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Amsterdam Red Light District Questions and Answers

Fragen zum Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel

65x Amsterdam Red Light District Questions – FAQ’s

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It is logical that you have many questions about Amsterdam Red Light District. It is a unique neighborhood! Look no further and avoid ambiguities. Here you will get answers to all your questions and you will avoid ambiguities.

Red Light District Questions FAQ

(Last updated: 2 May 2021)

What is the Red Light District?

The meaning of a Red Light District is that it concerns a neighbourhood with (window) brothels, sex shows and/or other erotic venues.

How many Red Light District areas are there in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has 3 Red Light District areas: De Wallen, Ruysdaelkade and Singel/Spuistraat area.

de wallen

Is the Red Light District in Amsterdam open now?

Yes, all three Red Light District areas can be visited. However, due to corona measures, most venues are closed. Currently – 2 May 2021 – shops, coffeehouses and terraces of bars are open. All other venues – like window brothels, sex shows, attractions – are closed.

Visit the website of the Dutch government for the latest updates and current measures on the corona measures.

De Wallen

Where is the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Red Light District – De Wallen – is located south of Amsterdam Central Station. It can be found in the city centre between Damm Platz and Nieuwmarkt. De Wallen is the biggest and most famous prostitution area in the Netherlands. It counts 201 window brothels.

Discover this interactive Amsterdam Red Light District map below. Our red light logos represent the locations of window brothels. The whole area is marked in red.

Zoom in and out for more details.

For more maps visit the Karte des Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertels page.

Directions from Central Station to Red Light District

✦ Start: In front of Amsterdam’s Central Station.
✦ Walk straight ahead in line with the crowd.
✦ Cross the Prins Hendrikkade (and mind the cyclists).
✦ Walk approximately 300 meters.
✦ On your left you’ll see grand cafe The Grasshopper.
✦ Walk towards The Grasshopper and go into The Warmoesstraat.
✦ You’ve just entered Amsterdam Red Light District.
✦ Go right on this street.
✦ As you walk on the Warmoesstraat, take the first left onto the Old Church Square.
✦ On the left and right you can see window brothels.

Where are the other two Red Light District areas in Amsterdam?

Besides De Wallen, there are two other Red Light District areas with window prostitution.

1 | Singel – Spuistraat – Oude Nieuwstraat

This Red Light District area has about 40 window brothels and is located in the city centre.

2 | Ruysdaelkade

amsterdam window shopping

This Red Light District area is situated in the south of Amsterdam, near De Pijp neighbourhood and has approximately 40 window brothels.

Which Red Light District is the best?

De Wallen is considered to be the best Red Light District in Amsterdam. This neighbourhood in the capital has the most to offer. Entertainment, (historical) highlights, Chinatown, shopping, canals, coffeeshops, museums, you name it.

de wallen website

The Red Light District around the Singel and Ruysdaelkade only offers window prostitution, a few cafes and some restaurants. De Wallen also has hundreds of window brothels, while the other two Red Light District areas only have dozens.

In general, the Singel area and the Ruysdaelkade are less visited, which some experience as pleasant (when visiting a prostitute). In contrast to the Singel area and De Wallen, the Ruysdaelkade is very easy to reach by car. You can park your car in front of the window brothels.

How many window brothels are there in the Amsterdam Red Light District?

Currently there are 201 window brothels (in De Wallen area).

amsterdam windows

Many window brothels have been closed in recent years. In 2006, there used to be 403 windows. In 2016, De Wallen had 288 windows. And now in 2021 there are 201 window brothels. This Red Light District area is expected to have only 101 window brothels by 2024.

Why is it called Red Light District?

The area is internationally known as the Red Light District because of all the red lights that lit up the window brothels.

why is it called red light district

This color of light has become the standard overtime because it’s the color of love. Moreover, it makes the skin more attractive and hides imperfections.

The Dutch refer to the area as “De Wallen”.

