose because some (new) residents of the Red Light District complained about the number of visitors, pre-corona.

Amsterdam night

‘If you don’t like busyness, you should not be living in the most visited part of the Netherlands. There are plenty of quiet villages in our country!’, said a local resident.

The Amsterdam mayor hopes to gain popularity and trust through this internship with a sex worker. This makes her the first mayor in the world to do a practical internship in a brothel.

In her latest statement, the Amsterdam mayor indicates that she is looking forward to Project One-Night Stand:

‘I’m delighted that April F. wants to educate me. She said that I can cum anytime I want.’


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10x Amsterdam Snow Pictures

Posted on: février 8, 2021

does it snow in amsterdam

Does It Snow In Amsterdam?

Is something that people often ask. It sure does! These 10 Amsterdam snow pictures show what the Dutch capital looks like when fully snowed. The snow photos below were shot in February 2021 around the Red Light District.

It does not snow every winter in the Netherlands. And when it snows, it is often short-lived. This year it’s different. There is a lot of snow in Amsterdam, it is freezing and people enjoy the winter fun.

10x Amsterdam Snow Pictures


This Amsterdam snow photo shows the Nieuwmarkt and the Waag – the oldest non-religious building in the capital. In summer you can enjoy the sun from the terraces. But now, in winter-time, snowmen are built and snow fights are held here.

Amsterdam snow nieuwmarkt

Snow is rare in the Netherlands and when it snows a lot, people enjoy it to the fullest. Snow brings people together.

does it snow in amsterdam

Red Light District

The window brothels are closed due to the current corona measures. This is what the windows look like when the curtains are closed and when there is snow in front of the doors.


It is not only the window brothels that are temporarily closed due to the corona measures. Restaurants, hotels, shops, museums and sex shows are also closed. The tourists are not to be found here. Economically, these are tough times for this neighborhood, where people normally earn money from tourists.

Now, only locals who enjoy the snow and the special situation in the Red Light District.

amsterdam snow red light district

It is strange, but also beautiful to see the most visited place in the Netherlands like this.

famous street red light district

The alley below is one of the most visited alleys in Amsterdam. It has dozens of window brothels where prostitutes normally work in the red-lit windows. This alley offers a passage from the Oude Kerk to the famous street in the Red Light District; the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

amsterdam snow street

The coffeeshops are also heavily affected by the corona measures. Coffeeshops, like The Bulldog, mainly serve tourists – who have barely been around since the corona outbreak.

coffeeshop the bulldog

Known to some; the narrowest alley in Amsterdam. The Trompettersteeg has got new graffiti.

Amsterdam narrow street

Another narrow alley and more closed windows.

does it snow in amsterdam

TIP: Check out the Dutch weather forecast website: Buienrader. It’s the most used weather forecast site in the Netherlands and it perfectly shows a radar with upcoming rain, snow or clouds.

amsterdam strip club

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Empty Amsterdam During Corona Lockdown 2021

Posted on: janvier 18, 2021

Amsterdam Corona 2021

Desolate Amsterdam: Video Of A Ghost Metropolis

The video at the bottom of this article shows the current situation in Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is in lockdown due to the ongoing corona crisis.

Deserted Red Light District

This also means that almost everything in the Red Light District is closed. Normally, this is one of the most visited area in the Netherlands with 3.1 million visitors per year. But now, in the beginning of 2021 during the corona lockdown, it’s deserted. Window brothels, cafes, hotels, restaurants, shops, churches, museums, sex shows and other venues are all temporarily closed.

Red Light District Amsterdam 2021
Magnet fishing in an empty Red Light District. Catch of the day: an ashtray and a dildo.

The video at the bottom of this piece was shot in January 2021 in the center of Amsterdam; the middle of the Red Light District. The video starts on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal – the famous canal in the Red Light District. Immediately it is visible how few people are out on the street. There are also no prostitutes in the windows, as they are currently not allowed to work by the Dutch government.

corona amsterdam red light district
Emptiness in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

At 1:01, the video below, continues via Oudekennissteeg to the Oude Kerk and Oudezijds Voorburgwal. There are no tourists to be seen here either. Some companies in Amsterdam are still open. Just for takeaway though. For example FEBO – the largest snack bar in the Netherlands. And coffee bars hope to sell something to the locals.

Chinatown in Amsterdam – located on the Zeedijk – also has a hard time with the tourists staying away. The restaurants may only offer their products via take-out.

Cannabis Shops

the bulldog 90
Amsterdam’s coffeeshops only open for takeaway. 

The coffeeshops in Amsterdam are also not allowed to receive customers inside. Customers can only quickly buy cannabis via takeaway. It’s not permitted for clients to sit inside. Unlike restaurants, Dutch coffeeshops customers cannot order cannabis online because this has never been legal in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam has currently 164 coffeeshops from which 14 coffeeshops are located in the Red Light District. These, and other coffeeshops in the center, are having a hard time now that tourists are not visiting Amsterdam.

Sex Workers

At 5:14, in the video below, you can see closed window brothels which are normally used by transgender and female sex workers. But with the current measures of the corona lockdown that is not allowed. It is likely that some window prostitutes will offer their services online, illegally.

Closed Sex Establishments

wallen amsterdam
The heart of Amsterdam is empty.

In the video below it can also be seen that all sex shows in Amsterdam are currently closed. Erotic establishments like Casa Rosso, The Hospital Bar, Moulin Rouge, The Banana Bar and La Vie en Proost are all temporarily closed.

Empty Amsterdam Due To Corona

oude kerk
Amsterdam’s oldest canal with a handful of people outside.

Empty streets and empty alleys in Amsterdam. And that while Amsterdam normally receives more than 18 million tourists a year, of which 3.1 million tourists visit the Red Light District. Pre-corona, in 2019, 1 in 9 jobs in Amsterdam were in tourism. (source 1) + (source 2)

The video below ends by showing the Warmoesstraat – a main street in the Red Light District – and Dam Square. Normally these are busy places, but during the current corona lockdown now only an empty Amsterdam can be seen.

Amsterdam In Lockdown Video

Follow the latest news and measures regarding corona on the website of the Dutch government: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19 


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13x Amsterdam Red Light District Laws

9 Laws For Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Posted on: octobre 20, 2020

amsterdam weed

Amsterdam Coffeeshops: 9 Laws And Rules

The Netherlands distinguishes hard drugs and soft drugs. This is done in the Dutch Opium Act. The sale of soft drugs in Amsterdam coffeeshops is tolerated in the Netherlands under strict conditions.

Tolerance Policy For Soft Drugs and Coffeeshops

coffeeshops amsterdam

Because soft drugs (cannabis and magic truffles) are less harmful to health than hard drugs (XTC, cocaine, etc), different rules apply in the Netherlands. Amsterdam coffeeshops can sell cannabis – weed and hash – under strict conditions to locals and tourists. Coffeeshops are businesses where weed and hashish may be offered for sale. They will not prosecuted for this. This is the essence of the Dutch tolerance policy (Dutch: gedogen beleid).

greenhouse coffeeshop amsterdam
The Greenhouse coffeeshop in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service also does not prosecute persons if they possess small amounts of soft drugs. It is about this:

  • maximum 5 grams of cannabis (weed, hash);
  • up to 5 cannabis plants.

9 Rules For Coffeeshops in the Netherlands

dutch cannabis shop
The Bulldog is one of the first cannabis shops in the Netherlands.

For the sale of weed and hash, Amsterdam coffeeshops must adhere to rules and laws (the tolerance criteria). A coffeeshop must follow these 9 cannabis laws:

  1. No more than 5 grams of soft drugs per person may be sold per day.
  2. Hard drugs may not be sold.
  3. No soft drugs may be sold to minors.
  4. Minors may not be allowed into a coffeeshop.amsterdam coffeeshops laws
  5. No alcohol should be served.
  6. Drugs and the coffeeshop should not be advertised.
  7. No nuisance may be caused to the environment.
  8. Trade stock may not exceed 500 grams.
  9. No tobacco may be used inside.

Selling Soft Drugs Remains A Criminal Offence

dutch weed laws
Coffeeshop Rusland is Amsterdam’s second oldest cannabis store.

The sale of soft drugs remains a criminal offence in the Netherlands. Do Amsterdam coffeeshop owners not adhere to the conditions? Then they can be prosecuted and the mayor can (temporarily) close the coffeeshop. Municipalities can impose additional requirements on a coffeeshop to prevent inconvenience. For example, adjusted opening hours or a greater distance from schools.

Tackle Illegal Cannabis Cultivation In Holland

smokey coffeeshop amsterdam
Coffeeshop Smokey on Rembrandt Square.

The cultivation of cannabis plants is prohibited in the Netherlands. With a maximum of 5 plants for personal use, the Dutch police will only confiscate the plants. The police can prosecute the grower if there are more than 5 plants.

Consequences of Illegal Cannabis Cultivation

grey area
Coffeeshop Grey Area is known as one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Is the police prosecuting the grower? Then the police will prepare an official report for the criminal prosecution by the Public Prosecution Service.

Hemp growers can lose their rented house. Did they illegally tap electricity? Then an additional assessment follows from an energy company. In tackling cannabis cultivation, the Dutch police works together with housing cooperatives, the tax authorities and energy companies, among others.

Source: Government of the Netherlands


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5x Museums In Amsterdam Red Light District That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Posted on: septembre 23, 2020

5 museums in amsterdam

5x Museums In Amsterdam Red Light District

If you go to Amsterdam without knowing the attractions and fun activities, you might get bored. It would be a shame if you missed the city highlights and you don’t want to end up in tourist traps or boring cafes.

The solution? Check out this list with five things to do in Amsterdam and impress your fellow travellers with these original and educational activities.

de wallen website

There is a lot to do in ‘De Wallen‘. Also for those who want to learn something. There are currently five museums in Amsterdam Red Light District. At these museums you can learn more about cannabis, prostitution, the Red Light District, religion, erotica and… watches.

1 | Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

museums in Amsterdam
In this museum in Amsterdam you can view cannabis plants up close, among others.

Located on the famous street in the Red Light District one can find Amsterdam’s cannabis museum. It was founded in 1985 by one of Holland’s most important cannabis pioneers: Ben Dronkers – who’s also the CEO of Sensi Seeds. He was one of the first to become commercially involved with cannabis in Amsterdam from the 1970s onwards.

Did you know that at one time in Europe 80% of all clothing was made out of cannabis hemp? And did you know that it is illegal to grow cannabis commercially in the Netherlands? Just two fun facts you learn at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum.

cannabis audio tour
It offers audio tours in many languages.

Visitors to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum can expect to find world’s largest collection of artefacts relating to the history of cannabis, its cultivation and its uses over the centuries. The cannabis collection is located on the ground floor where one can get an audio tour in six different languages. This museum in Amsterdam Red Light District is not too big and a visit takes about 30 to 45 minutes.


Google: 3,715 reviews | 4,3 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 729 reviews | 4 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
✦ Price: 6 euro



2 | Red Light Secrets

red light secrets
An interactive exhibition inside the Museum of Prostitution.

Do you want to know what it is like to stand in the windows? Do you want to learn how prostitutes become successful? Or, do you want to see what a brothel looks like from the inside? Then visit this Museum of Prostitution in Amsterdam, named Red Light Secrets. Here you can learn more about legal sex work in the Netherlands.

prostitution museum amsterdam
What does it feel like to stand in the windows?

Become A Successful Prostitute

Inside you can also read 10 ways how sex workers become successful. We listed three of them:

  1. POSTURE. Pout those lips and work those hips. Stand upright and accentuate your curves.
  2. CHEERFUL. Make sure you look cheerful. Men don’t enjoy spending money in a surly woman.
  3. STAND OUT. Sitting quietly like the Mona Lisa will not get you attention. When you go unnoticed, you will have no business. Make sure to stand out.

amsterdam window girl pic
The museum even has an imitation window brothel.

Red Light Secrets used to be a building with real window brothels, but the city of Amsterdam bought it from a sex entrepreneur during Project 1012. The municipality wanted more variety in the Red Light District, so since 2014 the Museum of Prostitution has been around. Visit this attraction and get educated about one of the oldest professions in the world.


Google: 15,576 reviews | 4,2 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 2,339 reviews | 4 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 AM – 12 PM
✦ Price: 12,50 euro



3 | Our Lord in the Attic

ons lieve heer op solder tickets
Inside Ons Lieve Heer op Solder.

One of the best hidden gems in Amsterdam is this secret church, located at number 40 on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in the Red Light District. Our Lord in the Attic is one of the oldest museums in Amsterdam. The second oldest to be exact, only the Rijksmuseum is older. It was established in 1888, its attic served as a Catholic church for two centuries. A hidden church in which Catholics could worship covertly when it was forbidden to do so in public.

our lord in the attic wikipedia
The last hidden church in Amsterdam may not be missed!

This church within a 17th-century Dutch house has been beautifully preserved. It offers an authentic glimpse into a house of a rich man during the affluent Dutch Golden Age. Here you can learn more about the history of Amsterdam and religion in Holland.

Birgit Büchner
The director of this museum in Amsterdam – in the attic of Ons Lieve Heer op Solder.

Our Lord In The Attic is also one of the highlights in the Amsterdam Audio Tours app. It offers stories of 22 experts, including the director of this museum and Russell Shorto – writer and historian, about the Red Light District. For just 5 euro you can learn everything about Amsterdam’s most fascinating area.


Google: 2,089 reviews | 4,7 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 3,373 reviews | 4,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 PM – 6 PM
✦ Price: 12,50 euro



4 | Erotic Museum

museums in amsterdam red light district
You can have a lot of fun at this museum.

The Erotic Museum in Amsterdam is located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal and portrays the history of eroticism and sex through the ages. This is one of those museums in Amsterdam where you can take perfect photos for your Instagram account. It is a kind of Instagram museum as it offers numerous erotic art objects that will impress your followers.

sex museum amsterdam
The Erotic Museum is a great place to update your Instagram-account.

This museum is owned by the same entrepreneur who also manages the erotic theatre Casa Rosso, strip club Hospital Bar, Sex Palace Peep Show, The Bananenbar and Sexy Loo.


Google: 2,120 reviews | 3,6 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 454 reviews | 2,5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 11 AM – 12 PM
✦ Price: 7 euro



5 | Watchmaker Museum

amsterdam watchmaker museum
You have to go through this narrow alley to enter this museum.

Watch enthusiasts can indulge themselves at the Watchmaker Museum which is surrounded by window brothels, a 5d Porn Cinema, a daycare and the Old Church. The Watchmaker Museum in Amsterdam is brand-new as it opened its doors in August 2020.

The owner – Ralph Jansen (53) – has decorated the four floors with amazing, rare watches in all shapes and sizes. Jansen has been browsing auctions for a few years in search of watches with the best stories.

museums in amsterdam netherlands

‘I’m fascinated about the passion of watchmakers. They spend so much time creating something that you don’t think is possible at all. Yet they make it. Bizarre!’

The Watchmaker Museum is not only interesting for watch enthusiasts: here everyone can learn more about watches in an accessible way. For example, on the ground floor there is a collection with the first automatic watches. Three floors up people can see a watch that can play music from the Backstreet Boys. There is a collection of watches worn by astronauts, as well as a wall dedicated to watches from famous films such as The Da Vinci Code, Back to the Future, Knight Rider and Pulp Fiction. This new museum in Amsterdam also has unique spy watches, erotic watches, steam punk watches, special features watches and many others.

watchmaker museum amsterdam

“Every watch in the museum has something special. It’s about the story behind it.”

You can get the best experience with a tour of the obvious connoisseur and enthusiast Ralph Jansen.


Google: 6 reviews | 5 out of 5 stars.
TripAdvisor: 2 reviews | 5 out of 5 stars.


✦ Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM
✦ Price: 10 euro




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15x Amsterdam Quiz Facts

Posted on: septembre 17, 2020

Amsterdam Quiz Facts

Amsterdam Quiz Facts

How much do you know about Amsterdam? Are you a true connoisseur or do you think you could come across as an Amsterdam expert by just guessing the right answers?

Put your knowledge to the test by answering these 15 Amsterdam quiz facts. Whether it is about the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, its history, legal sex work in Holland or other unique Dutch facts, we reckon you might learn some things about Holland’s capital you had no idea about before.

Let’s get down to it, answer these Amsterdam quiz facts and see if you’re an Amsterdam-expert.

Tip: Play these Amsterdam Quiz Facts with friends, your partner or colleagues. It’s more fun with others!

Amsterdam Quiz Facts Instructions

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, or write your answers in a note-taking app on your phone.

The answers can be found the bottom of this page. Don’t peak, play honest and check these after answering the quiz questions yourself.

Amsterdam Red Light District

1 | Which one is true?

A. Amsterdam has 164 coffeeshops.

B. The Red Light District has no inhabitants.

C. Rembrandt van Rijn got married in the Rijksmuseum.

D. Dutch people pay bicycle tax.

Amsterdam Pub Quiz

2 | Which one is true?

A. Holland is the smallest country in the world.

B. The minimum age to use cannabis in Holland is 16.

C. A cycling license in mandatory in Amsterdam.

D. Amsterdam’s oldest canal is in the Red Light District.

cycling in holland

3 | Which one is true?

A. The Royal Palace is Amsterdam’s oldest building.

B. In 2019, 11% of all jobs were in tourism.

C. Amsterdam has 2 windmills.

D. Vincent Van Gogh designed Amsterdam’s Central Station.

wake me up when im famous bench

4 | Which street is not in Amsterdam Red Light District?

A. Warmoesstraat.

B. Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

C. Zeedijk.

D. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal.

Amsterdam quizvragen

5 | Which one of these is not a Dutch beer brand?

