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Red Light District Tours

Audio-Touren zum Rotlichtviertel von Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District audio tour

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Highlights of This Audio Tour:

✦ Stories of 22 experts
✦ World’s first condom shop ✦ Sex workers
✦ Window brothels ✦ Cannabis shops
✦ Blue Light District ✦ Magic Mushroom Shop
✦ Canals ✦ Narrow alleys ✦ Chinatown ✦ FEBO
✦ Nieuwmarkt & De Waag ✦ The Old Church

Febo Amsterdam Netherlands

✦ Language: Englisch.
✦ Duration: +- 2 hours
✦ Required: Smartphone & Headset.
✦ Included: GPS-map, Pictures & Stories.
✦ Not required: Internet connection.
✦ Price: 4,99

Learn everything about Amsterdam Red Light District from 22 real experts, with the convenience of your smartphone. Get educated by real sex workers, historians, police officers, tour guides and many other experts.

Listen to it at home like a podcast. Or, in Amsterdam Red Light District of course!

Amsterdam red light district windows

Our Amsterdam Audio Tours app offers a Red Light District audio tour with fascinating stories from 22 experts, a virtual guide and has  dozens of photos.

Start, pause or finish whenever you like, wherever you like.

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Amsterdam Brothel Tour With Prostitute As Tour Guide

Amsterdam Brothel Tour

Highlights Amsterdam Brothel Tour:

✦ Visit an Amsterdam brothel without customers
✦ Sex worker as guide ✦ Hear bizar stories
✦ Climb up the strip poles ✦ See luxurious rooms
✦ Behind the scenes ✦ Learn about sex work

amsterdam prostitute tour

✦ Group size: Max 15 persons.
✦ Hosted: 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm & 5 pm. 
✦ Duration:
1 hour.
✦ Notice: No brothel customers present during tour.
✦ Price: 20 euro
✦ Language: Englisch.
Meeting point: Stadhouderskade 6

During this interesting and fun activity in Amsterdam you will learn everything about legal sex work in the Netherlands.

Discover what a real brothel looks like from the inside. Exciting stories. Facts about prostitution.

Amsterdam Brothel Tour

Male Strip Show In Amsterdam

Male strip show In Amsterdam

Male Strip Show In Amsterdam

✦ Four sexy male strippers ✦ Incl. club afterparty-tickets ✦ Best male strip show in town ✦ Perfect for bachelorette/hen & birthday parties ✦ Option to go on stage ✦ Take pictures ✦ Lapdance

male stripper

* Available: Saturday’s.
* Täglich: 22:15 pm till 00:30 am.
* Afterparty: 00:30 till 04:00 am.
* Dauer
2 hours strip show + 3,5 hours afterparty.
* Preis: 39,99
* Sprache: Englisch.
* Wo ist der Treffpunkt?

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Tickets

Tickets Casa Rosso Amsterdam

Sex Show Highlights:

✦ The most famous sex show in Amsterdam ✦ 8 exiting performances ✦ Live erotic shows from men & women ✦ Cinema seats ✦ ‘Only in Amsterdam’ experience.

✦ Available: Open 7 days a week. 
✦ Duration:
80 minutes.
✦ Tickets: Valid from 7:00 am till 2:00 pm on reservation date.
✦ Price: 43,50 euro per person.
✦ Language: Englisch.
✦ Voucher: Printed voucher required!
Where is Casa Rosso Amsterdam located?

This infamous Amsterdam sex theatre Casa Rossa Amsterdam is no moulin rouge, this is the real thing! Several professional women and men perform live on stage for you.

It’s one of the few places in Amsterdam that offers this exciting experience. Get the best tickets now!

Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema

New Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema

Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema Highlights:

✦ World’s first 5D porn cinema.
✦ 3D movie about the Red Light District.
✦ Sensory effects: wind, bubbles & movement.
✦ Unforgettable Amsterdam experience.
✦ Film made by Dutch porn-star Kim Holland.

5d cinema

✦ Duration: < 10 minutes.
✦ Group size: max. 18 persons at a time.
✦ Price: 12,50 per person.
Meeting point: Oudekerksplein 18.

Buy e-tickets here! Then you don’t have to wait in line for other people. A ticket for the Amsterdam 5D Cinema is also great to give as a funny gift.

Red Light Secrets Museum Amsterdam

Red Light Secrets Museum Amsterdam

Amsterdamer Prostitutionsmuseum Auf Einen Blick:

– Das Museum befindet sich in einem ehemaligen Bordell im Herzen des Rotlichtviertels.
– Setzen Sie sich selbst hinter ein rot beleuchtetes Fenster.
– Besuchen Sie die verschiedenen Arten von Arbeitsräumen an.
– Erfahren Sie mehr über das echte Leben von „Sexworkers“ in Amsterdam.
– Hörgeschichten einer Amsterdamer Prostituierten.
– Interaktive Ausstellungen.
– Lesen Sie die geheimen Geständnisse der Besucher.
– Audiotour im Ticketpreis enthalten.

