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Amsterdam Prostitution Menu: Prices & Services in 2024

Posted on: März 26, 2024

Amsterdam prostitution menu

Amsterdam Prostitution Menu: Paid Sex In Holland

You’re in Amsterdam and you want to know the going rates for prostitutes. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find out how much they cost.


With our Amsterdam prostitution menu, you can discover all prices of prostitutes in Amsterdam. We list the prices for both brothels and street prostitution so you can make an informed decision about where to go.

The Dollebegijnensteeg in Amsterdam Rotlichtviertel.

What’s for sale, where to get it, what are the prices and how about the Dutch prostitution laws? This Amsterdam Prostitution Menu has everything you need. Learn more about the famous window brothels in Amsterdam, private brothels and Amsterdam escorts. Discover it below!



Dieses Amsterdamer Prostitutionsmenü zeigt, was im Rotlichtviertel und darüber hinaus allgemein angeboten wird. Die Prostituierten arbeiten nicht nach nur einem Regelwerk und haben kein spezielles Menü.

“I’m glad I found this prostitution menu online because I had no glue how things worked in Amsterdam. It surprised me that sex work is so well organized in the Netherlands. I also thought it would be really much more expensive.”

Ist Prostitution in Amsterdam legal?

Amsterdam prostitution menu

Yes, in prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. It’s legal everywhere in The Netherlands. And a regulated profession too. So sex work is also legal in the capital Amsterdam.

Brothels, eskortieren, homeworkers, webcam sex, window prostitution is legal in the Netherlands! As long as the Regeln, Gesetze and obligations are adhered to.

Window prostitution laws

prostitution policy

The minimum age to work as a sex worker in Amsterdam Red Light District is 21 years. Window Sexarbeiterinnen also have to show their ID when they rent the window brothel from the brothel owner. There are more laws for window prostitution listed here.

Amsterdamer Prostitutionsmenü: Preise & Dienstleistungen

Amsterdam Prostitution Menü
Eine Stripbar-Werbung in einer Gasse im Rotlichtviertel.

Wie sieht das Amsterdamer Prostitutionsmenü aus? Unten finden Sie eine sehr nützliche Übersicht aufgeteilt in 4 Teile:

✦ Amsterdam Fenster Bordell Preise
✦ Amsterdam Bordelle Preise
✦ Sex Dating Websites
✦ Escorts in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District alleys
The Trompettersteeg in De Wallen.

Jeder Teil ist seinem eigenen einzigartigen Erlebnis und den dazugehörigen Preisen gewidmet. Bitte beachten Sie, dass in diesem Amsterdamer Prostitutionsmenü das allgemeine Angebot aufgeführt ist. Es ist ratsam, alles vorher mit der Sexarbeiterin zu besprechen und zu klare Vereinbarungen treffen über die Leistungen und Zusatzpreise.

You can always ask respectfully, if she (or he) is up for the service you’re looking for.

For curious travelers looking to learn more about Amsterdam Red Light District, there is a great way to prepare! Our Red Light District tour app is available as a virtual guide and audio tour combined. With 22 experts sharing stories and insights, this audio download offers an educational and interesting view of the culture and history of the Red Light District that wouldn’t normally be found in a regular tour. Whether you are planning a physical visit in the future or just looking for an informative experience, this Red Light District app promises a unique perspective behind this infamous part of Amsterdam.



1 | Amsterdam Fenster Preise & Dienstleistungen

amsterdam prostitution houses window brothels
Amsterdam, Red Light District, Sint Annenstraat.

The Amsterdam Prostitution Menu starts with explanation on window prostitution. It’s the most accessible form of der Prostitution angesehen werden..

Amsterdam has 3 Red Light District area’s and around 360 window brothels in total.

The biggest and most famous Red Light District of the Netherlands is locally known as De Wallen. Most tourists talk about this area as Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

This area has currently 201 window brothels and approximately 350 prostitutes who work during the day or night shifts.

The front view of Moulin Rouge in De Wallen in Amsterdam at night, showing the red neon logo and a bouncer in front of the door.
The Moulin Rouge on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Most prostitutes are from Eastern Europe, but there’s also a big group of Sexarbeiterinnen who are from Latin-America. Just a few are actually Dutch. Foreign prostitutes work here because in the Netherlands they can work safely.

Window brothels in Amsterdam can be rented by the prostitutes during the day or the night. So usually there are different sex workers between 10 am & 6 pm than from 7 pm till 5 am.