A. Grolsch.

B. Skuumkoppe.

C. Hertog Jan.

D. Leffe.

amsterdam red light district bars

6 | Which one is true?

A. Amsterdam’s oldest house is a gay club.

B. The Dutch use more cannabis than alcohol.

C. The Red Light District is closed on Sunday’s.

D. Amsterdam has 120 window brothels.


7 | Which one is not true?

A. In Amsterdam, it’s not allowed to hold your phone while cycling.

B. The mayor of Amsterdam is a woman.

C. Smoking tobacco in cannabis shops is not allowed.

D. The richest Dutch person is a man.

de wallen amsterdam

8 | Which one is true?

A. Amsterdam’s oldest non-religious building is The Waag.

B. World’s first gay marriage took place in Rotterdam.

C. In the Netherlands, maternity care is not provided at home.

D. Blue tulips can only be grown in the Netherlands.

oudezijds voorburgwal

9 | Which one is true?

A. Sex work is a tax-free profession in the Netherlands.

B. Amsterdam used to have a legal cocaine factory.

C. 69% of the Dutch smoke cannabis monthly.

D. Feyenoord is Amsterdam’s football club.

Dam Square

10 | Which one is true?

A. The Netherlands has 10 provinces.

B. The Seine is a river in Amsterdam.

C. STD-testing in the Netherlands is free for homosexuals and sex workers.

D. Amsterdam’s smallest park is in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam quiz facts

11 | Which one is not true?

A. The Dutch prime-minister is a woman.

B. Albert Cuyp is a market in Amsterdam.

C. The Red Light District is also known as De Wallen.

D. The wife of Rembrandt van Rijn was buried in De Oude Kerk.

amsterdam quiz facts 15

12 | For which club did Johan Cruijf play his last match in 1984?

A. Washington Diplomats.

B. FC Barcelona.

C. Ajax.

D. Feyenoord.

Amsterdam central station

13 | What is the most popular fruit among the Dutch?

A. Banana.

B. Kiwi.

C. Strawberries.

D. Apple.

Amsterdam city of prostitutes

14 | What is Ons Lieve Heer op Solder?

A. Something that Dutch people say when they are scared.

B. A statue in the Vondelpark.

C. A hidden church in the Red Light District.

D. The Dutch national anthem.

new amsterdam quiz facts

15 | Which one is true?

A. In the Netherlands you can have a maximum of 7 cannabis plants per household.

B. The Vecht is one of the three rivers in Amsterdam.

C. Mellow Yellow was Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop.

D. Amsterdam has 1.7 million inhabitants.

amsterdam window shopping

That was the last one of these Amsterdam quiz facts. Do you think you did well? How many questions do you think you answered correctly? 8 out of 15? 10 out of 15?

Amsterdam Quiz Facts Answers

Here are the right quiz answers!

1  = A

The exact number of coffeeshops in Amsterdam is currently 164. There used to be way more. In the 1990’s there were more than 400 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. (source)

2 = D

Amsterdam’s oldest canal is the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. It’s from 1385. (source)

english amsterdam quiz facts

3 = B

In 2019, pre-corona, 11% of all jobs in Amsterdam were in the tourism sector. (source)

4 = D

The Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal is located in the city centre, but not in the Red Light District. (source)

fun amsterdam quiz facts

5 = D

Leffe is not a Dutch beer. (source)

6 = A

Believe it or not but Amsterdam’s oldest house is nowadays a gay club. It’s located in the Red Light District and dates back to 1485. (source)

warmoesstraat 90

7 = D

The richest Dutch person is a woman. It’s the daughter of Freddy Heineken and business-owner of world’s second largest beer-brewer. (source)

8 = A

Amsterdam’s second oldest building is The Waag which stands on the Nieuwmarkt. (source)

waag amsterdam

9 = B

From 1900 to the early 1960’s there used to be a real cocaine factory in Amsterdam, intended for medical use. (source)

10 = C

Sex workers and homosexuals can be tested for free on STD’s in the Netherlands.

condoms near me

11 = A

The prime-minister of the Netherlands is Mark Rutte. (source)

12 = D

Feyenoord was the last football club were Johan Cruijff played. He decided to play for Feyenoord because its revival Ajax did not offer him a contract. (source)

johan cruyff ajax

13 = D

Apples are the most eaten fruits among the Dutch. It’s healthy, tasty and easy to take with you. (source)

14 = C

Ons Lieve Heer op Solder is indeed a hidden Catholic church in the Red Light District. (source)

parool Amsterdam quiz facts

15 = C

In 1972 Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop was founded: Mellow Yellow (source)

Amsterdam Quiz Facts Score

Add up all your correct answers of this quiz to see how many questions you answered correctly. And? What’s your score of this quiz?

Please share the Amsterdam Quiz Facts with your friends and find who knows more about Amsterdam. Hit the sharing buttons below!


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5 Bars In Amsterdam Dam Square

Posted on: juillet 16, 2020

5x Amsterdam Bars and Pubs

5x Good Bars in Amsterdam Dam Square

Right in the center of the Dutch capital you will find a beautiful square that has several important historical highlights, which you must see. For example the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk and the National Monument. Furthermore, Dam Square is surrounded by beautiful buildings of typical Dutch architecture. All of these highlights are fantastic to watch – especially when the sun is out. And what is nicer to see these cultural highlights from a terrace while enjoying a nice drink? This list includes five good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square where this is all possible. Five places in a prime location, in the middle of the city and all easily accessible by taxi, public transport and on foot.

amsterdam dam square today
Amsterdam’s Dam Square with the Royal Dutch Palace and New Church in the back.


Undoubtedly there are cheaper options in the city, but these good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square do offer the following benefits.

  • Prime location
  • Fantastic view
  • Easily accessible
  • Ideal for sun lovers
  • Good place to meet other travelers
  • Surrounded by attractions and shops (like De Bijenkorf)

This list starts with number five and ends with what we think is the best bar in Amsterdam Dam Square.

5 | Yip Fellows

amsterdam pubs and bars
A typical Dutch brown bar.

This bar has a relatively small terrace overlooking Dam Square and it is also not too big from the inside. Nevertheless, this pub always exudes vibrancy, partly due to the beautiful wooden bar. “Gezelligheid” is what we would say in Dutch. Inside it has that old-fashioned look, but with modern amenities – including neat toilets. Also a good place for a first or last drink in town.

Order A Drink In Dutch

Wanna order a beer in Dutch? Just say these four magic words: ‘Mag ik een biertje?’

TIP: Do you rather want to taste real Dutch gin which is called ‘jenever’? Visit the Wijnand Fockink bar around the corner.


✦ Google: 181 reviews – 3.8 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 87 reviews – 3.5 out of 5 stars.
Sluurpy: 669 reviews – 72% out of 100%.
Foursquare: 26 reviews – 6,6 out 10.

4 | ‘t Nieuwe Kafé

Cafe Nieuwe Kerk
The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) and its cafe on Dam Square.

As the name suggests, this is more of a cafe than a bar. Located on a fantastic location, next to the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) – one of the oldest buildings in the city – with a friendly atmosphere. Most people who visit this place come here for lunch supplemented with a drink. You won’t find many tipsy people here. You can sit here both inside and outside on a terrace where you can enjoy people-watching. Dutch tourists regularly come here to visit an exhibition (such as the World Press Photo) in the Nieuwe Kerk.

TIP: Order coffee with Dutch apple pie or a delicious pancake here. Mind the opening hours which are between 8:30 AM and 6 PM.


✦ Google: 224 reviews – 3.7 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 265 reviews – 3.5 out of 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 41 reviews – 4.0 out of 5.

3 | Cafe Zwart

good bars in amsterdam dam square

If we can enhance your Dam Square experience in any way, kindly let us know

That is written on the awnings of this place (originally from 1927), located on the corner of Dam Square and Damstraat. This shows that they find high service very important here. For more than 30 years, Cafe Zwart (Cafe Black) is owned by one of the best catering entrepreneurs in the Netherlands  – Won Yip – who also owns other good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square.

The terrace (with heaters) is relatively small, but it has the right, lively atmosphere. At Cafe Zwart they also have very modern and clean toilets which can be used for free. Cafe Zwart is also a great spot for people-watching! See how fast Amsterdammers ride through the city on their bicycles. Or listen to all the different languages ​​you can hear from the terrace. There is always something special to see here! One side faces ‘De Dam’ and one side faces the busy Damstraat.

amsterdam damstraat
Amsterdam’s beautiful Damstraat.

Cafe Zwart is a good place to enjoy a good glass of beer or wine after a busy day. It’s is nice spot to celebrate that you are in the most beautiful city in the world. Perhaps this bar is not much visited by Amsterdammers, but there are always many cheerful Dutch and foreign tourists. Here they serve all kinds of European beer such as Bavaria, Palm, La Trappe, Guiness, and whatnot. But you can also go here for wines, cocktails, whiskey, shots and soda. Take into account that the prices are higher here than elsewhere in the city because of the fantastic prime-location.


✦ Google: 380 reviews – 3.4 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 293 reviews – 3.0 out of 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 64 reviews – 4.2 out of 5.

2 | Euro Pub

Best Bars in Amsterdam

The Euro Pub is located on the corner of Dam Square and Warmoesstraat (which is part of the Red Light District). It has a larger terrace than Cafe Zwart and a good view of the rear part of the square and the monument on Dam Square. The Euro Pub is located on the corner of Dam Square and Warmoesstraat. It has a slightly larger terrace than Cafe Zwart and a good view of the rear part of the square and the National Monument. This is also a pub where sports matches are broadcasted. It is often visited by foreign tourists and football fans. This pub is often used as a meeting place to start a nice day in Amsterdam. Inside is a round bar, where visitors can stand around. Downstairs you can find clean and modern toilets, just like at Cafe Zwart.


✦ Google: 514 reviews – 3.8 out 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 238 reviews – 3.0 out of 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 11 reviews – 4.0 out of 5.

1 | Majestic

good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square Netherlands
The big terrace of Majestic offers sun and shade.

If you want to drink or eat something on Dam Square, this is the best place to go. Why? First of all, Majestic has the biggest terrace and the best view of all bars on Dam Square. Moreover, inside restaurant Majestic you will find a beautiful bar, lots of space, a luxurious interior and an extensive menu. Again, this is not the cheapest place in Amsterdam but certainly one of the better catering establishments that offers a fantastic view of the central, historical point of the capital.

From here you can see Dam Square perfectly.

In general, the crowd at Majestic is a bit neater compared to most of the bars in Amsterdam Dam square. The people who come here love quality and are willing to pay for that. Especially with good weather it’s really nice to sit on the terrace here. It has spots with shade and sun.


✦ Google: 783 reviews – 3.6 out of 5 stars.
✦ TripAdvisor: 943 reviews – 3.5 out 5 stars.
✦ Facebook: 213 reviews – 4.2 out of 5.
Sluurpy: 4.946 reviews – 71% out of 100%.

Fun To Do In Amsterdam

TIP: First take a walking tour in Amsterdam, get informed about Holland’s capital and the Dutch culture and then go to one of these good bars in Amsterdam Dam Square.

Currently, it’s recommended to make a reservation at all these bars in Amsterdam Dam Square due to the Dutch corona-measures. Have you been to one of these places? Let the world know how it was by posting your review below.


Webcam Amsterdam Dam Square

10x Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

15x Must See In Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Audio Tours

Amsterdam Red Light District Update

Posted on: juin 16, 2020

Amsterdam Red Light District Update

Amsterdam Red Light District Update

Latest Amsterdam Red Light District update: From 1 July 2020, sex workers will be allowed to work in the Netherlands again. That was announced by the Prime Minister Rutte on 23 June 2020. That means that all sex shows in Amsterdam, all window brothels, strip clubs, private houses and all other erotically related companies can open again.

This Amsterdam Red Light District update shows the current situation in the most famous area of the Netherlands. Normally 3.1 million people visit the Red Light District every year (source). The Red Light District relies on tourism, from Dutch and foreign people. The tourism sector in Amsterdam offers 69.424 jobs (source) and its good for the national economy. Normally, 1 out 9 jobs in Amsterdam are in tourism. Amsterdam has about 18 million visitors per year who they spent 6.3 billion euros, creating about 2.7 billion euros in added value. (Dutch resource)

amsterdam news red light district
Amsterdam, Red Light District, 2 June 2020. A few tourists enter the city.

But since the corona crisis – mid-March 2020 – it has been pretty quiet in Amsterdam. Also in the Red Light District. It’s very special to see! After all, it hardly happens that the heart of Amsterdam isn’t so lively. Many companies performed maintenance during the corona crisis. Café and restaurant owners have had their business repainted so that it looks brand-new when tourists return.

Amsterdam Cafe Old Sailor
Amsterdam, 29 april 2020. Maintenance at Cafe The Old Sailor.

What Is Open In Amsterdam?

Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars & Museums Are Open

Since June 1, cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and museums in the Netherlands are open again. Many entrepreneurs couldn’t wait to restart their business. They’re very happy that they are allowed to do business again. There are already some people sitting on the terraces, some restaurants have visitors and Amsterdam is slowly becoming more lively again. But there are also many empty companies and entrepreneurs who look around and wonder if they see tourists.

bars in amsterdam city centre
Amsterdam, Warmoesstraat. Two employees get ready for business. 

Currently, all restaurants, bars and cafes in the Netherlands may not have more than 30 people inside. Including staff. Restaurants often also require reservations and the staff should ask their guests specific questions. They are asked whether they are healthy and whether they come from 1 household. These measures makes it difficult for some entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

Coffeeshops Are Open

coffee shop bulldog first Amsterdam
Amsterdam’s Red Light District, 8 June 2020. Coffeeshop The Bulldog is emptier than usual.

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam were open most of the time during the corona crisis. Mainly only for take-away, but nowadays customers can also sit inside and outside on the terraces.

Tours Are Available

tours in amsterdam red light district
Amsterdam Red Light District, 12 June 2020. We hosted a tour again!

Guided tours in Amsterdam and Red Light District tours are allowed and can be booked again. In Amsterdam’s city centre guided tours can not have more than 15 persons (excluding guide) in a tour. Across the country and therefore also during the tours, it is recommended to keep 1.5 meters apart. People may decide themselves to wear a face mask. This is not mandatory though. Face masks are currently only mandatory in public transport.

Markets Are Open

The street markets in Amsterdam are also open. Including the Albert Cuyp market, the flower market and the market on the Nieuwmarkt.

Churches Are Open

old church amsterdam
Amsterdam, Oudekerksplein, 2 June 2020. Two tourists in love in front of the church.

The Oude Kerk Amsterdam (Old Church) in the middle of the Red Light District is also open again.

People Miss The Vibrancy

The people in Amsterdam’s Red Light District want the visitors to return so that they can earn some money again. And, of course, they also miss the vibrancy! They miss the “gezelligheid“. It can be noted that people hope that the situation will improve quickly and that measures can be reduced. The working people in Amsterdam’s Red Light District no longer want support from the government, but simply want to earn money. They want the visitors to come back.

What Isn’t Open in Amsterdam Yet?

Sex Companies Are Closed

Amsterdam Red Light District News

All sex related companies in the Netherlands have to stay closed until 1 September 2020. That includes sex shows, (window) brothels, escort companies, private houses, lap dance bars, etcetera. Amsterdam’s Red Light District has 288 windows, dozens of sex shows (like Casa Rosso, 5D Porn Cinema, Peep Show, Moulin Rouge, etc) that are all closed at the moment.

Window Brothels Are Closed

Amsterdam Red Light District Latest News
Amsterdam, Red Light District, 12 June 2020. Closed window brothels.

Sex workers in the Netherlands feel very disadvantaged. They may only start working again from 1 September 2020. The Dutch government foresees major risks in these sex-related professions, which is why it has been decided that sex workers may not work yet. The sex workers disagree with this decision and believe that they can work safely. They think it is unfair that other contact professions (such as hairdressers and masseurs) are allowed to work, but they are not. They also indicate that they are used to dealing with risks and that they always take measures to deal with this.

amsterdam windows closing
Sex worker campaign: Working at home? I can not work anywhere. Sex workers have the right on equal treatment and support during the crisis! Stop the stigma.

25% of all sex workers in Amsterdam worked illegally during the corona-crisis. Others switch their way of working and started working through internet – via webcam sex for example. A campaign has been launched in Amsterdam Red Light District, in which sex workers are asking for the same rights as others and to be allowed to start earlier than 1 September 2020.

Dutch Sport Clubs Are Closed

Furthermore, all sports clubs in the Netherlands may open again on July 1, 2020.

Visitors in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District Update 2020
Amsterdam, Nieuwmarkt. When the sun is out, terraces are filled.

The number of visitors in Amsterdam strongly depends on the day. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the quietest, with Wednesday always being the quietest day of the week. And Thursday through Sunday is a bit busier, with Saturdays and Sundays being the busiest days of the week. Many Dutch tourists visit the capital during the weekends. Last weekend it was also a bit busier in Amsterdam. Many locals and German tourists enjoyed the beautiful weather.

More pictures:


Amsterdam Red Light District Wiki 

Amsterdam Statistics Tourism

New Amsterdam Red Light District Tour Ban Still Allows Tours

15x Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District

Posted on: mai 29, 2020

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District experiences

15x Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District

When visiting a city it is important to know what you really have to see. After all, you don’t want to miss the highlights and have a bad travel experience, do you? It’s even more annoying when your friends have seen something special in Amsterdam that you have missed. We have the solution! Here is an overview with 15x must see in Amsterdam Red Light District.

amsterdam windows background
Two of the 288 window brothels in the Red Light District.

