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Red Light District

Top 30 Mistakes To Avoid On Trip To Amsterdam

Posted on: janvier 14, 2024

3 white canal boats in Amsterdam in front several canal houses with blue sky

Amsterdam Travel Mistakes: Essential Tips for a Flawless Trip

Attention travelers! Don’t let Amsterdam travel mistakes tarnish your trip! The travel mistakes mentioned below have been shared by fellow Amsterdam visitors who are members of the Facebook group called Amsterdam Secrets. Their candid accounts and personal experiences provide valuable insights for anyone planning a trip to this enchanting city. By taking note of these firsthand experiences, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smoother and more enjoyable journey.

a red-lit alley in Amsterdam Red Light District

Discover the top 30 Amsterdam travel mistakes to avoid and ensure a smooth, unforgettable adventure in the vibrant Dutch capital.

1 | Getting a taxi from the airport into the city! DON’T DO IT! get the train and save A LOT of money!

2 | Not moving fast enough when you hear that bike bell ring!

3 | Not stayed long enough.

4 | Not booking the Anne Frank tour in advance and I couldn’t go.

a guide gives a tour on a canal bridge in Amsterdam during the Anne Frank Walking Tour on a summer day with Dutch architecture on the background

5 | Taking the spanish boat tour was not as informative as I would have liked.

6 | Fell asleep on the train after an all night rave in Utrecht, ended up near zandvoort.

7 | Getting too fucked up on the first night.

8 | Not realising that some supermarkets take debit cards while others don’t, even the same chains sometimes.

Amsterdam Red Light District by night with red-lit window brothels left and right, and people walking in the alley

9 | Wrong travelling companion!

10 | Not seeing the cities and towns outside of Amsterdam. Visit Zandvoort, Haarlem

11 | Not stayed long enough.

12 | Never go to a coffee shop then go rent a bike.


coffeeshop bulldog the first

13 | Not being there long enough

14 | Not having much time , and not renting a bike!

15 | Wearing platform boots, take sensible shoes… most pathways are uneven and you will most likely twist your ankle a few times

Must see in Amsterdam Red Light District street art

16 | Getting lost getting on the wrong metro 4

17 | My constant mistake is that I always somehow book for not long enough.

18 | Not practicing my bike riding.

19 | Didn’t eat at the FEBO enough.

febo kroket
A kroket from the FEBO.

20 | Didn’t go to the Van Gogh museum

21 | Smoking a full blunt at a coffee shop after having gone a full week without. The nicotine combined with the THC put me out cold. Luckily I revived.

22 | Ate the whole box of magic truffles and smoked three zoots in the middle of amsterdam. By far worst experience I’ve ever been through.

23 | Not going to more museums or other historical markers, not getting a place to stay that had a kitchen…we spent way to much on take away, when we could have saved hundreds.

5 museums in amsterdam

24 | Going into a blue light window (accidentally) whilst tripping on mushies. Never quite get over that experience

26 | Paying €12 for a waffle in dam central where all the cakes look so pretty on the window.

27 | Didnt pay the train ticket… got caught.
28 | Buying a bag of Amnesia,forgetting where I put it,then finding it when i got home.
lady smoking on the street on a sunny with art behind her
29 | Taking money…..hardly anyone accepted it. Even for a coffee and a toastie, we had to pay by card.
30 | Forgot to book Moulin Rouge tickets and missed the sex show where I heard to many good things about.
people walking in Amsterdam Red Light District with Moulin Rouge on the right side with red-lit neon advertisements

From practical advice such as opting for the train instead of a taxi from the airport to save money, being mindful of bike bells, and understanding the importance of pre-booking popular attractions like the Anne Frank tour, to cultural nuances like being aware of different payment methods at supermarkets and respecting local customs in the Red Light District, these insights cover a wide range of travel considerations.

Moreover, the shared experiences shed light on the importance of time management, from staying long enough to truly experience the city to allocating ample time for museum visits and exploring Amsterdam’s neighboring cities and towns. The tips also highlight the significance of practicalities like wearing appropriate footwear on the uneven pathways and being cautious about personal belongings.

By learning from the experiences of others, you can enhance your Amsterdam adventure and make the most of your time in the city. Remember to plan your itinerary wisely, take note of the valuable suggestions, and ensure a memorable and hassle-free trip to Amsterdam.

Keep these Amsterdam travel mistakes in mind as you embark on your journey, and embrace the wisdom shared by fellow travelers to create unforgettable memories in the remarkable Dutch capital.

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