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Red Light District

Sexy Loo

Posted on: juillet 1, 2024

Sexy Loo Public Toilet Amsterdam Central

Sexy Loo in Amsterdam

There is a brand new and super modern public toilet in Amsterdam’s Red Light District – located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. It’s one that offers restrooms that looks like red light windows brothels. Sexy Loo is an exact replica of the Red Light District. Step inside, close the door behind you and the window curtains will be closed.

public toilet amsterdam central

Check out the video below.

Public Toilet in Amsterdam Red Light District

Sexy Loo is located on the main street of the Red Light District, next to the Sex Palace Peep Show – the last peep show in Amsterdam. It is owned by Jan Otten – the owner of Casa Rosso, Hospital Bar, Erotic Museum & The Banana Bar. Mister Otten can even been seen in one of the ‘window’s of the toilets, in which he’s selling tickets – something he does normally.

The management believed that there should be more high-quality public toilets in Amsterdam Red Light District. For men and for women.

Before the introduction of Sexy Loo, the Red Light District only offered steel street toilets, which are locally known as curls (or krullen in Dutch). Most people find these dirty toilets. These old things stink and public toilets only for men no longer fit these days.

This is one of the many reasons why the city of Amsterdam is slowly removing them from the city. Great reasons to have Sexy Loo around!

Inside Public Restroom Sexy Loo

When you enter Sexy Loo you immediately see the toilets that look like window brothels at the end of the aisle. First you have to pay a small entrance fee at the entrance gates, which cost 2,50 euro. The entrance ticket from Sexy Loo also gives discount to Casa Rosso tickets.

Inside there are street names, stickers and real posters of shops, bars and venues that can actually be found in De Wallen area. Real Amsterdam lampposts and red brothel lamps can also be found. Sexy Loo even has real trees inside.

Male & Female Public Restrooms

The women’s toilets are on the left and the men’s toilets on the right. The men can choose from three options:

Amsterdam Public Bathrooms

  1. A partial iron urination basin – with a large screen hanging above it. During the urination, several female employees of the organization come along on the screen and watch the male visitors with amusement.
  2. There are two closed male toilets that resemble window brothels. The doors are made as if it contains two female prostitutes. These virtual ladies try to lure the men in with their charms. As soon as a visitor enters and closes the door behind them, the virtual sex worker closes the curtains.
  3. Sexy Loo also offers two separate urination basins shaped like female mouths with red lipstick.

Sexy Loo amsterdam restrooms

Women can choose between three closed toilets:

  1. One of them shows the owner of the company – Jan Otten. A large screen is placed on the toilet door, where he sells tickets to the visitors of Casa Rosso. Mister Otten can also be heard in our Red Light District tour app – in which he tells more about his business and the Amsterdam Peep Show.
  2. At the right door, Udy – the performer of Casa Rosso – gives a virtual erotic show. He teases female visitors by flirting and unbuttoning his shirt. With a bottle of champagne he’s waiting for you to step inside.
  3. Another male employee of this organisation is waiting for visitors at the third female restroom. Also he gives a great virtual erotic show while he “waits” for you to come inside. Step inside and the curtains will close.

Sexy Loo in Amsterdam Red Light District

But that’s not all! Sexy Loo also has a wheelchair accessible bathroom which offers more space. This one can also be used by parents who need to change their child’s diaper. And yes, even this bathroom has a door with a virtual sex worker. The inside is fully provided with beautiful images of Amsterdam canal houses.

Amsterdam toilet finder

So, are you looking for a public toilet in Amsterdam central city? Go to the Red Light District, walk to Oudezijds Achterburgwal 86 and enter Sexy Loo. This is a toilet experience you will never forget!


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  2. L. H. dit :

    I was there 2 days ago. ? What an experience! I whipped out my mobile and made some proofs to show and tell my friends. Unforgettable!! Fantastic public facility!!!

  3. Amsterdam’s Red Light District: All Your Questions Answered - Digital News Today dit :

    […] otherwise disturb the peace. And absolutely do not urinate in public, especially when there are “sexy loo” public toilets available with video screens designed to fit in among the red, neon-lit window […]

  4. […] otherwise disturb the peace. And absolutely do not urinate in public, especially when there are “sexy loo” public toilets available with video screens designed to fit in among the red, neon-lit window […]

  5. Anwar Ansari dit :

    Hi, I’m very interested to see the red light district of Amsterdam.how can you help me.

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