De Wallen Amsterdam

First of all, some basic information: De Wallen – the Dutch name for the Amsterdam’s Red Light District – is the oldest and most fascinating part of Holland’s capital. And, it’s one of the three prostitution areas in the capital. The other two are located on the Ruysdaelkade and the Singel and the Spuistraat.

The Dutch liberal and open-minded culture can be seen everywhere in the Red Light District. Only here you can see a church that’s surrounded by window brothels with sex workers, cannabis shops, residential houses and a 5d porn cinema with a daycare next door.

cycling in holland
Amsterdam’s oldest canal.

This list contains 15 must see in Amsterdam Red Light District items that everyone will like. Whether you’re into architecture, art, Dutch culture, history, religion, food or (erotic) entertainment. There’s really something for everyone. It’s not without reason that more than 4000 people from different parts of society live in this part of town.

15 | Sex Worker Statue

Must see in Amsterdam Belle statue
Belle statue. Respect sex workers all over the world.

There are only two places in the world where there are statues for sex workers and one of them is in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District – just next to The Old Church. The Dutch are quite tolerant and open-minded. Just two reasons why you can find this sex worker statue here, right in the old city centre.

During our Amsterdam Red Light District Tours our local guides tell more about this wonderful statue.

14 | Amsterdam’s Oldest House

On one of the oldest streets in the capital you can find the oldest house. Funny thing is is that this house was only discovered to be the oldest house back in 2010. The old house with a wooden skeleton dates back to 1485 but stands hidden behind a facade dating back to 1800. Before this discovery the wooden house at the Begijnhof was considered to be the oldest house in Amsterdam. The funny thing is that Amsterdam’s oldest house is currently functioning as a gay-club named Dirty Dicks. During our Amsterdam Red Light District tour we’ll pass by this house!

13 | Chinatown

Chinese Temple Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Zeedijk.

Amsterdam has its very own little Chinatown. It was first established in the year 1911 and is the oldest Chinese neighbourhood on European soil. Since the year 2000 the area has had a Fo Guang Shan He Hua Tempel which is the largest Chinese style religious building in Europe. You can visit this temple for free!

Besides this highlight this is the place you want to be for asian food. All types of Asian restaurants can be found in this area including Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Malaysian food.

12 | FEBO

Febo Snackbar Amsterdam
Holland’s most famous snack-bar with typical Dutch food.

Food lovers pay attention. This is the most iconic snack-bar in the Netherlands. Walk on in and pull a deep fried snack from the automatique. Try out local delicacies like the kroket – a breaded deep fried cow or veal meat ragout which is super crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

febo kroket
TIP: Grab a veal kroket out of the FEBO wall.

Or try the Frikandel, a minced meat deep fried snack that can be covered in a sauce of your liking. Tip: try it with mayonaise, curry and unions.

The CEO of the FEBO chain talks about this typical Dutch food in our app Amsterdam Audio Tours.

11 | Museum Of Prostitution

Museum Of Prostitution Red Light Secrets
Red Light Secrets on the famous Amsterdam Red Light District street.

Ever wondered what a brothel looks like from the inside? The Red Light Secrets museum is actually a repurposed former brothel. Inside you get to see the many different luxurious rooms. You even get the option to sit in a Red Light District window brothel. Try and find out if any of the passer-byes are interested in your flirting-skills.

10 | Our Lord In The Attic

Ons Lieve Heer Op Solder
The last hidden church is definitely a must see in Amsterdam.

A hidden church museum right in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This church is located in the attic of a completely restored 17th century canal house. This little hidden church is a great symbol of tolerance in Amsterdam. Back in those days celebrating mass was forbidden, but in the case of hidden churches they were tolerated. This museum is a must for those who’d like to see the inside of an old canal house and learn about world famous Dutch tolerance. You can find more information or buy your tickets via the link below:



9 | The Waag

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District de Waag
Amsterdam’s second oldest building.

The 15th century former city gate still stands beautifully at the center of the Nieuwmarkt Square. The building has had many different functions throughout its life. These include being a guild house, a museum, a fire station an anatomical theatre, and currently it’s The Waag Restaurant. Rembrandt even made one of his art works here. The famous painting by Rembrandt called The anatomical lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulip” shows an anatomical dissection taking place inside The Waag

8 | Amsterdam 5D Cinema

5D Porn Cinema Amsterdam
The 5D Porn Cinema next to the church, window brothels and a day-care.

The first 5d Porn Cinema in the world! This truly unique experience is a must for those who want to have a laugh. Inside the theatre you take a seat in moving chairs as a 3d porn movie is projected on the screen. The movie is about someone who visits the Red Light District for the first time. A plethora of other effects including wind, foam and water are then added in sync to the pictures on screen. This is a fun ride that you can only experience Amsterdam.



7 | Old Church Amsterdam

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District
Religious or not. De Oude Kerk is a must see in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam’s oldest building the Old Church stands proudly between the window brothels and coffeeshops. This church dates back to the founding of Amsterdam. The first records of the church come from the year 1213. A lot has happened since then and the church has undergone numerous reconstructions and a switch from Catholicism to protestantism. The wooden ceiling, which is the largest of its type in Europe, is made from Estonian oak and dates back to 1390. Very special!

Learn more about Holland, the Dutch culture and history during the Amsterdam History Tour.

6 | Narrow Alleys

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District alleys
Nine windows in Amsterdam’s most narrow alley.

The Red Light District is home to the narrowest alley in Amsterdam. At its narrowest point this alley is just 1 meter wide. Besides being very narrow it also has nine window brothels so this is quite an intimate experience. During our Red Light District tours we’ll walk through this and many other alleys!

5 | Sex Shows

Casa Rosso Pink Elephant
The logo of Casa Rosso Amsterdam.

A visit to the Red Light District isn’t complete without visiting one of the 10 sex shows in Amsterdam. We’d advice you to go to Casa Rosso. This is the most famous erotic theatre in Amsterdam with the long reputation. Open since 1968 this amazing theatre offers seating for up to 184 persons. Expect live couple sex on stage, stripteases, banana shows and some audience interaction! For details and reservations click on the button below.



4 | Street Art

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District street art
One of the many boobs you can see in the Red Light District.

De Wallen is filled with street art from graffiti to actual bronze items. This bronze plaque was placed secretly at night on the street of the Oudekerksplein. After noise complaints from the neighbourhood from people stepping on the plaque it was removed by the municipality. The secret artist came forward and a deal was struck with the municipality. The plaque was placed at another spot and the artist remains anonymous.

amsterdam street art

We made a great app that offers a Red Light District audio tour with 22 experts who share their expertise about Amsterdam. This piece of street art is one of the 30 highlights. The app contains almost two hour of audio with beautiful picture and cost just 5 euro. You can list to it at home or in De Wallen. Do you want to learn more about Amsterdam?



3 | Coffeeshops

coffeeshop the bulldog first
The first cannabis shops in the world are definitely a must see in Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam has 164 coffeeshops. The first one was founded in 1972. Back in the 1990’s there used be over 400 coffeeshops in the Dutch capital. What happened with them? What are the drug laws in Amsterdam? Can you smoke outside on the streets? Why is it illegal for producers to grow cannabis in the Netherlands?During our informative Amsterdam Drugs Tour we’ll walk through a large part of the Red Light District area and our local guides tell everything about Dutch coffeeshops.

We asked more than 200 frequent coffeeshop visitors which coffeeshop they think is the best coffeeshop in town. This resulted into a list of 10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Are you curious which received the most votes?



2 | Condomerie

Condomerie shop Amsterdam
Since 1987, this shop sells condoms only.

The first shop in the world completely dedicated to condoms. The idea came to the owners at the start of outbreak of the HIV-Aids epidemic in the 1980’s. They were of the opinion that the public needed a store with professional staff that could give advice on condoms. At the time you could already buy condoms at pharmacy but there were too few option, hardly any choice or any good information. Thus the Condomerie was born and it is a featured highlight on our Red Light District tour.

Theodoor van Boven is the founder of the Condomerie and one of the 22 experts in the app Amsterdam Audio Tours.



1 | Window Brothels

window brothels
The windows brothels are definitely a must see in Amsterdam Red Light District.

The best must see in Amsterdam Red Light District is of course a window brothel, or 288 window brothels if you’re lucky enough to find them all. Amsterdam and prostitution are inextricably linked. Prostitution has been legal in the Dutch capital since 1811 and prostitution has always taken place in De Wallen area. This is one of the few places on earth where you can see this. Learn more about this unique part of the Netherlands during a Red Light District with a licensed guide or with the app Amsterdam Audio Tours.

We created a Red Light District map with all 288 window brothels. It also contains 10 great bars, hotels and coffeeshops. Do you want to see it?




10x Cheap Hotels Near Amsterdam Red Light District 

10x Erotic Shows In Amsterdam

5x Museums in Amsterdam Red Light District

10 Cheap Hotels Near Amsterdam Red Light District

Posted on: mai 19, 2020

Cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District

10x Cheap Hotels Near Amsterdam Red Light District

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam without spending much time in a hotel? Then do not pay superabundant amounts on expensive accommodations. Save a lot of money with this clear list with 10 cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District.

oudezijds voorburgwal
The oldest canal in Amsterdam located in ‘De Wallen‘.

It shows hotels in adjacent neighbourhoods, like Rembrandt Square, Raadhuisstraat, Amstel, etc. All hotel and hostel prices are based on a reservation for a single person (from May 6 to May 9 in 2021). The prices will most likely be the same for other dates too.

Hotel near Amsterdam Red Light District
The Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

5 Advantages Of Cheap Hotels Near Amsterdam Red Light District

  1. The location will safe you lots of time.
  2. Many highlights within walking distance.
  3. It’s safer than other parts of Amsterdam.
  4. Easy accessible via public transport.
  5. It’s pretty.

hotels close to amsterdam red light district
This is the view from the Amsterdam House Hotel – listed at number 10.

Public Transport

Another great advantage of one of the cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District is that public transport is within easy reach. Tip: use www.9292.nl/en for all information about public transport in the Netherlands. This is what all Dutch people use. This public transport website is free, available in English and always up to date!

Interested in one of these cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District? Just click the green buttons below to visit the website of the accommodation.

10 | Amsterdam House Hotel

Cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District

The most expensive on this list of cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. This beautiful hotel is situated in a monumental building and is located close to several entertainment areas such as Rembrandt Square, the Reguliersdwarsstraat and the Amsterdam Flower Market.

flower market
The Flower Market offers all kinds of bulbs. Great as a souvenir!

It’s also one of the better cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. The hotel offers a great view over the amazing Amstel River. All the rooms have a private bathroom and tea/coffee making appliances. A large separate seating area is also provided. Most of the rooms have views over the canal.



✦ Google: 223 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 425 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 1,454 reviews – 8,3 out 10

97,- euro per night  |  291,- euro for three night stay.



9 | Rembrandt Square Hotel

Rembrandt Square hotel

This hotel is located at the Rembrandt Square entertainment area which is just a 10 minute walk away from the Red Light District. The area has many cafes, a coffeeshop, a club, restaurants and the Albert Heijn supermarket is also around the corner. This is where the locals get their groceries.

The hotel offers free WiFi too. The rooms in the Rembrandt Square Hotel have shared bathrooms. Coffee and tea facilities are available in the hotel lounge area. Another advantage of this hotel is that it’s just a 2 minute walk away from the Amsterdam Flower Market.


✦ Google: 422 reviews – 3,7 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 368 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 1,780 reviews – 7,4 out 10.


94,- euro per night  |  283,- euro for three night stay.



8 | Dina Perla Lodges

Dina Perla Lodges

This bed and breakfast is located close to Amsterdam’s Museum Square that hosts among others the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. The Red Light District can easily be reached via public transport or during a 20 minute walk.

The rooms at Dina Perla Lodges all have fully equipped kitchens. The bathroom is shared with other rooms. There’s free WiFi and a fitness area too.


✦ Google: 56 reviews – 4,8 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 19 reviews – 5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 118 reviews – 8,4 out 10.


91,- euro per night  |  273,- euro for a three night stay.



7 | Hotel La Belle Vue

Amsterdam, Raadhuisstraat – next to the Herengracht.

A beautiful hotel located in a monumental building. Situated at an ideal location. It’s super close to the Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, Nine Streets, Dam Square and near the Red Light District.

All rooms have a private bathroom and have a flat-screen TV. At Hotel La Belle Vue you either get a room with a balcony or garden view. The tram stops in front of the hotel. This hotel near Amsterdam Red Light District does not offer free WiFi.


✦ Google: 323 reviews – 2,8 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 328 reviews – 2,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 1,960 reviews – 5,8 out 10


87,- euro per night  |  260,- euro for a three night stay.



6 | Budget Hotel Hortus

Budget hotel hortus

Hotel Hortus is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam close to the botanical gardens and Artis Zoo. Other attractions can easily be reached via public transport. The rooms are non-smoking and can provide accommodation for up to 6 people. Rooms have their own TV and safe. Bathrooms are shared and located in the hallway. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


✦ Google: 401 reviews – 3,7 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 498 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 2,087 reviews – 7,8 out 10


80,- euro per night  |  239,- euro for a three night stay.



5 | Budget Hotel Tourist Inn

Hotel Tourist Inn Amsterdam

Budget Hotel Tourist Inn is one of the cheapest hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. This hotel is centrally located close to the Anne Frank House and Dam Square. The Red Light District is just a 10 minute walk away. All rooms in Budget Hotel Tourist Inn have private bathrooms, a TV and air-conditioning. A daily continental breakfast in included in the price. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.


✦ Google: 615 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,452 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
Booking: 2,234 reviews – 8,3 out 10


77,- euro per night  |  232,- euro for a three night stay.



4 | Generator Amsterdam

cheap accommodations amsterdam

This is one of the most cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District. It’s the latest designer hotel in town, but this one offers an affordable price! The hotel is located next to the Oosterpark – a beautiful park which is not really discovered by tourists.

For visiting the main attractions you will have to use public transport. All rooms come with airconditioning and a private bathroom with shower. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


✦ Google: 2,479 reviews – 4,2 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,203 reviews – 4 out of 5 stars
Booking: 4,676 reviews – 8,1 out 10


73,- euro per night  |  220,- euro for a three night stay.



3 | Ecomama

Ecomama hostel

The first hostel on the list is Ecomama. This hostel is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam city centre and within walking distance of the Red Light District and Dam Square. The hostel has a bar, a shared lounge area, a garden and the WiFi is free. The hostel also has an open kitchen, a great way to get to know your fellow travellers.


✦ Google: 424 reviews – 4,4 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 348 reviews – 4,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 700 reviews – 8,3 out 10


49,- euro per night  |  147,- euro for a three night stay.



2 | ClinkNoord Hostel

click noord hostel

This hostel is situated in a former laboratory in Amsterdam North, dating back to the 1920’s. Many of the original features of the time remain. Central station and the Red Light District are a short (free) ferry trip and short walk away (around 10 minute). The hostel has many lounge areas, its own café and even a library. Prepare your own food in the shared kitchen. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.


✦ Google: 5,863 reviews – 4,5 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,919 reviews – 4,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 5,487 reviews – 8,7 out 10


48,- euro per night  |  144,- euro for a three night stay.



1 | Hans Brinker

cheap hostel amsterdam

You can stay here from 34 euro per night! This accommodation is located on the Kerkstraat which is only a 17 minute walk away from Amsterdam’s Red Light District. It’s recommended for young travellers who like to meet other people who don’t want to spend too much on an accommodation but still like to have a centrally located stay.

This modern budget hostel is situated nearby Amsterdam Leidse Square. Both Museum Square and Rembrandt Square are within easy walking distance. Hans Brinker gives you the option of a private room or a shared dormitory. All the rooms at Hans Brinker have a private bathroom and a safe. WiFi is available throughout the building.


✦ Google: 2,635 reviews – 3,8 out of 5 stars
✦ TripAdvisor: 1,649 reviews – 3,5 out of 5 stars
Booking: 8,982 reviews – 7,8 out 10


34,- euro per night  |  102,- euro for a three night stay.



Do you know other cheap hotels near Amsterdam Red Light District? Please drop them in the comment section below.


10 Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

15x Must See in Amsterdam Red Light District

10 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

‘Bike Through’ Takeaway At Restaurant In De Waag Amsterdam

Posted on: mai 3, 2020

Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt

Amsterdam Economy Coronavirus

Before the corona-crisis, 11% of all jobs in Amsterdam were in tourism and catering. That’s 1 out 9 people.
35.458 people worked in the catering-industry. 12.108 people worked in hostel/hotels. 9.802 people worked in culture and recreation. 4.758 people worked in travel organisations and agency’s. (source: Data Amsterdam )

Normally, Amsterdam attracts 18 million visitors per year of which 3.1 million people visit the Red Light District area. They spend an average of 242 euros. This provides Amsterdam 6.3 million euros. Tourism accounted for about 4.5 % of the Amsterdam economy. (source)

Restaurant In De Waag Amsterdam On Nieuwmarkt


Restaurant In de Waag Amsterdam is a catering company located in the second oldest building in the city, on the New Market Square (Nieuwmarkt) – next to the Red Light District and just few minutes away from Central Station. It’s the building where Rembrandt made his famous painting the Anatomic Lesson and even before that, it was used as a city gate.

Normally restaurant in de Waag Amsterdam receives many locals and tourists who enjoy a drink, a ‘bitterbal‘ or dinner. Inside or outside on the sunny terrace. But also this company is hit hard by the corona crisis. The Dutch have to stay indoors as much as possible and tourists now stay away. Dutch entrepreneurs are struggling and do everything they can to avoid bankruptcy.