Learn everything about Amsterdam’s most famous area during this Red Light District Tour App in which 22 experts explain everything you need to know.

Amsterdamer Fenster Prostituierte

Amsterdam windows red light
Amsterdam, Rotlichtviertel, Stoofsteeg.

The window brothels are set up for a relatively short visit. Generally customers pay between 50 to 80 euro for around 15 to 20 minutes of sex. But if you want, you can also stay longer (30 to 60 minutes). Obviously this cost more.

The sex workers in the window brothels differ in the services that they offer and everything can be negotiated. As long as it is done respectfully. The starting rate for every window prostitute negotiation is usually around 50 euro.

The transgender sex workers in the Blue Light District also charge at least 50 euros for their services.

Window brothels

amsterdam window

It’s good to know that the window brothels in Amsterdam are quite small. Window brothels are just small rooms with a plastic or leather bed, a washing table, a chair and toilet in the back. It’s nothing fancy like a “normal” brothel.

This is also why prices are lower at the window brothels compared to brothels (like Club LV or Club BonTon) that are mentioned below. All window brothels in Amsterdam are clean though. 

Gender and Sexual Orientation

Amsterdam sex

The big majority (around 95%) of all Amsterdam window prostitutes are female und straight. A smaller part of the window workers are transgender.


The prostitutes who work in the window brothels of Amsterdam accept only cash money. No credit- or debit card payments. One reason that sex workers cannot be paid digitally is because (listed) banks do not want to be associated with sex work and therefore do not facilitate digital payments. The Red Light District has many ATM’S.

Amsterdam Prostituierte Gesundheit

Amsterdam Windows Pictures
Amsterdam, Rotlichtviertel, Alter Kirchenplatz

Die Sexarbeiterinnen im Amsterdamer Rotlichtviertel machen nur safer sex mit einem Kondom.. They only accept their own condoms which they often buy at the Condomerie – world’s first condom shop – located on the Warmoesstraat in the Red Light District.

condomerie shop amsterdam
A condom shop in Amsterdam Red Light District.

In den Niederlanden ist es für Sexarbeiterinnen und Sexarbeiter nicht obligatorisch, sich auf sexuell übertragbare Krankheiten (STD's) testen zu lassen. Prostituierte werden regelmäßig auf freiwilliger Basis getestet. Sie können von Fachleuten kostenlos und anonym getestet werden. Zum Beispiel beim Geneeskundige und Gezondheidsdienst Amsterdam (GGD) ) oder bei P&G292Im Allgemeinen ist der Gesundheitszustand der Sexarbeiterinnen gut. Prostituierte in den Niederlanden kennen die Risiken ihres Berufs und tragen dem durch sicheren Sex und regelmäßige Tests auf Geschlechtskrankheiten Rechnung.

Amsterdam Fensterarbeiter Preise

  • Anfangsquote: 50 - 70 Euro für 15 - 20 Minuten.
  • Services:  Oral sex |  Sex  | Erotic massage  | Hand-job | Stripping | Cuddling.

3 | Dienstleistungen & Preise in den Amsterdamer Bordellen

Streifen-Club BonTon

Amsterdam city brothel
A stripper inside Club BonTon.

Club BonTon is one of the newest erotic venues in Amsterdam. It’s a stripclub and a brothel. The great thing about this chique club is that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a beautiful strip-club and when you see a lady that you really like, you can take her upstairs and have some more fun together in a private room. Not all the girls inside offer these erotic services though.

✦ Rates: Entrance: 50,-  |  Lapdance: 20,-  |  Private room: 350,-
✦ What’s on BonTon’ Amsterdam prostitution menu? In the club: Lapdance  |  Upstairs:  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |   |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  S&M role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Sex Toys

Club LV

amsterdam prostitution houses

Club LV has been Amsterdam’s most exclusive brothel for over 14 years now. Enjoy a delicious cocktails, champagnes or nice wines in the bar area and let yourself be seduced by one of the 12 ladies that are always present.

Pick the one you like most and take her upstairs to one of the 8 luxury private rooms equipped with large bathtubs and master beds.

Preise: Entrance: 75,-  |   Private room: 350,-
Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Threesome |  S&M role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys

3 | Adult Dating Websites in Holland

amsterdam prostitution pricing

There are also websites in the Netherlands where it is possible to organise sex dates. Also legal! One is mentioned below. It just requires free registration


MySecretDate is made for men and women who are looking for a pleasant or exciting contact. Create a profile for free, post photos, send messages and find a nice date in the Netherlands based on your profile.