The word ‘Wallen’ comes from the canals that cross section the Red Light District; the Oudezijds Voorburgwal and the Oudezijds Achterburgwal. A ‘burgwal’ means ‘defensive wall’ with a canal in front, but now the name is used for the canals itself, which were dug as a defense for Amsterdam. That’s why the whole neighborhood is now called “De Wallen” in Dutch. (source: Amsterdam archeologist)

What’s the size of Amsterdam Red Light District?

The Red Light District itself is about one square kilometer in size. In other words the total size is 2 km. De Wallen is situated in an area with this official name: Burgwallen Oude Zijde. Burgwallen Oude Zijde has a total area of ​​40 hectares, of which 35 hectares of land and 6 hectares water (100 hectares is 1 km2). 3,195 households live in the Burgwallen Oude Zijde district. (source)

Amsterdam Red Light District has 201 window brothels spread out over De Wallen area. Most windows are situated on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

When is Amsterdam Red Light District open?

This is one the most frequently asked Red Light District questions. Amsterdam’s Red Light District is always open because it’s a residential area. It can be visited 24/7.

The window brothels are only closed for 2 hours a day, between 6 AM and 8 AM. Bars close between 1 and 3 AM. Restaurants usually close around midnight.

Is the Red Light District open on Sunday’s?

Yes, the Red Light District is always open! Also on Sunday’s.

What are the best hours to visit the Red Light District?

It depends on what you’re looking for.


The best hours to experience the red-lit window brothels are between 6 pm and 5 am. Although prostitutes can rent a window all day and night, most of them work during the evening- and nighttime. This is when the sex workers get most customers. Furthermore, the sight of the red lights reflecting on the dark canals looks best when it’s dark outside. Therefore, the best time to visit the Red Light District is somewhere between 6 pm and 5 am.


The Red Light District in Amsterdam is most visited between Thursday’s and Sunday’s from 7 pm till 11.30 pm. These are the days when most people are in the Dutch capital.

The quietest moments in the Red Light District are between Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 7 am till 4 pm.

What is the best time of the year to visit the Red Light District?

Anytime of the year is a good time the visit Amsterdam. Every month and seasons has its charmes, advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, summer is considered the best time to visit Amsterdam.

Spring (March – June)

During the springtime the weather should get a little better. In May you’ll have longer days and more sunshine without the large numbers of tourists that you have during the summer season. At the end of April Amsterdam celebrates the biggest party of the year: Kingsday. At the start of May Amsterdam also celebrates liberation day. During this season an excursion to the blossoming Keukenhof or Tulip fields might be a nice respite from the busy city life.

Summer (June – September)

These months have the best weather and are also the busiest months for tourism in Amsterdam. The city hosts countless concerts and cultural festivities. The sun is out 16 hours a day so you get the most time of the year to get a good impression of this historic city. The overall good weather brings the many terraces, parks and squares in the city to life! World’s only gay pride on water is in August.

Autumn (September – December)

September and October overall still have good city trip weather but it remains unpredictable. At the end of September the city starts to experience a slow decline in the number of tourists until the low in February. At the end of October all the DJ’s of the world hold their parties during the Amsterdam Dance event.

Winter (December – March)

During the wintertime there are less tourists in Amsterdam so if you prefer things being a little less busy, this is your season. Of course there are exceptions like Christmas and New Years Eve, but those days can also be reasons to visit. Because it’s less busy in town you can expect to pay less for your hotel or Airbnb. If it gets truly cold you might also get lucky and be able to ensede-skate on the canals of Amsterdam!

What is the Blue Light District in Amsterdam?

The so called blue light district in Amsterdam are three streets within De Wallen area that contain some blue-lit windows.

Amsterdam blue light district

Sometimes these window brothels are occupied with transgender sex workers. These blue-lit windows can be found on the Bloedstraat, Gordijnensteeg and the Barndesteeg. The transgender sex workers are mostly visited by male customers.

What does a purple light mean in Amsterdam?

Purple lights indicate the same as red lights: Window prostitution.

Is the Red Light District safe at night?

Yes, Amsterdam Red Light District is safe!

