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Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour In Dutch Press

Posted on: July 18, 2018

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour In The News

Dutch media has reported on the Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour. The reason for all the attention is the launch of our new application: Amsterdam Audio Tours. Below you’ll find a translation of the articles that appeared in the Dutch newspapers: Het Parool and AD.

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour With A Virtual Guide

Amsterdam Red Light District Tour has created an app that enables tourists to do an audio tour through the Red Light District on their own. The company hopes to do something about the inconvenience caused by tourists entering the area in large groups.

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour Window BrothelsWindow brothels in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Secret recordings of the contact between sex worker and client, a look at the prostitutes standing in the narrow Sint Annenstraat and a visit to the Old Church: ‘Where do you find religion, prostitution, drugs and a daycare so close together?’

For € 4.49 (iPhone) or € 4.99 (Android) the Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour guides you in two hours along 31 stops, from the Schreierstoren to the Nieuwmarkt. In the Warmoesstraat The virtual tour guide ‘Sophie’ points to ‘the best smart shop in Amsterdam’ and at the Korte Niezelbrug the grandson of FEBO’s founder tells about the automatic.

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour Dutch media coverage
Dutch papers publish (in Dutch) about our new Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour application. 

Dutch Tolerance

During the trip she talks to 22 experts. Jerzy Gawronski, Amsterdam city archaeologist, is introduced as ‘the man who knows everything about the history of the city’. According to Sophie, drug expert August de Loor has ‘seen everything’ and the American writer/ historian Russell Shorto receives praise: ‘Anyone interested in history and liberalism should read his books’. ‘Gedogen’ can’t simply be translated for the American tourist who does not know the middle between equal and unequal. ‘Technically illegal, but officially allowed’ is what the app makes of it.

Amsterdam Red Light District Audio Tour Fokkens Twin SistersThe Fokkens twin sisters – Holland’s most famous (retired) prostitutes.

Sex Workers Talk About Their Trade

Window prostitute Kasia says she earns around 10,000 euros per month: ‘Most sex workers are their own boss, some have a sort of pimp.’ The twin sisters Fokkens, A.K.A. ‘the Old Hookers’, are also featured. In English, with a heavy Dutch accent, they tell about their 50 year long careers. Careers in which they’ve served cruise ships full. Finally, sex show owner Jan Otten can say something about the last peepshow in the Red Light District. Go there, says the tour guide. Otten agrees with ‘Do that’.



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