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9 Laws For Amsterdam Coffeeshops in 2024

Posted on: avril 1, 2024

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Amsterdam Coffeeshops Laws

The Netherlands distinguishes hard drugs and soft drugs. This is done in the Dutch Opium Act. The sale of soft drugs in Amsterdam coffeeshops is tolerated in the Netherlands under strict conditions.

Amsterdam Coffeeshops & Soft Drugs Policy

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Because soft drugs (cannabis and magic truffles) are less harmful to health than hard drugs (XTC, cocaine, etc), different rules apply in the Netherlands. Amsterdam coffeeshops can sell cannabis – weed and hash – under strict conditions to locals and tourists. Coffeeshops are businesses where weed and hashish may be offered for sale. They will not prosecuted for this. This is the essence of the Dutch tolerance policy (Dutch: gedogen beleid).

greenhouse coffeeshop amsterdam
The Greenhouse coffeeshop in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service also does not prosecute persons if they possess small amounts of soft drugs. It is about this:

  • maximum 5 grams of cannabis (weed, hash);
  • up to 5 cannabis plants.

9 Rules For Coffeeshops in the Netherlands

dutch cannabis shop
The Bulldog is one of the first cannabis shops in the Netherlands.

For the sale of weed and hash, Amsterdam coffeeshops must adhere to rules and laws (the tolerance criteria). A coffeeshop must follow these 9 cannabis laws:

  1. No more than 5 grams of soft drugs per person may be sold per day.
  2. Hard drugs may not be sold.
  3. No soft drugs may be sold to minors.
  4. Minors may not be allowed into a coffeeshop.
    amsterdam coffeeshops laws
  5. No alcohol should be served.
  6. Drugs and the coffeeshop should not be advertised.
  7. No nuisance may be caused to the environment.
  8. Trade stock may not exceed 500 grams.
  9. No tobacco may be used inside.

Selling Soft Drugs Remains A Criminal Offence

dutch weed laws
Coffeeshop Rusland is Amsterdam’s second oldest cannabis store.

The sale of soft drugs remains a criminal offence in the Netherlands. Do Amsterdam coffeeshop owners not adhere to the conditions? Then they can be prosecuted and the mayor can (temporarily) close the coffeeshop. Municipalities can impose additional requirements on a coffeeshop to prevent inconvenience. For example, adjusted opening hours or a greater distance from schools.

Tackle Illegal Cannabis Cultivation In Holland

smokey coffeeshop amsterdam
Coffeeshop Smokey on Rembrandt Square.

The cultivation of cannabis plants is prohibited in the Netherlands. With a maximum of 5 plants for personal use, the Dutch police will only confiscate the plants. The police can prosecute the grower if there are more than 5 plants.

Consequences of Illegal Cannabis Cultivation

grey area
Coffeeshop Grey Area is known as one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Is the police prosecuting the grower? Then the police will prepare an official report for the criminal prosecution by the Public Prosecution Service.

Hemp growers can lose their rented house. Did they illegally tap electricity? Then an additional assessment follows from an energy company. In tackling cannabis cultivation, the Dutch police works together with housing cooperatives, the tax authorities and energy companies, among others.

Source: Government of the Netherlands


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