The Red Light District is the entrance of Holland’s capital. It’s just a 2 minute walk away from Amsterdam’s Central Station. The good accessibility is one of the reasons why De Wallen is so popular. The Red Light District gets over 3.1 million visitors per year. This is also why the City of Amsterdam makes sure that the Red Light District remains safe. What happens in the Red Light District reflects on the rest of Amsterdam. The reputation and perception of both are inextricably linked.

The local government took many measures during the last few decades to make this area safer. There are lots of police camera’s and police officers in the Red Light DistrictThey do patrols by bike, by foot and even by horse.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District has 4,295 residents and over 3,1 million visitors per year. All these people wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t safe.

Like in every city, it’s recommended to mind your belongings and the traffic! Watch the bicycles!

What does it cost in Amsterdam Red Light District?

That depends on what you are looking for. Sex with a prostitute costs at least 50 euros for about 15 to 20 minutes.

All prices are described in this overview with all Amsterdam Red Light District Prices. It contains prices to visit prostitutes, museums, attractions but also prices for cannabis, food, drinks, public transport and other entertainment can be found here.

Who runs Amsterdam Red Light District?

Nobody. There is not just one organisation that runs Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This area has 4.295 residents, 201 window brothels, dozens of brothel operators, over 350 sex workers, dozens of restaurants, more than 100 bars, 3 religious buildings, a handful of casinos, 5 museums, 14 ‘coffeeshops’, many stores and other venues.

Thousands of people work here. All these people together make up the Red Light District.

What happens if you take pictures in the Red Light District?

Taken pictures of sex workers is not done and not allowed by the window workers. When sex workers in the Red Light District see you taking a picture, the following can happen: Draw curtains, yell at you and tell you it’s not allowed, throw water on you, spit on you, insult you, etc.

Officially, it is not prohibited by law to take photos of sex workers in the Netherlands. Which makes it part of the unwritten rules of Amsterdam Red Light District etiquette.

Why can’t you take pictures in the Red Light District?

It is okay and allowed to take photos of buildings, canals, streets, (cultural) highlights, shops, etc. It’s just the sex workers who don’t want to be photographed. The motives are personal, but often the sex workers do not want to be photographed because they lead a double life. Their friends / relatives are unaware of their profession. This is partly due to stigma and shame. The sex workers do not want photos of them to appear online. This could ensure that acquaintances are informed about their profession.

What can you not do in the Red Light District in Amsterdam?

Photographing sex workers, drinking alcohol on the street, littering, urinating in public is not allowed in the Red Light District. All Amsterdam Red Light District Laws und Amsterdam Red Light District do’s and don’ts can be found here. The do’s and don’ts are part of the etiquette, while the other piece shows things which are illegal by law.

amsterdam tours packages

Is there an app for Amsterdam Red Light District?

Yes. It’s Amsterdam Audio Tours. With this app you’ll become an Amsterdam connoisseur.

Amsterdam app

Listen to real stories of 22 experts, see pictures and experience over 30 highlights. Listen to at home, as a podcast. Or in the Red Light District.

How does the Amsterdam Red Light District App works?

Our Amsterdam Audio Tours app offers interesting stories from 22 experts. The audio tour has a total duration of approximately 2 hours. Just download the app from either the Google play– or the Apple App Store. You don’t have to worry about added roaming costs.

Amsterdam Audio Tour

When the download is completed you can start, pause or stop the tour at any time. Further instructions on how to navigate the menu are included in the app itself.

The starting point for the audio tour is the Prins Hendrikkade 93. You can also listen to the audio tour from home as a podcast. Don’t forget to fully charge your phone or tablet beforehand.

Are there male prostitutes in Amsterdam Red Light District?

No, there are no straight male sex workers in Amsterdam Red Light District for women. The demand is simply too low.

However, there are Amsterdam escorts who offer erotic services. Also for women. They do not work behind the windows but offer their erotic services online and meet their customers somewhere.

What is the Green Light District?

A green light district is a district where sex work if officially tolerated. (source)

In the Netherlands, sex work is legalised. Therefor it’s unnecessary to have a green light area. Amsterdam does not have an official green light district. However there is an organisation that is named Green Light District. This organisation wants to transform the neighbourhood into a future-proof, sustainable and iconic piece of Amsterdam.

