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10x Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on: July 14, 2014

10 do's and don'ts for Amsterdam's Red Light District

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re going to visit Holland’s capital then you can’t miss the Red Light District. It’s the oldest part in town and it represents the liberal & openminded Dutch culture. Nowhere else in the world can find window brothels in opposite of a church, sex workers just behind a Buddhistic temple or a store where they display all kinds of condoms in the window. Before you go to ‘De Wallen‘ it’s good to know the local etiquette which you can find in this list with 10 Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s and Don’ts.

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Do's and Don'ts

10 Do’s for Amsterdam’s Red Light District

  1. Join our informative tours and learn everything about the area.
  2. Do be respectful towards the sex workers.
  3. When visiting a prostitute; make clear agreements upfront and pay in advance.
  4. Do experience the Museum of Prostitution.
  5. Do check out World’s First Specialised Condom Shop: The Condomerie.
  6. Do have a drink in Cafe In ‘t Aepjen or Cafe Aen ‘t Water – typical Dutch pubs.
  7. Do check out Chinatown in the Red Light District.
  8. Do enter the oldest building of Amsterdam, The Old Church.
  9. Do see the Nieuwmarkt and The Waag.
  10. Do experience one of the sex shows in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District Etiquette

What Not To Do In This Area

  1. Don’t take pictures of sex workers!
  2. Don’t stare at sex workers.
  3. Don’t cause noise disturbance (after 11 pm). Think of the residents.
  4. Don’t go standing too long in front of the window brothels – don’t block their business.
  5. Don’t throw rubbish on the streets or into the canals.
  6. Don’t combine magic truffles with alcohol or marijuana.
  7. Don’t take the riksja’s. They are overpriced.
  8. Don’t buy drugs from street dealers. They (mostly) sell fake-drugs.
  9. Don’t use the streets as a public toilet. You’ll be fined.
  10. Don’t have unprotected sex with prostitutes.

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  1. Denise Young says:

    I’d like to take a tour with a guide when my family an I are in Amstserdam. It would be my husband 50, me Mom 40 and our 20 yr old son, Tyler
    We’re traveling to Amsterdam via Thalys train on July 3 and aren’t sure which area is best to stay in. Can you recommend an area in which we should call base camp in a hotel?
    We’d definitely like to see the red light district and hit up a coffe/cannibis shop along with other secret spots. Also, how much for a tour and what times are available on July 3 or 4?

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