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La Vie en Proost

Posted on: June 1, 2014

La Vie En Proost Amsterdam Strip Club

La Vie en Proost – A Topless Lap Dance Bar in Amsterdam

La Vie en Proost is a very cozy place in the middle of the Red Light District. This lap dance bar in Amsterdam has gogo girls, lap dancers, topless women and a variety in videos. The entrance fee and drink prices are both reasonable and the club is aimed at locals and tourists who want to watch an adult show at a reasonable price, comfortably, and without any hassle…

Stripbar full naked La Vie en Proost in Amsterdam.
Follow these directions to get to this awesome strip bar in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Two guys, strippers, champagne and…

Okey, there is something we’ve  gotta add to “reasonable prices” and “without any hassle”. It’s an awesome story, which can be of use to you during your visit to this lap dance bar in Amsterdam. Spoiler-alert: Two guys, strippers, champagne…

When two of our local guides (Martijn & Elard) were a bit younger, Martijn decided to take Elard to this strip club in Amsterdam. He just turned 18, back then. The age of a man! Therefor, Martijn decided to pay for Elard’s first lap dance. And the best place to this was in the Red Light District. In La Vie en Proost…

Martijn was 26 years old when this happened. He reached the age of a man a long, long time ago… So there they went, to the infamous lap dance bar La Vie en Proost. Elard was nervous, although he didn’t know that he would be getting a lap dance. And at this point, Elard also didn’t know what was going to happen…

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La Vie en Proost, the infamous lap dance bar in Amsterdam.

They entered La Vie en Proost, paid the entrance fee, ordered two beers and watched the ladies. They danced on the bar, looking for guys who wanted to have a lap dance. Martijn started talking with one of the strippers. He whispered something in her ear and paid her 10 euros. Elard thought that Martijn wanted a lap dance for himself, but the stripper started walking towards to Elard.

Stripclub in Red Light District La Vie en Proost
This is what strip clubs in Amsterdam look like from inside. Big fun! 🙂

His first lap dance in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Elard looked at the stripper and thought: “Awwwwkward…”. And yes then it happened. He got his first lap dance. A lap dance in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. That’s legendary, he thought. After 5 minutes she stopped with grinding. She looked at Elard’s beardless face. He was wearing a suit which was a bit oversized. She knew he was young. A perfect candidate who could spend lots of money on me, she thought.

Stripbar in Amsterdam's Red Light District

Then the stripper said:

She whispered in Elard’s ear: “Hi sweetie, I hope you liked my lap dance. Would you buy me something to drink?” He raised his eyebrows, but was willing to buy her a drink. “screw it, a beer or wine can’t be expensive”, he thought. But the stripper wanted champagne. Elard raised his eyebrows again, but still had this mindset of  “how expensive can a glass of champagne be”? So, she ordered champagne…

Strip bar in Amsterdam.

And there it was… a tiny bottle of champagne, a so called “Piccolo“. Now, Elard started to worry a little. The bartender said: “80 euros, please.” He didn’t have enough money, but the glasses were already filled. Out of the blue there was this big colossal bouncer. Elard said: “I don’t have enough money on me, I only have 20 euros and my debit card”. The bouncer told him, with a low-voice, that there was an ATM in the back and that he was more than willing to assist Elard to it.

Swindled by a stripper in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

At this moment, Elard didn’t feel like a real man. More like a boy who was about to get bamboozled by a stripper. Meanwhile, Martijn wasn’t paying attention to Elard. He was enjoying a lap dance from another stripper. Elard arrived back at the bar and paid the bartender. He tried to act like a big player, who didn’t have any cash on him. No biggie! Obviously, the bartender, the stripper and the bouncer knew otherwise…

Elard tried to enjoy the bubbles, for which he paid way too much! He tried to act like a high roller, but failed big time in doing so! 🙂

When the night came to an end, they arrived at Martijn’s place. This is when Elard confessed that he had spent 80 euros on a stripper. Martijn tried not to laugh, but couldn’t control himself. He laughed so long and hard that it hurt.

True story on strippers in Amsterdam Red Light District

So yeah, go to the infamous strip club La Vie en Proost and have a night that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re planning to go by yourself, with friends or even for a stag night, La Vie en Proost is a fun place in the Red Light District! Without a doubt, this place will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable time in Amsterdam.

Stripbar La Vie in Amsterdam's Red Light District. Lapdances, beer and naked ladies.
This is the back of strip club La Vie in Amsterdam, on the Warmoesstraat in the Red Light District.

La Vie en Proost Price List

La Vie is the most famous lap dance bar in Amsterdam. Good strip club!
Think twice when a stripper in Amsterdam asks you for a drink.

Tip: Don’t do as Elard did. Don’t buy champagne for strippers. Don’t buy piccolo’s! 🙂

Would you like to hear more of these true stories? Let one of our local guides – like Martijn – show you around during our awesome tours and hear everything you need to know about the legendary Red Light District.

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10 Responses to La Vie en Proost

  1. bettina says:

    Hello. I was in the stripclub la vie on 10.1.15. I got melissa ( maybe 27y.o. with tattoos) a lapdance. I want to ask if she works at 29.1.15 and 30.1.15?

    I from swiss.

    Thank you

  2. Frank the Tank says:

    Always a great time in this lap dance bar in Amsterdam. lots of delicious females, good company and ofc great girls, oh did l mention the girls?

  3. Mark says:

    It is a very good place to get horny. My Girl there is Dalisha she is slim and blond with boogies and she gave me such a horny lapdance.

  4. Naomi says:

    I wouldn’t recommend this place at all, unless you dont mind spending 33EUROS on 2 red label drinks. It was too expensive to begin with, and even so.. one of the girls who served us our drinks decided she wanted to keep the change too!!

    • Jamie says:

      We had the same problem with them keeping the change. Our drinks came to 43 Euros so we gave 60 and she kept it all. The drinks are expensive enough without them keeping the change too.
      The girls are nice but too expensive and crowded

  5. Some says:

    One of our group got pickpocket there, coincidentally exactly in the moment one of the strippers forced him of his chair and a guy pushed him from behind. After explaining this to the receptionist he just said he won’t do anything and no, he don’t know the telephone numer of the police. So the guys let pickpockets in and cover them. I recommend not to go there.

  6. Dan says:

    Went here on my stag do… Hidious and pointless. My nan looked better than most those things in there. Wasted €5 entry and at least 10 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. Thanks!

  7. Burak says:

    The moment you enter the bar, the girls behind the bar will notifyyou about the fact that consuming drinks are obligated. There is also a sign that indicates how much you pay for a normal lapdance and a naked one.

    The bottom line is, you get informed right away so you can only blame yourself for paying that much money, its a lapdance bar after the all, I am always surprised that people think its expensive.

  8. Omni Asian says:

    I was there with friends on 1/8 our first visit to Amsterdam. We pay euro $5 per entry and I got a topless blond hair lady for euro $20 she was the only lady do not allowed me to touch her boobs only lapdance. We were disappointed I impressed by one sexy black hair lady she can dance well and friendly to us. I wanna to visit her again but too bad do not know her name. We paid more expect better entertainment.

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