This local company start projects with which they remove monumental buildings from natural gas. And it isolates houses and generate sustainable energy. It wants to ensure that Amsterdam Red Light District turns green by greening up pavements and roofs. They support sustainable initiatives by residents and entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood, they organise events and help them to grow further.

Is the Red Light District open during Christmas?

A: Yes, Amsterdam’s Red Light District is open during Christmas! Most of the prostitutes who work here come from Romania, Bulgaria & Hungary and they usually work during Christmas. For them Christmas can be a good time to work because there is less competition which means more customers. Most of the (Dutch) prostitutes who have their family here in the Netherlands, do not work during Christmas though. The Red Light District of Amsterdam has 201 window brothels and about 30 of them are closed during Christmas.

Good to know: In the Netherlands we celebrate Christmas on three days; the 24th of December (Christmas eve), the 25th (first Christmas Day) & 26th of December (second Christmas Day).

Is the Red Light District open during New Years Eve?

A: Yes, Amsterdam’s Red Light District is open during New Years Eve! During New Years Eve it’s Dutch tradition to go out into the streets after 12:00 am and set off your own fireworks, so expect to have a blast! The Red Light District window brothels and regular bars will be open just like any other night. For the restaurants that remain open it’s important that you make a reservation. Most clubs in the Netherlands, this includes those in the Red Light District, throw special parties which require buying tickets well in advance. Keep this in mind if you plan on going clubbing.

What do you wear in Amsterdam?

A: Spring (March 20 till June 20)
During the spring season the average temperature varies a lot. March can be a really cold month whilst June can bring hot summer temperatures of up to 24 °C (75 °F). Always pack some sweaters, warm clothing and, depending on the month, add lightweight clothing.

Summer (June 21 till Sept. 22)
During the summer season (July till September) the average temperature in Amsterdam is around 17 °C (62 °F) but you can also expect temperatures of up to °C 25 (77 °F) regularly. The most appropriate clothing is lightweight, but be sure to bring some rain resistant clothing as you are almost guaranteed to catch some rain when visiting Amsterdam.

Autumn (Sept. 23. till Dec. 20)
During autumn (October till December) the temperatures vary greatly, but expect a lot of wind and rain. Always pack some sweaters, warm clothing and some lightweight clothing if you visit at the start of October.

Winter (Dec. 21 till March 19)
During the winter season (December till March) warm clothing is advised, including a warm jacket and some headgear. The average temperature during the winter is around 4 °C (39 °F).

Sweaters should always be packed regardless of the season.

Amsterdam Red Light District in winter
Bring warm clothes for winters in Amsterdam.

Do most people speak English in Amsterdam?

Yes, English is widely spoken in Amsterdam. Research done on the English language in the Netherlands has shown that between 90% and 93% of the Dutch population claims to be able to have a conversation in English.

The Netherlands is a small country and English is a mandatory language in all primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands. The Dutch really appreciate it when you start a conversation with a Dutch word like “Goedendag”. It means “good afternoon.”

Amsterdam Red Light District prices


Is Amsterdam Red Light District safe?

Yes, the Red Light District is safe!

The Red Light District is the entrance of Holland’s capital. It’s just a 2 minute walk away from Amsterdam’s Central Station. One of the many reasons why this area is so popular among locals and tourists. It gets over 3.1 million visitors per year. This is also why the City of Amsterdam makes sure that the Red Light District remains safe. What happens in the Red Light District reflects on the rest of Amsterdam. The reputation and perception of both are inextricably linked.

The local government took many measures during the last few decades to make this area safer. There are lots of police camera’s and police officers in the Red Light DistrictThey do patrols by bike, by foot and even by horse.

Red Light District police
The police are always on the look out in the Red Light District.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District has 4.295 residents and over 3.1 million visitors per year. All these people wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t safe.

The only thing you have to do in this area is to mind your belongings and the traffic! Watch the bicycles!

What is the Amsterdam Red Light District like in the early morning?

The Red Light District is just like any other part of Amsterdam in the early morning: Quiet. Especially between 6 am and 11 am.

