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Red Light District

Filemon Op De Wallen New Red Light District Documentary

Posted on: October 12, 2017

Filemon op de Wallen Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District In Dutch Documentary ‘Filemon Op De Wallen’

On Tuesday September 26th 2017, Dutch reporter and presenter Filemon Wesselink from Dutch public broadcaster BNNVARA joined one of our Red Light District tours with his camera team to do a recording for his new documentary series: Filemon op De Wallen.

In it he will try to get a better picture of Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District and the changes that have been made to it in the last 10 years. For the documentary Filemon op De Wallen other stakeholders like the brothel operators, sex workers, employees of sex theatre Casa Rosso, locals and the Dutch justice department were also interviewed.

Our local guide showed him around in Amsterdam Red Light District together with 15 other regular tourists. The rich history of the Red Light District was discussed and our guide showed the highlights of the area, like: world’s first condom shop, Amsterdam’s oldest building, the window brothels, the coffeeshops, the typical Dutch architecture, the last peep show in the Netherlands, transgender & female sex workers, the infamous Zeedijk street, hidden art and much more…

Red Light District Tour Filemon op de Wallen

Not Just The Highlights Of The Red Light District Were Discussed

Besides the highlights subjects like the safety measures on the Red Light District, Dutch liberalism and open mindedness, sexual education in the Netherlands and Dutch drug policies were discussed.

How Did The Tourists And Filemon React To The Red Light District?

During the recording for Filemon op de Wallen, Filemon asked questions to both the tourists and our local guide. Filemon was particularly interested in the views that the tourists had about the Red Light District of Amsterdam. The tourists were pleasantly surprised about the openness of Dutch society in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam Window Brothels Filemon op de Wallen
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Old Church Square (Oudekerksplein)

After the tour was finished Filemon interviewed our local guide and asked him questions, such as: What can be improved in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Where do you get all your information? What can be done about the big crowds in the Red Light District? What is your opinion about the recently implemented covenant with the City of Amsterdam? Do you tell the tourists not to take pictures of the sex workers? Etcetera.

Filemon Wesselink’s Rise To Dutch Fame

Filemon Wesselink op de Wallen Amsterdam

Filemon Wesselink arrived into the Dutch national spotlight when he became the last person to do a radio interview with Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn just minutes before he was assassinated. By pure coincidence he also witnessed the arrest of the assassin. After that the Netherlands got to know him a little better with the TV program “Injecting And Swallowing” (Spuiten en Slikken). In this program he tried out a different type of drug every week on Dutch National television.

Production House De Witte Geit (De White Goat)

The documentary is being produced by production house De Witte Geit, established in 2014. The company is owned by Pim Castelijn and Balt van Zeggeren. Van Zeggeren also joined us on the tour during the recording night. The duo behind the De Witte Geit have produced some of Holland’s best known TV programs like: Try Before You Die, Ranking The Stars And Spuiten En Slikken Op Reis (Injecting And Swallowing Travels Abroad). You can check out more of their production work here.

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