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Red Light District

An Interview With A Male Sex Worker In Amsterdam

Posted on: January 2, 2024

male prostitute Amsterdam Red Light District

An Interesting Interview With A Male Prostitute

Mark, your first job here in Amsterdam was as an erotic performer in the famous erotic theatre Casa Rosso in the Red Light District. Is that correct?

Yes, it started as an adventure during my holiday here in Amsterdam. My boss was really satisfied with my performance, so he offered me a contract for a year.

Casa Rosso Amsterdam Netherlands
Sex theatre Casa Rosso in Amsterdam Red Light District.

So what did you do in Casa Rosso?

I did live sex shows on stage with my girlfriend.

Did you enjoy it?

I love it, I really do… It’s very exciting to perform. It gives me an adrenaline-rush, especially when the visitors are enjoying themselves too.

What is your occupation at the moment?

I mainly work as a male prostitute in Amsterdam. This is how I get most of my income. And, I still work as a performer for erotic shows, not in Casa Rosso though.

When you work as a male prostitute, how would you describe your clients?

My clients are mostly men. Older men, above the age of 50.

Men? So, you’re bi-sexual?

No, no… I’m straight. I have no problem to work with men. Perhaps it’s because I did a lot of sex shows in Casa Rosso. I’m able to just switch my mind. To be honest, I don’t think about everything that’s happening with my clients.

Male prostitute Amsterdam working at peep show
This is Sex Palace Peep Show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Mark’s girlfriend decided to end their relationship after being together for 9 years. They were making lots of money in the erotic theatre Casa Rosso, but Mark decided to leave Casa Rosso after having a big fight with his girlfriend. He was used of having a lot of money, so decided to stay in the sex business. Working as a male prostitute in Amsterdam is one of the best ways for a guy to make a lot of money in the sex industry.

Most women are not interested in a male prostitute, as they are less likely to pay for sex. Men on the other hand are willing to pay for sex. Especially gays and/or older men are willing to pay for a good time.

What kind of things do your clients ask for in the sex club?

Mark: What I’m mostly doing is erotic massages, having a chat with my clients, I play with their body, sometimes we watch porn together. Nothing really special, to be honest.

I also get customers who’d like do SM and those who want to be chained.

Do your colleagues know that you’re straight?

Yeah, they know. And some of my clients know it too. It turns them on that I’m straight, because I’m that guy that they can’t get in normal life, so to say.

Do your clients often ask you to penetrate them or if they can penetrate you?

Yes, they do. But this is more difficult for me, so most of time I tell them that this isn’t possible.

But you did do it sometimes?

Yeah, I did it a few times. But I had to take Viagra, because I can’t get a hard one from a guy.

How was it for you to have sex with men and what are you thinking about while having sex?

I imagine that he is a woman. I close my eyes and think about all the erotic things which I’ve done with girls in the past. I don’t think about the guy which I’m having sex with, only when I open my eyes. And I must say during those moments when my eyes are open, I find it pretty difficult.

Male prostitute Amsterdam Red Light District alleys

Do you enjoy being penetrated by another man?

Yeah, sometimes I like it. Sometimes. It feels like a prostate massage  and I really enjoy that sometimes.

Do you kiss your clients?

No, never… I never do this! I don’t like it. When kissing a women, it’s so much better, it’s softer. I just cannot do this with guys.

Why aren’t you working with girls? Like an escort…

Yeah, I try to get more clients who are female, but it’s pretty difficult to get a job as a male prostitute and only having female customers.

Not many people can do this kind of job for a long time. It’s a tough job. What’s your secret in staying in the sex business for such a long time?

I have to delete everything I do during my work as a male prostitute. So when I go to a private room with a client, I just do my work, delete it, next customer. I’m very tough from the inside. Many people have hurt me in my life, so perhaps that’s why I’ve become so tough. Especially, when I’ve lost my job. I got a big fight with my ex-girlfriend and with my boss. And on one day, I did not only lost my job, but also my apartment and my girlfriend. Since then, I’ve decided to only think about myself. I don’t think much during my work. It’s just work you know.

You don’t really care about what people think of you?

Yeah, that’s correct. And that’s why I’m doing this interview. If someone can’t accept what I’m doing, that is fine. It’s their problem, not mine.

Lots of people think that prostitution is something bad, but it isn’t. Actually, I’m helping a lot of people in the community. I have a lot of customers who feel lonely and just want to talk with someone. I make them feel comfortable and give them a good time. So yeah, I think I’m doing a good thing here. It’s not just about sex, you know.

Male prostitute Amsterdam Red Light District

What would you like to say to the visitors of Amsterdam Red Light District?

I would say, be respectful to all the sex workers, which includes the male prostitutes. Whether they are erotic performers, prostitutes, escorts… Do not laugh at them. Just treat them with respect.

Don’t take pictures of the prostitutes who stand behind the windows. It’s difficult enough to stand behind these windows brothels and to be stared at by people who’re walking by. Just enjoy this unique neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Don’t be rude and be respectful!


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22 Responses to An Interview With A Male Sex Worker In Amsterdam

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    I am a 24 year old virgin. I am to introverted to get with a man, they honestly scare me. I would like to learn how to touch one though. I dont want sex I think cause I dont understand it really. Ill be in Amsterdam in November.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Maria,
      I understand your conserns and I’ve bumped with them in the past.
      When you come feel free to call x)

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