Amsterdam Red Light District street

Is it safe for prostitutes to work in Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

A: Yes, it is.

8 measures to ensure safety for prostitutes:

✦ Prostitution is legal.
✦ Brothels have security systems: Camera’s outside. Panic buttons inside.
✦ Brothel operators have to contribute to the safety of sex workers by being present at all time in case of emergencies.
✦ Prostitutes may always refuse customers.
✦ Sex workers can be tested on STD’s for free.
✦ The police monitors Amsterdam Red Light District with dozens of camera and street patrol.
✦ The minimum age to work as a window prostitute is 21 years.
✦ Prostitutes are self-employed and registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

There are more measures to ensure the safety in the Red Light District. CLICK HERE to read them all.

The Red Light District is a safe area for everyone: visitors, inhabitants and people who work here. Amsterdam has a lot of prostitutes that come from abroad and a reason for coming here is that things are well organised compared to other places.

Where can I find the “Spanish corner” in the Red Light District?

A: The “Spanish Corner” is situated on the Old Church Square in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Most of the prostitutes who work in the so called “Spanish Corner” are originally from Latin-America. Our local guides will show you this unique part of Amsterdam during one of our tours.

Fragen zum Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel


Q: How can I contact prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

A: You can just walk up to the windows and tap on it (if they don’t respond at first eye contact), the window prostitute will open the door a little bit to discuss what you want and to make a financial arrangement.

Another way to get in touch with sex workers is to contact one the best escort agencies in Amsterdam. Or visit a strip club or brothel like Club Bon Ton or Club LV.

Amsterdam Red Light District Facts

FAQ: How many sex workers are there in Amsterdam?

History of Prostitution - Window brothel in Amsterdam

A: There isn’t a clear answer to this question, because the prostitution branche has several sectors which are not very transparent. The figures show that the sex workers without a licence are a substantial part of the total sector. This is mainly caused by prostitution done at home, which is legal as well in the Netherlands. It’s estimated that there are approximately 6000 sex workers in Amsterdam.

FAQ: How much can you earn as a prostitute in Amsterdam behind the windows?

A: The gross income of a prostitute varies between 200 and 1000 Euro per day. That’s quite a wide range. The thing is that it is pretty difficult to give a clear answer to this question. The income of a prostitute in Amsterdam depends on various factors, like: market value, the kind of service, budget of the client, length of the visit, the number of customers, weather, the day, etc. A study shows that most of the customers (58%) usually pay an amount between 50 and 70 euros per visit.

Recently, we interviewed a Dutch prostitute in the Red Light District. CLICK HERE to read it. It’s very interesting! Some of the questions we asked her:

– Why did you become a prostitute?
– Some people can not believe that you’re doing this job, just because you like it! What is the reason for this?
– Do you ever get an orgasm during sex with your clients? If so, how many times does it happen?

Female Dutch prostitute in Utrecht's Red Light District brothel

It also appears that some customers are paying less than 50 euro for the offered services. According to several respondents, mainly the East European prostitutes offer their services for a lower rate than Dutch prostitutes. The Eastern European prostitutes are competitors for the other prostitutes in Amsterdam.
The amount that prostitutes have to pay for their workspace varies, but according to several respondents prices are between 100 and 150 euro a day. It varies a lot and it’s not something that sex workers want to shout from the rooftops. It depends on the number of hours worked, the method of working, location of the brothel, etc.

During our Red Light District Tours we’ll go deeper into this interesting subject.


FAQ: What kind of people are the clients?

A: 98% of all the clients of a prostitute are men, and men come in all shapes and sizes. The nationalities of clients in this neighbourhood are of course very diverse.

FAQ: What is the average price for a visit to a prostitute?

A: Most of the prostitutes who work in the window brothels charge at least 50 euro for a visit. For 50 euro you get around 15/20 minutes and prices are negotiable. Please be aware that proposing a price that is way too low, can be disrespectful.

