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Red Light District Tours

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10x Hotels im Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel

Reisen Sie in die Niederlande und überlegen Sie, in einem der Hotels im Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel zu übernachten? Dann ist dieser Artikel eine gute Lektüre für Sie! Das Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel bietet Hotels in allen Bereichen. Von 1 Stern bis zu den schicken 5-Sterne-Hotels, alle im Stadtzentrum gelegen.

Amsterdam from above Red Light District
Amsterdam Red Light District from above.

Crowds – and rates – peak in summer and on weekends at any time of the year. Book well in advance. Prices are lowest between October and April (excluding Christmas, New Year and Easter). Any hotel with more than 20 rooms is considered large, ad most rooms are on the snug side. Free WiFi is nearly universal, but air-conditioning and lifts are not.

Why Book A Hotel In The Red Light District?

amsterdam red light district prices hotels
The main street in the Red Light District.

  • Situated in Amsterdam’s wonderful historical centre
  • Beautiful architecture
  • Centrally located
  • Many highlights within walking distance
  • Close to Amsterdam Central Station
  • It’s safe
  • The area is brimming with good restaurants
  • Metro and tram lines in walking distance
  • There is always something to do

When you book one of the hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District you will automatically be situated in the oldest neighborhoods of Amsterdam with some of the most beautiful architecture and oldest buildings in the city.

Amsterdam Red Light District Above
Amsterdam’s Red Light District view from The Old Church.

The Red Light District is centrally located and only a few minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station, which is about a 25 to 30 minute train ride from Schiphol Airport.

Amsterdam Red Light District Safety

The Red Light District is a safe area and the streets are clean. Police officers and enforces patrol the streets daily. Furthermore, the neighborhood has 50 police cameras and social control increases safety in the Red Light District. Did you know that 4.295 people live in the Red Light District? (source)

De wallen hotels Amsterdam

The district itself is filled with cozy bars and all types of good quality restaurants. It’s brimming with energy! The district is also just a stone’s throw away from Chinatown, which has some of the best Asian restaurants in Amsterdam! And if all that didn’t persuade you, both the metro and tramlines are in walking distance!

Book A Hotel in Advance!

Before we get to the 10 best hotels in Amsterdam the Red Light District it is important to note that if you plan on visiting it is advised to book your stay well in advance!

Hotels in or near Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam is very popular city, which influences room prices in a major way. Especially during the summer season from April till September and the Christmas holiday season. The earlier you book a hotel in or near the Red Light District, the cheaper you can get it!

Top 10 Hotels In Amsterdam Red Light District:

1 | Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam ( 9.1 )

hotels in amsterdam red light district


One of the most beautiful hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District. Possibly even in Amsterdam itself.  The Grand Hotel competes with Hotel Pulitzer, De L’Europe und Waldorf Astoria, among others. This 5 star hotel encompasses history and elegance. Its building dates back all the way to the year 1578 and is located next to the oldest canal of Amsterdam – the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. The Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam is just a 5 minute walk away of Dam Square.

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 314 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 1.256 Euro


2 | Hotel Luxer ( 8,5 )

Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District Luxer

There are also more affordable hotels than The Grand. Like Hotel Luxer for example.

A pleasant surprise if ever there was one, this smart little number is probably the best option for your money in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Rooms are small, but well equipped (air-conditioned), and at night the breakfast area becomes a chic little bar. A bit less luxurious than the number one on our list but this hotel would score number one if we solely based it on a price/ quality ratio. Breakfast costs just 8 euro. Another plus is that it’s just 200 meters from Amsterdam Central Station.

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 156 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 303 Euro


3 | NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace ( 8,5 )

5 star Hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District

A hotel with spacious rooms, some having 17th century wooden girders! The hotel offers a large wellness centre where visitors can take relaxing massages and it has an amazing restaurant too. Hotel Barbizon Palace is just 150 meters away from Central Station and surrounded by cozy Dutch bars.

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 162 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 1.567 Euro

4 | NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky ( 8,4 )

5 Star Hotel in Amsterdam Red Light District Krasnapolsky

One of the most famous hotels in Amsterdam, and really close to our Red Light District Tour starting point. A five star Hotel housed in a 19th century building. All rooms are highly styled with modern facilities and have parquet flooring. Each room also has its own coffee and tea facilities!

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 235.88 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 4.188 Euro


5 | St Christophers Inn at The Winston ( 8,1 )

budget hotel amsterdam

This place hops 24/7 with rock ‘n’ roll rooms and a busy club, bar, beer garden and smoking deck downstairs. Most private rooms are ‘art’ rooms: local artists are given free rein, with super-edgy to questionably raunchy results. A ten-minute walk from Central Station. This hotel offers dormitories filled with bunk beds instead of personal hotel rooms. It does however offer its own nightclub and is located on the oldest street of Amsterdam – in the Red Light District of course! The rates of this hotel include breakfast AND ear plugs! 🙂

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 31 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 150 Euro


6 | Hotel De Gerstekorrel ( 7,8 )

hotels in amsterdam near red light district

This hotel offers simple rooms but is situated on a top location close to Royal Palace. Every room has its own bathroom and flat screen TV. The Hotel also rents out its own bikes which might come in handy!

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 114 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 350 Euro


7 | Hotel CC ( 7,7 )

cc hotel amsterdam

Just 350 meters from Amsterdam’s Central Station and constructed in three picturesque historical building. Every room has historical elements like wooden girders or old windows. Modernity comes via free WIFI in the shared spaces of the hotel!

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 77.49 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 624.11 Euro


8 | Hotel De Koopermoolen (7,2 )

hotels in amsterdam near red light district

A two star hotel just five minutes from Central Station. The hotel offers simple but functional rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom and TV. Breakfast is served every morning.

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 90 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 300 Euro


9 | The Old Nickel Hotel ( 7,1)

budget hotel amsterdam

A small hotel that only offers budget rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom. The bar has the coolest touch of all the hotels in Amsterdam Red Light District: A wooden floor taken from a 17th century ship of Holland’s highest regarded war hero: Admiral de Ruyter.

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 61.26 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 320 Euro


10 | Hotel 83 ( 7,0 )

hotels in amsterdam center

Offers both hotel rooms and dormitories filled with single beds. Some rooms have shared bathrooms others have their own. Hotel 83 is located at the heart of the Red Light District.

Lowest Price Per Room Per Night: 73.30 Euro
Highest Price Per Room Per Night: 300 Euro


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