Restaurant In De Waag Amsterdam Launches Smart Solution In Corona Crisis

For six weeks now, restaurants in Amsterdam have been closed due to the corona crisis, and quite a few have switched to a take-away concept. Restaurant In de Waag on the Nieuwmarkt goes one step further and invented something creative: people can cycle through our restaurant to pick up their meal.

restaurant in de waag amsterdam bike through

It is the old city gate of Amsterdam. People used to go here in the city in this way. So we go back to our roots and try to make it fun in this way, ‘explains Priscilla Den Ouden – managing director of restaurant in De Waag Amsterdam.

A bicycle path has been created on the floor of the restaurant, which customers can use to cycle through the restaurant. A pedestrian crossing has even been constructed so that staff of the restaurant can cross safely. In the Waag, the staff is ready with the order, so that it can be taken immediately.

netherlands coronavirus news

The entrepreneur of the restaurant still has many questions: There is government support, but is it enough? Are we going to get through that period? What will happen next if the guests are allowed to eat inside again? Will tourists come again?

bike through restaurant in de waag Amsterdam

With the Bike Through, the Priscilla Den Ouden hopes for some extra turnover. ‘You want to show your passion as an entrepreneur, you want to show that you are there. That we will not be forgotten. ” (source)

Amsterdam Corona News

De Waag and Nieuwmarkt are two highlights during our Red Light District tours.

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Will Amsterdam Window Brothels Continue To Exist?

Posted on: mai 1, 2020

Amsterdam Red Light District Windows

Empty Amsterdam & Closed Window Brothels

After years of profitable tourism, Amsterdam’s Red Light District and its window brothels are now deserted. Is the silence a foreshadowing of an uncertain future for this centuries old vibrant area? Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf asked Cor van Dijk, the chairman of the entrepreneurs who are represented in the business association Burgwallen and also Managing Director of the Otten Group, that, among other things, runs the sex theatre Casa Rosso in Amsterdam.

Cor van Dijk Amsterdam
Cor van Dijk – chairman of Amsterdam’s Red Light District business association.

Amsterdam Depends On Tourism

11% of all jobs in Amsterdam were in the tourism and catering-industry, before the corona-crisis. That is 1 out 9 people. Almost 70.000 jobs.

In recent years there have been some complaints in Amsterdam about the crowds of tourists, especially in the Red Light District, that is now different. Many Amsterdam residents who depend on tourism hope for a quick return of visitors, says van Dijk. Since January 1 2020, he represents, in addition to the entrepreneurs who are located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal, the entrepreneurs located on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudekerksplein.

How are things now in the empty Red Light District of Amsterdam?

Cor van Dijk: It really is a ghost town. I speak with window brothel operators. They are anxiously waiting for things to be allowed open again.

Red Light District Amsterdam
The Old Church in the middle of the Red Light District.

Amsterdam’s city centre is hit extra hard because tourists and visitors are no longer there. Locals are hardly ever found there anyway.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is an entertainment area where people also live. We find this very important for the neighborhood. We did not see the local residents before, but now we do speak to them. 90% of the residents in the Red Light District live here to their great satisfaction and never complain.

How will the Red Light District blossom again?

I’m afraid that a vaccine will not be available soon. But hopefully there will soon be a means by which people who become infected will not all end up in the intensive care anymore. When that happens, I think much of the fear will go away. We’re all huddled up together at the moment. I think that if people are allowed to travel and fly again, life will get going again here. But it won’t immediately be full, I suspect.

Amsterdam window brothels
Lively times in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Are entrepreneurs already under water?

Yes, window brothel operators in particular! They are about to go bankrupt. These are the large window brothel operators with dozens of windows. They do not receive government support. It depends on how long it’s going to take, otherwise it will be really bleak here. The moment the window brothel industry disappears; you pull out the heart from Amsterdam’s Red Light District area. Maybe even from the city itself.

You have to wonder if the other functions around here still have a right to exist. Think of the theaters, restaurants, sex shops, you name it. Many tour guides and tour companies in Amsterdam are also seriously affected. There are also entrepreneurs who do have some “fat on their bones”, but they won’t last for years. If I look at our own company, the Otten Group, the reserves will run out in a few months.

Amsterdam Red Light District
An empty main street of the Red Light District.

What else do you hear?

I hear from entrepreneurs that (approximately 25% of all) Amsterdam sex workers now work from home. The demand for paid sex might have remained unchanged, but of course the supply is no longer there. I think that an alternative is now being sought.

1.5 meters distance inside window brothels, is that possible? Sex workers with facemasks seem rather clumsy to me, in this “contact profession”. Some people also claim that it could take a long time before the municipality of Amsterdam and Dutch government consider it responsible to allow paid sex again.

The sex work industry is not my industry, but I would find it strange if sex workers are treated differently than other contact professions, such as the masseurs. In any case, this crisis should not be used as an improper means of achieving long held city planning desires. In retrospect, the criticism on project 1012 was that criminal law was used to get city planning matters done. It would be inappropriate if that happens again.

Window brothel alleys
Amsterdam’s most narrow alley.

The vacancies that would arise in Amsterdam Red Light District area in the future as a result of bankruptcies can be used by the municipality to “redesign” the area, right?

I don’t know if that’s the idea of the City of Amsterdam. Earlier there was talk about an alternative sex location outside this neighborhood (the so-called sex hotel), but that was mainly intended for the currently unlicensed industry. The second thing investigated was the costs that would arise if the window brothels were dropped. They are huge. I don’t think Mayor Halsema wants to get rid of the window brothels either. When I showed the mayor around Amsterdam’s Red Light District, just after she took office, she indicated that she thinks the prostitution industry with the window brothels serve a very important function. I don’t think she’ll use this crisis to clean things up.

Window brothels amsterdam
The “Latin-American” corner.

What should happen next in Amsterdam when the economy restarts?

I think you should try to make things as easy as possible for small businesses. Any rules that stand in the way of that should be relaxed. Especially for the period that people need to survive. I am thinking, for example, of the terrace policy. Maybe you should increase the opening of other stores. It is difficult to explain to guests that the shops in the Red Light District are closed at 10:00 pm, while they can still buy things 200 meters away at Amsterdam’s Central Station.

Amsterdam Red Light District
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

How will things go at the Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre?

This week we measured how many customers we can have in the new ‘1.5 meter society’. We came to 47 people. When they’re couples, they can sit next to each other, we came to a maximum of 58 visitors in the theatre hall. Normally it can accommodate 184 people. We always had a continuous show, but we have to change that. Then, for example, you would have a show every hour, you have to make arrangements about when people can go to the toilet. We probably can’t serve drinks either. I don’t know if that is financially attractive. Perhaps the cost is greater than the income. That is also what I hear from the hospitality industry: for about seventy percent of the hospitality industry, the “1.5 meter society” isn’t profitable. Also not for window brothels.

Support Casa Rosso Amsterdam by pre-ordering tickets below:



Closed window brothels Amsterdam
Also Amsterdam’s Casa Rosso Theatre is closed during the corona-crisis.

When do you expect the first stream of visitors?

I’m betting on June 2020. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think I should stay positive. It may first only be Dutch and European tourists. I think the tourists from other parts of the world will wait a while. We already spotted the first German tourists last weekend. They came here to take pictures.

Are you not afraid of the end of Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

I think this neighbourhood will always keep its appeal, as long as those functions remain: sex workers who will hopefully be able to get back to work in the window brothels and things around them. Then I think the old glory will return again. The Red Light District in Amsterdam is on many people’s wish-list to visit.

Amsterdam Red Light District tours
A normal night in the Red Light District.

And that without mass tourism and its accompanying problems?

It was often only about the inappropriate behaviour that people were annoyed with: groups of drunk people who did not know how to behave. The moment that you start to enforce this properly, I think that this nuisance will also be limited. We can all come up with new rules, but every rule that we come up with and that is then not enforced confirms the prejudice about Amsterdam – also in the future – that everything is possible and allowed.

Amsterdam Facts:

  • Amsterdam has normally 18 million visitors per year.
  • The Red Light District attracts usually 3.1 million visitors per year. 17% of all visitors. (source)
  • 11% of all jobs in Amsterdam are in tourism and catering. That’s 69.424 jobs. 1 out of 9 people. (source)
  • Tourism provides Amsterdam with over 2.7 billion euros in prosperity. (source)
  • All 18 million visitors spend an average of 242 euros in Amsterdam. (source)
  • This provides Amsterdam with approximately 6.3 billion euros. (source)
  • Tourism accounts for about 4.5% of the Amsterdam economy.

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Amsterdam Escorts: Everything You Want To Know!

Posted on: avril 30, 2020

amsterdam escorts

Escorts in Amsterdam

This overview offers accurate and up to date information about escorts in the Netherlands. Definitions, laws, rules, do’s and don’ts, advantages, disadvantages, prices, and much more. Get informed about Amsterdam escorts, prostitution and escort work in other Dutch cities.

let's get it on

Definition Escort

An escort service is the provision of company by a sex worker with, if desired, sexual acts with the customer. An escort can be of any gender and can be of any sexual orientation.

Escort is a relatively expensive form of prostitution that offers the client more privacy and discretion. The meeting takes place, for example, at the customer’s home, in the hotel where the customer is staying, in a hotel proposed by the escort (hotel prostitution), in a restaurant, etc. The meeting place can take place almost anywhere.

paid sex

Escorts don’t just provide sexual services. Sometimes they go to restaurants or on a business trip for a fee to pretend to be a partner of the customer to third parties. This is especially important in cultures where there is a certain social stigma on loneliness. It is also possible that the customer only needs company and not so much sex. Sometimes customers just want to cuddle and talk.

Prostitution Legislation in the Netherlands

window prostitution
A window brothel.

Prostitution is legal as long as it involves voluntary adult sex. In the Netherlands, someone is an adult from the age of 18.

A sex offense that concerns prostitution, however, is Article 248b Criminal Code, which provides:

A person who commits fornication with someone who makes himself available to perform sexual acts with a third party by payment and who has not reached the age of eighteen, is punished with imprisonment not exceeding four years or fine of the fourth category.

Every municipality in the Netherlands has a different policy regarding the regulations for self-employed sex workers. In Amsterdam, for example, one needs a permit when acquiring customers online as an independent sex worker. A number of Dutch municipalities do not require permits for sex workers, such as in Zoetermeer.

Street prostitution is illegal in the Netherlands.

Escort Synonyms

escort sex

Other terms for escorts are:

✦ Call girl
✦ Sex worker
✦ Gigolo
✦ Prostitute
✦ Geisha
✦ Lady of pleasure
✦ Escort boy


amsterdam escort

There are both female and male escorts. Female escorts are mainly booked by heterosexual male clients. And male escorts are mainly booked by gay men.

In the Netherlands, there are very few straight male escorts, as straight women generally don’t pay for sex. And those who do, would like an escort who can fulfil specific erotic fantasies.

Mode of Operation

sex work netherlands

In the Netherlands, one can work in the prostitution sector as follows:

✦ Employed as an employee by an operator/ employer who pays wages.

✦ Working as an independent entrepreneur. The escort works for him or herself and there is no third party who has authority over the escort’s activities.

✦ Working in a notional employment relationship for a client (operator) whereby the conditions package is met. This is an intermediate form of self-employment and salaried employment. The conditions package lays down the rights and obligations of the proprietor and the prostitute while the latter is not employed. (Dutch source)


Escorts do not work in window brothels like in the Red Light District of Amsterdam (also known as De Wallen). The windows are used by window prostitutes who are not escort. Meaning, window prostitutes advertise by standing in a window brothel. They do not advertise online, like Amsterdam escorts.

window prostitution
The Oudekennissteeg in the Red light District.



Escorts offers their services online (via apps, websites or social media). Eventually they meet at a preferred location. This can be at the escort’s home, in a restaurant, in a club, in a hotel, at the client’s home, or anywhere else.


In the Netherlands, there are no hard figures on the number of sex workers who work from home, but internet sites do provide an indication. Every day 150 sex advertisements appear on various sites throughout the Netherlands for sex work at home or as an escort.

sexy woman

Dutch scientist and sex work expert Sietse Altink claimed that Amsterdam has about 500 sex workers. (source)

She published on her website:

‘Applied to prostitution research, we might conclude that large numbers are more an expression of a discomfort and moral anxiety on the part of the authors than a faithful representation of the empirical reality. (source)

… In addition, there are practical obstacles that prevent an accurate count of the number of sex workers. Some sectors (escort) are more difficult to count than others (windows prostitution). The biggest obstacle, however, is the mobility among sex workers. Both our interviews and our observations show that sex workers change workplace, city or even country very frequently. Mobility is not only geographic, however, but also concerns the prostitution sector and working hours. As a result, it is extremely difficult to determine how many sex workers are working at any given location at any one time.’ (source)

Difference Escorts & Window Prostitutes

sex work
The main street in the Red Light District.

There are quite a few differences between escorts and window prostitutes. Escorts are active almost everywhere in the world. Window prostitutes only in countries where prostitution is legal. In the Netherlands, window prostitution may only take place in window brothels that have a permit for this. All differences are described below:

Escorts must be at least 18 years old.Window prostitutes must be >21 years old.
Escorts advertise online.Window prostitutes advertise in windows.
Escorts can also be employed.Window prostitutes work independently.
Escorts do not necessarily have to rent a work space.Window prostitutes rent a window brothel.
Escorts usually don’t have security with them.Window prostitutes get security.
Escorts charge higher ratesWindow prostitutes charge lower rates
Escorts can be of any gender.Window prostitutes are never heterosexual men.
Escorts can work anywhere in the Netherlands.Window prostitutes are only allowed to work in cities with window prostitution.

Escort Advantages & Disadvantages

independent escorts amsterdam

As with everything there are pros and cons. Below are mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of booking an escort.

It can be done discreetly.It’s more expensive (than window prostitution).
Ideal for special fantasies.Generally no refunds for dissatisfaction.
Romantic, passionate company.It may take a while for him / her to arrive.
Possibility to meet anywhere.
Wide choice of escorts.
Clarity and more controle.
Easy to book via apps or websites.

11 Golden Rules For Escort Clients

✦ Make good and clear agreements in advance.
✦ Respect the boundaries of the escort.
✦ Be clear about your wishes.
✦ Use a condom.
✦ Pay what has been agreed on. Do not try to negotiate a discount afterwards.
✦ Make sure you are fresh and clean. Take a shower if necessary.
✦ Be relaxed.
✦ Don’t drink too much alcohol.
✦ Do not cause any nuisance to the environment
✦ Don’t pay too much attention to the time, but enjoy the moment.
✦ Always ask permission from the escort if you want to take photos.

Good to know: Most escorts lead a double life and (because of the stigma) do not tell people about their profession as a sex worker. Mainly because of this, escorts usually do not want to be photographed.

Prostitute STD’s

In the Netherlands it is not mandatory for sex workers to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s/ STI’s).


Everyone in the Netherlands can decide for himself whether to get tested for STIs or not. That is a fundamental right and which also applies to prostitutes and their clients.

That does not mean that sex workers do not often get tested. On the contrary, sex workers are regularly tested. In the Netherlands it is free for all sex workers to be tested for STDs. They do not have to pay for this.

amsterdam sex

Sex workers are of course aware of the occupational risks, are always cautious and prefer safe sex. Getting an STD is not only physically unpleasant, for sex workers it can also be a danger to their future income.

With a condom you protect yourself against HIV and the chance of other STIs is considerably smaller. Completely 100% safe sex is not possible; not with a sex worker and not with your private contacts.



Also use a condom for blowjobs. The function of a condom is to prevent risks. If you are wearing a condom, you do not run the risk of getting STDs when you get a blow job. Without a condom you can contract herpes, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

STD Test Locations

In the Netherlands, people can get themselves tested for STDs at a general practitioner (GP), the GGD, or with a home test.

An STD test is done by examining  blood, urine or mucous membrane. You can get tested for most STIs from three weeks after infection. An HIV test is only possible after three months. Get yourself tested before you have physical complaints.

STD Statistics Netherlands

Every year in the Netherlands STI’s are found at more than 100,000 people (source). The Netherlands has more than 17.4 million inhabitants.

How To Hire An Escort in Amsterdam?


Booking Amsterdam escorts can be done through a brokerage company/ escort agency, directly with an escort or in a sex club. An escort can be booked through apps, companies, websites or through a direct phone number.

Escorts can be booked anywhere in the Netherlands. This is also because this country is relatively small, which makes travel distances short. Most escorts in the Netherlands are active in the larger cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.



Straight Escorts

amsterdam escorts hire

In the Netherlands there are many websites where female, heterosexual escorts can be hired. Hit the button below for an overview of the best websites to book an escort.



Gay Escorts

Paid sex is relatively common in the LGBT community. Generally speaking, gay escorts mainly recruit their clients through dating apps or through escort websites.

homo escorts

Gay Escort Sites

✦ Boys4u.nl
✦ Bullchat.nl
✦ Kinky.nl
✦ Hunqz.com


Dating apps

In addition, there are also the dating apps. Sometimes escorts are also active there.

gay escorts


gayParship is an online dating platform that focuses on singles and is one of the largest and most frequently used online dating sites in Europe.


Grindr has been specially developed for gays. It works slightly differently than others apps. You don’t have to swipe. You can send each other a message immediately. The app is based on how far apart you are today. Once you have created an account, you will receive multiple messages from other users within five minutes. You don’t have to do anything yourself. Yet it is not that user-friendly when you first use it. It really takes a while to find out how it works. In the meantime, you keep getting messages that distract you. There are no in-depth conversations, but usually you’ll immediately be asked what you are looking for and whether you want to meet. It is true that you get by far the most requests on Grindr.


Gay Sex Club

In the Netherlands there is only a few sex clubs for gay men only. One of them is BoysClub21 in Amsterdam. Another one is Dirty Dick’s on the Warmoesstraat in the Red Light District.


