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Coffeeshop Grey Area

Posted on: mai 26, 2014

Coffeeshop Grey Area is famous all over the world, as it has won many High Times Cannabis Cup Awards over the past years

Coffeeshop Grey Area is run by two guys, living their modern American dream. They did so, by opening this stellar coffeeshop. Grey Area offers some of the best weed and hashish in Amsterdam, some would say. Coffeeshop Grey Area also offers large glass bongs, a vaporizer and free refills of organic coffee.

The interior at coffeeshop Grey Area Amsterdam

The menu at coffeeshop Grey Area looks like this:

Silver Bubble
Super silver haze x Bubblegum! Sweet haze flavor and strong high.

The Wobbler
The return of GA classic indigo! Makes you wobble.

Strawberry Sour Diesel
Distinctively aromatic smell and positive uplifting effect.

The Paint
The frosty, fruity, multi-Cup winner with a squaring high.

Weed from coffeeshop Grey Area Amsterdam

LA Woman
LA con x MMG! Sweet flavor and an awesome smooth effect.

Silver Fields
Killing fields cross! Sweet organic sativa with great fruity flavor.

Exodus Cheese
The original cheese. Super tasty with a strong relaxing stone.

Holy Grail
Cup winning OG 18 x Kosher Kush! Super tastey and super stoney.


Smoking joint in Grey Area Amsterdam

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2 Responses to Coffeeshop Grey Area

  1. Fabrizio dit :

    ello .. I’m Italian short boar to find . Kosher Kush will be available

  2. ahmed dit :

    i want to work with u only take 600uoro i the month
    iam egyption and i can work 15hours
    please i can make any think i can work any think

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