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Red Light District

9 Secrets About The Blue Light District in Amsterdam

Posted on: juillet 1, 2024

Amsterdam blue light district

Ultimate Blue Light District Amsterdam Guide 2024

Did you know that Amsterdam has a Blue Light District? This mysterious and lesser-known area of the city is full of surprises and unique facts that even locals may not be aware of. In this blog post, we’ll explore nine fascinating things that you didn’t know about the Blue Light District. From its history to its modern-day significance, get ready to discover a whole new side of Amsterdam. Let’s dive in!

1 | Meaning

Oudezijds Achtburgwal in Amsterdam at night with window brothels
Window brothels on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

The Blue Light District in Amsterdam is where transgender travailleuses du sexe practice their trade in sex rooms. It mainly concerns people who have not had an operation to remove their male genitalia. This prostitution area in Amsterdam is called the Blue Light District because the sex workers usually use blue lights (instead of red lights) to illuminate their sex rooms.

The blue-lit windows with transgender sex workers are mainly visited by male customers. These windows can be found, for example, on Bloedstraat, on the corner of Oudezijds Achterburgwal. Near the Cafe The Old Sailor and Moulin Rouge.



2 | Is the Blue Light District real?

window brothels in Gordijnensteeg in Amsterdam

Yes, it’s totally real! What is good to know is that not all transgender sex workers use blue lights to offer their services. Moreover, it is also not a requirement to do so.

Female window prostitute also work in this district. Therefor you’ll see both red as blue-lit window brothels.

3 | Where is the Blue Light District in Amsterdam?

The Blue Light District can be found on the Bloedstraat et Gordijnensteeg in Amsterdam. It’s just next to the Red Light District main street: the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. This is the street with most red light windows and sex shows like Moulin Rouge.

4 | Sex workers

Three window brothels in Amsterdam with closed red curtains

The transgender sex workers in the Blue Light District are particularly concerned about their privacy and very wary of tourists who – despite all warnings – still want to take pictures. The stigma, their status and their secret double life are often the reasons for this. The transgender sex workers are very afraid that photos will end up with their friends, family or other acquaintances.

5 | Blue Light District Prices

The prices for paid sex are very similar to the other travailleuses du sexe in the Red Light District.

The window prostitutes in the Blue Red Light District charge prices from 50 euros for sexual services. This rate is usually for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The prices are negotiable and the window prostitutes also regularly refuse customers.

6 | Customers

escort service

There is no existing research into the clients of transgender sex workers in the Amsterdam Red Light District. But in the past, our guides saw almost exclusively male customers entering these transgender sex workers.

The sex workers mostly target middle-aged men who walk the streets alone. To attract the attention of the man, they tap on the window and sometimes they briefly show their genitals.

Usually the clients of transgender sex workers are also specifically looking for what sex workers have to offer: feminine looks with a male genitalia. This is also confirmed by a transgender sex worker during an interview of a Dutch program about trans sex workers. Read the quote below.

Transgender sex worker quote

“I am a trans woman with no gender reassignment. This means I still have my penis. The customers I receive are really looking for what I have to offer them. Namely a female appearance, but with male genitals. I often get men who don’t dare to tell their wives honestly what they really like and horny in the bedroom. As a man, if you want to be taken by a woman with a cock, the label ‘gay’ is unfortunately still often given to you. That barrier is not there for me and they can really be themselves.”

7 | Tours in Blue Light District

blue light window brothel in Amsterdam

Learn all about this interesting and unique neighborhood in the Netherlands and become a real Amsterdam connoisseur. Download this app and take a Red Light District tour with audio guide. During this audio tour you will hear amazing stories from 22 different experts. The virtual guide Sophie will guide you through this neighborhood in Amsterdam. Hear stories from real sex workers, police officers and historians.

This is currently the only legal option to take a Red Light District tour. The municipality of Amsterdam has banned all tours with large groups and real guides.

You are still allowed to use our audio tour with a virtual guide. Explore this neighbourhood in Amsterdam with our app and educate yourself.



8 | Blue Light District in Daylight

Gordijnensteeg in Amsterdam Blue Light District

The Blue Light District looks completely different during the day than at night. This is also evident from the snowy photo above taken on the Gordijnensteeg. During the day it is quieter here. Less visitors and fewer windows are filled with sex workers. And, the blue lights are hard to spot. Nevertheless, this neighborhood is also very special during the day.

9 | Laws

a red-lit alley in Amsterdam Red Light District

Exactly the same rules and lois apply to the transgender sex workers in Amsterdam Blue Light District as to the female window prostitutes elsewhere in the city.

When exploring the unique aspects of Amsterdam’s Blue Light District, it’s essential to understand its place within the broader context of the city’s famous Red Light District. The latter not only defines the nightlife and cultural landscape of Amsterdam but also offers a deep dive into the historical and social fabric of the area. For those curious about the origins, significance, and current state of the Red Light District, our article on What is the Red Light District in Amsterdam? provides a comprehensive overview, enriching your visit to this iconic part of the city.


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