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Red Light District

10 Best Amsterdam Red Light District Photos

Posted on: January 15, 2020

Red Light District

Top 10 Amsterdam Red Light District Photos

This list shows our 10 best Amsterdam Red Light District photos containing most likes on Instagram. This is one of the places where we share the newest images. Learn more about Holland’s most fascinating neighbourhood. Listen to real stories of 22 experts who know this area best. Including prostitutes, historians, police officers and many others. Get our app and become a true connoisseur today!



1 | Main Street Amsterdam Red Light District

With 440 likes this is the picture that got most likes on our Instagram account. Here’s number one:

2 | Amsterdam Red Light District In Summer

De Wallen is beautiful all year round. But, most people like it even more in summer. With 387 likes just is the 2nd best Amsterdam Red Light District photo.

3 | Window Brothels

At number three, this Red Light District photo has almost the same number of likes as the number of windows in Amsterdam.

4 | Enjoying Life On A Terrace

There so many reasons to visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District and this photo shows just that. Enjoying life on a sunny terrace. It has 351 likes.

5 | De Wallen At Night

At number five, this picture shows the main street of ‘De Wallen‘ and has currently 334 likes.

6 | Coffeeshop The Bulldog The First

This coffeeshop can be found in every Amsterdam travel guide and has become a world famous brand. This photo has 316 likes.


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Coffeeshop The Bulldog is one of the highlights of our Offbeat Red Light District Tour with a local guide, because it’s one of the oldest and most successful cannabis shops in the world. Our local experts explain how the Dutch cannabis system works by explaining the laws, the history, the statistics, the pro’s and cons, etc. Very interesting! Join our tours (today) at 3, 5, 7 or 9 pm. Visit our website (link in bio) for more information and reservations. #amsterdam #redlightdistrict #cannabis #tours #travel #holland #netherlands #cannabiscommunity #cannabis_cuties #cannabis #cannabisculture #weed #marijuana #amsterdamweed #amsterdamcity #dutch #thenetherlands #igersamsterdam #travelblogger #damsquare #amsterdamworld #travelguide #art #painting #dewallen #netherlands?? #klm #schiphol #travelers

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7 | Narrow Alley In Amsterdam

This post actually contains five Amsterdam Red Light District photos, shows the most narrow alley in town and has 321 likes. How narrow do you think this alley is?

8 | Oldest Canal In Amsterdam

This photo in Amsterdam Red Light District shows the oldest canal in town and has 312 likes. On this street on can find window brothels, a church, cafes, coffeeshops, a beer brewery and lots of historical buildings. You have to see this street. By foot and by boat!


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Today at 4 and 7 pm, our tours will be hosted by the husband of a window prostitute. 7 years ago, they met each other in a window brothel and fell in love. Just like the movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere! Our local guide like to explain you everything about legal sex work, what’s like to have a relationship with a prostitute, what they talk about when she gets home, safety measures, taxes and everything you need to know about Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Go to our site (link in bio) and join this super interesting tour. #amsterdam #redlightdistrict #tour #holland #netherlands #nederland #dewallen #redlightdistrictamsterdam #iamsterdam #igersamsterdam #amsterdamcity #020inbeeld #mokum #travel #damsquare #lonelyplanet #thisisholland #igersholland #schiphol #amsterdamcanals #dutch #thenetherlands #amsterdam?? #amsterdamworld #sexwork #rijksmuseum #reizen #travelphotography

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9 | World’s Most Liberal City

With 317 likes this is one of those Amsterdam Red Light District photos that perfectly shows liberalism in the Netherlands and open-mindedness of the Dutch.

Did you know that the first gay marriage in the world took place in Amsterdam? Another example of liberalism!

10 | A Church Next To Window Brothels

Another example of liberalism. Where else in the world do you find religion literally in opposite of prostitution? Where else do you see an old church next to window brothels? Only in Amsterdam’s Red Light District! This photo has currently 311 likes.




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