“I’d definitely recommend trying this sex dating site. At least once. You can make an end of your boring sex life with just a few clicks. It’s soooooo exciting!”

Maria Anderson, 32 year.

Get An Erotic Date Today!

amsterdam sex



4 | Begleitpersonen in Amsterdam: Dienstleistungen & Preise

escorts in Amsterdam

Definition Escorts

Also part of the Amsterdam Prostitution Menu are escorts. An escort, is the provision of company by a sex worker with, if desired, sexual acts with the customer. Escorts offer a more expensive form of prostitution that gives the client more privacy. The meeting takes place, for example, at the customer’s home, in the hotel where the customer is staying, or in a hotel proposed by the escort (hotel prostitution).


✦ More discrete/ more privacy
✦ Customised service
✦ More time
✦ Can be combined with dinner, walking, shopping, etc.
✦ More comfortable
✦ More choice



Most escort services in Amsterdam work with a flat hourly rate. This flat rate includes the standard services like regular and oral sex (with protection). The other services that are advertised fall outside of the flat rate and cost extra. These extra services are not guaranteed beforehand and can only be negotiated when the lady has arrived at your place. The lady decides what extras she’s up for and will set the prices then and there.

Pauschaler Stundensatz: 150,-
Das Amsterdamer Prostitutionsmenü French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  S&M role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Sex-Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Clubbing

5 | Escort Service Agency: Escort Amsterdam

Amsterdam Escort

EscortAmsterdam.com has almost 40 professional sex workers most of whom live in the Dutch capital. This Escortagentur in Amsterdam wants to offer as much diversity and realism as possible, so that it becomes easy for men to find the right lady.

This company distinguishes itself through a simple & safe ordering process, 24/7 accessibility, very serious discreetness and the best escort service in Amsterdam. All their escorts are licensed professionals who know how to provide your sexual & nonsexual desires.

The women are displayed on with pictures, additional information and services on the site of this agency. EscortAmsterdam can be contacted by phone, via the live-chat or through the booking form on their website.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150,-
✦ Services: Sex | Erotic massages | Tantra | Oral sex | Threesomes | Stripteases | S&M | Golden showers | French 69



6 | Escort Service Agency: Amsterdam Finest

Amsterdam prostitution menu

Übernachtung in einem Hotel in Amsterdam? Hotel Escort Amsterdam ist das Unternehmen für Sie. Schon seit langer Zeit ist es in vielen Hotels für Kunden da. Ein zusätzlicher Bonus ist, dass die Damen immer in normaler Kleidung erscheinen. Sie wissen, wie sie diskret in Ihr Hotelzimmer kommen. Eine Massage, Regel- und Oralsex sind im Pauschalpreis inbegriffen.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150,-
✦ Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  SM role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Club



7 | Escort Service Agency: Desire Escort Schiphol & Escorts In Schiphol

Amsterdam window prices

Desire Escort Schiphol und Escorts in Schiphol sind beides gute Optionen für diejenigen, die in einem Hotel in der Nähe des Amsterdamer Flughafens Schiphol (dem wichtigsten Flughafen der Niederlande) übernachten. Die Dienstleistungen dieser speziellen Unternehmen sind nützlich für einen Aufenthalt oder einen kurzen Besuch in Amsterdam. Bei diesen Unternehmen können Sie wunderschöne, erfahrene und freundliche Begleiter erwarten. Sie halten ein Mindestalter von 21 Jahren ein.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150
✦ Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  SM role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Club



8 | Escort Service Agency: Perfect Escorts Amsterdam

amsterdam prostitutes order

Perfect Escorts Amsterdam hat einfach perfekte Damen. Dieses Unternehmen ist 7 Tage in der Woche tätig. Wie alle anderen Escortunternehmen in Amsterdam werden ihre Mitarbeiter regelmäßig ärztlich untersucht und alle praktizieren Safer Sex mit Kondom. Ihre Gesundheit und die Gesundheit der Damen hat oberste Priorität. Tipp: Viele der Damen in diesem Unternehmen sind auf erotische Massagen spezialisiert.

✦ Flat hourly rate: 150
✦ Services: French Kissing  |  Striptease |  Sex  |  Oral sex  |  Erotic massage  |  French (69)  |  Golden shower  |  Trio with male  |  Trio with female  |  SM role-play, Dominant or submissive  |  Foot fetish  |  Toys |  Overnight stay  | Drinks  | Diner  |  Club



Did this Amsterdam Prostitution Menu answer all your questions?


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