Red Light Secrets ist das weltweit einzige Museum über Sexarbeit. Erfahren Sie mehr über legale Prostitution in Amsterdam und erfahren Sie, wie es sich anfühlt hinter einem der berühmten Fenster.

* Geöffnet: Täglich.
* Mindestalter: Nein.
* Öffnungszeiten: 11 bis 22 Uhr.
* Audio Tour: English, German, Spanish, French & Dutch.
* Preis: ab 12,50 Euro pro Person.


Amsterdam Red Light District Tour + Amsterdam 5D Cinema

Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Die Rundgang Auf Einen Blick:

✦ World’s First Condom Shop ✦ Sex workers
✦ Window brothels ✦ Cannabis shops
✦ Blue Light District ✦ Magic Mushroom Shop
✦ Canals ✦ Narrow alleys ✦ Chinatown
✦ Nieuwmarkt & De Waag ✦ The Old Church
✦ Including: 5D Porn Cinema Ticket

red light district tour

✦ Group size: max. 15 persons.
Täglich: um 17 Uhr.
✦ Duration: 1 hour & 45 minutes.
✦ Price: 37,50 Euro pro person.
✦ Language: Englisch.
Meeting point: Dam Square, 2 meters in front of the National Monument.

Empfohlen von Lonely Planet, The Telegraph, Fox News, Huffington Post, Yahoo und BNN.

19 & 21 Uhr Amsterdam Rotlichtviertel-Tour Mit lokalem Stadtführer

Amsterdam Red Light District Tour Reviews Picture

Die Rundgang Auf Einen Blick:

✦ World’s First Condom Shop ✦ Sex workers
✦ Window brothels ✦ Cannabis shops
✦ Blue Light District ✦ Magic Mushroom Shop
✦ Canals ✦ Narrow alleys ✦ Chinatown
✦ Nieuwmarkt & De Waag ✦ The Old Church

exclusive red light district tour amsterdam

✦ Group size: Max 4 persons!
✦ Hosted: um 19 & 21 Uhr. 
✦ Duration:
1,5 Stunden.
✦ Price: 49,50 euro per person.
✦ Language: Englisch.
 Wo ist der Treffpunkt?

Recommended by Lonely Planet, Fox News, Yahoo, The Telegraph & Huffington Post.

Amsterdam History Tour

Amsterdam History Tour Royal Palace

Die Rundgang Auf Einen Blick:

✦ Dam Square ✦ Royal Palace
✦ Dutch stock exchange ✦ The Old Church
✦ Historical streets ✦ UNESCO’s canal ring
✦ Anne Frank House (no entry)
✦ Anne Frank’s statue ✦ The Wester Church
✦ Dutch canal houses ✦ Cannabis shops
✦ Homo-monument ✦ World’s first corporation

✦ Group size: Max. 15 persons.
✦ Hosted: 2 pm. 
✦ Duration:
1 hour & 45 minutes.
✦ Price: 47,50 euro.
✦ Language: Englisch.
Where is the meeting point?

Get educated about the history of world’s most liberal city. Learn about the Dutch culture & explore city’s best highlights during the Amsterdam History Tour.

Amsterdam Drugs Tour

Amsterdam Drugs Tour Coffeeshops Joint

Die Rundgang Auf Einen Blick:

✦ Cannabis shops ✦ Magic Truffle Shops
✦ The Red Light District
✦ China Town & Buddhistic Temple
✦ Zeedijk street ✦ Chet Baker’s memorial
✦ Spui Square ✦ VOC building
✦ Amsterdam Stock Exchange
✦ Rokin & Nes street

✦ Group size: Max. 15 persons.
✦ Hosted: 2 pm. 
✦ Duration:
1 hours & 45 minutes.
✦ Price: 29.50 euro per person.
✦ Language: Englisch.

This informative and fun Amsterdam Drugs Tour goes through the city centre and our licensed tour guides explain everything about legal and illegal drugs in the Netherlands.

Red Light District Hidden Church Museum

Ons' Lieve Heer Op Solder

Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder Highlights:

✦ Get informed on 17th century European religious struggles.
✦ Learn about Dutch tolerance.
✦ Experience a 17th century canal house.
✦ Climb the narrow steps, and see ancient decorated rooms.
✦ See the beautiful hidden church.
✦ Great audio tour included in ticket price.

museo our lord in the attic

* Hours: Monday till Saturday: 10:00 am till 6:00 pm. Sundays:
from 1:00 pm till 6:00 pm.`
Price: 12.50 euro per person.

Amsterdam Tower Lookout

Amsterdam Tower Swing Lookout

Amsterdam Tower Lookout & Over The Edge Swing:

– Ride the highest swing of Europe (additional cost of 5 euro)
– Swing out over the edge at 100 meter (320-foot)
– One of the highest buildings of Amsterdam
– Fast lane entrance
– Enjoy the best skyline-view in Amsterdam
– See the Rotlichtviertel from above
– Unforgettable experience. Highly recommended!

*Available: 7 days a week
Hours: 10 am till 9 pm
Price: 13,50 euro per person