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Red Light District

10x Amsterdam Snow Pictures

Posted on: February 8, 2021

does it snow in amsterdam

Does It Snow In Amsterdam?

Is something that people often ask. It sure does! These 10 Amsterdam snow pictures show what the Dutch capital looks like when fully snowed. The snow photos below were shot in February 2021 around the Red Light District.

It does not snow every winter in the Netherlands. And when it snows, it is often short-lived. This year it’s different. There is a lot of snow in Amsterdam, it is freezing and people enjoy the winter fun.

10x Amsterdam Snow Pictures


This Amsterdam snow photo shows the Nieuwmarkt and the Waag – the oldest non-religious building in the capital. In summer you can enjoy the sun from the terraces. But now, in winter-time, snowmen are built and snow fights are held here.

Amsterdam snow nieuwmarkt

Snow is rare in the Netherlands and when it snows a lot, people enjoy it to the fullest. Snow brings people together.

does it snow in amsterdam

Red Light District

The window brothels are closed due to the current corona measures. This is what the windows look like when the curtains are closed and when there is snow in front of the doors.


It is not only the window brothels that are temporarily closed due to the corona measures. Restaurants, hotels, shops, museums and sex shows are also closed. The tourists are not to be found here. Economically, these are tough times for this neighborhood, where people normally earn money from tourists.

Now, only locals who enjoy the snow and the special situation in the Red Light District.

amsterdam snow red light district

It is strange, but also beautiful to see the most visited place in the Netherlands like this.

famous street red light district

The alley below is one of the most visited alleys in Amsterdam. It has dozens of window brothels where prostitutes normally work in the red-lit windows. This alley offers a passage from the Oude Kerk to the famous street in the Red Light District; the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

amsterdam snow street

The coffeeshops are also heavily affected by the corona measures. Coffeeshops, like The Bulldog, mainly serve tourists – who have barely been around since the corona outbreak.

coffeeshop the bulldog

Known to some; the narrowest alley in Amsterdam. The Trompettersteeg has got new graffiti.

Amsterdam narrow street

Another narrow alley and more closed windows.

does it snow in amsterdam

TIP: Check out the Dutch weather forecast website: Buienrader. It’s the most used weather forecast site in the Netherlands and it perfectly shows a radar with upcoming rain, snow or clouds.

amsterdam strip club

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