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Red Light District

Cafe Emmelot

Posted on: June 9, 2023

Cafe Emmelot in Amsterdam's Red Light District

Cafe Emmelot in Amsterdam

Cafe Emmelot is a must-visit cafe located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. This vibrant cafe is known for its excellent coffee and tasty pastries. But what really sets Cafe Emmelot apart from other cafes is its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The staff are always happy to chat with guests, and the cafe has a relaxed and comfortable vibe. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee fix or a place to relax and people-watch, Cafe Emmelot is the perfect spot.

Great bar to people watch

The Red Light District offers a great variety of bars, but not all of them have a terrace. And not all of them are ideal to people watch. But Cafe Emmelot is perfect to do that. It sits on a corner, which is a must-have to people watch. Next to that, this bar is located next to one of the busiest streets of the Red Light District.

What does this cafe in the Red Light District offers?

The terrace of Cafe Emmelot catches quite a lot of sun. You could sit near the canal side or grab a seat just next to the bar outside. The terrace near the water is best to sit, if you like to see the boats sailing by. It also offers outside heating and strong WiFi. Also, the staff is really friendly, which is kinda unique in Amsterdam. A lot of bars in Amsterdam are great, but most of time the staff just sucks. Fortunately, the personal at Cafe Emmelot know how to take care of their customers.

This is why the Red Light District in Amsterdam is awesome. A naked guy in front of Cafe Emmelot.

Cafe Emmelot is located approximately 10 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station. So, a perfect place to have your first or last drink in Amsterdam. They offer a great variety in drinks.

What does Cafe Emmelot looks like from the inside?

The interior of this cafe is what can be described as a typical Dutch brown cafe. Wooden tables, wooden barstools, an old school bar, a pool table and whatnot. It isn’t exactly a bar with one of those fancy new interiors.

Cafe Emmelot is a good place to try some Dutch treats, like bitterballen or a jenever (gin). Or try a small plate with Dutch cheeses and some Dutch beers. Their food and drinks are really great!

Cafe Emmelot in the Red Light District Amsterdam.

It’s hard to think of something which isn’t great about this bar, really. If you’re more into a bar which has less people around it, then you should go to Cafe Aen ‘t Water. That one also has a great terrace, but is less busy though.


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