Amsterdam Red Light District Window Brothel Prostitutes

Prostitutes in the Netherlands are self-employed und determine their own rates and work methods. Some have certain specialities like S&M, electro sex, bondage, etc. This makes them more unique than others, which allows them to charge more. Most of the prostitutes do this profession, because it’s their own choice. So these prostitutes decide for themselves who they do allow in to have sex with und who they refuse. Please note that men who are too drunk and too annoying, will mostly be refused by the prostitutes.

You can approach the sex worker yourself if you are interested. The prostitutes also try to approach you, by ticking on the window to get your attention. If you’re interested in a hand job they might charge less. Perhaps 20 Euros, if you’re lucky (or if you’re a good negotiator)

Do you want know more about Amsterdam’s red light district secrets? Join a tour and one of our local guides will tell you all the secrets in the oldest part of Amsterdam.


FAQ: Can I take a window prostitute to my hotel room?

A: No, prostitutes who work in window brothels in the Red Light District won’t leave their room for a hotel room visit. Prostitutes in the Red Light District rent their own window brothel. The Red Light District is more oriented towards quick sexual interactions instead of 1 to 1,5 hour hotel visits which are common for escort services. Amsterdam has a great variety of escort services for you to choose from. We’ve made a selection of the 10 best here. The article also contains further tips on using an escort service in Amsterdam.

Order a prostitut in amsterdam

FAQ: Where to order a prostitute in Amsterdam?

You can easily order a prostitute in Amsterdam to your hotel room via online websites. We’ve made an escort website top 10 on where to order a prostitute in Amsterdam. The average starting rate for ordering a prostitute is around 150,- euro per hour. If you want an extra hour the price in general simply doubles.

FAQ: What kind of people live in Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

A: This neighbourhood attracts people from all walks of life: Young, old, rich, students, expats. There are people who were born and raised here. The Amsterdam’s Red Light District is an area which is popular to live in. Finding an apartment/house can be quite difficult, as there are usually more buyers than sellers.

Amsterdam Oudezijds Voorburgwal
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

The most expensive house we’ve seen in the Red Light District, was on the market for 1.5 million euro. Usually it works like this in Amsterdam: Houses which are a few hundred years old, are very popular and expensive. As the Red Light District is the oldest part of Amsterdam, it has many old houses from the 18th or 17th century that are worth a lot!

FAQ: Do prostitutes use drugs?

A: These days, lot’s of people from all walks of life and all social classes use drugs. Prostitution and drugs don’t necessarily go hand in hand. It is a social misconception that all or most prostitutes use drugs and that they start working in prostitution to pay for their drugs. The proportion of drug-addicted prostitutes is in fact really small. There are no heroin-addicted prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. You’ll be surprised to see how healthy the sex workers are in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Red Light District During The Day

FAQ: What facilities exist for prostitutes to get health checks?

A: In the Red Light District is a special STD clinic of the GGD (Public health service), where prostitutes, or anyone else for that matter, can go for an anonymous health check for venereal diseases. Of course in the Netherlands it’s possible to go to a regular hospital or GP for a check-up; the fact that you let yourself get checked up from time to time is nothing to be ashamed of. Consistent condom use is actually much more important than frequent or compulsory health checks.

FAQ: Is prostitution legal in the Netherlands?

A: Yes it’s legal. Working as a prostitute is legal in the Netherlands for more than 200 years now.

FAQ: What kind of safety measures are there for prostitutes in Holland?

A: In order to ensure the safety of every prostitute in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has implemented some ground rules throughout the years. For the sex workers in the Red Light District it basically comes down to the following points:

10 Safety Measures for Prostitutes in the Red Light District

FAQ: Are there also male prostitutes who stand behind the windows in Amsterdam?

A: Find out during our Red Light District Tours with a local guide 😉

Male Prostitutes in Brothels of Amsterdam Red Light District


FAQ: What’s the difference between the red, purple or blue lights in Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

A: There’s no difference between the red and purple lights.

Amsterdam Red Light District alleys

The only light which is really different than the other ones in the Red Light District are the blue lights. In general, transgender prostitutes use these blue lights. The transgender sex workers offer themselves in a specific area in the district. During our tours, our local guide will show you where it is.