Lyle Muns – a Dutch gay escort stated in Amsterdam Audio Tours app:

‘…Personally, I’m an Amsterdam escort, so I go to my clients, rather than working in a brothel or behind a window. I do so because it gives me a lot of liberty… I don’t need to rent a room and work the whole day. I can just go to a client for an hour, come back home, and do my other stuff.

… And whether you’re standing behind a window, or work as an escort; being a sex worker in Amsterdam is particularly enjoyable because there is a lot of support from the government. They offer health services that are freely available, such as STD-checks. There are social services that help you out when you’re having emotional issues. And, most importantly: it is legal! You won’t find any police harassment like sex workers experience in other countries. And I am really grateful for that.’

Escort Prices

blonde woman

Frequently asked questions about Amsterdam escorts are:
✦ How much for escorts in Amsterdam?
✦ How much are Amsterdam escorts?

The prices of escorts depend on the location and the method of booking. If Amsterdam escorts have to travel to The Hague, she / he will include the travel costs in the total price. The requested service also determines the price. But usually escorts in the Netherlands cost between 100 and 180 euros per hour.

Amsterdam sex

In general, the prices of escort agencies are higher than the prices of independent escorts. However, some advantages of such an escort agency are that there is customer service available, it is more professional and the customer gets a better guarantee.

✦ Minimum price: 100 euro per hour (120)
✦ Average price: 150 euro per hour ($ 180)



Report Crime or Abuse

Do you want to report forced prostitution, human trafficking, a minor sex worker or anything alike? In the Netherlands this can be done in various ways.

✦ Via the police, which has a vice department too. The phone number is 112.
✦ It is also possible to report crime anonymously via the phone number 0800-7000. Or via www.meldmisdaadanoniem.nl/english (translated: report crime anonymously).

TIP: Do you have doubts about the age of the escort? Then suggest that she / he shows proof of identity. If desired, the escort’s real name can be shielded with a finger or hand.


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Comment Obtenir Un Rendez-Vous Sexuel à Amsterdam

Prostitution in Holland

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Posted on: avril 22, 2020

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Most Popular Amsterdam Red Light District Images On Instagram

(Last updated: 26 November 2020)

From red-lit window brothels to iconic Dutch canals, every day we post great Amsterdam Red Light District images on our Instagram-account. We dived into its insights and analysed which images got most likes in 2020. Here are the best 10 photos that you have to see because they can be inspirational for your next trip to Amsterdam.

1 | Old Church Square Amsterdam

With more than 510 likes this is the absolute number in the top 10 Amsterdam Red Light District images. This shows the Old Church Square, Amsterdam’s oldest building, window brothels and a crooked lamppost. This is the middle of the Red Light District and also the oldest part of town.

2 | Coffeeshop The Bulldog First

This is perhaps the most famous cannabis shop in the world. Maybe because it’s one of the oldest. The Bulldog has nine businesses in Amsterdam but this was the very first one.


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


Coffeeshops in Amsterdam may only sell cannabis through takeaways. These corona-measures where implemented by the Dutch government on Tuesday. Customers are not allowed to sit inside anymore. Coffeeshop The Bulldog blocked its entrance with a bench and a bouncer. They offer their products via the side of the building. This photo shows the staff members waiting for customers. More info at the news section on our website. #amsterdam #holland #netherlands #weed #corona #cannabis #weedporn #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabisindustry #weedlife #thebulldogamsterdam #redlightdistrict #iamsterdam #nederland #mokum #020inbeeld #news #nieuws #igersamsterdam #dutch #amsterdam🇳🇱 #cannabisgrow #travel #travelphotography #art #painting #amsterdamweed

Een bericht gedeeld door Amsterdam Red Light District (@amsterdamredlightdistricttour) op

3 | Coffeeshop The Jolly Joker

Number three in the list of top 10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images is this one. In this picture we explained a part of Holland’s drug law. Do you want to learn more about drugs? Join the Amsterdam Drugs Tour with a licensed tour guide and get an answer on all your drug related questions.


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


In 1976 the Opium law was changed in the Netherlands. For then on out there’s been a distinction in the Dutch drug law between soft and hard drugs. This also started the policy of tolerance when it comes to coffeeshops (=cannabis shops). Toleration regarding soft drugs means that the sale of soft drugs in coffee shops is a criminal offence but that the Public Prosecution Service does not prosecute coffee shops for this offence. Neither does the Public Prosecution Service prosecute members of the public for possession of small quantities of soft drugs. These quantities are defined as follows: 1) no more than 5 grams of cannabis (marijuana or hash). 2) no more than 5 cannabis plants. During our Amsterdam Drugs Tour (this Saturday) we explain everything about drugs, Dutch culture and Amsterdam’s history. Check out our website for more details and reservations. #amsterdam #redlightdistrict #tour #holland #netherlands #weed #cannabis #drugs #travel #europetravel #amsterdamcity #amsterdamworld #cannabisculture #weedporn #weedstagram420 #cannabissociety #travelphotography #nederland #amsterdam🇳🇱 #traveltheworld #tripadvisor #lonelyplanet #weedlife #dutch #streets #amsterdamcoffeeshop #damsquare #rijksmuseum #art #cannabiscures

Een bericht gedeeld door Amsterdam Red Light District (@amsterdamredlightdistricttour) op

4 | Coffeeshop The Bulldog 90 Amsterdam

Did you know that the owner of The Bulldog was born and raised in the Red Light District? He came from a poor family and grew up in an area with prostitutes and pimps. When he was young, the leader of Amsterdam’s Salvation Army guided him and put him on the right path. Thanks to her, he has now become such a successful businessman. An entrepreneur and self-made man who is now in the Dutch Fortune 500 at number 254.


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


Because the sale or purchase of large quantities of cannabis is still illegal in the Netherlands, coffeeshops (=cannabis stores) are forced into the underworld to get their supplies. What that means is tens of thousands of euros in cash, trade with shady dealers and there’s always the risk that criminals will take your newly-bought stock of weed from you after you just paid for it. These are the risks coffeeshop owners have to deal with to get some produce to their customers. Shop owners are forced to purchase every other day because they aren’t allowed to have large stocks. If they don’t do this they run the risk of not having any stock for some time. Transaction are always done in cash. 50.000 euro per transaction isn’t out of the ordinary. With these kinds of amounts it’s no surprise that so called ripdeals happen. Shop owners don’t always know exactly where the weed comes from. Some prefer buying from 10 smaller home growers than 2 bad types that can deliver a lot. No matter what you are forced to have to deal with organized crime. Coffeeshop owners would of course rather not. No tax is paid on cannabis in Dutch coffeeshops, while the yearly revenue off all coffeeshops is 1 billion euro. Learn more about these kind of things during our Amsterdam Drugs Tour (this Saturday). Visit our site for details and reservation. #cannabis #weed #amsterdam #holland #dutch #netherlands #cannabiscommunity #amsterdamcity #amsterdamweed #joint #drugs #travel #coffeeshop #amsterdamcoffeeshop #weedporn #cannabissociety #travelblogger #tours #coffeeshops #amsterdamlife #amsterdam🇳🇱 #redlightdistrict #igersholland #thisisholland #cannabiscures #nederland #tripadvisor #bulldog #europetravel #amsterdamshots

Een bericht gedeeld door Amsterdam Red Light District (@amsterdamredlightdistricttour) op

5 | Amsterdam Red Light District Famous Street

This is also one of the most popular Amsterdam Red Light District images. Most likely because it shows the Oudezijds Achterburgwal – the famous street – with a news update on the corona-crisis in Amsterdam.


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


Due to Corona virus, all bars, museums, restaurants, attractions, window brothels and, sex) shows in the Netherlands are closed until April 6, 2020. Cannabis shops are only open for takeaways. Prostitutes dare not work. Locals stay inside and tourists stay away. The result is empty streets in the Red Light District. If this all is over, please come back to Amsterdam – the most beautiful city on earth. #corona #nofilter #holland #netherlands #europa #europe #travel #amsterdam #redlightdistrict #dewallen #iamsterdam #igersamsterdam #amsterdamlife #nederland #thenetherlands #travelphotography #travelblogger #travelguide #europetravel #travelcommunity #dutch #thisisholland #amsterdam🇳🇱 #thenetherlands🇳🇱 #city #reizen #tours #trees #citylife #nofilterneeded

Een bericht gedeeld door Amsterdam Red Light District (@amsterdamredlightdistricttour) op

6 | Casa Rosso Amsterdam

This erotic theatre has been around for more than 50 years. Also this company had to close its doors due to the safety measures for the corona-virus. Luckily Casa Rosso Amsterdam will re-open in the future. Did you know we also offer online tickets for this sex show? Buy tickets on our website and get to see real erotic performances. They even show a couple having sex on stage!

7 | Main Street in Amsterdam Red Light District

8 | Amsterdam in Corona Crisis

9 | Oudezijds Achterburgwal & Korte Niezel

10 | Red Light District Windows

The window brothels in Amsterdam have been closed since half March 2020. They will stay closed August 31, 2020. The next day they may be opened again. Sex workers had a really hard time and they hope that people will visit Amsterdam again soon.




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20x Books On The History Of Prostitution

Posted on: avril 15, 2020

Books on the history of prostitution

Books On The History Of Prostitution: The Top 20

Prostitution is known as one of the oldest professions in the world. There’s much to learn about this fasinating occupation which has always been around and which will never disappear. This article contains 20 books on the history of prostitution. This selection is wide ranging and should have something of interest to anyone who’s interested in prostitution and sexuality throughout the ages.

Get educated about prostitution by reading these books.

Books on the history of prostitution
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Old Church Square.

History of Prostitution In the World

1 | A Curious History of Sex

The best book on the history of prostitution is written by a well-known person within the sex work industry. Dr. Kate Lister – university lecturer, researcher on history of sex work and owner of the well known Whores Or Yore Twitter account – provides the reader with a thoroughly entertaining and well-referenced historical tour of 2500 years of sexual practices, body parts and sex in general. A witty and well written book! Recommended for anyone interested in the subject of sex.

Amsterdam tour app dr Kate Lister
Dr. Kate Lister in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Kate Lister also shares her knowledge on sex work during our Amsterdam Audio Tours. This app contains interesting stories from 22 experts, photos, GPS and a virtual guide. This audio tour can also be listened from home as an audiobook.

Subjects: Prostitution, history, drugs, Dutch culture, Amsterdam, De Wallen, sexuality, etc. It offers almost 2 hours of audio and cost just 5 euro.



2 | Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work

The title has it: Playing the whore is an expression used to indicate that sex workers play a certain role. They need to be some kind of actors/ actresses. This used to be a frequently said Dutch saying: ‘de hoer spelen’. Translated: Playing the whore.

This is a book on how policies that are being advocated by police and many anti-prostitution feminists have the opposite of their intended effects. For those who are well read on this subject the book doesn’t offer much new information. It does however function as a great concise summary. It has a lot of good references for further reading.

3 | Thriving in Sex Work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry

A book for those who think prostitution is easy money, and those who actually do the work and are looking for advice. This self-help book for sex workers and erotic entertainers was written by Lola Davina, a former stripper, escort and porn actress. She provides the reader with solid advice on how to deal with the unique emotional toll that comes with sex work. One of those books on the history of prostitution that is timeless.

4 | Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships

Number four in this list of books on the history of prostitution is this entertaining and provocative read. It offers a very concise and interesting perspective on gender roles and sexuality from the distant past right up until the modern age. Conventional wisdoms are challenged and the standard theories adhered to by most experts are shown to have serious flaws.

5 | The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS

Writer Elizabeth Pisani, an epidemiologist, has been investigating and involved in the fight against AIDS for 14 years. This is one of those books on the history of prostitution where the writer lays out how rotten the state of the current research field is and how reluctant the government is to grant funds for vital HIV prevention to those who are in need of it most: prostitutes, junkies and gay men. The is a no holds barred read and will make you rethink all that you know on the subject of the AIDS-virus.

6 | Erotic Exchanges: The World of Elite Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century Paris

In this book Nina Kushner presents a perplexing look into elite prostitution in Paris in the 18th century. The book is based on a wealth of documentation as the Parisian police in those days surveilled many of the prostitutes and their clientele. This is beautifully written and highly readable scholarly work. One of the better books on the history of prostitution.

History of Prostitution in the Netherlands

And now some great books on the history of prostitution in the Netherlands and Amsterdam which got city rights in the year 1275. In this harbour-city, prostitution has always been around. Illegal & hidden. And, legal & out in the open.

7 | When Sex Becomes Work: Everything that everyone should know about sex work

Written by Mariska Majoor, ex-prostitute, founder of the Prostitution Information Center and Amsterdam’s most famous sex worker activist. This woman was even knighted by the royal Dutch family. Mariska is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable prostitution experts in the country. She has been active in this industry for more than 30 years.

sex worker in another world
Mariska Majoor in front of the Prostitution Information Center that she founded.

This book is not just a handbook for sex workers. It also provides great insights for those who want to educate themselves on one of the oldest professions in the world and it explains more about Amsterdam Red Light District.

Mariska Majoor is one of the 22 experts in the Amsterdam Audio Tour app. In it, she explains more about sex work in Amsterdam. Here’s a little quote of Mariska:

After I stopped working as a sex worker myself I experienced how hard it is to answer the question ‘what did you do before’. It is not easy being open about your life as a sex worker when you now people have a negative view on that subject. I wanted to try and change that view to make it easier for sex workers to be accepted by society. That’s why I started the Prostitution Information Center in 1994.



8 | The Amsterdam Diaries: Kiss and tell tales from the Red Light District

This unique book by Marcus Segretto originally started off as a blog detailing his adventures on Amsterdam’s Red Light District, from a customer perspective. He wanted to provide an alternative view to the prevailing attitudes against prostitution. His blog about his visits to the sex workers in Amsterdam was a big hit with more than a million unique visitors. Fans of the blog encouraged him to publish his blog in book form, which he did. Many books have been written about prostitution, but very few that describe the experiences and thoughts of the clients. Therefor this one is one of the must have books on the history of prostitution.

9 | Legalizing Prostitution: From Illicit Vice to Lawful Business

Prostitution has never been a socially accepted profession but the past decade world’s oldest profession has been under renewed attacks from both Christian and Feminist interest groups. Legalising Prostitution offers a great overview of the current field. The author, Weitzer, writes from an American perspective and uses findings from European countries like the Netherlands and Germany to provide the reader with alternatives to current American practises when it comes to prostitution. What results in the in end is a handy overview of “best practices”.

History of Prostitution in America

The United States has a long history with (illegal) sex work, which is why this list also contains five top books on the history of prostitution in America.

10 | Upstairs Girls: Prostitution in the American West

Prostitution is probably the most interesting aspect of the American west story. This book will give you a perspective on those women for hire during the American west days. Besides learning about why these woman turned to prostitution you’ll also learn about the business side of their work including competition, location and marketing.

11 | Love for Sale: Courting, Treating, and Prostitution in New York City, 1900-1945

Writer Elizabeth Alice Clement presents a detailed and fascinating examination on both sexual and moral shifts that happened in New York in the first 50 years of the 20th century. An entertaining and enlightening read despite it being an academic book.

12 | Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women

This book by Alexa Albert provides a great independent study of the sex work industry in Nevada, United States. Based on a lengthy six year study this books on the history of prostitution gives an honest look beyond the fantasy that the sex industry project outwardly. It presents the human reality behind that veil.

13 | Madam: Inside a Nevada Brothel

Lora Shaner takes you on a deep dive into to life inside a Nevada brothel. It’s a great study on all the characters of those working in, and visiting the brothel. Recommended for anybody who want to get an impression of daily life inside a legal Nevada brothel. For less than 5 dollars this is one of the cheapest books on the history of prostitution.

14 | The Murder of Helen Jewett

The murder of a youthful prostitute in New York, 1836 set off a shockwave throughout the nation. The story would be recorded in history as the first case of journalistic death and sex sensationalism. A practice that we’re all too familiar with today. Besides being an investigative piece this books on the history of prostitution also delves into that specific era and the rapidly changing culture of the period. For a super exciting, non-fiction book this is a real page-turner.

History of Prostitution in Ancient Greece

Long before America was discovered, prostitution took place in Ancient Greece. That is why there is 1 book that should not be missing in this list.

15 | Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Ancient World

This is one of those books on the history of prostitution that offers a look at sex work from ancient Mesopotamia to the period of early Christianity. In those days, like to today, prostiutes were socially marginal. But they connected with a lot of aspect of daily life. Some led a life of luxury with famous poets and politicians. Others did not. A must read books on the history of prostitution, specifically for those interested in the history of women and classical antiquity.

History of Prostitution in England

16 | The London Underworld in the Victorian Period: Authentic First-Person Accounts by Beggars, Thieves and Prostitutes

This work by Henry Mayhew was the first 19th-century London sociological study and the first piece of oral history. For this work Mayhew traversed 100’s of miles of 1840-1850 London streets collecting statements from the city’s poor and forgotten. The stories that they told showed a part of London that was almost unheard to the higher classes. This book is an extract of the original work and is centred around crime; vagrants, prostitutes, pickpockets and rag pickers.

History of Sex

In addition, three fantastic books that explain the history of sex. They are not necessarily books on the history of prostitution, but since prostitution is inextricably linked to sex, these three top items contribute to get a better understanding of sex work.

17 | Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire

Writer Eric Berkowitz presents a 4000 year historical look at how principally western society has been attempting to curb sexuality by law.
This is one of those books on the history of prostitution that perfectly illustrates that every age has well-intentioned policy makers who have warped ideas about what types of sexual behaviours should be punished. With more than 94 ratings it gets 4 out of 5 stars and is therefor recommended to read.

