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Amsterdam Red Light District Bars

With about 1.500 different cafes and bars to choose from, there is no excuse for going thirsty in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Red Light District bars can be found on just about every street, corner or canal and all of them offer something different. Dutch drinks, rather than food, have played a much more important role on the world stage as a consequence of the importance given to beer and its brewing over the centuries. In the 18th century there were over seven hundred breweries in The Netherlands, although today there are only twenty-five.

Heineken is the most famous of all the Dutch beers. That company is active in more than 178 countries making it the second largest beer brewer in the world. Other brands such as Amstel, Grolsch, Oranjeboom and Brand are also brewed in The Netherlands,¬†so you could say it’s a beer lover’s paradise over here! No doubt you will also notice that the locals like their beer in small glasses and with a hefty topping of foam. They say it keeps the beer more fresh.

The most numerous Amsterdam Red Light District bars are the traditional Dutch cafes called “brown cafes” (because their interiors are dark brown), which are always worth a visit! Especially the ones which also host their own outdoor terrace. Other Amsterdam Red Light District bars that are plentiful are so called themed bars (everything from Irish pubs to sport bars and Australian hang-outs to cocktail bars and hard rock bars). There are also some wonderful Grand Cafes in the area and a fine range of hostelries for those who like things a little more chic and trendy.

Regular opening hours are from 11am to 1am and during the weekend to 4am, especially in areas such as Leidse Square, Rembrandt Square, Nieuwmarkt and The Red light District.