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Red Light District

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Posted on: April 22, 2020

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images

Most Popular Amsterdam Red Light District Images On Instagram

(Last updated: 26 November 2020)

From red-lit window brothels to iconic Dutch canals, every day we post great Amsterdam Red Light District images on our Instagram-account. We dived into its insights and analysed which images got most likes in 2020. Here are the best 10 photos that you have to see because they can be inspirational for your next trip to Amsterdam.

1 | Old Church Square Amsterdam

With more than 510 likes this is the absolute number in the top 10 Amsterdam Red Light District images. This shows the Old Church Square, Amsterdam’s oldest building, window brothels and a crooked lamppost. This is the middle of the Red Light District and also the oldest part of town.

2 | Coffeeshop The Bulldog First

This is perhaps the most famous cannabis shop in the world. Maybe because it’s one of the oldest. The Bulldog has nine businesses in Amsterdam but this was the very first one.


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Coffeeshops in Amsterdam may only sell cannabis through takeaways. These corona-measures where implemented by the Dutch government on Tuesday. Customers are not allowed to sit inside anymore. Coffeeshop The Bulldog blocked its entrance with a bench and a bouncer. They offer their products via the side of the building. This photo shows the staff members waiting for customers. More info at the news section on our website. #amsterdam #holland #netherlands #weed #corona #cannabis #weedporn #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabisindustry #weedlife #thebulldogamsterdam #redlightdistrict #iamsterdam #nederland #mokum #020inbeeld #news #nieuws #igersamsterdam #dutch #amsterdam?? #cannabisgrow #travel #travelphotography #art #painting #amsterdamweed

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3 | Coffeeshop The Jolly Joker

Number three in the list of top 10 Amsterdam Red Light District Images is this one. In this picture we explained a part of Holland’s drug law. Do you want to learn more about drugs? Join the Amsterdam Drugs Tour with a licensed tour guide and get an answer on all your drug related questions.


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In 1976 the Opium law was changed in the Netherlands. For then on out there’s been a distinction in the Dutch drug law between soft and hard drugs. This also started the policy of tolerance when it comes to coffeeshops (=cannabis shops). Toleration regarding soft drugs means that the sale of soft drugs in coffee shops is a criminal offence but that the Public Prosecution Service does not prosecute coffee shops for this offence. Neither does the Public Prosecution Service prosecute members of the public for possession of small quantities of soft drugs. These quantities are defined as follows: 1) no more than 5 grams of cannabis (marijuana or hash). 2) no more than 5 cannabis plants. During our Amsterdam Drugs Tour (this Saturday) we explain everything about drugs, Dutch culture and Amsterdam’s history. Check out our website for more details and reservations. #amsterdam #redlightdistrict #tour #holland #netherlands #weed #cannabis #drugs #travel #europetravel #amsterdamcity #amsterdamworld #cannabisculture #weedporn #weedstagram420 #cannabissociety #travelphotography #nederland #amsterdam?? #traveltheworld #tripadvisor #lonelyplanet #weedlife #dutch #streets #amsterdamcoffeeshop #damsquare #rijksmuseum #art #cannabiscures

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4 | Coffeeshop The Bulldog 90 Amsterdam

Did you know that the owner of The Bulldog was born and raised in the Red Light District? He came from a poor family and grew up in an area with prostitutes and pimps. When he was young, the leader of Amsterdam’s Salvation Army guided him and put him on the right path. Thanks to her, he has now become such a successful businessman. An entrepreneur and self-made man who is now in the Dutch Fortune 500 at number 254.


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Because the sale or purchase of large quantities of cannabis is still illegal in the Netherlands, coffeeshops (=cannabis stores) are forced into the underworld to get their supplies. What that means is tens of thousands of euros in cash, trade with shady dealers and there’s always the risk that criminals will take your newly-bought stock of weed from you after you just paid for it. These are the risks coffeeshop owners have to deal with to get some produce to their customers. Shop owners are forced to purchase every other day because they aren’t allowed to have large stocks. If they don’t do this they run the risk of not having any stock for some time. Transaction are always done in cash. 50.000 euro per transaction isn’t out of the ordinary. With these kinds of amounts it’s no surprise that so called ripdeals happen. Shop owners don’t always know exactly where the weed comes from. Some prefer buying from 10 smaller home growers than 2 bad types that can deliver a lot. No matter what you are forced to have to deal with organized crime. Coffeeshop owners would of course rather not. No tax is paid on cannabis in Dutch coffeeshops, while the yearly revenue off all coffeeshops is 1 billion euro. Learn more about these kind of things during our Amsterdam Drugs Tour (this Saturday). Visit our site for details and reservation. #cannabis #weed #amsterdam #holland #dutch #netherlands #cannabiscommunity #amsterdamcity #amsterdamweed #joint #drugs #travel #coffeeshop #amsterdamcoffeeshop #weedporn #cannabissociety #travelblogger #tours #coffeeshops #amsterdamlife #amsterdam?? #redlightdistrict #igersholland #thisisholland #cannabiscures #nederland #tripadvisor #bulldog #europetravel #amsterdamshots

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5 | Amsterdam Red Light District Famous Street

This is also one of the most popular Amsterdam Red Light District images. Most likely because it shows the Oudezijds Achterburgwal – the famous street – with a news update on the corona-crisis in Amsterdam.


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Due to Corona virus, all bars, museums, restaurants, attractions, window brothels and, sex) shows in the Netherlands are closed until April 6, 2020. Cannabis shops are only open for takeaways. Prostitutes dare not work. Locals stay inside and tourists stay away. The result is empty streets in the Red Light District. If this all is over, please come back to Amsterdam – the most beautiful city on earth. #corona #nofilter #holland #netherlands #europa #europe #travel #amsterdam #redlightdistrict #dewallen #iamsterdam #igersamsterdam #amsterdamlife #nederland #thenetherlands #travelphotography #travelblogger #travelguide #europetravel #travelcommunity #dutch #thisisholland #amsterdam?? #thenetherlands?? #city #reizen #tours #trees #citylife #nofilterneeded

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6 | Casa Rosso Amsterdam

This erotic theatre has been around for more than 50 years. Also this company had to close its doors due to the safety measures for the corona-virus. Luckily Casa Rosso Amsterdam will re-open in the future. Did you know we also offer online tickets for this sex show? Buy tickets on our website and get to see real erotic performances. They even show a couple having sex on stage!

7 | Main Street in Amsterdam Red Light District

8 | Amsterdam in Corona Crisis

9 | Oudezijds Achterburgwal & Korte Niezel

10 | Red Light District Windows

The window brothels in Amsterdam have been closed since half March 2020. They will stay closed August 31, 2020. The next day they may be opened again. Sex workers had a really hard time and they hope that people will visit Amsterdam again soon.




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