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15x Amsterdam Quiz Facts

Posted on: May 1, 2022

Amsterdam Quiz Facts

Amsterdam Quiz Facts

How much do you know about Amsterdam? Are you a true connoisseur or do you think you could come across as an Amsterdam expert by just guessing the right answers?

Put your knowledge to the test by answering these 15 Amsterdam quiz facts. Whether it is about the coffeeshops in Amsterdam, its history, legal sex work in Holland or other unique Dutch facts, we reckon you might learn some things about Holland’s capital you had no idea about before.

Let’s get down to it, answer these Amsterdam quiz facts and see if you’re an Amsterdam-expert.

Tip: Play these Amsterdam Quiz Facts with friends, your partner or colleagues. It’s more fun with others!

Amsterdam Quiz Facts Instructions

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, or write your answers in a note-taking app on your phone.

The answers can be found the bottom of this page. Don’t peak, play honest and check these after answering the quiz questions yourself.

Amsterdam Red Light District

1 | Which one is true?

A. Amsterdam has 164 coffeeshops.

B. The Red Light District has no inhabitants.

C. Rembrandt van Rijn got married in the Rijksmuseum.

D. Dutch people pay bicycle tax.

Amsterdam Pub Quiz

2 | Which one is true?

A. Holland is the smallest country in the world.

B. The minimum age to use cannabis in Holland is 16.

C. A cycling license in mandatory in Amsterdam.

D. Amsterdam’s oldest canal is in the Red Light District.

cycling in holland

3 | Which one is true?

A. The Royal Palace is Amsterdam’s oldest building.

B. In 2019, 11% of all jobs were in tourism.

C. Amsterdam has 2 windmills.

D. Vincent Van Gogh designed Amsterdam’s Central Station.

wake me up when im famous bench

4 | Which street is not in Amsterdam Red Light District?

A. Warmoesstraat.

B. Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

C. Zeedijk.

D. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal.

Amsterdam quizvragen

5 | Which one of these is not a Dutch beer brand?

A. Grolsch.

B. Skuumkoppe.

C. Hertog Jan.

D. Leffe.

amsterdam red light district bars

6 | Which one is true?

A. Amsterdam’s oldest house is a gay club.

B. The Dutch use more cannabis than alcohol.

C. The Red Light District is closed on Sunday’s.

D. Amsterdam has 120 window brothels.


7 | Which one is not true?

A. In Amsterdam, it’s not allowed to hold your phone while cycling.

B. The mayor of Amsterdam is a woman.

C. Smoking tobacco in cannabis shops is not allowed.

D. The richest Dutch person is a man.

de wallen amsterdam

8 | Which one is true?

A. Amsterdam’s oldest non-religious building is The Waag.

B. World’s first gay marriage took place in Rotterdam.

C. In the Netherlands, maternity care is not provided at home.

D. Blue tulips can only be grown in the Netherlands.

oudezijds voorburgwal

9 | Which one is true?

A. Sex work is a tax-free profession in the Netherlands.

B. Amsterdam used to have a legal cocaine factory.

C. 69% of the Dutch smoke cannabis monthly.

D. Feyenoord is Amsterdam’s football club.

Dam Square

10 | Which one is true?

A. The Netherlands has 10 provinces.

B. The Seine is a river in Amsterdam.

C. STD-testing in the Netherlands is free for homosexuals and sex workers.

D. Amsterdam’s smallest park is in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam quiz facts

11 | Which one is not true?

A. The Dutch prime-minister is a woman.

B. Albert Cuyp is a market in Amsterdam.

C. The Red Light District is also known as De Wallen.

D. The wife of Rembrandt van Rijn was buried in De Oude Kerk.

amsterdam quiz facts 15

12 | For which club did Johan Cruijf play his last match in 1984?

A. Washington Diplomats.

B. FC Barcelona.

C. Ajax.

D. Feyenoord.

Amsterdam central station

13 | What is the most popular fruit among the Dutch?

A. Banana.

B. Kiwi.

C. Strawberries.

D. Apple.

Amsterdam city of prostitutes

14 | What is Ons Lieve Heer op Solder?

A. Something that Dutch people say when they are scared.

B. A statue in the Vondelpark.

C. A hidden church in the Red Light District.

D. The Dutch national anthem.

new amsterdam quiz facts

15 | Which one is true?

A. In the Netherlands you can have a maximum of 7 cannabis plants per household.

B. The Vecht is one of the three rivers in Amsterdam.

C. Mellow Yellow was Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop.

D. Amsterdam has 1.7 million inhabitants.

amsterdam window shopping

That was the last one of these Amsterdam quiz facts. Do you think you did well? How many questions do you think you answered correctly? 8 out of 15? 10 out of 15?

Amsterdam Quiz Facts Answers

Here are the right quiz answers!

1  = A

The exact number of coffeeshops in Amsterdam is currently 164. There used to be way more. In the 1990’s there were more than 400 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. (source)

2 = D

Amsterdam’s oldest canal is the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. It’s from 1385. (source)

english amsterdam quiz facts

3 = B

In 2019, pre-corona, 11% of all jobs in Amsterdam were in the tourism sector. (source)

4 = D

The Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal is located in the city centre, but not in the Red Light District. (source)

fun amsterdam quiz facts

5 = D

Leffe is not a Dutch beer. (source)

6 = A

Believe it or not but Amsterdam’s oldest house is nowadays a gay club. It’s located in the Red Light District and dates back to 1485. (source)

warmoesstraat 90

7 = D

The richest Dutch person is a woman. It’s the daughter of Freddy Heineken and business-owner of world’s second largest beer-brewer. (source)

8 = A

Amsterdam’s second oldest building is The Waag which stands on the Nieuwmarkt. (source)

waag amsterdam

9 = B

From 1900 to the early 1960’s there used to be a real cocaine factory in Amsterdam, intended for medical use. (source)

10 = C

Sex workers and homosexuals can be tested for free on STD’s in the Netherlands.

condoms near me

11 = A

The prime-minister of the Netherlands is Mark Rutte. (source)

12 = D

Feyenoord was the last football club were Johan Cruijff played. He decided to play for Feyenoord because its revival Ajax did not offer him a contract. (source)

johan cruyff ajax

13 = D

Apples are the most eaten fruits among the Dutch. It’s healthy, tasty and easy to take with you. (source)

14 = C

Ons Lieve Heer op Solder is indeed a hidden Catholic church in the Red Light District. (source)

parool Amsterdam quiz facts

15 = C

In 1972 Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop was founded: Mellow Yellow (source)

Amsterdam Quiz Facts Score

Add up all your correct answers of this quiz to see how many questions you answered correctly. And? What’s your score of this quiz?

Please share the Amsterdam Quiz Facts with your friends and find who knows more about Amsterdam. Hit the sharing buttons below!


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