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VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren

Posted on: août 5, 2014

VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren

VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren in Amsterdam is an amazing bar, full of history.

Amsterdam Scheierstoren Christiaan Dommersen
View of Amsterdam and the Schreierstoren painted by Cornelis Christiaan Dommersen (1842-1929).

This cafe is located just in opposite of Central Station. It’s a perfect place to have your first or last drink during your visit to Amsterdam. The Schreierstoren (translated: Schreiers Tower) is one of the oldest buildings of Amsterdam. It was build in 1487 as a defensive wall, which used to be part of Amsterdam’s city wall.

This is how VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren used to look like in 1870.
This is what the entrance of Amsterdam looked like in 1870.

The painting above was made before Amsterdam’s Central Station was build. There used to be a harbor on the spot where central station is right now. The central station in Amsterdam was build between 1881 and 1889. It was designed by P.J.H. Cuypers, who also designed the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Schreierstoren. Year 1900.
This is how the entrance of Amsterdam and the Schreierstoren looked like in 1900.

The Schreierstoren in 1917. Just in front of Amsterdam's Central Station.
Amsterdam’s Schreiers tower in 1917.

If you would compare the painting with the picture above, you can see that the Schreiers Tower hasn’t changed much. We would definitely recommend you to go to VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren. We’ve listed some reasons to go here:

  • It’s 1 minute away from Central Station.
  • It sits on a corner, great view!
  • One of the oldest buildings of Amsterdam.
  • VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren serves delicious Dutch treats, like beers and snacks. Ask for some “bitterballen” or “jenever“.
  • Affordable.
  • This cafe has a terrace.
  • Friendly personal.
  • Usually not too crowded.

The inside of VOC Cafe De Schreierstoren  in Amsterdam
The interior of VOC Cafe de Scheierstoren has that beautiful vintage look. 

This beautiful cafe is located just next to the Red Light District and New Market Square. It’s really easy to get here, just ask the bartender for directions.

VOC Cafe Schreierstoren in Amsterdam's Red Light District.
Go sit on the terrace of VOC Cafe de Schreierstoren, order some (local) drinks and enjoy the good life!

Just around the corner you can find coffeeshop Voyagers and Lebanese restaurant Dabka.


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