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Rolling Rock Kitchen

Posted on: August 20, 2015

Rolling Rock Kitchen North Amsterdam

Rolling Rock Kitchen is the newest hotspot of North Amsterdam

On August 8th 2015, we made a little detour to the northern part of Amsterdam. We drove around on our bikes when we accidently ran into the Rolling Rock Kitchen. Actually, we were heading to a festival at De Ceuvel, but it was far too busy over there. So, we looked for another place. This is how we discovered Rolling Rock Kitchen. We impulsively decided to stop by to have some drinks and food.

Rolling Rock Kitchen Amsterdam

The view at Rolling Rock kitchen

This cute little place is situated next to the IJ river and has a stunning wide spread view over the water! Beach chairs and picknick tables are spread out over the big terrace and there is a lot of space to have a private chat. Children are also taken into account, because this hotspot has a play area for the youngsters. We seated ourselves in the beach chairs and took a look at the menu.

Rolling Rock Kitchen Amsterdam sunset

Rolling Rock Menu

We were very atrracted to the menu because some delicious dishes priced under 10 euro’s were on it. And this an exception in Amsterdam! We both chose the Wrap with curry stew and honey on top. Unfortunately, it took quite a while till our dish was served, whereas it was pretty quiet at that moment. Besides that, we got one wrap in stead of two and our waiter didn’t even notice this mistake. It was pretty clear the staff didn’t communicate smoothly. This is most likely because Rolling Rock Kitchen is the initial stage. After all, they apologized, served as the other wrap and offered us free drinks. And let’s not forget about the food itself! OMG, the chicken stew was just heavenly! It was very tastefull with a good add of spices. We could have eaten lots more of them.

The service definitely needs improvement, but still, the Rolling Rock Kitchen is a very nice place hang out!

How to get to Rolling Rock Kitchen in Amsterdam?

  • Ferry: Take the ferry from Central Station to NDSM or the ferry from Westerdoksdijk to Distelweg or NDSM. It’s possible to bring your bike.
  • By foot: Rolling Rock Kitchen is just a 1 minute walk away from ferry stop Distelweg and a 10 minute walk from ferry stop NDSM.
  • By car: Well accessible and FREE parking.
  • By plane 😉 : When arriving by plane, keep an eye on the big bold capital letters “ROCK” written on the roof. Impossible to miss!
  • Address: Distelweg 113
  • Phone number: 020 221 24 17
  • Map: Use the map below for directions.


Ambiance: 9/10
View: 9/10
Food: 8/10
Drinks: 8/10
Service: 5/10
Price/ Quality: 10/10
Location: 8/10

Wanna explore the area of Amsterdam North? The best way is to combine your visit with a thrilling bungee jump!

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