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Red Light District

Restaurant In de Waag Amsterdam Offers 'Bike Through' For Takeaway

Posted on: mai 3, 2020

Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt

Amsterdam Economy Coronavirus

Before the corona-crisis, 11% of all jobs in Amsterdam were in tourism and catering. That’s 1 out 9 people.
35.458 people worked in the catering-industry. 12.108 people worked in hostel/hotels. 9.802 people worked in culture and recreation. 4.758 people worked in travel organisations and agency’s. (source: Data Amsterdam )

Normally, Amsterdam attracts 18 million visitors per year of which 3.1 million people visit the Red Light District area. They spend an average of 242 euros. This provides Amsterdam 6.3 million euros. Tourism accounted for about 4.5 % of the Amsterdam economy. (source)

Restaurant In De Waag Amsterdam On Nieuwmarkt


Restaurant In de Waag Amsterdam is a catering company located in the second oldest building in the city, on the New Market Square (Nieuwmarkt) – next to the Red Light District and just few minutes away from Central Station. It’s the building where Rembrandt made his famous painting the Anatomic Lesson and even before that, it was used as a city gate.

Normally restaurant in de Waag Amsterdam receives many locals and tourists who enjoy a drink, a ‘bitterbal‘ or dinner. Inside or outside on the sunny terrace. But also this company is hit hard by the corona crisis. The Dutch have to stay indoors as much as possible and tourists now stay away. Dutch entrepreneurs are struggling and do everything they can to avoid bankruptcy.

Restaurant In De Waag Amsterdam Launches Smart Solution In Corona Crisis

For six weeks now, restaurants in Amsterdam have been closed due to the corona crisis, and quite a few have switched to a take-away concept. Restaurant In de Waag on the Nieuwmarkt goes one step further and invented something creative: people can cycle through our restaurant to pick up their meal.

restaurant in de waag amsterdam bike through

It is the old city gate of Amsterdam. People used to go here in the city in this way. So we go back to our roots and try to make it fun in this way, ‘explains Priscilla Den Ouden – managing director of restaurant in De Waag Amsterdam.

A bicycle path has been created on the floor of the restaurant, which customers can use to cycle through the restaurant. A pedestrian crossing has even been constructed so that staff of the restaurant can cross safely. In the Waag, the staff is ready with the order, so that it can be taken immediately.

netherlands coronavirus news

The entrepreneur of the restaurant still has many questions: There is government support, but is it enough? Are we going to get through that period? What will happen next if the guests are allowed to eat inside again? Will tourists come again?

bike through restaurant in de waag Amsterdam

With the Bike Through, the Priscilla Den Ouden hopes for some extra turnover. ‘You want to show your passion as an entrepreneur, you want to show that you are there. That we will not be forgotten. ” (source)

Amsterdam Corona News

De Waag and Nieuwmarkt are two highlights during our Red Light District tours.

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