18 | The Story of Sex: A Graphic History Through the Ages

The only graphic book (comic book) in this top 20 books on the history of prostitution. The comics are really amusing, making this book a great option for those who are a little more visually oriented. In this book sexologist Phillip Brenot gives an exhoustive commentary on sex using history, sociology, anthropology and psychology.

19 | The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1: An Introduction Reissue Edition

In this work world renowned intellectual Michel Foucault (1926 – 1984) explores why we constantly talk about and analyse sex. Furthermore it presents the history of sexuality and lays down arguments against the theories of sexual repression.

20 | The History of Sexuality: Vol. 2: The Use of Pleasure

In this 304 follow up work to The History of Sexuality, Volume I: An Introduction, Foucault analyses the ancient Greeks and how they perceived sexuality. A quote from this book: ‘In Athens, certain laws protected free children from adults who at least for a time did not have the right to go into schools; from slaves, who incurred the death penalty if they tried corrupting them; and from their father or tutors who were punished if they prostituted them

Bonus | The History of Sexuality: Vol. 3: The Care of the Self

Bonus material in this top 20 books on the history of prostitution is this one. In this third and final book on The History of Sexuality, Foucault looks into the period of the Golden Age in Rome. In it he shows a subtle yet conclusive breach from the Classical Greek interpretation of sexual pleasure. He presents how distrust of pleasure and anxieties on sexuality appeared and the ramification of this cultural change. This in entire collection of books on the history of prostitution by Foucault should be owned by anyone interested in the subject of sexuality.


History Amsterdam Red Light District

The History Of Prostitution

Interview With Dr. Kate Lister From Whores Of Yore 

Menu Prostitution d'Amsterdam

Prostitutes In Amsterdam Work At Home

Amsterdam city of prostitutes

Concerns About Prostitutes Who Work From Home

Prostitutes working from home is a concern for the municipality of Amsterdam now that erotic venues are closed due to the coronavirus. Mayor Halsema is investigating whether erotic sites can be blocked.

No Support From Dutch Government

Sex work in The Netherlands

50-year-old Marloes has been a prostitute for 25 years in various venues in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. She is not registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a freelancer and cannot claim special assistance from the Dutch government. “I fall outside any scheme,” says Marloes (her working name). “But I also have my fixed costs. Money is written from my account every month, for example for my car, which I pay monthly. I have children who have to eat and send money to my family abroad.”

Amsterdam prostitutes health
Amsterdam’s most narrow alley with nine window brothels.

An Income Decrease For Prostitutes

Her income has drastically decreased since all erotic venues in the Netherlands had to be closed. She estimates she earns about 25% of her normal income and now has to invite customers to her home. Her children, who are already studying, know what work she has.

She doesn’t advertise, she says. “I have a regular customer base. Those customers approach me. The need for prostitutes is greater than the fear. That’s what you’re human for. Of course, she’s also afraid of contracting the coronavirus, she says. “I first let my customers take a shower at my home. Then it is clean on the outside. I make sure there is no saliva contact: no kissing and always safe.

A lot of customers are also afraid themselves.”

Amsterdam prostitutes safety
Window brothels in De Wallen.

Dutch Customers of Prostitutes Are Slowly Returning

She currently has about eight customers a week. A number of appointments are also in her agenda for next week. “In the beginning, when the coronavirus had just arrived, it was a lot quieter. When Prime Minister Rutte had been on television, I only had one customer. People were very shocked.

Others prostitutes also work from home now, she says. “I know more prostitutes who work from home or rent a place somewhere or work as an escort and also go to customers myself.” She doesn’t see that as dangerous. “My limits and requirements, like showering are made clear from the start. I make it a fun game: I do not stand aside, it’s showering together. You try to make it fun. At home it’s already straightforward.”

Prostitutes Need Money For Their Families

Amsterdam has approximately 4,000 to 7,000 prostitutes. “The largest group is at home. It is estimated that about 25% is working from home,”says Heleen Driessen, confidential counsellor for Prostitution and Health Center P&G292.

“The sex workers still need money. For rent or for their family. A Bulgarian prostitute recently said: “I just have to send money to my family, because they really have nothing.” She now works from home.

english amsterdam quiz facts
The Oudezijds Voorburgwal in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Mayor Tries To Block Sex Advertisement Websites

Mayor Femke Halsema announced in a committee of the city council on Thursday that she is investigating whether erotic sites can be blocked, due to the risk of infection for prostitutes. Sites like Kinky, SexJobs and Planet Romeo are still online with their ads. Halsema tempered expectations; such a blockage would not be simple.

Concerned About Safety Of Prostitutes

Amsterdam Window Brothels Inside
The inside of a window brothel from MyRedLight.

Male escort Lyle Muns (26) of MyRedLight does not work himself, but he does see a group of prostitutes that continues to work.

They are prostitutes who are not registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and are undocumented. These are people who are in financial distress if they do not work, because they cannot claim the special assistance.

Lyle Muns is concerned about the risks.

“If they continue to work, there is a risk of infection. In addition, prostitutes who normally work in clubs or behind the windows are used to safety. The brothel operator is nearby and comes immediately when the panic button in the room is pressed. That safety disappears.” But it is also a question of supply and demand. Lyle Muns: “It works both ways. There are also customers who want to meet. ”


Prostitution in the Netherlands

Amsterdam in Corona Crisis

8 Ways To Get A Sex Date In Amsterdam

New Hotel Mai Amsterdam In Chinatown

Posted on: mars 26, 2020

Hotel Mai Amsterdam Red Light District

4-star Boutique Hotel Mai Amsterdam in City Centre

After fourteen years of discussion with critics, judges, banks and the municipality, the new Asian theme hotel MAI Amsterdam on Geldersekade has finally opened its doors. A new hotel on one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam.

Founder Arjen Van den Hof on Amsterdam’s newest hotel addition: ‘The story of the building and the neighborhood play an important role in my interest in a possible new project. In this project, the rich (cultural) history and development of Chinatown in Amsterdam’s Red Light District turned out to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. From the beginning I was flooded with ideas. With Hotel Mai Amsterdam I would like to create a place where travellers and locals come together and enjoy design, art and hospitality – a place to Meet Asia In Amsterdam.’

Hotel Mai Amsterdam Chinatown

Amsterdam With An Asian Twist

Each hotel room is enriched with a work of art created by fashion designer and artist Claes Iversen. He made an Asian-inspired series of paintings especially for Mai Amsterdam. Iversen artistically edited his homemade photos of Chinese architecture with paint and other originally chosen materials. In addition, flower paintings, made in combination of paint and embroidery, are a common work in this series.

For those visiting the hotel will have to get used to a hotel with four and six floors. One elevator does not go to mezzanine 2.5, the other does. The fate of a creep-through-a-door hotel that connects a number of Red Light District houses between Zeedijk and Geldersekade.

Hotel Mai Amsterdam

The Long Journey Of Hotel MAI Amsterdam

The 81-room hotel MAI Amsterdam has been open since Chinese New Year – 25 January, 2020 – fourteen years after the first plans. Long years, with a crisis, banks that first became enthusiastic and then reluctant and – when there was money again – contractors who were too busy. And there was the objection, as with other recent new Hotels in Amsterdam, among others: more crowds, nuisance, mess. “On the last day that an objection could be lodged, someone still objected to Hotel Mai Amsterdam,” owner Kin-Ping Dun says in the lobby. The individual properties have long been in his family, which also owns the Asian Shop Dun Yong. “The warehouse contained items for the Asian Shop and our wholesaler, as well as all kinds of art objects that my parents had collected. In the other part, we created a Chinese shopping center at the end of 2001. But that never delivered that what we had hoped for.”

New Hotel Mai Amsterdam

Red Light District Hotel

When the Chinese wholesaler moved to Sloterdijk, a future as a hotel was the most obvious one. According to Kin-Ping, there were hardly any alternatives. “The layout of the buildings did not comply with the building rules for permanent residence. Then you would have had to demolish almost everything and build new structures, right in the middle of the Red Light District. When the government was still a strong advocate of new hotels, the municipality, district, Stadsherstel and NV Zeedijk all strongly agreed.

This was not the case for everyone in the area, which is why it’s an objection. The resistance to Hotel Mai Amsterdam did not seem defensible to the family. Since the designs date from 2006, they never fell under the hotel stop that the city council later announced in its attempts to curb the tourist crowds. The judge ruled otherwise. “We had a permit for 83 rooms, but there was a typo in a hotel list of the municipality; there were 63 rooms. The court found that so important that they immediately destroyed the entire project. We had nothing left at all.”

Red Light District Chinatown

Hotel Mai Amsterdam Financial strains

“It hurt because the building had been empty for so long. What we earned at the Asian Shop disappeared into this project. It couldn’t have lasted much longer. We are not a project developer who has all kinds of funds to deal with that.” He understands the concerns. “We’ve been a part of this neighbourhood for so long that I really see what the objections are. We promised not to sell the hotel anytime soon and knew very early on that we would partner with Vondel Hotels for the operation. We went to their Hotel De Hallen with a bus full of local residents, to show what kind of hotel group that is. That did help. But you don’t convince people who don’t want to believe it.”

In the end they had to take it up to the Board of State level to dismantle the consequences of the typing error. The family made more promises, laid down in the permits. The hotel has a separate restaurant, MAI Kitchen, with its own entrance on the Zeedijk. That entrance is not for Hotel Mai Amsterdam guests. “That was the agreement with Stadsherstel; no trunks on the Zeedijk. ” Another deal concerns the Elleboogsteeg between Zeedijk and Geldersekade, which separates the hotel buildings. This alley was closed for years, now it opens again. “That is a wish of the city district; not our idea. We would have preferred to have made it part of the hotel, covered. But that went too far for the district. Understandable, because it is public space.

Red Light District Hotel

Family Art For A Personal Touch

That meant that we had to go over it with a glass passage, which was quite difficult. ”Kin-Ping is satisfied with the final result. “It has not become a hotel with red lanterns. It is a look that I do not know, but that feels very good. Arjen van den Hof, had a lot of contact with my parents. Much of the art that now stands here comes from our store. I see some images still exactly in place in the racks, under fluorescent light.”

Hotel Mai Amsterdam Booking

Click on button below for more pictures, details and reservations.


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Sex Worker Expert Shares Truth About Prostitution

Posted on: mars 20, 2020

sex worker in another world

An Interview With Sex Worker Activist Mariska Majoor

One of Holland’s most known sex worker expert – Mariska Majoor – shares her secrets and expertise about one of the oldest professions in the world during this exclusive interview. We frequently speak to experts in order to provide the best information, on our website and during our tours.

Mariska has been a sex worker herself. She founded the Prostitution Information Center, was the initiator and chairman of the Dutch union for sex workers and she even received a royal honour for her decades of commitment to sex workers and the Red Light District.

So Mariska, you started working as a sex worker when you were 16 years old…

Mariska: Long, long time ago.

amsterdam red light area
The Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Nowadays the minimum age to become a sex worker is 21 here in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. What do you think of this?

I do think 16 is too young. I agree with people who always told me that.  I see two sides of it. People say that you’re an adult when you turn 18. From then on you can drink alcohol in the Netherlands or buy cannabis. A lot is allowed from that age, but you may not offer sexual services.

I was always against raising the minimum age to 21 because of all that. But nowadays I think it’s better. when you are 21 years old, you are more confident and more capable of making decisions. Especially about complicated stuff like sex work. But working at a younger age should never be criminalised. That’s asking for trouble.

Prostitution Pros vs Cons

You were a sex worker for 4 years. Could you explain the positive sides of being a sex worker? What did you like so much about the job?

belle monument amsterdam sex worker
Statue for sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

It’s not really about positive or negative. I mean it’s a job, sex work is work. We all have to work to make a living, create an income. Not everybody is always happy with the work that they do. I wasn’t a sex worker because I enjoyed it a lot, I was a sex worker because it came on my path. I didn’t really care and was okay with being a sex worker. But the most important reason why I did it was because I needed money, just like anyone else.

I think it’s not fair, the discussion about sex work is not an easy one. It’s not fair to talk about sex work as a positive thing or a negative thing. I think it’s time that people start looking at it as work. it is a way to have an income. It has positive and negative sides just like anything else in life.

For some people sex work is great. I mean if you enjoy sex as a game where you don’t mind doing it with different people. If that’s your hobby, then it’s definitely a great way to make a living! But I think that for most sex workers it is just a way of making money.

You know many sex workers personally and also met many abroad. What do you think they like most about the job? 

The most important thing is money. That goes for everybody. But besides money, it’s absolutely freedom. The freedom to make your own choices.

Playing with people in a sexual way and sexuality in general. Those are the things that make the job more interesting. That makes life interesting. But those are not on the top of the list.

Is it also like being strong, feeling powerful?

You feel powerful but that is not because of the work that you do. Let me give you an example. For my most recent book-project called “united under a red umbrella“, I visited some countries with my daughter where people are poor. My daughter and I created this book together and we met a lot of sex workers.

Former sex worker interview Amsterdam
Mariska and her daughter Robin.

Some of them did not make a concise choice to do this. It came on their path just like it came on mine many years ago. A lot of sex workers do not have the most easy circumstances. But the fact that they are able to make some money and to feed their children – and in many cases also the rest of their family – that is making them powerful.

So I’ve met a lot of people who felt more powerful since they started working as a sex worker. But I find it difficult to say that sex work makes you feel powerful because that is just too easy.

Sex worker rights Amsterdam
A sex workers campaign in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

So you think that many sex workers do this job because they can change their future and have a better life?

It depends on the country. In The Netherlands the circumstances are different as in Nigeria, India or the Dominican Republic. The countries that we visited for our book. I mean in the Dominican Republic we spoke to transgender sex workers who were kicked out of school at a very young age. They were kicked out of their homes at a very young age. All because they are transgender and thus not accepted in society. Sex work was the only option available to them. So their main problem is being a transgender and not being accepted because of that. They started to work as sex workers with the sole purpose of creating an income. Is it their first choice? No. They’d rather do something else, sex work is a way to survive.

But at the same time some of them started a sex workers organisation, helping each-other and talking to politicians about their situation. So there is absolutely an empowerment aspect to sex work. But I find it hard to explain, I hope you know what I mean. You know in the Netherlands our circumstances are so different. The Netherlands is not a poor country, so the stories of the sex workers here in Amsterdam’s Red Light District are different. We have less issues with corrupt police officers than abroad.

Sex work is legal in the Netherlands, society is a bit different. The Dutch are more tolerant about complicated issues such as sexuality and prostitution. So here it’s easier to stand up for yourself. We also have issues with stigma about sex work. But in the Netherlands people don’t throw stones at you or throw you in jail, when you’re a sex worker. They don’t kick you out as easily as they do in other countries.

You also think that this is why foreign women come here for sex work because the situation is better here? So they can create a better future for themselves?

Most foreign sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District specifically come from Eastern European countries, Africa and Latin America. But sex workers from Africa or Latin America cannot come to the Netherlands as easily as before. But yes, they come here to make a better future for themselves and sometimes for the rest of the family too. And you cannot blame them. I would do the same thing. Legally or illegal, we all want a better future for ourselves and for our children. If you can’t find that in your own country you try to find it in another country.

sex worker prostitution information center

Prostitution Information Center Amsterdam

In 1994 you founded the Prostitution Information Center (PIC). Did you also have many foreign women coming to your place with questions on how to become a sex worker? Is that correct and if so how did you help them?

In 1994 when I opened PIC, there was juste one other organisation for sex workers. Especially in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, PIC was the first and still the only place that everyone can visit and ask questions about sex work. So it was quite a special place then. I still think it’s still a special place today but especially in the 1990’s it was unique. Also for sex workers themselves and those who wanted to start working or quit working.

Or customers, tourists and people who wanted to start a brothel. It was before the internet. if someone wants to become a sex worker nowadays, he or she can just search on Google. One can find information on how to organise things, where to find a brothel or how to rent a room for example. It’s quite easy to find information about that. But in the beginning of the 1990’s it wasn’t that easy, so I had a lot of new sex workers that came to PIC for information.

Sex Worker Education and Advocacy

You also gave courses to help potential sex workers. What were the things that you told them and which you considered important?

You must understand that I was quite young when I started PIC. I was like 23, was a smart-ass and I was doing crazy stuff. Putting male sex workers behind the windows and all that. Stuff that I enjoyed. Doing at least 1 or 2 big projects a year and made a party out of that. Like a school for sex workers was one of those crazy ideas. Not crazy in a sense that you shouldn’t take it seriously. But I thought it was great to start with history lessons or to learn how to put on a condom with your mouth. We organised role playing with a fake customer who’s one of my friends. He was a pantomime actor that played a drunk or aggressive customer and then we’d all practise on how to deal with guys like that. It was a lot of fun, really a lot of fun. But at the same time I took it very seriously because when you start to do something like sex work you have to realise a couple of things in order to not get in trouble with your own sexuality. With different things in your life like family, friends and relationships because those are the things that make the work complicated.

Prostitution and sex trafficking
The Old Church Square in Amsterdam.

Sex work itself is about sex, that’s easy. We all know how to do that. What makes it difficult is how do you talk about this with your parents or what do you tell your children? Do you keep it a secret or not? First of all you have to make that choice and then you have to live with that choice. I mean at the moment that you decide that you keep it a secret you live a double life.

Living a double life isn’t easy. Those are things I still think people have to realise when they make a decision to do this profession. Some people can make that choice but there are also many people who don’t have that choice. In many countries they don’t have the option to make a conscious choice. When it’s a matter of life and death you cannot dwell on making conscious choices. You just have to make money.

