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Coffeeshop Bulldog The First

Posted on: Mai 31, 2014

Coffeeshop Bulldog the first

Coffeeshop Bulldog The First Of The Chain

The most famous coffeeshop in Amsterdam. This is the first coffeeshop of The Bulldog chain, it’s where the story began. In 1974 this was a sex shop located in the cellar of canal house number 90 on the Oudezijdsvoorburgwall. What began is a living room experience of smoking some joints with a couple of friends soon turned into something bigger as tourists began find the place. In December 1975, coffeeshop Bulldog the first was born.

Coffeeshop Bulldog the first Amsterdam

Police in Amsterdam

In the early days of Coffeeshop Bulldog the first, the shop also became as could be described as some sort of training ground for the Amsterdam police department. Police often raided the new coffeeshop multiple times on a single day. Inside this Bulldog shop you can learn and see more about this exciting history. These days the shop is more than just a cellar, it’s a full fledged coffeeshop made up out of 3 levels. Inside there’s also a souvenir shop and a nice canal side terrace for those sunny days.

The Bulldog Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Bulldog The First In Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Bulldog the first wasn’t the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam despite what may be claimed by some. Or Holland for that matter. The first Bulldog coffeeshop was actually the third coffeeshop to open in Amsterdam after coffeeshop Mellow Yellow and coffeeshop Rusland respectively. The first coffeeshop in Holland wasn’t even located in Amsterdam but in Utrecht. That first coffeeshop in Holland was called Sarrasani – named after a famous German circus – and was located in a wharf cellar on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. It opened in 1968.

Did you know that it’s not legal in the Netherlands to produce cannabis for commercial purposes?

Coffeeshop Bultig the first in Amsterdam

Coffeeshop Bulldog The First Is Popular

In 2016 the owner of the world famous Bulldog first appeared on what can be considered the Dutch Forbes 500 list (Quote 500). He entered the list on spot 254 of Holland’s wealthiest individuals. His net worth was estimated at around € 95,-million Euros. Not too bad for someone who started out from a basement in a sex shop in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

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  1. Mark Payne sagt:

    40 years of crap to average weed,well at least they dont make you buy it

  2. […] in 1975 by Henk de Vries, this is the 3rd coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Although The Bulldog is a very famous brand and frequently described in travel-books, among the true experts it’s […]

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