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10x Sex Massage in Amsterdam

Posted on: Februar 21, 2020

10x sex massage in Amsterdam

10x Sex Massage In Amsterdam Central And Beyond

Types Of Sex Massage In Amsterdam

NACHRICHTEN: From 1 July 2020, sex workers in the Netherlands will be allowed to work again. That was announced by the Prime Minister Rutte on 23 June 2020. That means that all sex shows in Amsterdam, all window brothels, strip clubs, private houses and all other erotically related companies can open again on the 1st of July.

All kinds of sex massage in Amsterdam are possible for you to enjoy. Think of a body 2 body massage, Thai massage, sensual massage, 4 hands massage, Nuru massage, oil massage, Tantra massage, erotic massage, etcetera.

All the best sex massage in Amsterdam services in this list work with escorts. If you want to know more about this, read these free & useful tips on how to use the services of escorts in Amsterdam. Below we give you 10 options for sex massages in Amsterdam including great tips for the best experience.

Massage Tip For Clients

10x massage in Amsterdam central

A good and simple tip for those new to this massage experience is to shower in advance. Do this in your hotel or accomodation. A shower beforehand will make you feel fresh and clean, but more importantly: it ensures that no “dirt” is massaged into your skin. In addition, make sure you have a freshly made bed and fresh towels. Your escort always likes to freshen up before she leaves. With these tips in mind the experience will be most pleasant for you and the masseuse.

1 |  Desire Escorts

amsterdam massage

Get fully relaxed by a professional erotic masseuse. Desire Escorts offers more than 40 female masseuses. After the massage you can top off the experience with some extraordinary sex with one of these amazing women. Desire Escorts offers this option to its clients. If you don’t like oils all over your body, this is a very good massage option for you. We recommend using their service of at least 2 hours. This way you can take your time and enjoy your company in peace. Click on the link below to see all the women, possibilities, prizes and reservations.



2 |  Erotic Massage Amsterdam

massages near me

If you’re looking for an erotic Asian massage then we would recommend this Thai Massage Amsterdam. For those who are unfamiliar with an erotic Thai Massage; during a session the masseuse uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques so that your whole body gets relaxed. The Thai massage technique is originally actually from India.



3 |  Escorts In Rotterdam

10 best massage in netherlands

If you’re staying in Holland’s second biggest city Rotterdam, the women at Escorts In Rotterdam are probably your best option. This company offers erotic massages with an added option for a happy ending. During an erotic massage the masseuse focuses on your erogenous zones with the sole purpose of relaxing and arousing you. If you’d like they also offer a happy end to relieve all that built op pressure.



4 |  Massage Near Amsterdam Airport

sex workers near me

Looking for some sensual relaxation and release between flights near Amsterdam Airport?  Escorts In Schiphol has great massage services! Enjoy an erotic massage from an experienced and gorgeous escort. This professional company offers more than just the basics



5 |  Sex Massage in Amsterdam At Escort Angels

erotic best massage in netherlands

Contact Escort Angels for a high quality Nuru massage. Nuru is an erotic massage technique originally from Japan. Translated Nuru means slippery/ smooth. You might have an idea where this is going; during a Nuru massage one or more masseuse rub their body against yours. This happens after you and the masseuse are both covered with and odourless and tasteless massage oil. More details are described on the website of Escort Angels.



6 |  Escort Amsterdam

things to do in netherlands this weekend

At Escort Amsterdam they offer full Body 2 Body massages. Your entire body is massaged, with time the escort will just move a little bit further until her entire body rubs against yours. If you ask nicely you might even get that special happy treatment with her hands.



7 |  Amsterdam Finest

red light district in holland

The female masseuses at Amsterdam Feinste offer you the best sensual and tantra massages (loving touch with full attention and presence). You can give them a call at any time, night or day. This company is known for the gorgeous women that they employ. Don’t miss out!



8 |  Double Sex Massage in Amsterdam at Passion Escort

10 erotic massages in netherlands

If you find it hard to pick just one masseuse and prefer two, Passion Escorts offers you the 4 hands option. Experience two different massage techniques simultaneously. One woman will massage away all the tension from your muscles whilst the other takes special care of the more intimate parts of your body. Guaranteed relaxation!



9 |  Massage In Rotterdam Netherlands

Massages in Rotterdam Netherlands

Another great service for those staying in or close to Rotterdam. This massage company offers it all: body 2 body, tantric, Thai, Nuru, you name it! Contact them easily and discreetly via the chat option on their website. Experience a massage that is completely tailored to your personal needs and desires.



10 |  Erotic Massage Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Massages Airport Schiphol Escort

Last but not least this company near Amsterdam Airport knows how to provide every massage option that you can imagine. They offer their services 24/7  so you have no excuse not to get one of their heavenly massage escorts delivered to your hotel room’s front door. Prices start at 150,- euro per hour. Look at their website for further details.




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