Would you like to know more about male prostitution? We spoke with a straight guy who started working as a performer at Casa Rosso. Eventually he became a male sex worker who had mostly older male customers. Quite interesting story! Click on the following link to read this interesting interview with a male prostitute in Amsterdam.


FAQ: How much money is generated by the industry?

About 650 million euro annually, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

FAQ: I would like to work as a prostitute in Amsterdam. What are the requirements?

A: In order to work as a sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light District you must meet the following requirements:

    • 21 years of age or older.
    • In possession of a valid identity document.
    • Entitled to undertake employment in the Netherlands.
    • A registered address in the Municipal Records Database (in Dutch: “Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie”).
    • Sufficient knowledge of the Dutch, English, Spanish or German language (A2 level).
    • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce.


Rules In Amsterdam’s Red Light District

FAQ: Is the presence of tourists appreciated in Amsterdam’s Red Light District?

A: Yes. Please do have consideration for the inhabitants of the Red Light District and the people who work there, who desire respect for who they are, and what they do.

Amsterdam Red Light District Questions public alcohol consumption
It’s forbidden to drink alcohol on the streets in the Red Light District. 

FAQ: Can you take photos in the Red Light District?

A: Yes, you can take photo’s in the Red Light District. The only thing that you can not take pictures of are the prostitutes in Amsterdam.

The prostitutes don’t want to be photographed! They like to stay anonymous. Every prostitute has her own reason for this. For many years people have taken photographs of prostitutes without their permission, and this has led to a lot of irritation, fights and camera’s ending up in the canals.

It’s totally fine to make pictures of the beautiful buildings, bars, churches and canals in the Red Light District. Just respect the sex workers of Amsterdam and don’t take pictures of them.

Entertainment & Culture

FAQ: Where can I find good restaurants in the Red Light District?

A: There are many good restaurants in this area, but also loads of bad ones. Here is our personal favourite restaurant:

  • BurgerFabriek; awesome burgers, big Dutch fries and tasty hotdogs

We’ve listed most of the restaurants in Amsterdam Red Light District. Some of these restaurants are reviewed by us or other locals. Of course, you can also ask our local guide during one of our Amsterdam Red Light District tours. He will be happy to share the best spots in town.

Amsterdam Red Light District museum

FAQ: Which museums are there in and around the Red Light District?

A: The following museums can be found in, or close to, the Red Light District:

FAQ: Are there stripclubs in the Red Light District?

A: Yes, of course! The Red Light District wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t any strip clubs to be found. There are several places you could go to.

Amsterdam Red Light District Questions Peep Show
A visit to the last peep show in the Netherlands is part of our Red Light District Tour.

The first place we would recommend is Sex Palace Peep Show. This is a theatre in which the paying visitor gets to see a person that takes explicit sexual poses. It offers a variety of sex shows which can be viewed from a small cabin (or booth). The visitor needs to insert a couple of Euros to start the erotic entertainment show. The Sex Palace Peep Show is also one of the many highlights of our Red Light District Walking Tour. Join our tour and we’ll show you the inside of this place. You gotta see this!

La Vie en Proost is a lap dance bar in Amsterdam which offers gogo girls, lap dancers, topless women and a variety of videos. Besides that, with their catchy slogan “A lapdance a day keeps the doctor away”, The Hospital Bar is a new place in town since September 2014. In this theme bar, several sexy “nurses” will serve you to make you feel better. Like a real hospital, there are hospital beds to have a seat in and surgery lamps which shine their coloured lights on the erotic dancing nurses.

If you like themed bars, another option may be The Bananabar. Guess what plays the central role in here? Right, bananas! The waitressess can do several tricks with them during their dance performances but of course sometimes the bananas are ignored when the girls are busy with a lapdance treat.

Amsterdam Red Light District elephant

If you’d like to see a striptease in a theatre, there are two places to go. The first is Moulin Rouge. This is a theatre with live sex shows and striptease, which take place 4 times an hour. The second theatre to watch live sex on stage is the well known Casa Rosso (pictured above). This place was founded back in 1969 and with the 200 seats they have to offer, it’s bigger (and more expensive..) than Moulin Rouge. Notice that the erotic theatres include lots of comedy into their shows, so if you’re looking for the more “serious stuff”;) it’s better not to go there. For more information about the different strip and sex clubs and their exact locations, click here.