How old were you when you told your parents that you were a sex worker?

Before I came to the Red Light District in Amsterdam I worked in a private sex house. And before that I worked in a strip club in Amsterdam. I was 15 back then. In that period of my life I was often stoned or drunk, or both (laughs). In those circumstances you do crazy things. At the moment that I decided to work in a strip club, I called my parents to very happily say that I finally found a job which was the most stupid thing to do.

amsterdam red light district must see
Amsterdam, Oudezijds Achterburgwal. 

I come from a very catholic family, so my parents did not appreciate it that I was working in the sex industry. They don’t see it as a common job. It was a foolish move of me. My parents were not happy with that at all. It was a big thing in the family. I did it anyway and broke off contact with them.

Later I started to do real sex work. My parents told me years later that in the time that I worked in the private sex house, there were rumours in the family, that I was working in a private house but my parents didn’t believe it. They found out later.

I was sick one day around a year after I had started doing sex work from using too much drugs. I used speed at the time. I called my parents if I could please come home for a while because I was very ill and needed rest. I had  bronchitis. In the time that I was recovering at my parents house, the owner of the brothel called my parents if I was feeling better. He called a couple of times. One day, my mother one day asked about why that guy is always calling.

I was so fed up with lying all the time that I just told her. My mother was very upset and I had to leave the house. She kept it a secret from my father for a while because she was afraid that he would completely lose his mind. She was right.

This is the problem for most sex workers. Being afraid of what the family might think of you.

Amsterdam Mariska Majoor
Mariska Majoor.

But they found out very early, around the age of 17?

Yes, and after that I told them that I would stop and never do it again. Then I moved to Amsterdam. I started working in the Red Light District and after that in a private sex house again. My parents found out about that years later when I started the Prostitution Information Center. That was actually the time that I became more open about it, but that was easy.

But why didn’t you tell it right away? What was the reason not to tell them about it again?

Because they were very upset. We human beings don’t want to upset our parents too much. There was also a time when I tried to improve the relation with my parents again. It was bad for a couple of years. I thought that it was easier to deal with my parents keeping sex work as a secret from them than the confrontation and the fight, the worries from them about this. You know I spoke to so many people about this; sex workers or people that want to start working as a sex worker that had to deal with this. Do you tell your parents or your other relatives and friends about this or not? And sometimes I think it’s easier to be open about things instead of living with this huge secret. And other times it’s better to keep it a secret when you deal with people that can simply not accept this and cannot deal with this. You know, people that are very religious or very scared of this type of work. There are people who will never understand. In those cases it’s better to keep it a secret, and to keep the contact good between you and your parents or whoever they are. Better than making them worried, feeling sad or frustrated or whatever.

So you were raised as a catholic?

My parents tried (laughs).

Do you think that your religious upbringing influenced you in making you decide to become a sex worker?

No, I was always curious. Curious and a bit of a bad girl when I was younger.

A rebel?

Yeah that’s a nice word! But also a thinker… I was raised in a small Dutch town and I found that quite boring so I kind of escaped from that. I think.

Mariska Majoor PIC

So you were looking for excitement and then you moved to Amsterdam?

First to Hilversum, because that was also quite exciting in the 80’s. Big drugs scene, coffeeshops. That’s why I skipped a lot of school. I was 12 when I started smoking joints, so it started a bit with that. The boys were more interesting than school. Sex was interesting for me as-well so I started experimenting a bit with that. And you meet people in a certain scene. You know you feel attracted to certain people and certain places where you go out as a teenager. And then things come on your path. That’s the same with everybody. The things that come on your path attract you or they don’t. All the excitement that came on my path I took it with both hands.

Did you finish high school?

No, I only did 1,5 years high school and then I dropped out and never went back.

Do you regret that?

Yes and no. I always felt a bit underdeveloped but at the same time I’m streetwise. I know a lot of people that are very highly educated but they haven’t done half of what I did or what I still do. Of course miss things, absolutely.

Right now I’m very interested in writing. I did write a couple of books but those weren’t big works of literature. I like writing, but what I miss (because of my short time at school) is word knowledge. That’s the reason why I sometimes say to myself: “You stupid fool! That is your lack of education.” But besides that, I do think schooling is important, I’m a mother and my daughter had to finish school. I always give myself as an example and bagged her to finish high school at a bit higher level than myself.

Did your daughter finish school? She’s now how old?

Yes, she did! She’s 22 now.

And is she studying now?

She did a year and a half on the photo academy and at the moment she’s working in the hospitality industry at a grand cafe. And she’s like her mother she wants to start her own business. And I’m very supportive in that, I think she’s the type for it!

Mariska Majoor Amsterdam

How did sex work change since you first got involved with it?

As I mentioned before, sex work is sex work, it never changes. A blowjob is still a blow job! (laughs). I mean what you do in a room, the actual work. The way you deal with a client, all that is still the same. What has changed is all those things around it. Policies have changed and the way things look have changed a bit. In the time that I worked here in the windows there was still carpet on the wall and it was still dark and old with cockroaches.

Outside the brothel?

Yes, and nowadays the walls inside the brothel windows are covered in tiles, no carpet anymore, because it has to be hygienic, easy to clean. Policy wise a lot of things have changed.

Do you think it has become saver?

Not necessarily, we always had an interesting system here in the Netherlands. We had the so called policy of tolerance. I think sex work in The Netherlands was unsafe before they started that. But this policy of tolerance was something that almost grew naturally in say the last 50 years. Even before that for centuries Amsterdam had brothels and also in other big cities of the Netherlands. Sex work is only unsafe when its happening in the streets, in dark alleys or parts of the woods. Or parts of the city where there is nobody to watch you which is the case in many countries. In the last year that we did this book project I’ve been to places in Rumania, Hungary and France. Really dangerous places where you have to stand in the dark or you have to step into the car with a guy and you don’t know where he’s taking you. That’s dangerous. In The Netherlands this is not really the case. In the time that I worked we had officially illegal but tolerated brothels. Those places were pretty safe. The police was always around in the Red Light District and responding to the alarmbuttons that we already had at that time. We had our boyfriends, pimps, brothel owners or girls next door that would help out as well. It’s still the same these days but now it’s formally legal. In practice it is not all that different.

Amsterdam Red Light District Rules

And in the time that you worked here in the windows, was it also mandatory for sex workers to register at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce?

Nooo way! It was a lot easier in my time to work, you didn’t even have to show your passport. With the more responsible ones yes, but not all establishments. I wasn’t 18 when I started to work. In the time that I started to work here in the Red Light District I had vice police coming to my door once and I gave the name of one of my friends who wasn’t working on that day, and she had just turned 18, and the police told me to bring my passport next time. I of course said yes and that I would do that. But I never saw them again.

Prostitution decriminalization vs legalization

You just said that you started working in a strip club when you were 15. I guess the minimum age wasn’t 15 right?

No way, I wasn’t allowed to work there.

What was the minimum age back then?

It was 18. But that strip club was a bad place. In the back it was possible to have sex for money which ‘officially’ wasn’t allowed. And I left the place at the moment that the owner told me I was capable of doing that as well. That it was time for me to start doing that too. And then I ran away screaming; “I will never do that!” (laughs) but a couple of months later I started doing it. For a good reason! I needed money to buy a dog! (laughs.)

You bought a dog?

Yes, with the money I earned from two customers. A German shepherd, big love of my life.

You said you didn’t like sex work that much, but did you also have nice customers?

Oh absolutely! Like I mentioned before I was always interested in sex. Sex for me it was a nice game to play. It was not necessarily a thing that I only wanted to do with people who I’d have a relationship with or was in  love with. And that’s what I always try to explain to people.

You can do sex work if you can separate sex and love from each other. I don’t say that all people should deal with sexuality this way, it’s your own choice. But if you can make this separation being a sex worker isn’t that a difficult thing to do and it can also be pleasant of course. But if it’s your work you cannot be too critical with who you let in as a customer. You have to create an income so you also work with people you don’t necessarily feel something for or you feel an attraction towards.

De Wallen Netherlands

Of course you can make choices in this. If somebody is too aggressive for example, I don’t like aggression. I don’t like the macho type you know, the pumped up big guys so I would refuse a guy like that. I had no problem with working with older men, I was very young, but having customers of 60, 70 even 80, no problem. But it had nothing to do with my own pleasure. Just business. And sometimes you had somebody that you did feel attracted to or that was just a nice guy, that’s possible too. But for me one of the great things about that work, and especially the way I did it in the windows, that I prefer over working in clubs and private houses, is that you were completely independent. And it’s so easy to make choices you know, to refuse a guy or to set your own prices and to make your own business decisions. What you do with a customer and what you don’t do with someone, which is a lot harder to do in the clubs.

Window Brothels Amsterdam

And did you enjoy the flirting in the windows?

That’s a great thing, one of the greatest things of being a window worker. The whole flirting game is fantastic. It’s still nice to do, but I don’t feel as confident anymore about my body and myself as when I was younger. But if I’d still have this fantastic body I think I would still stand in the window for fun. I did workshops for a couple of years on window prostitution and that was one of the greatest things for me to do. People had no idea, they walk around in the district and see the girls in the windows and they think o my god they are standing there for the whole world to look at, but that’s the fun! People have to understand that that’s the fun.

So one of the positive things about being a window sex worker is the flirting, the game, the excitement?

Yeah, as long as this is something that you choose to do, of course. I don’t want to burn my hands on percentages, I leave that stuff up to other people, that’s not my thing anymore. But I know for sure, I can guarantee, that most of the people that work in the windows in the Red Light District choose this profession themselves. It can sometimes be a very boring job but overall standing in the window is fun. It’s about flirting. You know when you stand there you have such a good look on the street and you can easily see already from a distance who’s a potential customer and who’s only walking around and only having a look. So you focus on the people who you think might be a customer. That’s the one you focus on, the rest disappear. And then playing the game with that person is half of the job. You make them come to the window, you negotiate at the door about the prices, times and things that he wants to do. That’s also fun.

Prostitution in Amsterdam facts

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

There are many people that can’t believe that the women standing in windows are standing there on their own free will. What do you think of that?

That’s a very tiring and frustrating thing. I mean, where to begin. People are very judgemental. They create an opinion usually based on two thing: what they hear the most in the media for example, and how they personally feel about the subject. Prostitution is about sex and sex is a complicated topic for people, still. We don’t live in the Middle Ages anymore but people still find it hard to believe that you can have sex for fun and sex for money. They cannot see themselves doing this so they project that onto others. It makes me very angry. I can get very pissed off when I see people doing that, project their own ideas and opinions on people around them. Even worse is when they don’t believe the actual people that they speak about. So when I say I work as a sex worker and I enjoy it they don’t believe it because they can’t see themselves doing it. I always find that difficult to deal with.

At the same time I understand where it’s coming from. Human trafficking, forced labour, all that is an issue in the whole world. But the mistake that people make is that they focus a lot on prostitution in this whilst human trafficking and forced labour are happening in many sectors of the economy. But when it’s about sex it’s worse for people somehow. I think that’s not fair and people analyse this the wrong way. They exaggerate a lot too. They also use it a lot as an excuse to simply discourage sex work in general. Worldwide there’s a huge lobby against prostitution that is coming from Christians and feminists that are against sex work. They join hands these days, they’ve found each-other in this battle against prostitution. Using human trafficking as an excuse whilst they both have different reasons to fight against prostitution. Christian morals and feminist ideas, they both see sex work as a morally wrong thing that should not exist. I don’t like the way they fight against it. I think it’s very unfair, they refuse to listen to sex workers. They refuse to use the words sex work. They think sex can never be work and that they should fight against it and totally ignore the voice of sex workers worldwide on this, they only want to speak about human trafficking because that’s how they view sex work. To be able to understand where I’m coming from, where my activism is coming from, you have to start separating human trafficking from sex work. They are not the same but two completely different subjects.

amsterdam red light district interview

Amsterdam Red Light District Area

Some people find the Red Light District outdated and feel that it no longer belongs to this time. What do you think of this position?

I think there’s only one group who can decide that and that is the sex industry itself. If it’s really true that the age of window prostitution is over, it’s up to the window sex workers to decide that. If they no longer want to stand in a window they will leave. They’ll stop renting the windows and then we could say that. But this isn’t really the case at the moment. There are still a lot of people interested in window prostitution. Because it’s a legal profession in the Netherlands they deserve the right to work in a window brothel. It’s a legal way of making a living.

The fact that you see a lot of empty window brothels during the daytime is used in this discussion, but that’s not really fair because what’s been happening in Amsterdam’s Red Light District in the last couple of years is that window sex work is being discouraged, and because of tourism. Tourists are making photographs of the sex workers and the Project 1012 gentrification project for the area, those scared away a lot of the sex workers. There are a few things happening at the moment.

I believe that we do not have empty window brothels during the day because of less interest in prostitution.

Window Prostitution

amsterdam red light district latest news

Some people find window prostitution disrespectful. What do you think of that?

A mistake! Window prostitution is not disrespectful but the way that people act towards window prostitutes is sometimes disrespectful. Again, in the whole discussion about the future of window prostitution in the Red Light District I think people approach it from the wrong perspective. They speek about closing down the windows to protect the women because people aren’t always respectful towards them. Then I think, hello guys! This is a strange approach. If you think that you have to protect sex workers from people that are disrespectful then don’t take away their work places and educate people that work around the Red Light District.

I hate it too, when I see people having a big mouth towards the sex workers in the windows or see people taking pictures without asking them. But then someone should talk to those people instead of telling the sex workers to leave because people are being disrespectful towards them. That’s stupid!

Amsterdam Mayor Red Light District

Have you heard of the four scenarios that the mayor of Amsterdam created? One of them is to close the curtains of window brothels and make the sex workers work behind the curtains so that the people on the streets don’t see them anymore. I find this scenario quite strange.

The mayor wants to do something good for sex workers. The mayor wants people to have more respect for the sex workers. She proposed a scenario that sex workers won’t be longer visible from the streets. I am against the closure of windows, but I appreciate that the mayor pays attention to the human rights of sex workers.

I think it’s more important to inform visitors of Amsterdam’s Red Light District how to behave towards sex workers in the windows.

Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District Tours

Nowadays it’s mandatory for tour guides to inform their guests that it’s not allowed to take pictures of sex workers. Do you think that tour guides should be around in the Red Light District to inform tourists?

I think that tour guides have a very important role to play in educating the visitors of Amsterdam’s Red Light District! People who join Red Light District tours have no idea or completely wrong ideas about sex work. But after doing a Red Light District tour with a good guide someones opinion can really be changed. This has benefits for sex workers because they get more respect in the end. That’s why I always gave tours myself and I think the same reason applies to all tour guides. They really have an important role to play.

Tourists should be told not to film or photograph the sex workers. One must behave. Don’t stare. Be respectful to the sex workers. Don’t look at them like a monkey in the zoo. That is not the way to do it.

I think it would be good idea to experiment a little bit more in the Red Light District. Sex workers need choices on where and how to work. Some don’t care, even with being photographed. But most do care.

Sex Worker Amsterdam Red Light District

Nordic Model For Prostitution

In certain countries like Sweden it’s legal to be a sex worker but illegal to visit a sex worker. What do you think of the Nordic model approach to prostitution? 

Mariska: A big mistake. A very big mistake! I’ve seen in countries like France what that is doing, the harm that it’s doing to sex workers. It’s such a stupid idea and proof for me that the people who come up with these ideas are not interested in sex workers safety or rights. Governments and countries that are in favour of this model simply do this to discourage prostitution with the hope of banning it completely from their countries. They say that they’re doing it for the sex workers but I don’t believe them at all. It’s very clear what this law is actually doing to sex workers. It’s forcing them to work in very dangerous circumstances. It discourages sex work in a way but in practice sex workers continue with their job legally. It will only make them more protective of their customers so more willing to work in circumstances that protect their customers. Those places are often the streets, the woods, illegal brothels or home based prostitution. Where there is no control or help if anything goes wrong. What I also see happening is that the good customer, the well paying customer gets afraid to visit a sex worker. You lose the good guys as customers. The people that don’t care will continue to go and those are usually the customers that are higher risk, and have less money.

Decriminalization Prostitution

Would you like to see sex work being decriminalised all over the world?

Decriminalising sex work is number one! I also want sex work to be more seen as a normal job by society in general. In the Netherlands for instance I think a lot people do not realise how -not- tolerant they are. Perhaps more tolerant than in other countries, but what’s interesting in the Netherlands is that people are tolerant towards prostitution as long it’s not to close to them.

We noticed that with this campaign that we did with posters stating “Sex work = work.” A lot of people said; “Oh yes, it’s work it is what some people choose, that is fine by me.” But if you ask them: imagine that your own daughter, cousin or mother chooses becomes a sex worker, then people suddenly get scared.

So from a distance it’s fine. Just the same with Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Dutch people come to get entertained in the area but in their own hometown if someone wants to open a brothel next door, then people say ‘no way’!

sex work is work movement Amsterdam
Sex workers campaigning in Amsterdam. 

Sex Education in Schools

Do you think that sex work should be discussed at schools (in the Netherlands)?

This topic should definitely be discussed in high school. You don’t have to start early. I don’t like groups of young school children in the ages of 9, 10 and 11 walking around the Red Light District area.

But in high school you can absolutely explain sex work. And one can explain it in combination with other things, like sexuality or poverty for instance.

What are you doing nowadays?

Mariska: I launched my own website: MyAmsterdamStories.com which is like hobby and a learning process. I like writing but I’m not good, but want to be good! So for me it’s like practising. So I write short stories about Amsterdam. About Tamara, a window prostitute in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, which is based on my own experiences. I write a little bit about the Red Light District but also about the woods. Every weekend I’m at the Veluwe in the Dutch woods.

