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Coffeeshop Rusland

Posted on: février 9, 2016

Coffeeshop Rusland Amsterdam - cannabis store

Coffeeshop Rusland this is the second oldest cannabis store (a.k.a coffeeshop) of Amsterdam. It’s named Rusland – which means Russia in Dutch. It was founded in 1975 – more than 40 years old! It’s located just outside the Red Light District on a street that is called Rusland. The first coffee shop in Amsterdam was Mellow Yellow, but that one didn’t have an official license for selling cannabis. However, coffeeshop Rusland did manage to get a license from the City of Amsterdam. Thence, it became Amsterdam’s 1st official licensed coffeeshop – and thus in the world!

Have you visited coffeeshop Rusland before? Let the world know how it was by posting a review below.

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6 Responses to Coffeeshop Rusland

  1. Leroy T. dit :

    Its a great shop man , the white russian is a great bit of bud!

  2. Jake William dit :

    I went in there at Christmas. Nice decor and facilities. The guy behind the counter was a bit moody but he was Russian so I could make allowances.

  3. Kieran dit :

    I’ve been to Rusland! It’s a great place to chill and the bud is fire. I had the super lemon haze from here it was really good!

  4. Paul Lodm dit :

    Never been but only heard good things

  5. Daniele Petrosino dit :

    haven’t been since the refurb but used to stay at the Raddisson Blu opposite it and it was my go to shop for a few trips, lots of people to talk to in there back then and the White Russian was a speciality of theirs

  6. Josh H. dit :

    Was in there yesterday good it has smoking lounge downstairs plenty of room in there and is a nice shop and nice weed.

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