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Amsterdam Fun Facts

(This article was last updated on the 17th of March, 2020.)

Amsterdam Fun Facts

Here’s a great list with all the Amsterdam fun facts you should know about before visiting this wonderful city. Did you know for instance that Amsterdam has been declared the most cultural city on the planet? This rating was based on the total number cultural sites compared to the total number of inhabitants.

They looked at the number of theatres, museums, art galleries, concert halls and Michelin Star restaurant and compared it to the other twenty-nine most visited cities in the world. And did you know that prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District have to be at least 21 years old? Check out more fun facts below.

Amsterdam Fun Facts

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Did you know that…

  • Amsterdam counts 426.820 female and 418.127 male inhabitants?
  • The Red Light District has 4.295 residents? (source)
  • There are 167 nationalities in Amsterdam?
  • Amsterdam has 8 windmills and 165 canals?
  • Amsterdam has 1.515 cafes, 1.325 restaurants, 21 clubs and 55 cinemas and film houses?
  • Amsterdam has 50 parks, 39 markets, 6.073 shops and 83 museums?
  • Amsterdam has 459 hotels, 30.716 hotel rooms and 7 campings?
  • Prostitutes in Amsterdam pay 150 – 200 euro rent per night for their window brothels?
  • The Red Light District (de Wallen) counts 292 window brothels? (source)
  • Amsterdam has currently 164 (cannabis) coffeeshops? (source)
  • Vincent van Gogh Museum has 2.100.000 visitors per year?
  • There are 206 paintings of Van Gogh?
  • Amsterdam used to have a legal cocaine factory? (source)
  • The public transport around the Red Light District is best rated (9) by the inhabitants of Amsterdam?
  • Amsterdam has 22 paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn?
  • Rembrandt’s wife is buried in Amsterdam’s Old Church, which stands in the heart of the Red Light District?
  • Amsterdam has 4 street organs, 9 carillons and 42 historical church organs?
  • The Netherlands counts 40.000 homeless people? (source)

Amsterdam Fun Facts

  • Amsterdam has 844.947 inhabitants and 881.000 bicycles?
  • 12.000 bicycles are pulled out of Amsterdam’s canals every year?
  • Amsterdam has 2.500 house boats?
  • Coffeeshops may legally only sell you a maximum of 5 grams of weed/hasj per person?
  • The Fo Kuang Shan Temple in Amsterdam’s chinatown, was the first (and the biggest) traditional Chinese temple in Europe?
  • World’s first gay marriage took place on April 1st, 2001 in Amsterdam?
  • The Amsterdam Arena was the first stadium in Europe with a retractable roof? The Arena is now named after Johan Cruijff.
  • Most lights in the Red Light District are red-coloured, but some lamps have a blue colour? Sometimes this means that there is a transexual prostitute.
  • With an average length of 184 cm for men and 170 cm for women, the Dutch are the tallest people of the world?
  • In the Netherlands, the highest temperature ever recorded was 38.6 C. (101 Fahrenheit)?
  • The minimum age for being a prostitute in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is 21?
  • The oldest building in Amsterdam is the Old Church, which was build 800 years ago?
  • Recently (December 2013), the Museum of Prostitution opened its doors. It’s the first museum in the world that is focused on prostitution?
  • The former CEO of Heineken (Freddy Heineken) was kidnapped in 1983 by an infamous criminal called Willem Holleeder?
  • Amsterdam residents are one of the second largest consumers of coffee in the world?
  • There is a Dutch beer which is called Amsterdam Maximator and contains 11.6% alcohol?

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