I write a little bit about things that I see in the Netherlands. The birds, the trees, being homeless in Amsterdam, etc. I was homeless myself for a short while when I was younger, so I feel attracted to that part of life as well. So I visit homeless organisations to speak to people for inspiration and I want to write little pieces about that subject.

For next year, I plan the write a book about being homeless in Amsterdam. Writing is a hobby, I would really love for people to follow me on Instagram and MyAmsterdamStories.com. Please read my short stories and let me know what you think. I would like develop as a writer.

Amsterdam Cookies

Amsterdam cookies best
Mariska’s cookies.

I also have another website where I offer real Amsterdam cookies. Artisan freshly baked butter cookies with lemon zest and vanilla for an affordable price. And, the logo of Amsterdam is part of the cookie too. A part of the profit even goes to the homeless in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Red Light District Book

best sex worker books
Mariska’s daughter at the printing house.

In addition, I also made a Dutch book about the Amsterdam Red Light District, which will be released on May 6, 2020. It is called ‘De Wallen, toekomst van ons verleden’. Translated: The Red Light District, future of our part.

Amsterdam Audio Walking Tour

Amsterdam Audio Tours Sex Workers

Mariska Majoor is one of the 22 experts who are part of our app Amsterdam Audio Tours. It offers very interesting stories of the Red Light District which you can listen to in the area, or from home as a podcast. In this app, police officers, prostitutes, historians, sexologists, local entrepreneurs, drug consultants, residents, sociologists share their expertise.



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Amsterdam In Corona Crisis

Posted on: mars 17, 2020

Amsterdam in Corona Crisis Video

Quiet Amsterdam in Corona Cris: Empty Streets & Closed Venues

The normally lively streets of Amsterdam are deserted due to the measures against the corona virus. We experienced this during a bicycle tour at 11 am through Amsterdam. These three videos is what Amsterdam in corona crisis looks like.

The video above was recorded on March 17, 2020. It shows New Market Square (Nieuwmarkt), China Town and Zeedijk street and several streets within the Red Light District area. This is what the city centre of Amsterdam in corona crisis looks like. Numerous events have been postponed and bars, restaurants, daycare & schools are closed until April 6, 2020. Also all erotic venues (like Casa Rosso, 5D Porn Cinema & Club Bon Ton) and window brothels are closed too. Most sex workers are afraid to work during the corona crisis.

Survey: I Think I’ll Visit Amsterdam Within 6 months

On March 26, 2020, Amsterdam Red Light District Tours published the following statement: I think I’ll visit Amsterdam within 6 months. In other words: I’ think I’ll visit Amsterdam before September 2020. This poll reached as many as 8,416 people and a total of 956 people voted. The response rate was therefore 11.35%. 58% of the respondents were positive and answered yes on the statement I think I’ll visit Amsterdam with 6 months.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte Speech

Dutch prime minister rutte speech
Prime Minister Rutte on 16 March 2020 during his national speech. (ANP)

Everyone with minor health problems is strongly advised to stay at home. Dutch Prime Minister Rutte repeated it again on Tuesday evening in his speech: ‘these are unprecedented measures for the Netherlands in peace time. Prime Minister Rutte is no longer afraid to say that citizens should “follow” the directions “to avoid groups, bars, restaurants, etc.” “For the sake of people who are more vulnerable.”

Yet the prime minister also marked the limits of the policy he wants to pursue. He absolutely does not want a total lockdown of the Netherlands, such as Spain does. “Such a rigorous approach may seem attractive at first sight, but experts point out that it certainly wouldn’t be a matter of days or weeks.” In fact, that could take “longer” than “one year”.

Closing the country could cause greater damage to the Netherlands. Without mentioning that, he appeals to the economic and socially disruptive consequences that would occur. “The Netherlands is an open country and as long as there is no vaccine, the coronavirus will continue to spread through the world like a wave and not skip our country.” (source)

The residents of Amsterdam take Rutte’s advice to heart, as witnessed by the two videos this article. It shows Amsterdam in corona crisis. Far fewer people on the streets. Some describe it as ‘dead’ or ‘extremely quiet’.

Dutch Cannabis Shops Only Open For Take-Away

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam in Corona Crisis
Cannabis shop The Bulldog blocked entrance and only sells via take-away.

Last Sunday all coffee shops in the Netherlands were also told to close their doors within hours. This then lead to masses of people who quickly visited the coffee shops (Dutch term for cannabis stores) to stock themselves. Once the coffee shops closed, many illegal street dealers took over the drug market. Therefore, the Dutch government decided to reopen coffee shops, but only for take-aways.

The video below also shows coffeeshop The Old Church II and coffeeshops Smokey’s on Rembrandt Square.

The video above starts at Rokin street and continues at Munt Square, Amstel, Rembrandt Square and Utrechtsestraat.

The video above was recored on 18 March 2020 in the middle of the Red Light District. It shows empty window brothels and closed shops.

Most Dutch people and tourists avoid the streets in Holland’s capital, for now.

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Coffee Shops in the Netherlands Open Again For Takeout

Posted on: mars 16, 2020

Coffee Shops in the Netherlands Open Again During Corona Crisis

Dutch Government Allows Coffee Shops In The Netherlands To Open During Corona Crisis

Dutch coffee shops (local name for cannabis stores) are allowed to open their doors again to offer cannabis (weed & hashish) at collection points during the Corona-crisis. The Dutch government has decided that the same rules will apply to coffee shops in the Netherlands as to the Dutch take-away restaurants. They are allowed to provide customers with food and drinks, as long as they do not put them at a table.

Dutch source: Dutch Coffeeshops May Offer Cannabis Again

A lot of people visited the Dutch coffeeshops since yesterday afternoon, when they were told that coffeeshops in the Netherlands had to close their doors at 6 pm. There were long lines of people who soon wanted to buy hash or weed during the Corona crisis.

Coffee shops in the Netherlands In Corona Crisis

Illegal Street Trade By Closing Coffee shops in the Netherlands

 Street dealers share business cards to cannabis shop visitors.

The video above was recorded on March 15th and shows two illegal street dealers sharing business cards to customers of coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Mayors in the Netherlands already urged the Dutch government today that the coffee shops should be allowed to open their counters again. They feared that the illegal drug street trade would flourish again due to the forced closure. So they hear their call.

Customers of takeaways and coffeeshops are advised to avoid crowds. Also, the purchased items may not be consumed on the spot.

Coffeeshops in the Netherlands Open Again During Corona Crisis

The Dutch government is still looking into the possibility of allowing restaurants that do not currently have a take-away function to open such a facility. This way they can still earn something during the corona crisis.

Dutch sources of this article: Coffee Shops Open Again For Cannabis Takeout and Dutch Government Re-Open Coffeeshops During Corona Crisis

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5 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam

Posted on: février 22, 2020

5 Amsterdam Activities Today

5x Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam + 30 Travel Tips

Wanna do something fun and learn more about Dutch culture, Amsterdam’s history, legal prostitution & legal drugs? Check out this useful list with five fun things to do in Amsterdam.

1 | Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Red Light District Tours
A few of the 288 window brothels in ‘De Wallen‘.

For those who want to learn about legal sex work in the famous ‘Wallen’ area this tour is a must-do! The Red Light District represents the liberal and open-minded Dutch culture.

In this neighbourhood residents live just next to window brothels and cannabis stores. Only here one can see a church that is surrounded by window prostitutes. And there is even a daycare literally next to window brothels.

Amsterdam Red Light District Rules

Learn how the legal sex trade works in Holland, where the sex workers come from, hear about the safety measures, what they earn and how they are fighting the Municipal government to keep their working places.

Highlights during this Amsterdam Red Light District tour include; world’s first condom shop, Chinatown, the Old Church, Nieuwmarkt, window brothels, Buddhistic Temple, coffeeshops and much more!

These Amsterdam Red Light District Tours are hosted by tour guides who have an official permit of the Municipality of Amsterdam. They are all locals and know the Red Light District as their backyard. We even have a tour guide who’s married to a window prostitute!

Also read: Amsterdam Red Light District tour ban still allows tours.

Amsterdam Chinatown
Chinatown in the Red Light District.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Burn: 419 calories



10 Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam Red Light District

After the tour there are many other fun things to do in the Red Light District:

✦ Visit Europe’s first gay friendly cafe ‘t Mandje.
✦ Eat some typical Dutch snacks at the FEBO snackbar.
✦ Stand in the window yourself at the Museum of Prostitution.
✦ Play some video- or board games at the Ton Ton Club.
✦ Enjoy a cocktail, wine or beer at Mata Hari.
✦ Experience an exciting show at Casa Rosso.
✦ See a 3D-film of the Red Light District in the 5D Porn Cinema.
✦ Check out the last peep show in Amsterdam.
✦ Take a spicy bite at an Asian-restaurant on the Zeedijk in China Town.
✦ Try a Dutch ‘jenever’ in one of the oldest bars in town.

2 | Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour
Coffeeshop The Bulldog 90 in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Did you know that Amsterdam has 164 ‘coffeeshops‘? Did you know that just 7.4% of the Dutch adults uses cannabis once a month? And did you know that in Netherlands it is not legal to produce cannabis commercially? Only a small insight into what we are going to teach you during our tour.

amsterdam smartshop mushrooms
Magic truffles can be bought in ‘smart shops’.

Drugs are a big part of Holland’s international image but why is this?  How does the Netherlands actually deal with legal and illegal drugs? The Amsterdam Drugs Tour offers the best insights of the Dutch approach to drugs and what makes it so different from almost all other countries in the world. Hear when and how drugs first appeared and what the societal reaction was to it in the Netherlands.

Get informed about hashish, weed, tobacco, XTC, cocaine, alcohol, magic truffles, laughing gas and whatnot. See the highlights scattered throughout Amsterdam’s historic city center together with an expert guide. Always wanted to know more about drugs? Book the Amsterdam Drugs Tour!

Amsterdam Drug Tour Weed
The main street of the Red Light District.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Burn: 431 calories



Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam After The Drugs Tour

✦ Visit Smart Shop Kokopelli – see (and try) legal magic truffles.
✦ Go to Coffeeshop Boerejongens – one of the best cannabis stores in town.
✦ Check out Hill Street Blue with its awesome interior and great view on Damrak street.
✦ Try a delicious space cake at Coffeeshop Green House Effect.
✦ Grab a ‘kroket’ out of the wall of Dutch snackbar FEBO Amsterdam.

3 | Amsterdam History Tour

Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam Tour
The Prinsengracht – a highlight of the Amsterdam History Tour.

Learn how the Dutch turned a tiny swampy village into the centre of world trade. The story of Amsterdam is one of the most interesting historical stories in the world. Modernity started in Holland’s capital. But how and why did it happen here in Amsterdam and elsewhere?

During this tour you’ll get all the answers whilst exploring Amsterdam’s medieval centre and the UNESCO World Heritage canal ring. Hear what makes Amsterdam’s story so unique in world history. Highlights of this Amsterdam History Tour include: city’s oldest building, the Royal Palace, Magna Plaza, the Anne Frank House, the Wester Church, house boats, the canals, LGBT-monument, etc.

Amsterdam City Tours
Shopping centre Magna Plaza.

Duration: 110 minutes
Burn: 431 calories



Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam After The History Tour

✦ Visit The Royal Palace on Dam Square.
✦ See The New Church from the inside.
✦ Go shopping in Magna Plaza.
✦ Visit The Anne Frank House.
✦ Try a Dutch jenever at Wijnand Fockink.

4 | Amsterdam Brothel Tour

Prostitute Tour
At the strip-pole during the Amsterdam Brothel Tour.

Get a peak behind the curtains with this Amsterdam Brothel Tour. If you’ve always wanted to visit a brothel and learn more about sex work, this is the experience for you. A sex worker guide will show you around Amsterdam’s newest and most exclusive brothel. During the tour you get to ask her any question you might be interested; what are the working hours? How much do they earn? What is their most bizarre experience? You name it. It’s located almost next to the Heineken experience so you could easily combine a visit to both.

travel holland guide
The stripclub area of this brothel in Amsterdam.

Duration: 60 minutes
20 euro per person
Burn: 118 calories



Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam After The Brothel Tour

✦ Visit the Heineken Experience – Amsterdam’s famous beer brewery.
✦ Have lunch in ‘De Pijp‘ area.
✦ Take a picture at the Wake Me Up When I’m Famous bench.
✦ Go to Museum Square and visit the Van Gogh Museum.
✦ Take a canal cruise in Amsterdam in front of the Heineken brewery.

5 | Amsterdam Audio Tour

Amsterdam Fun Things To Do
Explore the Red Light District with 22 experts in your pocket.

With the Amsterdam Audio Tour app you can discover the Red Light District on your schedule, at your pass. Navigate the so called ‘Wallen’ area with the help of GPS, virtual tour guide Sophie and 22 experts that you’ll ‘meet’ along the way.

One of the main benefits of this app is that you can now get a guided tour whenever you want, with whoever you want. Walk alongside the best narrators and hear all the interesting stories that are part of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Had enough? Just press pause and pick up after having a rest in one the many great cafes in the area.

The experts in Amsterdam Audio Tour: local police officers, a Romanian prostitute, historians, entrepreneurs, residents, drug consultants, sociologists, sex-historians, a male sex worker, the Fokkens twins, the Salvation Army, a smart shop owner and many others.

Febo Food CEO
The CEO of FEBO Amsterdam is one of the 22 experts.

Duration: 110 minutes
5,- per person
Burn: 431 calories



Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam After The Audio Tour

✦ Try some ‘bitterballen’ at Cafe de Schreierstoren.
✦ Visit Amsterdam’s last hidden church with discount from the audio tour.
✦ Buy a souvenir at world’s first condom shop.
✦ See where Rembrandt got married during a visit to ‘De Oude Kerk‘.
✦ Try a local brewed beer at Brewery de Prael.


Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

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Interactive Red Light District Map 

Amsterdam Audio Tours: Explore Red Light District With 22 Experts

10x Sex Massage in Amsterdam

Posted on: février 21, 2020

10x sex massage in Amsterdam

10x Sex Massage In Amsterdam Central And Beyond

Types Of Sex Massage In Amsterdam

A tense body and stress in the body causes pain and fatigue. A good massage can solve this! This overview contains ten companies that offer a sex massage in Amsterdam for ultimate relaxation and a rested body.

amsterdam canals at night

All kinds of sex massage in Amsterdam are possible for you to enjoy. Think of a body 2 body massage, Thai massage, sensual massage, 4 hands massage, Nuru massage, oil massage, Tantra massage, erotic massage, etcetera.

All the best sex massage in Amsterdam services in this list work with escorts. If you want to know more about this, read these free & useful tips on how to use the services of escorts in Amsterdam. Below we give you 10 options for sex massages in Amsterdam including great tips for the best experience.

Massage Tip For Clients

10x massage in Amsterdam central

A good and simple massage tip is to take a shower in advance. Do this in your hotel, accommodation or at home. A shower beforehand will make you feel fresh and clean, but more importantly: it ensures that no “dirt” is massaged into your skin.

In addition, make sure you have a freshly made bed and fresh towels. An Amsterdam escort always likes to freshen up before she leaves. With these tips in mind the experience will be most pleasant for you and the masseuse.

1 |  Desire Escorts

amsterdam massage

Get fully relaxed by a professional erotic masseuse. Desire Escorts offers more than 40 female masseuses. After the massage you can top off the experience with some extraordinary sex with one of these amazing women. Desire Escorts offers this option to its clients. If you don’t like oils all over your body, this is a very good massage option for you. We recommend using their service of at least 2 hours. This way you can take your time and enjoy your company in peace. Click on the link below to see all the women, possibilities, prizes and reservations.



2 |  Erotic Massage Amsterdam

massages near me

If you’re looking for an erotic Asian massage then we would recommend this Thai Massage Amsterdam. For those who are unfamiliar with an erotic Thai Massage; during a session the masseuse uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques so that your whole body gets relaxed. The Thai massage technique is originally actually from India.



3 |  Escorts In Rotterdam

10 best massage in netherlands

If you’re staying in Holland’s second biggest city Rotterdam, the women at Escorts In Rotterdam are probably your best option. This company offers erotic massages with an added option for a happy ending. During an erotic massage the masseuse focuses on your erogenous zones with the sole purpose of relaxing and arousing you. If you’d like they also offer a happy end to relieve all that built op pressure.



4 |  Massage Near Amsterdam Airport

sex workers near me

Looking for some sensual relaxation and release between flights near Amsterdam Airport? Escorts In Schiphol has great massage services! Enjoy an erotic massage from an experienced and gorgeous escort. This professional escort company offers more than just the basics. 



5 |  Sex Massage in Amsterdam At Escort Angels

erotic best massage in netherlands

Contact Escort Angels for a high quality Nuru massage. Nuru is an erotic massage technique originally from Japan. Translated Nuru means slippery/ smooth. You might have an idea where this is going; during a Nuru massage one or more masseuse rub their body against yours. This happens after you and the masseuse are both covered with and odourless and tasteless massage oil. More details are described on the website of Escort Angels.



6 |  Escort Amsterdam

beautiful woman netherlands

At Escort Amsterdam they offer full Body 2 Body massages. Your entire body is massaged, with time the escort will just move a little bit further until her entire body rubs against yours. If you ask nicely you might even get that special happy treatment with her hands.



7 |  Amsterdam Finest

red light district in holland

The female masseuses at Amsterdam Finest offer you the best sensual and tantra massages (loving touch with full attention and presence). You can give them a call at any time, night or day. This company is known for the gorgeous women that they employ. Don’t miss out!



8 |  Double Sex Massage in Amsterdam at Passion Escort