FAQ: What is the best stripclub in Amsterdam?

The best stripclub in Amsterdam is located outside of the Red Light District. Strip- and sex club BonTon is the newest high-end club in Amsterdam. The club only has high class strippers some of whom might even go up stairs with you for a more personal experience! The club is open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 pm till 5:00 am. Outside of regular opening hours they also host informative tours through the club. During these tours you get to ask a sex worker tour guide everything you want to know about sex work in Amsterdam. These tours can booked through our website. Buy your tour ticket here.

amsterdam brothel tour bonton


FAQ: Where can I find good bars in the Red Light District?

A: With about 1.500 different cafes and bars to choose from, there is no excuse for going thirsty in Amsterdam. They can be found on just about every street, corner or canal and all of them offer something different. The Red Light District offers a vast range of themed bars (everything from Irish pubs to sport bars and Australian hang-outs or cocktail bars). There are also some wonderful Grand Cafes and a fine range of hostelries for those who like things a little more chic and trendy.

One of our favorite places in the Red Light District is The Burger Factory on Amsterdam’s Warmoesstraat. This is the only place in the area where you can tap your own beers!  They have lovely finger food as well. And they stay open late!

Amsterdam Red Light District Questions Cafe Old Sailor
Cafe The Old Sailor in the Red Light District.

One of the most famous bars at the Red Light district is “The Old Sailor“. Located in the middle of the Red Light District, this it the spot if you want to have a drink with a nice view on THE canal where everything happens! The Old Sailor is a brown pub with a big bar and decorated with a lot of tools which were used on ships. Outside is a big wooden bench where you can sit as well to catch some sun in the afternoon. If you like to go to a bar where they brew their own beers, we can definitely recommend Beer Brewery The Prael. This hidden gem combines employing disabled people with brewing their own most delicious beers. Additionally, this place looks very atmospheric and is a place where both locals and tourists meet up for a refreshing drink.

The weekday opening hours for bars are from 11am to 1am and during the weekend to 4am. For an overview of the most well known bars in the Red Light District and their locations, CLICK HERE.


FAQ: Is there a cinema in Amsterdam Red Light District?

A: Oh yes, there is a cinema in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Not just any cinema, a 5D Porn Cinema! World’s first 5D Porn Cinema is located in the heart of the Red Light District at the Old Church Square. Added onto the great 3D images, the 5D porn cinema also offers moving chairs and mixture of special effects such as water, wind and smells. How this all fits into a Dutch produced porn-movie we’ll just have to leave up to your own imagination, rest assured; all your senses will be stimulated. A ticket cost 12,50 euro.


Amsterdam 5d porn cinema with effects
The Amsterdam 5D Porn Cinema seats a maximum of 18 people. 

Hotels In Red Light District Amsterdam

FAQ: Are there good hotels in or near the Red Light District?

A: Yes, there are a lot of good hotels in or near the Red Light District. A few examples are: Sofitel Legend The Grand, Hotel Luxer, Barbizon Palace & Hotel Krasnapolsky. We’ve made a list for you containing the 10 best hotels in Amsterdam’s red Light district:


FAQ: Which hostels in Amsterdam Red Light District would you recommend?

A: We’d recommend the St. Christophers Inn at the Winston – this place offers cheap dorms with bunk bed, comfortable single or double rooms and a club next door. Good place!

St. Christophers Inn at the Winston


Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. Can you help me?

A: Of course! You can also call us or send us your question via Whatsapp at: 0031618276884. Or use our contact form.

We answer your question within 15 hours! One of our goals is to inform people about Amsterdam as best as possible. The red light district area is very unique and therefore it raises lots of questions from both international and Dutch tourists. The famous Red Light District in Amsterdam continuously changes. Whether it’s the law that is changing or new prostitutes who decide to join the profession. This neighbourhood is always on the move!

You can also ask your Amsterdam Red Light District questions to one of our local guides during the tours.



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